Discover the art of pruning roses to boost flowering, prevent diseases, and enhance plant health. A little care goes a long way in the garden!

Unlock the Secrets of Rose Pruning

Timing is key! Prune once-blooming roses in early summer, and other varieties after the last frost. Proper timing ensures vigorous growth without the risk of cold damage.

When to Prune for Perfect Blooms

From light trims to encourage strong roots to severe cuts for rejuvenating older plants, learn the right method for your rose variety for optimal growth and blooms.

Pruning Techniques for Every Rose

Start by removing dead parts, then shape your roses by pruning above outward-facing buds. Clean cuts and proper shaping promote healthy, beautiful roses.

Step-by-Step Pruning Guide

Steer clear of common mistakes like wrong timing and improper cuts. Remember, not all roses need annual pruning – some thrive with minimal interference.

Pruning Pitfalls to Avoid

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