18 Inspiring Ideas for Designing a Covered Grill Area Perfect for Any Weather

Summer is the greatest part of the year, mostly because of the possibility to spend more time outdoors.

Discover 18 inspiring ideas for designing a covered grill area perfect for any weather. From cozy pergolas and stylish gazebos to innovative retractable roofs, find creative solutions to keep your grilling space functional and enjoyable year-round. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with these versatile and weatherproof design ideas.

Make your time essential, comfortable, and tasty with these 18 Inspiring Ideas for Designing a Covered Grill Area that is Perfect for Any Weather.

1. Gazebo Type Grill Area


@Humphrey Munson

Build a gazebo over the grill area or build the grill area under the existing gazebo. In both cases, the gazebo will provide good shade for cooking comfortably.

You can add a sitting nook next to the gazebo and hide it from the sun with an umbrella or a pergola.

2. Cover The Patio


@Traditional Patio

This patio is covered with a flat roof that repeats the architecture of the main house to look like a logical and beautiful extension of the home.

The patio area is big,, offering plenty of nooks where you can do different things and feel comfortable. The kitchen area is made from stone masonry and features a grill, an oven, a fireplace,, and a stone pizza oven.

The flooring is made of stone tiles that can be easily cleaned. The sides are open to enjoy the fresh air and the surrounding landscape.

3. Build A Pergola For Shade


@Outdoor Kitchen, Pool Pavers

The pergola provides standard shade for outdoor nooks, including a grill area. It also defines the nooks and distinguishes them from the rest of the backyard.

Depending on the grill area style, you can make the pergola from wood or metal and equip it with sailboat shades or plant vining plants that will create natural shade.

4. Create A Partial Shelter


@Masa Studio Architects

You don’t need a huge space to make a functional grill area. In fact, its size depends on your needs and the landscape.

The grill area can be built along the sides of the house right next to it. Add a deck roof that will provide shade and shelter in case of bad weather and sufficient lighting to make this outdoor nook comfortable.

5. Patio With A Kitchen


@Ryback Landscaping LLC.

This covered grill area is built next to the patio. It repeats the patio style featuring stone flooring, a stone kitchen island, pillars, and a roof from wood.

The landscape is gorgeous, letting you relax outside while cooking your favorite grilled food.

6. Pergola Extension


@Farinelli Construction, Inc.

The patio is extended by a curved pergola that covers a dining set.

This entertainment nook’s arrangement is longitudinal, starting from an edging garden at the fence and continuing toward the center of the backyard.

7. Outdoor Kitchen


@Nyhus Design Group

The deck roof of this grill area ensures good shade and shelter. Many light fixtures are added to illuminate the work surfaces and the dining table in the center.

The kitchen island is solid and equipped with stainless steel appliances that match the stone tiles on the floor. The wooden sitting set and its centerpiece remind you of a picture from the interior, so you will surely feel invited and comfortable in this area.

8. Summer Grill Bar



This is an appealing grill area idea that can be created in any part of the backyard.

If the bar has hanging chandeliers, this area could be located very close to a pool area. The deck roof offers tight shade from the sun when it is time for a rest from sunbathing or swimming.

9. Pergola Over Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen



If you decide to cover the grill area with a wooden pergola, remember to add suitable lighting that will help extend the time spent outdoors.

Solar-powered lights, Edison bulbs, and lanterns are affordable light sources that will also match the overall look of this casual outdoor nook.

10. Moroccan-inspired Outdoor Grill Area



This outdoor grill area is designed in the Moroccan spirit. It features a tiled backsplash with a Moroccan mandala pattern. It is tall, almost above the roof, to accommodate a TV unit. The grill is incorporated in a natural stone structure with a solid countertop for food prep.

Next to the kitchen, there is a marble table with comfortable chairs where the whole family can gather and have dinner in the fresh air.

11. Transfer The Indoors Outdoors



If you have plenty of outdoor space, you can make an amazing outdoor kitchen. The countertop is long enough to accommodate a grill, an oven, and a cooking prep countertop.

Next to it, there is an island decorated with a table runner and black pillar candle holders. Four bar stools with metal legs offer comfortable seating on the island.

Once the dinner is over, people can move to the sitting nook next to the grill area and enjoy the flames of a gas firepit.

12. Small Grill Area With A Suitable Pergola



To prepare food on a grill, you can add such a small but comfortable grilling nook to your outdoors. Its U-shape offers three countertops despite the small floor space they cover.

The built-in pergola is great as it combines wood beams and shade boards between the beams.

13. Shaded Grilling Deck



This grill station is of an L-shape to offer two countertops, just enough for a grill station and a grill.

The shade is made from wood panels that continue down to the countertop to create a solid side with floating shelves for storage.

14. Pergola With A Movable Shade



Adding a covered kitchen area doesn’t mean blocking the great outdoor view.

With a retractable canopy or glass roof, you can enjoy the sky above the grill station.

15. Free-standing Grill Station



You can easily find space for this small outdoor kitchen.

It offers everything you may need to prepare food on a grill: a food prep countertop, a grill, cabinets for storage, a fridge, a built-in pergola, and even two shelves for spice storage.

16. Pergola And Natural Shade For Summer Entertainment Area



If you want a modern covered outdoor kitchen, check out this design idea. It features an L-shape solid structure kitchen with built-in appliances and a marble countertop. The backsplash is added to one solid wall where a TV unit is mounted.

Next to the kitchen, there is a long island where the whole family can sit together and enjoy freshly grilled food.

The colors are modern and neutral, and the lines are clean and straight.

17. A Grill Area With a View



One side of this covered grill area is solid to accommodate a TV unit, but the rest are left open and uncovered to reveal a gorgeous landscape.

This outdoor kitchen’s materials are natural, and it was painted in an earthy color palette to blend with the surrounding nature.

18. Simple And Comfortable Grill Area



Do you need a simple outdoor kitchen idea? Check out this one made from rust-resistant steel, painted a modern dark grey color, and placed next to the fence.

The incorporated appliances are a grill, a fridge, and an oven placed under a roof with metal steel planks.

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