$700 Robot Can Fold Your Laundry In Less Than a Minute

The technological world we live in has finally come up with a solution for one of the most annoying and reoccurring household activities. We tend to learn the real value of a minute, when we find ourselves wasting it doing chores: the laundry, steaming or folding piles of clothes.

Foldimate laundry folding robot
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Well, at least a few of these will soon be taken care of automatically. Do you recall the feeling – time stops and it seems like whatever we do we just circle back to boredom of folding garments? We have been tired for some time now and the end of our tiredness is near.

In 2018 a technical solution under the name FoldiMate will be launched for sale and it might just find a serious fan base in common households. FoldiMate is an assistant-robot with all perks you might expect.

A Real Innovation

Foldimate laundry folding robot featured image
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The newest friend of the modern household resembles a robot with folding arms and presumably its prices will range from $700 up to $850. The startup invention pulls the clothes in, folds, steams, perfumes and unloads your favorite clothes wrinkle-free.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, imagine placing up 10-30 clothing pieces and each of them being folded in 10 seconds. The clothes are ready, without wrinkles for no than 30 seconds, and with the manners of an assistant in a department store.


The steaming option ensures the fabrics are soft and perfumed. WiFi and Internet are in the package of options as well.

The machine that can simplify our busy lives is intuitive, too. The fabric specifics will be taken into account and the smart invention will detect the size, shape and fabric thickness. Sounds like a laundry oasis to us.

The pieces are placed by the user one by one, and then he or she indicates whether needs pants or shirts folded. The process starts as soon as you press the button.

Foldimate laundry folding robot
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Unfortunately, the smart device cannot do a whole laundry load at once due to small items such as socks, lingerie or cloths and towels and the limit on the number of pieces that can be placed. The robot-like device can be placed on its own on a table top or a washer, and its size is small enough to fit into the designated laundry space.

If you are curious about the specific measurements, this household friend is 32 inches tall, 28 inches wide and weighs 65 pounds. Previous versions of the same invention have been available since 2014, but they were not that suitable.

The 2018 version can be used by any family member and its economic value is competitive.

Currently, there are about 143 300 people registered at FoldiMate`s official website pending to receive e-mail notifications by the startup when the pre-ordering is going start.

The major press has already expressed opinions in favor of the time-saving machine and the startup behind it is focused on filling in technological gaps, where we need assistance in daily chores.

Foldimate laundry folding robot laundry room
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We do have the de facto standard of the washing machines; the amount of work done after its job is done is significant and time-consuming. Not to mention, a certain level of skill is required when it comes to shirts, buttons, wrinkles around angles, that the iron tip battles.

Husbands, wives and single people might appreciate the convenience of not having to do it all. The invention is already patented and the company offers a discount for the first who are willing to place their foot through the door first by sparing the neglectfully small down payment of $10 (or more if you wish).

Nonetheless, the startup has no price competitors so far and is determined to make the product widely popular.

Easy Clipping™ and FoldiMate™ are some of the technologies patented by FoldiMate’s team members. Their names clearly speak of the ideas behind.

According the website of the startup, they will start accepting pre-orders in 2017, once their manufacturing plan is finalized. The first units will be shipped by 2018 and the company is giving priority to fully paid orders.


Will the folding mate make its way to the homes successfully? The product potential is considerable and our lives are getting faster each day. Let’s wait and see what the future holds for FoldiMate’s invention.

Foldimate laundry folding robot featured image
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