11 Best Plants To Grow With Potatoes

Have you ever heard of companion planting? This is a gardening term used to optimize a garden area and to benefit from the shared growth of a number of plants.

Companion plants help the fight against pests and also enrich the soil with different nutrients.

Let’s take a look at which are the best companion plants for potatoes.

1. Beans


Beans are a good potato companion as they release nitrogen into the soil. Nitrogen is helpful for the potatoes to improve their quality.

Also, beans fight Colorado potato beetles which are harmful to potatoes.

2. Lettuce


Spring lettuces are a great potato companion. Firstly, their roots are shallow and won’t affect potato production. Secondly, lettuce leaves will adjust around the potato plants without damaging them at all.

Lettuces will also grow very quickly and won’t take up much of the space and nutrients that the potatoes need.

3. Corn


Corn is another good plant to grow together with potatoes. If you make corn a potato companion, you will improve the vigor and taste of the potatoes.

Also, this combination is space-saving as potatoes grow in the ground and the corn tall above the ground. Make sure that there aren’t any tomatoes or celery next to the corn as it will make shade which will affect the production of tomatoes.

4. Sage


Sage has many benefits when grown next to potatoes. First, it helps the fight against pests and diseases. Secondly, it can improve the taste of potatoes. Sage is famous as a herb for flavoring dishes and as a natural repellent.

5. Bush Beans

Bush Beans

Bush beans and potatoes collaborate perfectly together. Bush beans fight Colorado potato beans while potatoes fight the Mexican beetle which harms beans.

Also, due to the different areas of growth of these two plants, they can be used for compact gardening.

6. Cabbage


Similar to lettuce, the roots of the cabbage are very shallow and they won’t interfere with potato production.

In addition to that cabbages will improve the taste and the growth. By creating a mixed area with potatoes and cabbage you can maximise your veggie garden easily.

7. Horseradish


Horseradish is one of the best potato companions in the garden. It is a great repellent against Colorado beetles, aphids, bugs and caterpillars.

Its strong antibacterial property has turned horseradish into a popular companion for many garden plants.

8. Tansy


Tansy is a plant with small yellow flowers usually considered a weed. It is helpful to minimize the pest attacks by Colorado and Japanese beetles.

It is also a pollinator-friendly plant that can be planted in tough areas where no other plants thrive.

9. Herbs


The roots of all herbs are shallow and that makes them a good companion for potatoes. You can plant many herb varieties. Potatoes will benefit from such companionship because most of the herbs are pest-repellents and have anti-bacterial properties.

10. Nasturtium


Nasturtiums deter pests but also improve the taste and texture of potatoes when grown next to them. They release nitrogen, potassium and sulfur and make the soil rich and nutrient.

11. Marigolds


The combination of Marigolds with potatoes will make your veggie garden more appealing. These plants are known as good pest repellents. They will also regulate the temperature of the soil ensuring a good growth environment for the production of potatoes.

Explore the best companion plants to grow alongside potatoes for a thriving garden. From beneficial pest control to enhanced growth and flavor, discover the perfect plant pairings that will complement your potato crop and maximize your harvest.
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