Creative Ways to Transform Boring Bathroom Corners

When working with limited square footage in your bathroom and every inch really counts, just put all empty corners to good use.

Stunning corner solution!

With bathroom space tight for most of us, get creative and use every little bit of space.

Focus on bathroom corners, they are not just extra niches you put to use only when needed.

Corner sinks, showers, or tubs, floating shelves, cabinets, or dressing tables…You have tons of ways to transform these usually dead spaces.

However, if your corner is too small, you can still use it. Put some plants- potted or cut, to enliven your bathroom.

Just unleash your creativity and don’t be afraid to explore different options!

1. Space for the Shower and an Ergonomic Shower Bench


Gorgeous use of corner space


Corner showers have become popular in contemporary homes because they create a more open and airy ambiance in smaller bathrooms, especially when complemented by  glass doors and walls.

Even if you have a moderately spacious bathroom, the corner shower area allows you to add a bathtub or Jacuzzi, turning the mundane bathroom into a stylish home spa. Photo: Credit


Marble Bathroom


Consider adding a corner shower bench, it does make your life a lot more comfortable.  Plus, a couple of shelves next to it provide extra storage. Photo: Credit

2. Soak in Style!


Standalone Bathtub


If you already have a shower area, then why not add a freestanding bathtub to the empty corner? Corner bathtubs can break the visual monotony in contemporary bathrooms and add interest and personality. Photo: Credit


3. Cool Corner Vanity


Spanish Colonial Setting


Depending on the available corner space, consider a sleek vanity or sink to fill up this space. If a vanity isn’t necessary, then opt for a corner pedestal sink. Corner sinks  offer a brilliant space-saving solution for any tiny bathroom. Photo: Credit

4. Smart Open Shelves


Exquisite bathroom


Floating shelves offer an efficient, easy way to both enliven a bathroom corner and add some extra storage and display space. In the picture shown above, a built-in corner shelf adds storage, visual interest, and appeal to this adorable bathroom. Photo: Credit 

Admirable bathroom


With a hint of creativity, even the most perplexing geometric challenge can be easily overcome without sacrificing on esthetics. Photo: Credit

5. Exquisite Cabinets


Corner cabinet


Unlike the simple floating shelves, adding cabinets could be a bit tricky.

However, as cabinets elegantly fill up an empty corner and provide plenty of storage, it’s worth trying. Photo: Credit


6. Outdoorsy Charm


Relax and enjoy the view!


Bored with the conventional? As they can bring the view outside indoors, the use of large glass corner windows or even a few smaller ones is a truly out-of-the-box solution that can dramatically change a lackluster corner. Photo: Credit


7. Fiery Brilliance!


Functionality and glam


Adding a fireplace to the bathroom can turn it into that dreamy spa-style elegance you always wanted.

Sleek, modern designs ensure that even the smallest corner can hold a beautiful fireplace that will instantly become the focal point of your new spa-style bathroom. Photo: Credit


8. Hint of Greenery


Inviting ambience


However, instead of searching for complicated alternatives, you can always turn to nature for the perfect budget-friendly solution, which takes the minimum possible effort: add lovely potted or cut plants. Photo: Credit

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