15 Captivating Bohemian Garden Ideas for Enchanting Upcycled Beauty

The Bohemian design is a fun and vibrant style, suitable for any garden space.

It’s a great combination of colors, comfort and aesthetic playful elements. You can liven up your garden space and enjoy being out in your garden without too much effort and investment.

Get creative with your garden and check out these 15 upcycled bohemian garden ideas for a unique and beautiful outdoor space!

This style is perfect for DIY fans to get creative and give their garden a boho-free, spirited vibe. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

1. Unleash Your Free Spirit

20 Bohemian Garden Ideas For Upcycled Beauty 1

Be free-spirited and create the right mix of artifacts, plants, and furniture for a Bohemian design.

Use an area of your garden with lots of greenery or simply add as much as you can potted plants. Succulents are always a good option and they are much easier to look after. Implement color and pattern by using different sized rugs and cushions in the same design.

Outdoor artifacts and decorative elements as well as different lighting create a finished touch to this design.

2. Splash Color With Cushions

Colorful Fabrics

Color is one of the main statements of the boho look. If you’re restricted in space or you simply have neutral furniture pieces, you can easily liven them up with color. An easy way of doing so is using colorful outdoor cushions.

What’s fun is that you can mix-match patterns and designs, add some string lights and there you have your boho look.

3. Small Bohemian Backyard

 Eclectic Planters

A covered backyard surrounded by lots of greenery is always very relaxing and delightful. If you want a toned-down look but still boho, use more natural elements and different plants.

This small backyard seems like an extension of the house with the forest green door and the couch in the same tone. Wooden wall decoration and furniture blend in well with the greenery. Mix-matched cushions in subtle tones give it a boho touch.

4. Vining Plants And Hanging Planters

Hanging Planters and Macramé

Vining plants are a beautiful way to add color and texture, create a living privacy screen, and round out your garden’s design with a vertical element. 

While some plants naturally will “climb” on their own with little tendrils that cling to the structure, others, such as roses, may need to be tied loosely where you want them to grow. Some types of vines can be invasive and aggressive so read the labels well before choosing to plant such.

Hanging planters are a great final touch to a space that needs more texture than architecturally planned and it’s also a perfect way to add greenery to a limited outdoor space.

They create height and texture and can brighten up with color too. Typical for the bohemian look are the macramé planters. There are easy and budget-friendly DIY ideas online on how to make your ones.

5. Gorgeous Lighting

Fairy Lights and Lanterns

Whether its inside or outdoors, using different types of lighting is sure to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

You can completely transform your outside space and give it a boho feel with fairy lights, lanterns, floor lights and LED candles. With suitable lighting, you can draw attention to nature and illuminate plants.

6. Seating Spot Beneath A Canopy

20 Bohemian Garden Ideas For Upcycled Beauty 7

Having a sheltered seating spot is always a bonus for maintenance and being out of the sun or rain. Investing in a permanent structure is quite costly so if you are unsure about doing so, a canopy is your solution.

Using a canopy is inviting and lovely for creating a relaxing seating area for those hot afternoons—a perfect place to hide out and lounge around with friends.

7. Overhead Decoration

Artistic Accents

Using overhead decorations like fairy lights and paper lanterns helps create a magical and calm atmosphere.

You can use brightly colored ones or decorations for a more vibrant boho look. A suitable place to hang your decorations is if you have a tree close by.

8. Colorful And Bright Furniture

Mosaic Art

Key to your bohemian-style garden is color and patterns. Implement color with your furniture, whether it’s a set or just a couple of pieces.

You can opt for refreshing your dull furniture with vibrant tones or you can simply get furniture pieces like this beautiful glass table. Such a colorful table is enough to make a statement and brighten your garden.

9. Tropical Beach Vibe

Vertical Gardens

Get that boho tropical vibe and hang a chair in your garden. Cane furniture always brings boho vibes to the place. Use lots of greenery like ferns and palms to create this look.

If you don’t want too much color you can play around with black and white patterns and add touches of green like the ones in the picture.

10. Vibrant And Colorful

Outdoor Rugs and Pillows

Bright and bold! Like we have here, nothing seems to be too much.

Dark rattan furniture is brightened with colorful soft seating. With this look the potted plants add additional color and with them on the shelves, there is height and texture.

This is a fun and cheerful look that makes any garden area inviting!

11. Fire Pit

Bohemian Garden Ideas 16


Nice comfortable and cozy areas for sitting are a boho thing. So gathering with friends around a fire pit is a sure way to make your time extra cozy and relaxing.

Your fire pit definitely becomes the centerpiece of your outdoor setting. There are different ready ones to choose from; if you’re handy enough, you can make one too.

A few rugs and cushions with different patterns and textures invite you to settle for a long chilly evening under the stars.

12. Luxurious Daybed

Boho Canopy Or Tent

It’s Bohemian to be laid back and relaxed, so why not have a cozy bed in your garden? This is the new must-have garden furniture piece.

Here we have a bamboo-based bed with a beautiful headboard. The boho elements in this look are the mix of prints and patterns even though the colors are dark and neutral. The finishing touch is the draping white canopy.

A cozy place to relax in the starry evenings and even romantic with lanterns or string lights.

13. Boho Mini Garden

Repurposed Garden Decor

You can always find a small spot or corner to create your mini boho scene even with a limited garden space. An easy way of doing so and making it cozy is by hanging various artifacts and potted plants.

Add touches of color either with a colored furniture piece or simply use colored plant pots to brighten up the area. If you don’t have the time or you’re just not into gardening, you can use more succulents that don’t need much water.

The fun side to this garden idea is that you can mix and match artifacts and pots of different sizes and colors to give it the boho look.

14. Boho Garden With Succulents

 Outdoor Art Studio

This is an amazing and relaxed look! A comfortable sitting arrangement with patterned throw cushions, which subtly, add color to the look without being too much. The Buddha statue plays the e centerpiece in this area inviting you to sit down and relax.

Your landscaping can vary, but succulents are always a sure option to set the scene and they are easy to look after without much water. To give the area a more natural feel, place as many as possible in different sizes.

15. Create Cozy Zones

Nature’s Tapestry

With this style scheme, your areas for seating are not restricted to just your outdoor furniture. Layer lots of textures and patterns to create the perfect relaxed and vibrant vibe for long summer days and chilled-out evenings.

For this look, use lots of outdoor cushions and rugs, the more cozier and inviting it becomes. For the late evenings along with the vibrant tones enjoy the setting with warm mixed lighting, use lanterns and string festoon lights overhead for a dreamy and starry night atmosphere.

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