25 Repurposed Creative Decorating Front Yard Ideas

Enhance the curb appeal of your front yard on a small budget with some fun and creative landscaping projects. Your garden is more than just plants and flowers. The design and choice of your outdoor furnishings, lighting and decorations play a huge part in creating an outdoor oasis.

Bring some new life into some old household items and make your garden unique. You’ll be surprised with the results and satisfied with something you’ve personally made.

Transform your front yard with 25 creative and repurposed decorating ideas! Refresh your outdoor space with these unique and budget-friendly ideas.

Here, we have a selection of some unique garden décor for your front lawn layout with easy and beautiful front yard landscape ideas for your outdoor space.

1. Vintage Rusty Metal Tricycle Planter

Vintage Bicycle Planters

If you are a fan of rustic charm, then nothing can beat the look of an old tricycle with pot plants placed on it! This idea is so simple that whether you have a tricycle or buy one, no painting is needed, so the rustier it is, the better.

It is simply a unique front garden piece that will catch the eye with a selection of flowering pot plants.

2. Wheelbarrow Planter

Wheelbarrow Planter

This is another old rustic look that adds rich character to the outdoor space. Park an old rusty wheelbarrow in a desired spot.

Drill a few drainage holes and plant some flowers. You can change the variety of flowers with the change of season and even move the wheelbarrow to give them the light they need.

3. Dress Up Your Desk

Revamp Your Front Yard With 25 Repurposed Creative Decorating Front Yard Ideas 27

Turn your old wooden desk into a beautiful garden furniture piece overflowing with greenery.

Paint your desk a nice bright color, for example, like the one above and by doing so you’ll elevate your plants.

4. Mini Iron Bicycle Planter

Lovely Petunias On Planters

A mini iron bicycle planter can be placed anywhere in your garden. Brighten it up with some petunias and create a cottage-like charming look.

With the change of season, you can plant new flowers and enjoy a beautiful blooming display.

5. Hanging Watering Can

Water Your Ground

Not only being of practical use, your watering can also be used as a decorating item in your garden. If your current want is leaking forget about throwing it away.

Find a suitable place to hang it and you can decorate it with a pot of flowers and create the effect of water, stick together large glass pebbles.

Another nice idea with a hanging watering can is to perforate it all over and place fairy lights in it.

6. Themed Garden Display

 Not Just An Old Junk

Create your garden display with a few old items. Here we have an old chair, a garden cart and a watering can.

Choose a free corner space and make your arrangement. With this display, the country flag is implemented with the color choice of plants.

7. Coffee Cup Planter

Lovely Tire Cups

Your old tires can be used well and become a stunning planter for your garden. With just a little bit of paint, you can transform them into works of art that will look pleasing to the eye and a lovely home for plants.

For people who love their coffee, this is a really fun project to make. You’ll need two tires to make this and you can be as creative as you like with the color and pattern. For the base use an old wooden reel and the rest you can make with styrofoam.

8. Flower Tower

Red Vertical Garden

Galvanized buckets can be used on their own for pot plants, but why not try this flower tower? A perfect way to add vertical interest to your front yard.

To recreate this tower, use a galvanized tub as the base of your tower. For the rest of the buckets to sit this way, they must be drilled at the bottom closer to the side and a rebar to pile them onto.

Plant your flowers and enjoy the delightful sight of your own flower tower!

9. Garden Cart

Clumsy Old Junk Planter

On the wheel’s garden display! Create a beautiful and vibrant arrangement in your cart.

They are very comfortable to move around when needed, so you can move your flower display wherever you prefer.

10. Colorful Tire Planters

Colorful Tire Planters

Your old tires can be used and become a centerpiece in your garden. Have fun and be creative by painting them in bright and vibrant colors.

Plant different flowers and see how your garden lights up!

11. Barrel Planters

Colorful Garden

This is a sight that will bring a smile to your face!

Paint old barrels with bright colors and turn them into different characters with a funky flower hairdo. You can even make it a fun family activity.

12. PVC Pipe Garden

 Colorful PVC Pipe

There are lots of PVC projects to choose from, so why not get creative and try out this PVC pipe planter?

It saves space and you can customize it to fit any size or style garden. This unique tiered design maximizes your vertical growing space and is easy to maintain.

It can be used to grow other plants like herbs, flowers, and vegetables, making it a versatile addition to any garden.

13. Old Chair Planter

Plants In A Leather Bag

You may have a chair that is beyond repair for its natural use, so give it a new life as a chair planter!

The main idea is to use the chair seat as a pot for any plant. All you have to do is remove the seat and attach the coco liner or use an old bag like in the picture and fill it with plants. If you want to make it blend into your garden, you can let a vining plant take it over.

It becomes a charming garden decoration and a beautiful display piece, too.

14. Old Handbag Planters

The Bags On The Fence

It probably never crossed your mind that you could use your old handbags as planters, but here you have it!

To make it fun, mix and match plants and bags. If you’re using big ones, you can place them on the ground somewhere more visible or hang smaller ones like we have here.

15. Cello Planter

The Piano Singing In The Garden

An old cello turned into a planter. This is one bizarre idea, but the result is stunning!

Remove the top part of a cello, keeping the bridge, tailpiece, and fingerboard intact. To prevent the wood from damage or degrading, coat the inside and out with water sealant. Add a layer of pebbles and rocks to help you with the drainage and begin your planting process.

With its size and repurpose, the cello will become a fantastic centerpiece of your garden!

16. Guitar Planter

Colorful Blooms From The Guitar

Give an old acoustic guitar new purpose and make it part of your garden decoration.

Dissemble the strings, bridge, and some guitar pieces to make space for plants. Paint it a nice bright color and give it an even more attractive look.

This guitar idea also looks amazing with succulents.

17. Antique Wheelbarrow Planter

 Wheelbarrow Of Alyssum

A wheelbarrow planter is an excellent fit for a small yard. It doesn’t take up much space and quickly rolls out of the way when needed.

Fill the container with potted plants. You can easily switch out the pots for different seasons.

18. Toilet Pot Planters

Mosaic Toilet

These toilet pot planters are definite head-turners!

You don’t need to use as many. Even just one will do. You can get creative and make mosaics with old tiles to give them a more attractive look.

19. Drum Set Planter

Drum Planters

Another musical instrument that, without too much effort, you can repurpose and have it as an attractive garden piece.

Remove the drum head of either the bass or snare drum and begin with the planting process as you do with a planter pot. Choose a combination of plants to grow in this DIY drum set display.

20. BBQ/Grill Planter

 Green Colander Planter

Here’s a fabulous idea for your old, abandoned charcoal grill, mostly likely complete with rust and deserted in the corner of a backyard patio.

Paint it a stand-out color, throw some potting soil, and plant a few vibrant blooms. Viola! Instant outdoor planter décor, full of color and character.

21. Old Furniture

 The Flowers Pink Cabinet

Bring your indoor furniture outside and make a whimsical, unexpected garden from items like dressers. 

You can stack several drawers to make small box gardens that can grow taller plants. Stack different kinds of flowers for a colorful, vertical display.

22. Upside Down Umbrella

The Umbrella Planter

Spruce up your garden with and create a beautiful and vibrant garden quickly and cheaply!

Place an upturned, open umbrella, preferably a bright color, on the ground. Fill it with soil and plant varieties of annual flowers that don’t require much root depth.

Umbrella garden planters are perfect for people with small outdoor spaces or those living somewhere temporarily, as they’re very easy to set up and take away, and don’t require garden beds.

23. Old Bicycle Planter

Bicycle With Lovely Colorful Planters

Create an adorable cottage like garden decoration with your child’s old bicycle.

Attach a flower pot in the front of the handles and one on the seat. Go for more blooming, colorful plants for a cuter look.

24. Mini Wagon

 Ride The Colorful Garden Around

Create your cute mini wagon from scrap wood and add wheels to it. You can also use a wooden crate.

Line the inside with plastic sheeting or coconut fiber plant liner and you can start planting. The nifty part about a wagon garden planter is that it’s mobile!

25. Old Furniture Doors

Revamp Your Front Yard With 25 Repurposed Creative Decorating Front Yard Ideas 26

Any old furniture door, from small to big, can be turned into a pot plant holder. Restore it with a beautiful color and simply attach thick iron rings for the plant pots to be placed in.

Use it as a beautiful vertical background flower display.

Be enthusiastic and try out some of these ideas and enjoy the amazing results!

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