27 DIY Trellis Ideas for a Stunning Garden Display

Whether you are a beginner in gardening or an experienced gardener, you already know how vital a trellis is. This support structure is practical for the growth of climbing veggies and is a functional addition to a flower garden.

The trellis can add so much charm to the outer space and help you create vertical interest in the garden arrangement. You can find trellises in the veggie garden, ensuring more growing areas in small spaces and flower gardens as structures that form living arches, walls and tunnels.

Transform your garden into a stunning display with these 26 DIY trellis ideas. From classic arches to modern designs, you'll find the perfect trellis for your garden.

These 27 DIY Trellis Ideas for a Stunning Garden Display will let you find and make yourself the trellis that suits most your green thumb needs and garden space.

1. Metal Arch-shaped Trellis

DIY garden trellis 1


This trellis is perfect for climbing blooming flowers such as some rose varieties which will use the support to create a living tunnel leading you to the garden.

The trellis is made from metal pipes and wire rods assembled with welding seams to make the trellis structure continuous.

2. Tall Square Trellis

DIY garden trellis 2


This trellis was made from wooden square sections assembled in a tall square structure that can support plants on all four sides.

To blend it with the outdoor decor, you can use a paint that protects the wood from rotting.

3. DIY Obelisk

Rustic Wooden Climbing Bean Obelisk

This obelisk trellis is perfect for tomato growth. It is made from pine slats and square sections and then painted orange.

Its shape is suitable for growing a climbing flower such as clematis or a climbing rose variety.

4. Trellis From A Coat Rack

Recycled Coat Rack Plant Trellis

The old wooden coat racks can be repurposed into flower pot trellises. The good thing about them is that you can adjust their height depending on the plant’s height.

Paint the coat rack a lovely bright color for an appealing look and protection from the outer environment.

5. Trellis From Wooden Slats

Easy Homemade Wooden Vine Trellis

This trellis is made from wooden slats and is suitable for bearing lighter plants.

It can be used in the veggie garden or inserted in the soil behind a flower pot or a garden bed to support the climbing plant. Use the horizontal slats to create a thicker living wall.

6. Pergola Trellis

Chic Lattice With Mirrored Backing

Pergolas are multifunctional when it comes to outdoor spaces. In addition to defining a sitting nook space, they are also a shade provider and support for crawling vines.

To utilize the pergola as a trellis, make sure to make garden beds around the pergola. In case you haven’t allowed for such, you can grow the vines in flower pots.

7. Planter And Trellis In One

 Wood Flower Planter and Matching Trellis

Another practical garden solution is this type of planter. It features a built-in trellis at the back of it where you can grow crawling vines.

The planter is wide enough to add blooming flowers or short bushes in front of the vines to make the garden bed more attractive.

8. Easy DIY Trellis From Reclaimed Wood

Simple and Stylish Garden Lattice

You can build a simple trellis from any reclaimed slats and posts you have left from a previous DIY project. Assemble them in the desired shape and height and then insert the posts in the ground next to the plants that need support to grow.

Don’t forget to protect the wood with suitable stain or paint.

9. Herringbone Trellis

 DIY Chevron Trellis

This herringbone trellis is not only functional but also appealing in look. Its white color stands out against the blue siding of the house. It can be made from pine or cedar wood in the desired size.

Place the trellis behind the flower pot or the planted greenery.

10. DIY Trellis From Old Garden Tools

Repurpose Old Garden Tools Into a Trellis

This exciting idea acts as a trellis and as a garden art. It repurposes old and useless garden tools like rakes, shovels, and spades.

To assemble the tools in this trellis shape, screw three slats vertically along the height of the wooden ends.

11. DIY Trellis From Old Windows

Rework an Old Window and Chicken Wire

Weathered windows find their new role not only in the interior. In this garden idea, they are turned into veggie plant trellises.

First, you need to remove the glass panes. Stretch chicken wire in their places and place two windows oppositely in a pyramid pattern. As the vine grows, tie it to the net using twine or yarn.

12. Wire Trellis

 Craft a Flat Vertical Trellis

Some people want to install invisible trellises after the crawling plant has covered them. Wire net is the best choice if you are looking for such a trellis. Choose a net with bigger openings.

To install it in a planter, a garden bed or on the wall, make a frame from metal pipes that will keep the net stretched and fixed.

13. Panel Trellis Idea

Wood-Framed Wire Trellis

The same idea for a trellis with a wire net is used here, but this time, it is for creating large trellis sections. Their frame is made from wood painted in a bright orange color, which stands out against the brick fence.

Crawling roses are planted in front of the trellis panes. When they cover the entire panel and bloom, the trellis will look like a garden art with flowers.

14. Inclined Trellis From Wood

Put Colors On

This is an easy trellis idea that can be used also as a flower stand. For that, you need slats of identical size and length and screws to assemble them in a net pattern.

Using the structure as a trellis, you can insert it directly into the ground. If the garden bed is along the fence, the trellis can be leaned against it.

15. Pergola And Partition Wall Trellis

A Pergola With Plants

In this garden idea, the pergola has a partition wall from slats where the crawling vine can climb and create a living green wall. This type of pergola is excellent for creating a natural shade and interest in the outdoor space.

16. Old Pallet Trellis

Pallet Trellis

This is another quick and easy trellis idea that can be used in the veggie garden. The trellis consists of two wooden posts inserted in the soil, and an old pallet leans on them to create an inclined support.

This trellis is a perfect temporary solution for growing seasonal vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and beans.

17. Trellis From Branches

Flexible Twig Trellis

The chevron pattern is implemented in this trellis idea to make not only a practical support for the vines but also to create a beautiful rustic accent to the outdoor space.

The chevron trellis uses branches fixed together with glue or twine.

18. Trellis From Wire Stretched On The Wall

Wire Mesh Trellis

Leaving crawling plants to attach to the exterior walls can damage the house’s surface. Instead, you can plan for trellises next to the walls, which will allow the spread of the vines and create the same living wall effect.

19. Trellis From PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe Trellis

This raised vegetable garden is planned to ensure compact size and, at the same time, maximum space for growing various varieties.

The garden beds are opposite, leaving a path between them with arches from PVC pipes where climbing veggies can grow.

20. Repurposed Ladder

Easy Ladder Trellis

If you need to find a trellis quickly, get the old painter’s ladder and lean it against the wall or the fence or stretch it on the ground.

21. Pyramid From PVC Pipes

Bamboo Trellis

This trellis is placed in the center of a veggie garden to support tomatoes and cucumbers. In the space between the pipes, you can plant lettuces.

To make this pyramid-shaped trellis, get bamboo sticks and fabric pieces to tie them together.

22. Rope Trellis

Rope Trellis

The rope trellis is a good idea for permanent flower support.

To make one, you need to prepare supports to stretch the rope net. Wooden posts match best the natural concept of this trellis.

23. Branches and Twine Teepee Trellis

Teepee Trellis

The tepee structure inspires this trellis. To make it, you need long branches or bamboo sticks and twine to make a net in the gaps between the branches.

This trellis type is suitable for a veggie garden because of its rustic look.

24. Fan-shaped Trellis

Fan Trellis

The trellis is a structure that can give a whimsy shape to the climbing plants. In this trellis idea, the form of the supporting arrangement mimics a fan.

25. Net Trellis

Cattle Panel Arch Trellis

If you like or need an arch-shaped trellis, there is an easier way to make one. Prepare a long piece of net and metal pipes to support it in the bottom.

Tie the net to the pipes with wire and twist it at the top in an arch shape.

26. Chicken Wire Trellis

Hinged Trellis

This trellis is suitable for vegetable gardens. It is made from a wooden frame with chicken wire stretched.

The structure ends in two posts that let it be easily inserted in the soil.

27. Trellis From Wooden Beams

Hanging Trellis

This beam structure looks like a rustic pergola. It is the perfect way to create natural shade above a sitting corner with crawling plants.

28. Trellis From A Fence

Repurposed Furniture Trellis

A piece of a staircase railing or a fence with rods can be easily repurposed into a garden trellis. Make sure that you leave one of the sides clear from rods to be able to insert it into the ground.

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