18 Ingenious DIY Trellis Ideas To Beautify Your Garden

If you are a garden enthusiast, then you already know how important the trellis is in the garden world. This structure is important for both flower and veggie gardens.

In addition to providing support to all climbing plants, it also adds charm and interest to the landscape.

Transform your garden into a lush oasis with these 18 ingenious DIY trellis ideas. From simple designs to intricate patterns, discover creative ways to support climbing plants while adding charm and character to your outdoor space.

Instead of spending money on store-sold trellises, we decided to show you 18 of the most ingenious DIY trellis ideas to make yourself simple garden trellises that will enhance the beauty and space of your garden.

1. Pergola Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 1


Pergolas can be used not only as a support structure for vines such as clematis but also to provide shade.

Before building, call your local utilities to mark the location of underground lines because you’ll need to sink the posts at least one-quarter of their heights.

2. Teepee Trellis With Metal Rods

18 diy trellis ideas 2


Teepee type of trellises are easy-to-make garden structures. You can build them directly on the ground or in a planter used as a garden bed.

The materials that are most suitable for teepee trellises are bamboo stakes and metal rods.

Arrange them in the teepee shape and weave twine or wire at the top which will keep the supports fixed in place.

3. Arch-shaped Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 3


This DIY arch is great both for veggie or flower growth support. As you can see, it is built from metal posts that support long net sheets twisted in an arch.

It is important to paint the posts and get galvanized wire that will keep them from rusting.

4. Wooden Obelisk

18 diy trellis ideas 4


This type of garden obelisk is perfect for growing vegetables and flowers.

Also, it is easy to make it yourself with simple materials and tools. You will need wooden posts, screws and wood glue to assemble it.

You can paint it a bold bright color that will also protect the wood or leave the wood blonde, it is up to you.

5. Pot With Built-in Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 5


This is a multi-functional planter ensuring raised garden beds for the compact growth of vegetables and an arch that can support them.

To make the planter, you need lumber boards for the bed and posts to attach to its sides and support the wires for the arch.

6. A-frame And A Net Trellis Idea

18 diy trellis ideas 6


This trellis idea is good for beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

The trellises are two- a wire net in the middle of the garden bed and bamboo sticks assembled as tepees.

This trellis will support more plants at once and you can customize it in length to suit your veggie garden bed.

7. Wooden Frame Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 7


These sections will form a partition wall that will be covered with beautiful greenery. You can install the partition parts around the patio to enhance the privacy level.

Another idea for the installation place of these wooden grids is next to the house walls. The trellis will help you create green living walls without the risk of damaging them.

8. Raised Garden Beds With An Arch Made From Wood

18 diy trellis ideas 8


This is a great idea for a compact vegetable garden that can be easily maintained. The vegetables are planted in containers made of wood. The vegetables are different so there is no need for trellis structures everywhere.

The small pergola-like trellis is placed at the end of the planters where beans will climb up as they grow and create a lovely green arch.

9. Twine Trellis Idea

18 diy trellis ideas 9


You can use vines to upgrade the old fence during the warm seasons. For that, you need to create trellises that will support the climbing plants. With this trellis idea, you can upgrade the plant’s vertical trellis into an art support leading the plants into unique shapes.

In case the fence is wooden, you can use plain twine and screws to stretch the trellis. If it is made of brick, you will need masonry anchors, eye hooks, and cable wire.

10. Honeycomb Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 10


The honeycomb trellis is a modern trellis idea that will add significant interest to your outdoors, especially when you create a contrast between the plant support and the wall or the fence to which it is attached.

You can make this trellis entirely by yourself using pine boards, miter saw, nails or pins, wood glue and a drill.

Some people add chicken wire to the openings where the vines can also attach.

11. Chevron Lattice Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 11


Chevron lattice trellis can be used as a support for vines and also as a vertical flower stand for small pots.

Its retro design fits perfectly the visual concept of traditional and farmhouse exteriors. Making it requires slats of different lengths that are arranged in the typical pattern.

Don’t forget to paint or stain the wood to protect it from the outer conditions.

12. DIY Branch Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 12


Another rustic-inspired trellis idea takes us to a DIY project with eco-friendly materials. For this tiered trellis, you need branches cut in different lengths that give the triangular shape of the trellis.

Assemble them with cord, twine, or wire and attach the trellis to a wall. Place the pot with the climbing plant below the trellis and lead its branches to it as it grows.

13. Trellis From Wooden Poles And Bamboo Sticks

18 diy trellis ideas 13


This small pumpkin garden is equipped with three types of trellises. The wire one is suitable for installation directly in the pot.

The one in the shape of an obelisk is made from wooden poles and can support a few plants around it.

The bamboo trellis at the bottom is a frame type of support of the size of the row with pumpkin plants.

14. Wooden Frames With Net Filling Trellis Idea

18 diy trellis ideas 14


This is a lovely upcycling project in which you can include all the cedar leftover in the garage.

The idea features garden beds separated with cedar boards and trellises where needed from cedar slats.

Plants can climb on the provided netting made from wire. Another way to fill the cedar frames and support the climbing plants is to attach chicken wire.

15. DIY Wooden Structure For Veggie Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 15


This trellis idea is one of those that are intended for longer use. It is made from wooden posts that have been rigidly fixed into the ground.

The gaps between the lumber are filled with net panels which plants will cover in time.

Treating the lumber before exposing it under the outer conditions is always a good idea.

16. Wall-mounted Trellis

18 diy trellis ideas 16


Give your exterior walls some character with such a stylish trellis that will support climbing vines.

With this idea, you can create a gorgeous but compact garden and enjoy the blooms of the flowers.

The trellis itself is easy to assemble. Prepare wooden slats and arrange them in the shown pattern. Then, nail the slats to the supporting ones and attach the trellis to the wall.

17. Trellis Cages From Metal Dowels

18 diy trellis ideas 17


This cage-like trellis is perfect for heavier plants such as melon or squash plants. It is made from bars and its base is inserted into the ground which makes it very rigid.

In this idea, the plants are grown in buckets but the same supporting effect can be achieved if the trellis is inserted into the ground garden bed.

18. Twisted Metal Dowels In An Arch Shape

18 diy trellis ideas 18


This arched garden bed trellis is an easy project that will add a beautiful touch to a flower garden bed lifting a climbing rose and creating an arch of blooms.

The material used for the trellis is inexpensive metal dowels that are twisted in a semi-circle shape. The ends are inserted directly in the ground so the trellis will surely bear a heavier load.

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