Outdoor Living Areas with Gazebos

Gazebos are more than a place to take shelter or enjoy the view. These spectacular structures are unquestionably  a sculptural statement in any yard.

Wooden gazebo design
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As gazebos add functionality, visual interest, and appeal, they are a popular garden structure.

In addition, any gazebo is an attractive ornamental element, which can complete any outdoor space.

Note  that even the smallest yard can incorporate a gazebo, which immediately turns into a focal point.

Available in different designs, made from different materials, traditional or modern, gazebos are a stunning way to enhance any outdoors.

Not to mention that any gazebo is a charming, romantic retreat where to relax in style!

1. Traditional Gazebos

Looking for a shaded area with a seating spot where to relax and enjoy the view? A traditional gazebo might be the answer! Just imagine spending some time under the arches of a lovely gazebo like the one shown above! A lily pond adds even extra charm and romance to the space!Photo: Credit

Traditional gazebos are charming and whimsical, the perfect addition to an English garden, Asian-inspired settings, or a tropical yard.

Round or hexagonal, available in an array of sizes and colors, embellished in various ways, with a shingled or metal roof, traditional metal or wooden gazebos are definitely an enchanting timeless structure, which can add functionality, appeal, visual interest, charm, and romance to any outdoor space. Photo: Credit

The above-shown beauty with white wooden frame and contrasting shingled roof is circled by a cluster of trees so many daffodils. So enchanting! Photo: Credit

Dreaming of a secret garden? What about this gazebo  with flowering vines creeping up its posts? Simply stunning! Photo: Credit


2. Rustic Gazebos

Rustic-style gazebos are another fabulous option.

This one constructed from a corncrib with gravel floor and eye-grabbing décor is absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention that it is beautifully complemented by lush greenery! Instructions: Here

Would you consider building a gazebo out of logs? Just have a look at the above-shown garden beauty! Photo: Credit

Logs used as posts, hanging potted ferns, and even some storage space for firewood under the seating! Functionality meets visual appeal and charm!

3. Something Unexpected

Looking for a gazebo that celebrates unexpected design or one  painted in a bold color?

What about this elegant royal blue gazebo with detailed metal design in the picture above?  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Photo: Credit

However, gazebos aren’t always round or hexagonal!  Some designs  celebrate the power of right angles and lattice work.

With a stone floor, complemented by a simple yet eye-grabbing water feature, the elegant, cozy gazebo in the picture above is the perfect spot where to relax. Photo: Credit

If looking for modern alternatives to traditional gazebo designs, you have a number of options to choose from, including a glass gazebo.

Ready to incorporate a gazebo in your outdoor space?

Wooden gazebo design
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