You Can Now Buy Magical Unicorn Squishy In a Jumbo Pack of 5

Finally the ultimate long-awaited magical unicorn squishy pack of 5 is released on Amazon and everyone is getting crazy about it!

Magical unicorn squishy pack of 5 set

If you haven’t heard of Squishies, well, we can get you up to speed very quickly.

  • What is a Squishies?

Squishies are brightly colored foam toys that come in a shocking variety of shapes and sizes – from unicorn squishy to giant fast food squishy. You can squeeze them for relaxation or stress relief and they are also great toys for kids.

  • What is a squishy made out of?

Squishy is made of polyurethane foam saturated with craft store wax that once smashed could return to its original form. This makes it safe and durable to play with even for younger children.

The most popular Magical Unicorn Squishy now is released in a jumbo pack of 5 and it’s everything you need from Squishies. Perfect gift for kids.

1. Rainbow Unicorns

Rainbow unicorn squishy

Call it a hand pillow, a stress relief toy, or even finger rehabilitation training toy, one is certain – this white rainbow unicorn squishy is something every kid MUST have! It stands 6 inches tall and 4.5 inches at the widest point of the base which means only one thing – even more to squish!

And who said it’s not suitable for grown-ups?

2. Blue Unicorn Head ( Could be used as a keychain )


Unicorn head squishy


The blue unicorn head is the one unicorn squishy that is most suitable for adults – It can be your lucky keyring or attached to your phone, purse, or backpack!

The blue color is considered favorable to the body and mind. It slows human metabolism and produces a relaxing effect for kids and grown-ups

3. Pink and Blue Whale Unicorns

Pink whale unicorn squishy

Are feeling blue? Do you need some cheering up? If so, this adorable whale crossed with a unicorn squishy (yeah that’s right- A WHALICORN) will definitely do the job!…and I promise- you would never feel down again!

There are two to collect – pink and blue Whalicorns both made from a slow rising rubber. They are stress-relievers and alternatively, they can just stay at your desk and brighten your day!

4. Complete Set of Unicorn Squishies

Magical unicorn squishy

The whole package of 5 Creative unicorn Squishies is coming to make whoopie the whole family! These super cute lovable charms bring the kids and adults together! They can be freely used as kids’ toys, office decoration, furniture display, Christmas toys, wedding ornament, teaching equipment etc.

They are now Best-Seller on Amazon so hurry up and get yours! Follow this link: Unicorn Squishy

Have you ordered your jumbo pack already?


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