Embrace the joy of spring cleaning! Break tasks down into manageable chunks. Assign a 30-minute task each day to make cleaning less of a marathon and more of a sprint.

Spring Into Clean!

Tackle your fridge and dishwasher with simple ingredients. Use warm, soapy water for the fridge and vinegar for the dishwasher to eliminate bacteria and odors.

Fridge and Dishwasher Deep Clean

Revamp your storage spaces. Sort items into keep, donate, or throw away. Vacuum and clean the floor, then store items in labeled bins on shelves to maximize space.

Declutter and Organize

Bring new life to your carpets with baking soda and a portable cleaner. For windows, a homemade mix of vinegar and water works wonders, especially on overcast days.

Refresh Carpets and Windows

Don't forget the less obvious tasks: unclog drains with baking soda and vinegar, banish mold with vinegar, and give your hardwood floors a shine with black tea.

The Final Touches

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