Discover 18 ingenious DIY trellis ideas to add beauty and support to your garden. From pergolas to teepees, there's a trellis for every plant and style.

Transform Your Garden with DIY Trellis Magic

Use pergolas for shade and as a sturdy support for climbers like clematis. Or, opt for an easy-to-make teepee trellis with bamboo stakes or metal rods for your veggies.

Pergola & Teepee Trellises: Shade and Support

Arch-shaped trellises create stunning garden gateways, while wooden obelisks offer a perfect frame for climbing vegetables and flowers, adding height and interest.

Arches and Obelisks: Elegance Meets Functionality

Combine functionality and style with a pot that includes a built-in trellis or go for a wooden frame trellis to create living walls or privacy screens.

Innovative Planters and Frames

Embrace creativity with a honeycomb trellis for a modern touch or build a durable trellis cage from metal dowels for heavier plants like melons and squash.

Unique Designs: From Honeycombs to Metal Cages

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