26 Best Garden Planter Ideas To Add Even More Charm To Your Backyard

Planters are some of the most utilitarian pieces in your garden shed — they make it easy to control soil conditions and promote growth.

When you’re looking for ways to make your outdoor space even more beautiful and charming, the lowly planter is the perfect place to start.

Best Garden Planter Ideas. Virtually anything can be reused or repurposed as a garden planter. Here's some inspiration to help you personalize your garden planters and containers. #decorhomeideas

With a little bit of paint and elbow grease, you can transform your containers from practical to pretty using these garden planter ideas.

1. Convert a Shower Hanging Rack for Pots

A Large Rack for Pots #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Is your deck or porch railing cluttered with small pots?

Display them in a more appealing way with a convenient hanging wall rack.

Choose a rack with open-frame metal shelves for great drainage, and mount it with a heavy-duty anchor to support the soil, plants, and pots.

via Dazzle While Frazzled

2. Upcycle a Birdcage Into a Container Garden

Bird Cage Container Garden #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Don’t bring an old bird cage to the thrift store — turn it into an adorable container garden.

The base of the cage makes the perfect planter for flowers or greens with shallow root systems.

You can even hang your cage from a hook for a unique outdoor decoration.

via House of Hawthornes

3. Damaged Book Becomes a Planter

Book Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Showcase your love of books by turning one into a planter. Hard-cover books work best for this project; all you need to complete it is a few simple tools.

Succulents and other low-water plants look great and require minimal care.

via Apartment Therapy

4. Vertical Garden From Vintage Cabinet Shelves

Cabinet Shelf Filled with Plants #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Turn an old cabinet into a wall of living greenery by filling it with plants. The secret?

Pop out the glass panels so the leaves can grow out from the individual panes.

Rest your new planter cabinet on a porch or a side table for instant charm.

via Second Chance To Dream

5. Hanging Basket From Vintage Candlelight Chandelier

Chandelier Hanging Basket #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

If you have a shabby chic style, this gorgeous chandelier planter is the perfect DIY project.

It looks complex, but it’s a breeze to make — just glue small pots onto a vintage chandelier and add a coat of spray paint. Hang your fixture on the front porch for instant curb appeal.

via DIY Showoff

6. Create Garden Planters From Old Gutters

Colorful Gutter Garden Planters #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

When it’s time to replace your gutters, upcycle the old ones into adorable planters.

Simply cut them into sections and coat them with vibrant paint colors. The long, low containers work just like planter boxes at a fraction of the cost.

via The Creative Mom

7. Discarded Dresser Drawer Becomes Planter

Creatively Designed Planter From an Old Drawer #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

An old drawer becomes a charming planter in this project, which is easy to complete in a few hours.

The legs are the key feature; they allow water to drain efficiently. Before you start planting, paint your drawer in colors that complement your outdoor space.

via Little Vintage Cottage

8. Create Renter Friendly Hanging Baskets

Dark and Simple Wooden Crate #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Simple and rustic, this lovely wooden crate planter is incredibly easy to make. Just add rope handles, drop in a potted plant, and suspend the box from a hook.

The sides of the crate obscure the pot, giving the plant an instant upgrade.

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9. Garden Planter From Upcycled Candelabra

Elegant and White Garden Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Do you have an old candelabra in the back of a closet? Show it off by adding elegant pots to each candle holder.

Add a few coats of spray paint, and you have a stunning planter that makes your porch feel grand and elegant.

via Red Head Can Decorate

10. Hanging Planter From Well Used Basketball

Hanging Basketball Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

This sweet and sporty planter is a wonderful way to upcycle an old basketball.

Don’t worry if it has a tear or a hole; simply cut away that section and use the remaining portion to hold potting soil. A simple rope sling holds the ball securely.

via Instructables

11. Hanging Garden Planter From Gutter Sections

Hanging Gutter Garden Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Put old gutters to good use with this DIY hanging planter. It looks like a piece from an expensive garden boutique, but you can pick up the rope and paint for less than $10.

Fill each tier with tall greenery, and this planter can double as a privacy screen on your porch or patio.

via Over The Big Moon

12. Patio Umbrella Bundt Cake Pan Garden

Jello Mold Umbrella Stand Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

If you have a Jell-O mold or a Bundt cake pan sitting unused in your kitchen cupboards, give it new life by turning it into a cute planter. We love the pebble hardscaping; it sets off the sweet green plants beautifully. The best part?

The hole in the center fits perfectly around a patio-table umbrella, creating an adorable centerpiece.

via Refresh Living

13. Container Gardens From Vintage Wheelbarrows

Old Wheelbarrows as Container Gardens #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Give your home a farmhouse vibe with a wheelbarrow container garden. It’s no problem if the metal is old and rusted — it simply adds to the charm.

Since wheelbarrows are so large, you have lots of space for a variety of flowers.

via The Cottage Market

14. Succulent Wreath From Terracotta Pots

Plant Pot Welcome Wreath #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

This spring, replace your usual wreath with this adorable garden-themed version.

Made with tiny terracotta pots and a riot of greenery, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time you return home.

via 20 North Ora

15. Pocket Pouch as Vertical Garden Planters

Pocket Pouch Garden Planters #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Repurpose an old pocket-pouch organizer by creating a clever planter.

Simply fill each pouch with potting soil and a small seedling, and watch it grow into a living wall. You can hang the planter on a fence or the exterior of your home for an instant burst of color.

via Jessica Welling Interiors

16. Create Cute Planters From Old Purses

Purse Planters #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

How adorable are these little purse planters? They’re the perfect addition to your front entry or porch steps.

For maximum impact, choose purses in bright, cheerful colors that pop next to the green plants.

via Michael Coghlan

17. Old Bird Feeder Becomes New Garden Planter

Repurposed Bird Feeder Garden Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Vertical, tube-style bird feeders can be unsightly — that is, until you turn them into creative planters.

The different bird holes give plants room to grow, creating a column of lush, green leaves. This is a great way to grow strawberries in a small space.

via Urban Greece Space

18. Garden Planter From Damaged Acoustic Guitar

Repurposed Guitar Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Express your love of music in a new way by upcycling an old or broken guitar into a spectacular planter.

Choose an acoustic guitar; it’s deep enough to accommodate soil and root systems.

By cutting the guitar in half vertically, you’ll retain the beauty of the shape without taking up much space.

via Kitchen Guitars

19. Repurpose Roof Vent as Vertical Planter

Roof Vent Verticle Garden #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

To look at this stunning vertical garden, you’d never guess it’s made from an old roof vent!

The secret is to bend each vent blade into a V-shape in the center; it adds a geometric twist and creates lots of space for your plants to cascade down the planter.

via Flea Market Gardening

20. Easy Planter Idea From Galvanized Metal Bucket

Simple and Functional Metal Bucket #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

If you love cottage, rustic, or farmhouse style, you can’t go wrong planting in a simple galvanized metal bucket.

Rest the bucket on its bottom, or suspend it from a garden hook to create a clever angled planter.

via Smart School House

21. Save Space With Stepped Wooden Planters

Stacked Wooden Planters #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Are you working with a small backyard? Make the most of vertical space with this stacked wooden planter.

Each tier is slightly offset, so your plants get plenty of sunlight and precipitation. Leave the wood unfinished for a fresh, Scandi-inspired vibe.

via Angie The Freckled Rose

22. Mismatched Tea Set Holds Delicate Blooms

Tea Time Planters #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Complement your English garden by turning a vintage tea set into a collection of tiny planters. For stability, glue the teacups to the saucers before you start to plant.

These cute little pieces are perfect for small flowers or succulents.

via The Hip Horticulturist

23. Half-Cut Barrel Garden Planter Covers Flaws

Traditional Half-Cut Barrel #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

The next time you spot a wood barrel with metal strapping, snap it up — it makes a gorgeous planter.

Choose plants with lush, cascading flowers; they’ll contrast beautifully with utilitarian materials.

via For The Love of White

24. Succulent Garden in a Wagon Wheel Container

Wagon Wheel Container Garden #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

Make your neighbors stop in their tracks with this remarkable wagon-wheel container garden.

The spaces between the spokes become wedge-shaped gardens; add a different plant to each one to create a color wheel, or fill them with succulents for a one-of-a-kind piece.

via The Whoot

25. Wine Cork Collection Holds Tiny Succulents

Wine Cork Mini Planters #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

It doesn’t get much more adorable than these miniature DIY planters.

Each one is made from a hollowed-out wine cork. Use them to line a windowsill, decorate your patio table, or enhance a larger planter box.

via Upcycle That

26. Ornamental Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter #gardenplanter #diygardenplanter #decorhomeideas

With its unfinished wood and distinct hand-crafted vibe, this adorable wooden wheelbarrow planter brings a sweet, retro touch to your home.

You can add soil directly — or, for a faster solution, fill the wheelbarrow with potted plants.

via How To Specialist

27. Genius Space Saving Pallet Garden Planter

Pallet Garden Planter

Make a beautiful raised garden planter from old pallets.

28. Old Buckets Planter

Untitled design 1

via Becky Hillmann

If you have old buckets/pails this is an easy project for the weekend.

29. Palette of Petals


Upcycle with style using a classic wooden pallet transformed into a vertical garden. Accented with brightly painted tin cans, this garden wall bursts with cheerful flowers and verdant herbs.

The quaint birdhouse perched on top adds a whimsical touch, turning a simple corner into a conversation piece. This eco-friendly and space-saving design is perfect for urban gardeners looking to add a splash of color to their outdoor or balcony space.

30. Artistic Blooms


Bring a gallery to your garden with these creatively hand-painted planters. Each pot is a canvas featuring vibrant scenes, from quaint townhouses to a starry night, making your foliage a part of a larger masterpiece.

Nestled against a rustic stone wall, these unique floral displays are sure to capture the imagination and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

This charming setup is perfect for art lovers looking to infuse a touch of creativity into their garden decor.

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