Discover the low-maintenance, striking beauty of the Alocasia Purple Sword, perfect for enhancing your home with its unique, spear-shaped foliage.

Meet the Alocasia Purple Sword

Thriving in bright indirect light and warm climates, this tropical plant loves a balance of moisture without sitting in water. Regular watering when the topsoil dries ensures vibrant growth.

Essential Care Tips

Mimic its native humid, Southeast Asian rainforests by maintaining humidity around 70%. A pebble tray or humidifier can help achieve the perfect atmosphere.

The Right Environment

Fertilize bi-monthly during growth seasons and repot yearly. Propagate through offsets to multiply your collection of this stunning plant.

Feeding and Propagation

With origins in New Guinea and Southeast Asia, the Alocasia Purple Sword isn't just a visual treat; it's a piece of botanical history ready to grace your home.

A Plant with History

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