Beautiful Bedrooms: Back to Black!

Black bedrooms are chic, flamboyant, dramatic, and bold yet stylish and cozy. Do you dare to decorate your bedroom in black?

Sophisticated in black

When it comes to bedroom color schemes, black is often overlooked as an option.

However, after a period of using light, relaxing bedroom backdrops, the resurgence of gray as the hot new neutral has helped in pushing black to the backdrop.

Enjoy some black bedrooms! They are chic, flamboyant, dramatic, and bold yet stylish and cozy!

Plus, they have an inimitable visual flair.

Do you dare to decorate your bedroom in black or this option is too bold for you?

1. Air of Sophistication


Stylish accessories


When it comes to decorating bachelor pads, black is an automatic choice, and bedrooms are not an exception.

The above-shown draped in black bedroom accentuates the effect of the stunning light fixtures and the wonderful accessories, which shine through brilliantly. Definitely a dramatic, fascinating space! Photo: Credit

Style and elegance


Have a look at the bedroom above! Glossy graphic circles in silver break the monotony of the dark backdrop.

In addition, white bedding and pillows create the perfect visual contrast.

Although decorated in black, this bedroom is harmonious, balanced, with texture and pattern and has a contemporary, airy look. Photo: Credit

2. Go Beyond the Walls




Get creative and go beyond the walls!

In the fascinating bedroom shown above, the ceiling complemented by a gorgeous cabinet and bedding is used to add this bold color.

However, the eye-grabbing floral wallpaper, pops of color and different patterns create a sense of lightness and visual appeal. Photo: Credit

Fabulous bedroom


For a contemporary look, try with a black-and-white color solution, as shown in this minimal bedroom in the picture above. Photo: Credit

You have an array of options to introduce black and white. The key to creating an elegant space with an inimitable aura is to find the delicate balance between black and white.

In addition, a well-planned blend of natural and artificial light will give the space a warm, inviting vibe.

Refinement and elegance


In contemporary bedrooms, when paired with black, paisley pattern works surprisingly well adding refinement and elegance to the space. Photo: Credit


3. Creativity and Color


Dash of elegance


Black looks gorgeous even in traditional bedrooms. In the above-shown bedroom, black definitely adds elegance to the space. Photo: Credit

Use throw pillows, lampshades, headboards, bedside tables, window treatment, bedding, exquisite accessories, and flowers to add pops of yellow, red, or orange or hints of gold or other metallic accents to both infuse life into the setting and create focal points.