Hot Bedroom Design Trends

Bedrooms are a space where personal taste overrides design styles. However, for 2015, designers offer a balance between the modern and the timeless.

Bedroom in purple


Usually, bedrooms are a space where personal taste and preferences override trends and hot  design styles.

However, that perfect balance between what is ‘in’ and what a person loves could be found to create a serene and truly chic bedroom.

For 2015, designers offer a blend of the exotic  and the relaxing and a balance between the modern and the timeless.

Whether make-a-statement bedrooms or spaces that are a tranquil personal retreat, 2015 offers different stylish options.

If you want to lend a fresh, trendy, charming look to your bedroom for the months to come, choose from some definitely attractive designer ideas.

1. Mid-Century Modern Flair


Pops of color


After the reinventing of Mid-century modern designs, almost everyone opts for a timeless Mid-century piece.

Furthermore, in 2015, this décor is making its way into the bedroom. However, do not focus only on the furniture. Simple, clean lines coupled with bold colors add to this vibrant theme, as in the above-shown bedroom. Photo: Credit


Mid-century flavor


Make sure to put a modern spin on the ’60s retro magic.

Combine Mid-century furniture with modern aesthetics to achieve the ideal balance.

Curvy accents and colorful wallpaper help accentuate this look, as in the above-shown bedroom. Photo: Credit

2. Reinvent Antique and Rustic Looks


Rustic bedroom


2015 is the time to try the chic rustic style in the bedroom.

However, think about a blend of modern and rustic elements. Beds with an iron frame, ornate chandeliers,  and natural wood walls work well with this bedroom style.

Look at the above-shown bedroom. Definitely an innovative approach to the rustic design! Photo: Credit


Antique sewing machines


Add an antique piece to lend your bedroom an inimitable and exclusive look. In the bedroom above, antique sewing machines used as bedside tables add visual interest and personality. Photo: Credit

3. Refreshing Green Elegance


Potted plants


Focus on plants because they make a big difference to both the aesthetics and the quality of the room’s atmosphere.

Instead of decorating the bedroom with cut seasonal flowers, go a step further and fill a lonely corner with a potted plant. In the bedroom above, an oversized potted palm tree adds to the tropical vibe of the space. Photo: Credit


Serene Bedroom


For smaller bedrooms, usher in some greenery with living walls. Photo: Credit

Another option to give the bedroom an energizing, natural backdrop is to open it up towards the garden.

4. Bold, Rich Hues


Opulence and sophistication


When it comes to bedroom color palettes for 2015, expect rich, vibrant hues used in a more elaborate way to dominate this space.

Exciting Marsala, luxurious purples, sumptuous yellows, and dark greens will be preferred even in the bedroom.

Just have a look at the above-shown exquisite bedroom in yellow! It definitely exudes opulence and sophistication, don’t you agree? Photo: Credit

However, before making any permanent changes, use bedding, drapes, or pillows in these rich hues.