32 Most Convenient Kitchen Tools Under $10

You realize kitchen tools are precious when you start clearing out your drawers and realize how much more you can if you used all of them. 

32 Most Convenient Kitchen Tools Under $10 You've Never Thought Of
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When it comes to making daily life comfortable, I realize I am using lots of kitchen tools and the one thing they have in common is they all have a really practical purpose. They are also inexpensive and fun to use.

I just made a list of 32 little tools that are inexpensive. They make my moments in the kitchen much more convenient and pleasant. Chores need not be boring! Keep reading.

1. Graters

multi functional ginger garlic grinding grater planer slicer mini cutter cooking tool kitchen utensils kitchen accessories
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I’m using a similar one for ginger and garlic grinding. It’s one of the little tools that don’t slip off my hands, mine is a little different from the website, but still very helpful. More info: Here

2. Water Filter

360 rotate water filter faucet nozzle torneira water filter adapter water purifier saving tap diffuser kitchen accessories
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I was done with dealing with dirt inside my sink and with wasting water. By adding a water filter that rotates 360 degrees, I see a decrease in electricity bills, clean tap water, and surface! More info: Here

3. Storage Holder

cooking tool hot plastic kitchen accessories pot pan cover shell cover sucker tool bracket atorage holder rack
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I appreciate a well-organized kitchen drawers. Pretty smart use of space here. Organizing my tools makes it so much easier to find them! More info: Here

4. Veggie Slicer

kitchen tools accessories gadget funnel model spiral slicer vegetables shred device cooking salad carrot radish cutter
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This is a cheaper version than a full on spiralizer. It comes in handy for salads, when I want to use a cutter to make a variety of shape and forms. Cutting with a knife is boring, let’s play with forms. More info: Here

5. Garlic Press

stainless steel kitchen squeeze gadget tool alloy crusher garlic presses fruit vegetable cooking tools kitchen accessories
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I am not sure how a home can exist without a garlic press. Hey, it’s a natural antibiotic – all the more reasons to make sure it’s inside most of our meals. More info: Here

6. Potato Assistant

stainless Steel Vegetable Potato Slicer Cutter Chopper Chips Making Tool Potato Cutting Fries Tool Kitchen Accessories
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Fries look great when this accessory is in my hands. I’m fast and furious when it comes to meal preps, so this one is definitely a lucky pick. More info: Here

7. Icing Tool

Silicone Kitchen Accessories Icing Piping Cream Pastry Bag Stainless Steel Nozzle Set DIY Cake Decorating Tips Set
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So much FUN! Icing assistant for cupcakes, pastries, and every dessert that calls for decoration. I believe this is another must. My cakes look very high profile! More info: Here

8. Wavy Knife

chip dough fruit vegetable carrot blade potato crinkle wavy cutter slicer stainless kitchen accessories tools
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Wavy carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and other veggies are so pleasing to the eye. Crunchy vegetables looking cool, not only being healthy. Thanks to a similar wavy knife the kids are interested, too! More info: Here

9. Protector

kitchen must have gadget stainless steel finger protector guard safe slice kitchen accessories cooking tools
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Okay, precious! Those fingers are more important than the thinnest slice on planet Earth! Here’s a protector for your fingers with a ring inside. More info: Here

10. Moldings

bornisking button shape silicone mold jelly soap chocolate mould diy baking cake decorating tools kitchen accessories bakeware
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Look into your kitchen drawers right now and if you don’t find chocolate molding, look at this one. It shapes chocolate and jelly like buttons! You need a silicone form like this, as well as a couple of more. More info: Here

11. Sponge Storage

sponge storage rack basket wash cloth soap shelf organizer kitchen gadgets accessories supplies products
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I never want to leave a wet surface around my sink so sponge storages to the rescue. It helps if they have holes. The water they flow out easily or it can be a cleaning party. More info: Here

12. Silicone Forms

sponge storage rack over the sink saddle organizer shelf item gear accessories supplies products kitchen gadgets
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Silicone holders can hold your cellphone, so it’s never out of sight. They can be placed to hold soap or bathroom accessories like it’s shown below. Awesome fit for the sink! More info: Here

13. Door Racks

door rack hooks kitchen hanging storage gadgets holders accessories tool
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Attached or dismantle easily, I move them around the drawers quite often. These often have many hooks, so everything is well set up inside, clean and organized as shown above. More info: Here

14. Slicer

kitchen accessories cooking tools gadget utensilios de cozinha slice assistant hand held lemon tomato fruit slicer
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Perfection, darling! All slices of tomatoes, fruits, and round vegetables are the same! Caprese salads are way better when you cut the mozzarella and the tomatoes. More info: Here

15. Apple Cutter

stainless steel apple slicer fruit vegetable tools kitchen gadget accessories
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One Jedi move only and the whole apple is sliced into perfect pieces! I like tools and utensils that make fruit appealing. You can’t make me go back to cutting an apple the standard way, sorry! More info: Here

16. Bag Gadget

convenient bag hanging quality mention dish carry bags kitchen gadgets silicone kitchen accessories save effort
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All my groceries used to fall on the floor when I enter and leave them in a hurry. A few hangers like these and there are no more oranges to chase. Less effort means more time to play. More info: Here

17. Cherry Smart

kitchen fashionable easy cherry fruit core seed remover cherry gadgets tools fruit cherry pitter corer kitchen tool accessories
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A smart cherry tool is what I call a little pit remover. This is seriously a blessing! I also use cherries in smoothies more often when I have this in hand. More info: Here

18. Paprika Cleaner

cutter corer slicer tool fruit peeler kitchen utensil gadget healthy kitchen tool kitchen accessories cooking tools new
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Paprikas and peppers can be terrifying to clean. The solution lies ahead! With this cutting tool, you are done in a few minutes. Easily done, master chef! More info: Here

19. Cake Cutter

cake pie slicer sheet guide cutter server bread slice knife kitchen gadget
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The perfect slice of cake or pie every single time. I sprinkle water on it before using it so the piece of heaven is out without crumbs! Nobody complains anymore that they have a smaller piece! More info: Here

20. Corny

novelty new kitchen gadget corn stripper cob remover cooking tools kitchen accessories
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The corn does not stand a chance, it gets every little piece out. Before I know it, they are ready. This is the version of a cucumber peeler, so good. More info: Here

21. Lemon Squeezer

fruit vegetable tool plastic hand manual orange juicer kitchen gadgets mini juice lemon squeezer reamer kitchen accessories
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Lemons are kings! Yess, this is the most used tool ever. Lemon juice is a regular guest of honor at my house! Oh, and.. manual juicers are made for office use, too. More info: Here

22. Cloth Holder

kitchen gadget accessories wash cloth clip holder clip dishclout storage rack kitchen storage hand towel rack
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I am never a second away from finding a clean cloth in my kitchen and this is why. All sorts of plastic bags fit inside, too! It’s a clean little storage! More info: Here

23. Space-saver

kitchen accessories coke drink can space saving cans finishing frame storage box refrigerator storage box gadget
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Cans in the fridge are in line like soldiers! This is a great space saving tip and I can pull out as many as four cans with a single touch! More info: Here


24. Dispenser for Liquids

must have electric shot drink beverage dispenser milk water juice cocktail wedding party kitchen accessories kitchen cook tool
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Here is why I’m done lifting heavy water and milk bottles. This is the way to end the endless exercising! I am a fan of automatization! More info: Here

25. Fork Set

kitchen accessories cooking fruit vegetable tools gadgets fashion fork set
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It’s time for a party! My mini sandwiches and delicious bites taste even better when you have a colorful fork on top! They are also blissfully gathered on a tree stand. More info: Here

26. Garlic Peeler

kitchen magic gadget silicone garlic peeler kitchen cuisine accessory
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Here’s a simple silicone sheet that does miracles! Peeling garlic is no more a bore-snore thing. Wrap the garlic in, squeeze and voila, it’s all peeled off! More info: Here

27. Multi-functional Cleaner

Multi-functional Fruit Vegetable Brush Kitchen Tools Easy Cleaning Brush For Potato Kitchen Home Gadgets cooking tool
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Potato-potato! Super clean in seconds this is a multi-purpose cleaner that saves you from a lot of zooming in the vegetable for a quality check! More info: Here

28. Watermelon Slicer

stainless steel watermelon slicer corer melon slicer fruit cutters knife fruit slicer cutter kitchen gadgets
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Professional advice on watermelons – try not to make the whole house wet when you cut them! This tool gets out a slice with one single cut! Ta-da! More info: Here

29. Scissor-knives

multi functional stainless steel kitchen knives 5 layers scissors sushi shredded scallion cut herb spices scissors cooking tools
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Clever scissor-knives have the best of both worlds. Although I’m missing this one in my kitchen, I think my salads ned it right away! More info: Here

30. Apple Twist

stainless steel easy twist core seed remover fruit apple corer pitter seeder kitchen gadget black color
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Twisting out the insides of an apple and filling it with some cinnamon cream is the dream! No more apple slices going bad on the tabletop! More info: Here

31. Orange Peeler

kitchen gadgets cooking tools peeler parer finger type open orange peel orange device
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Oranges are lots of work to peel! Not when I’m equipped with this tool on my finger. One of the most annoying to peel does not stand a chance! More info: Here

32. Garlic Stand

practical home kitchen tool kit garlic press chopper slicer hand presser garlic grinder
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Last, but not least, here’s a little garlic kit that is standing on the kitchen table, looking fresh. Take the best out of the best and ease your way into the kitchen with this set! More info: Here

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