64 Best DIY Container Garden Ideas You Can Add To Your Backyard

You may not have a large garden or you may not have the time to be a master gardener but there is a way to practice your green thumb in a far more practical, easier and effective way.

This is called container gardening and as it can be easily seen from the words you don’t need more than a container, potting soil and flowers to create a mini garden that will increase the curb appeal of your home and will let you enjoy the natural beauty of blooms and shades of green.

Best Container Garden Ideas. Beautiful container garden ideas with a mix of flower pots and planters. DIY ideas to spruce up your garden or backyard with flowers and gorgeous plants.  #decorhomeideas

Container garden ideas are endless and that is because of the variety of containers you can use to create your small garden oasis.

With our ideas here, you will be inspired to make yourself a unique container garden by recycling, repurposing or making yourself a pot that will spruce up your exterior.

1. Vintage Clawfoot Tub Garden

Antique Bathtub as Garden Dеcor #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The old bathtub could be turned into a garden container simply by filling it with soil and the plants you want to grow. Growing cascading flowers is most probably the best repurposing as the falling tufts will mimic spilling water.

The antique look of this galvanized container and its new application promises to make this container garden a focal point.

2. Repurpose An Old Toolbox For Succulents

Antique Metal Tool Box Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Gardening is not measured only by the size of the planted area. It is also measured by the effects the arranged plants bring to the exterior and the unique accents that mark the personal touch and creativeness.

When that is down to the container gardening ideas, you can use an extraordinary container as a planter to achieve an appealing effect on the porch.

Use a rusty vintage metal toolbox as a planter for plants that suit its size and let it stand out. That can be echeveria in combination with succulents and moss.

via Deep Creek Village

3. Collection Of Old Tub Planters

Antique Washtub Garden Tutorial #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Take advantage of the sturdiness and the vintage farmhouse look of the galvanized antique containers to create a tiered garden in a spot that misses charm.

Such an arrangement can be done next to the stairs to the porch, at the back of your house or in any other corner that needs help to be blended with the surroundings or serves as a transition between two inconsistent areas.

Along with flowers, you can use these to grow fresh herbs which will not only add flavor to your meals but will also serve as a natural repellent against insects.

4. Rustic Barrel Flower Garden

Antique Wooden Washtub Flower Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

When you are repurposing a rustic container into your new garden container, you need to make sure that its antique beauty is not hidden by the flowers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you plant vague weeds to grow in there but the amount, type and colors should be moderate to make sure that the final result speaks for the rustic aesthetic.

5. Fairy House Crate Carden

Boxed Stairstep Fairy Garden Creative Container #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Use a stacked alignment of farmhouse crates to create a unique tiered fairy garden. The arrangement leaves a part of the containers open to recreate a magical scenery.

Coordinate the size of the plants with the size of the fairy garden elements to ensure a tied-up and continuous look.

via Fairy Garden DIY

6. New Use For An Old Training Potty

Bright Yellow Vintage Potty-Training Chair #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Any antique piece that has a hollow section to accommodate potting soil can be repurposed into a garden container.

This vintage potty may be part of your precious memories so turning it into something useful will let you experience those memories again and give you a reason to save it for some time more.

Paint the potty bright color to give it a cheerful look that will welcome the bright colors of nature accommodated in it..

via Pink Fortitude

7. Easy Bucket Trellis Planters

Brightly Colored Five Gallon Bucket Container Garden #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Depending on your taste and the exterior of your home, you may be lacking a pop of color. The easiest way to add it and make it more cheerful is to do it with garden containers.

The metal surface of the gallons easily takes up a new paint color so you can release your creativeness to do yourself a unique combination and pattern.

via Practical Whimsy Designs

8. Grow Small Plants In Cinder Blocks

Cinder Block Garden Container Ideas #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

These cinder block planters add a modern feel to the outdoor space. Thanks to their design, turning them into planters is so easy. Arrange them in a design that leaves several of them protruding so that filling the hollow sections with potting mix is possible.

Such a container garden design is perfect for edging a pathway, upgrading an old fence a point of interest or for creating a focal point in an area that is lacking character.

9. Modern Concrete Flower Planters

Concrete Planters for Your Garden or Porch #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Concrete planters are another easy DIY garden container idea. Making them requires finding molds that will shape the concrete mixture into a container.

Depending on the effect you would like to achieve, you can make small identical ones with a minimalist effect that are perfect for succulents.

If you would like to make a bolder statement, go for the tiered look. Use basins, buckets, gallons for molds that vary in height.

10. Sleek Contemporary Wooden Planter

Contemporary Modern Wood Box Porch Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Looking for an elegant planter? This container garden design promises a sophisticated addition to the patio interior as it is very stylish, with clean straight lines and appealing thanks to the materials it is made of.

The wood planking can be done with beams or laminate slats that you have left from your house makeover. The tiered look gives the patio a vertical point of interest and lets each of the compartments be independent.

via Uncookie Cutter

11. Repurpose Colanders For Planters With Drainage

Cute and Easy Colander Planters #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Repurposing colanders into planters has its practical reasons. The cut ornaments will play the role of drainage holes. The lugs and the stand give the possibility to use them in a vertical or horizontal position.

Their shape and size will make a tufty or cascading flower grow comfortably. For optimum effect, make a collection of colander garden containers and place them close to each other.

12. Colorful Kids’ Rain Boot Planters

Cute Rain Boot Hanging Planters #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The old rain boots are a surprisingly good home for flowers. Usually, the design of these shoes is very attractive opposing the purpose of their use. So you don’t have to do any upgrades to them. Just fill them with potting mix and plant the flowers.

The best effect of such a container will be granted when more of them are grouped together. The soles of the boots let you place them on the ground. If you prefer a vertical alignment, use nails to fix them to a surface.

13. Low Wide Planter Makes Ideal Pond

DIY Clay Pot Garden Pond #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Upgrading your garden with a water feature will instantly spruce up the exterior of your home. Building a pond or a waterfall may require a big investment, time and effort.

If you would like to save yourself from these and do it on the more affordable side, make a small pond out of a large container such as a ceramic bowl.

You can grow water plants in it, even add a small fountain pump to its center to enjoy the relaxing murmur sounds.

14. Add Natural Framing With Logs

DIY Rustic Flower Planter with Logs #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Want a rustic look for your DIY garden container? Then make it from wood. The easiest and most affordable idea features supplies as identical fireplace logs.

They are fixed to the periphery of a round plywood piece. This fenced container can accommodate a flower pot or you can fill it directly with soil and grow a small garden.

via Ministry of the Fence

15. Cut Out A Log Planting Channel

DIY Rustic Log Flower Container #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Use larger logs to turn into a rustic natural planter with a unique design. Make a hollow section in it to form a channel that will be later filled with soil.

To make sure that the inside doesn’t rot quickly, put a lining inside prior to preparing the log for its upcycled application.

A creative idea to give the log a point of interest and distinguish it from the surroundings is to place rocks or pebbles around it.

16. Create Growing Spaces In A Rock Garden

DIY Stone Garden Container Tutorial #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Use the naturally formed hollows and shapes of stones to create a unique small garden. If the stone is round, fill the cracks with pot and plant succulents in them. If the hollow section is large enough, you can recreate a tiny fairy garden.

Taking advantage of the flat stones, insert them vertically onto a flat surface and fill the clearance between them with soil. This vertical garden can accommodate moss, succulents and vines.

17. Sculpted Stone Hands

DIY Stone Hand Garden Container Idea #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Concrete takes up any shape. The easiest mold for building your own flower planter is one of the existing containers like buckets, tubs and basins.

If you are looking for a more extravagant and unique shape, you can make a container in the shape of two hands. The formed hole between them is the place where flowers will be planted. The final effect is stunning.

18. Upcycled Vintage Sink Container Garden

DIY Vintage Sink Garden Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

If you have saved the old sink after the kitchen repair or you have found a unique vintage piece at the flea market, use it as a planter.

The basin is usually deep to be used as a large container to grow a variety of flowers. Depending on the pieces of the sink saved, you can place it standing free in the garden or insert its basin in the soil.

19. Colorful Succulent Wagon Wheel Planter

DIY Wagon Wheel Creative Garden Container Design #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Use the existing triangle sections of a wagon wheel to create a unique succulent garden that can be attached to a wall or placed on the ground.

To secure the soil in the sections, use chicken wire and lining that will keep things in place.

via The Whoot

20. Fill An Antique Wheelbarrow With Bright Blooms

DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow Flower Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

An old wheelbarrow holding flowers in its crate creates a charming rustic focal point. Depending on the state of the wheelbarrow, you can leave it as it is to let the signs of age pop out or paint it to bring a contrast for the blooms.

Because of its size, it can be accommodated anywhere where an accent is needed.

21. DIY Bright Floral Chandelier

Easy DIY Plant Chandelier Decoration #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Giving an item into an unexpected application has a significant decor effect. Putting it into an unexpected position increases the point of interest.

An idea that ensures these two is to repurpose a chandelier into a flower stand. Replace the bulbs with terra cotta pots of suitable size. In case your porch is missing a pop of color, add this feature to the chandelier by painting it in a bright summer color.

via While They Snooze

22. Cute Succulent Seashell Planters

Easy DIY Seashell Succulent Container #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Looking for a nautical accent to your interior or exterior?

Repurpose the seashells into tiny garden containers from which gentle succulents peak out.

23. An Old Book Makes A Charming Succulent Planter

Easy DIY Vintage Book #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Another idea for an extraordinary garden container is a book holding a plant. The front cover is opened to let the remaining pages become the sides of the planter. A hole is cut across the paper and then filled with soil.

Since the pages will easily soak water, we recommend that wax paper, plastic bag or lining is used to divide the potting soil from the pages. This creative idea is perfect for a focal point on the patio table or for a rustic addition to a garden area.

via Apartment Therapy

24. Vintage Watering Can Floral Display

Galvanized Metal Watering Can #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Replacing the standard pots with untypical containers has more advantages than just creating a point of interest. For example, the galvanized watering cans look amazing holding flowers. They can be easily moved and the plants maintained thanks to their handle.

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your front door, use identical ones on each step of the staircase to build an easy-to-maintain floral path to your home.

25. Repurposed Fence Mounted Gutter Garden

Gutter Garden for Flowers, Herbs, or Strawberries #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Such a garden container is affordable and perfect to uplift an old fence or to increase the natural presence in your home without taking any part of the yard.

When choosing the variety of plants to grow in them, make sure that they are with short roots because the section of the gutter is shallow.

via Painted Therapy

26. Bright Painted Lattice Planter Box

Lattice Planter as an Accent Piece #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Cheery garden containers make the front porch more inviting. Planting plain fern or asparagus fern in them will add charm to it.

This plant is typical for houses where sunlight is not enough, so if you are looking for a way to turn the fern into an appealing feature of your porch, just choose a unique holder.

via Anika’s DIY Life

27. Go For Drama With Large Scale Planter

Lavender in an Iridescent Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The cool shades of purple complement the cold glaze finish of this stone vase.

The lavender is a smart choice of plant variety for the front porch because it enjoys the eye with its playful lilac spades peeking out of a green tuft and spreads an aroma that relaxes the mind and repels insects.

via Joy Us Garden

28. Upcycled Armchair “Seeding” Area

Lush Greenery “Cushions” on a Rejuvenated Armchair #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Recreate the cushions of an old armchair with thick greenery! This amazing idea deserves a special place in the yard where guests can admire and get inspired. To fix the soil to the armchair, there must be slats or plywood pieces attached to the holes.

Make holes for drainage and put a layer of pebbles to assist it. After filling the seat and the back with soil, put the seeds of clover in and enjoy the fluffy greenery grow and fill the places of the cushions.

via Debra Prinzing

29. Boho Chic Macrame Planter DIY

Macrame Hanging Planter with Bohemian Vibes #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Hanging baskets are the preferred and easiest way to add a floral motif to the outdoor walls. This combined with the search for a unique touch leads us to the handmade macrame holders. The holders strung close to each other look like a curtain holding nature.

Mimicking this motif will make your front porch very welcoming and will let you grow more plants even when space is not sufficient.

via My French Twist

30. Reuse Paint Containers As Color Coordinated Planters

Paint Can and Ladder Set-up #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Repurposing the paint cans into planting containers gives charm to their rough look. Especially if the planted flowers are coordinated with the spilled colors, the unexpected flower pots turn into a unique garden.

To make them fit easily in the decor, place them on a painter’s ladder that will play the role of a rustic plant stand. The tiers will ensure displaying more cans and providing them with the needed space and height to pop out.

31. Reclaimed Colorful Rainbow Pallet

Painted Rainbow Recycled Pallet Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The bright rainbow colors of this handmade flower stand will make the porch more cheerful and will create an affordable summer-themed decor.

All you need is an old pallet and paints. Color every slat in the rainbow color order. Attach pipe brackets in a zig zag pattern that will hold the terra cotta pots safely.

via Hello Creative Family

32. Recycled Tires Make Colorful Planters

Painted Tire Flower Display #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The most common way to recycle tires is to repurpose them into planters. Painting them is a must if you want to hide their impersonal rubber finish.

The ideas for aligning them are endless. From simply placing them on the ground to shaping them as a favorite cartoon character. This example features a stacked way of arrangement letting each of the tires be used as an individual garden container.

33. Bright Tire Swing Gnome Planter

Painted Tire Hanging Decoration #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Another alignment possibility of the upcycled tire planter is to suspend it on a chain. Use the original channel of the tire to create the nest for the plant. The greatest floral effect is achieved by cascading flowers.

via DIY Show Off

34. Mini Plant Pot Porch Sized Pallet

Palette and Pot Planter for Small Spaces #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a sleek rustic garden container, stick to neutral colors. This pallet has been refreshed by whitewashing the slats. The zig-zag pattern for setting the identical terra cotta pots gives the neutral background a point of interest.

Such a planter can be used successfully indoors as well, especially if you are looking for a way to grow fresh herbs.

35. Matching Flower Painted Toolbox

Pansy Painted Tool Trough Flower Box #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Turn the making of your garden container into a shared pleasant time for you and your kids. Get a wooden planter and acrylic paints.

Now it’s time for the messy but fun part. Let your kids dip their thumbs into the paint and press them against the wooden surface. Each flower requires four to five prints.

via 5 Minutes For Mom

36. Side Table Planter Insert

Planter Box in an End Table #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

If you want to have a small garden on the front porch but such that blends with the existing furniture, do it by building a multifunctional side table with the design of the sitting furniture.

This amazing idea increases the storage places by giving you options of usage- as a cooler of drinks or as a flower stand. The slot in its center can accommodate a container for ice that can be switched with a flower pot of the same size.

via The Handyman’s Daughter

37. Halved Pipe Hanging Herb Garden

Plastic Pipe Hanging Garden Idea #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Want to grow outdoor plants on a small porch? This is possible if you start thinking vertically. Instead of covering the small floor area with planters and pots, create a vertical garden.

Another advantage of this idea thinks about the investment. Plain PVC pipes are cut in two halves to make two channels for growing plants. You can suspend them on chains to make sure that the load is well spread and born. Secure each section at its bottom with studs to create a tiered look.

via The Whoot

38. Repurposed Elements Garden Vignette

Plenty of Pots and Wheelbarrow Garden Idea #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Junk is turned into a unique garden by repurposing it in flower containers. The items are aligned depending on their damages. The wheelbarrow is missing its back supports so it is leaned against a tree.

The large terracotta pot is missing a piece so this part is dug into the ground to create an interesting waterfall effect.

Surrounding the garden containers with mulch will ensure less maintenance of the garden and a neutral background to let their uniqueness stand out.

39. Mixed Color Bright Ceramic Planter Group

Pops of Color: Overflowing Planters #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Grouping identical containers together will create a point of interest, especially if their color varies. This simple trick can turn the cheapest plastic pots into a unique outdoor decor that will turn the porch into a welcoming place.

Depending on their size you can plant more than one variety of flowers. Choose taller ones for the center and cascading to surround them to enjoy a green waterfall effect.

via Gardeners

40. Vivid Upcycled Painted Dresser Garden

Pretty Vintage Garden Container #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

This repurposed garden container can simply be called “the flower chest”. It has been given a new life by repainting it into a bright color. The rose pink combines attractively well with green and at the same time ensures that it is easily noticed.

Pull the drawers out to place small pots inside them. Why not spread soil into them and plant the flowers directly? The drawers easily create a tiered design but the interest can be enhanced by the extent to which each drawer has been pulled out.

41. Upgrade Plant Pots With Wicker Baskets

Pretty Wicker Basket Flower Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Use an old laundry basket as your new garden container with a farmhouse charm. In case you don’t have such but you love the casual vintage accent it will bring to the outdoor space, go to a flea market or buy a new one.

The slots between the threads are large enough to ensure good drainage so you don’t need to do anything special to the basket, just fill it with soil and plant the flowers of your choice.

42. Vintage Hanging Tackle Box Planter

Reclaimed Tackle Box as a Succulent Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

And if some people may see rust as a sign of damage, others see it as a unique embellishment. The flea market offers plenty of vintage boxes and containers that have signs of age and precious patina.

Such a “useless” tackle box has been given new life to become an important piece of the decor. It is hung on the wooden fence to hold colorful succulents.

The compartments that are too shallow to be planted are filled with pebbles, a typical representation of a stone garden but in a tiny form.

via Duct Tape and Denim

43. Recycle Single Use Plastics In The Garden

Recycled Containers as Playful Plastic Planters #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Are you eager to upcycle and keep the harmful footprint of humans as small as possible? Then transform the plastic bottles into hanging planters.

To give them an attractive look, hang them with rope woven with macrame knots. This will give them a rustic touch and a personal accent. There is also a way to decorate the plastic by painting over it or gluing shells, gems and gravel on their outside.

via Hello Glow

44. Floral Porch Storage Container Garden

Redwood and Aluminum Planter Bursting with Life #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

You will never recognize that this is a garden container if it wasn’t for the flowers peeking out. Its design of a piece of storage furniture grabs attention because of its unexpected place.

This example uses redwood for frame build and aluminum to fill the gaps. There isn’t a restriction about the materials to build this container from.

On the contrary, if you have scraps leftovers, free your imagination and bring them together to create a unique planter.

via Pneumatic Addict

45. Fill Your Fountain With A Succulent Garden

Repurposed Garden Fountain Container Idea #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The creators of this flower fountain have decided to create a point of interest by replacing the expected with unexpected. Water is not spilling out the tiered concrete basins. Succulents and greenery successfully replace it to imitate the waterfall.

The same flowing effect can be achieved with other variety of plants- cascading and vines for example.

46. Vintage Post Box Hanging Garden Container

Repurposed Mailbox Succulent Garden Container #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

A fence covered with climbing flowers is given an interesting accent by holding a vintage mailbox planter.

It accommodates succulents and greenery which add a new color to the living wall.

via Growing In The Garden

47. Cottage Garden Vintage Pitcher

Shabby Chic Antique Pitcher Planter #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

A pitch is turned into a micro garden to add a shabby chic accent to the exterior. Such a ceramic pitcher can be found at the flea market or at a yard sale.

You don’t have to change anything in the look of the repurposed container because its beauty and value are vivid from its original state.

via The Micro Gardener

48. Double Duty House Number Planter

Slatted House Number Flower Box #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Make your home special by clearly indicating its number on a vivid spot. And there is nothing better than combining this effect with the beauty of blooms.

This multifunctional crate provides space for two pots with seasonal flowers. Its color is left neutral to let the blossoms pop out and the numbers on its front distinguishable. Plant flowers like caladium, petunia or pelargonium that will bloom long and won’t require much maintenance.

via Bullock’s Buzz

49. Shoe Holder Vertical Garden Planter

Space-Saving DIY Shoe Organizer #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

If you are lacking space to make a vegetable garden but you are eager to try your own grown food, do it in a more compact way. The shoe organizer from the Dollar Store is an excellent container for this purpose.

The shoe pair compartments are many and the entire “grow bag” can be easily attached to a nail or screw hook. Fill the pockets with soil and then plant the seeds in. Shortly after you will be enjoying the results from utilizing this container gardening idea.

via Instructables

50. Elegant Metal Hued Topiary Planter

Stately Plywood Planter with Faux Zinc Finish #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

This planter is a piece of elegance brought to the front porch. It will surely cost a lot but luckily you can make it yourself. Don’t worry, it will look just as good because, actually, its metallic finish is faux!

Crown molding, wood, paint and glazing medium are used for this DIY garden container project to make as many inexpensive glazed pots as you may need to instantly spruce up your porch.

via The Created Home

51. Shallow Stone Succulent Gardens

Stone Heart Garden Decorations #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

These heart-shaped planters can be found at the garden center. If you are not fascinated with their look when you get them, you will be amazed at what a romantic charm they will add to your home when filled with plants.

Because of the shallow hollows in their centers, the best varieties to grow in are grass, clovers and succulents.

52. Grow Up With Stacked Strawberry Buckets

Strawberry Tower from Nursery Buckets #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The strawberry towers have been a way to enjoy the fresh and bio taste of own grown strawberries for people that don’t have large yards.

You can grow them in water gallons, stacked bottles or in plastic pots. Plastic is the preferred material because many holes need to be cut to let the vining nature of the strawberries develop.

via A Piece of Rainbow

53. Cascading Herb Pot Garden

Tiered Clay Pot Herb Garden #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

This is not only an attractive way to grow your fresh herbs. It is also very practical for small spaces. For that idea, you need to prepare a metal rod to insert small terra cotta or clay pots on.

The rod is thrust into a larger pot which ensures a stable basis and also space to grow a herb variety.

The charm of this vertical herb garden will be increased if small labels are added to every pot.

via DIY Everywhere

54. Decorate Your Railings With Herbs

Top of the Railing Herb Garden #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Want to have a herb garden on a budget? Just plant the herb seeds in a prolonged flower pot that is usually used for railing decor. Make a combination so that you enjoy a variety of fresh flavors.

via Two Kids and a Coupon

55. Quirky Painted Watering Can Planter

Turquoise Watering Can Flower Container #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Have a watering can? Turn it into a cute planter by painting it in bright turquoise color. It will give it a nautical look twisted through the vintage prism.

The little rainbow connects with the intended use of the watering can but also gives it a charming childish motif which is a combination of sun and rain playing together. And obviously, these are all a flower needs to grow well!

via Ann’s Entitled Life

56. Repurposed Garden Boot Flower Pot

Upcycled Boot Flower Planter Tutorial #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

There is nothing attractive about this boot and if you see its damages, you would rather throw it quickly away. It is amazing how its weathered state becomes a unique effect when the boot has been repurposed into a planter.

To let the plant grow well, use coconut lining that will hold the soil inside the foot slot.

via Star Tribune

57. Vibrant Desk Flower Garden

Upcycled Desk Garden Container for Your Porch #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

This part of the porch should be called the floral work corner. The bright lemon color spreads the summer theme outside to cheer the mood and make the porch welcoming.

The piece of this set that is used as a garden container is the desk. Its top possesses vintage items turned into planters. All drawers are pulled out to let greenery peek or flow down.

The interest is enhanced by the graduated extent to which the drawers are pulled out, creating a tiered garden look.

58. Reimagined Planter From Vintage File Cabinet

Upcycled Filing Cabinet Container Garden #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The size of this old file organizer lets it become a gorgeous wall garden container. The weathered look is not a defect. On the contrary, it adds a rustic charm to the yard and blends with the existing porch decor.

via Upcycled Ugly

59. Upgrade A Broken Laundry Bucket

Upcycled Plastic Laundry Basket Container #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

A plastic laundry basket has no longer be useful because of damage. It has been turned into a rustic garden container by wrapping it with burlap. All signs of the damage and the artificial finish of the plastic are no longer seen thanks to the texture of the farmhouse fabric.

A large rope is twisted into a sailor’s knot at its front to finish off the new container garden design.

via Elizabeth Joan Designs

60. Antique Toy Truck Succulent Container

Upcycled Toy Truck Garden Planters #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

You can enjoy the memories of the games of your boys with their toys by repurposing them into planters. The trucks are the most suitable ones because of the trailers.

Succulents, cactuses, grass can feel great planted in the shallow trailers. Place the mini garden somewhere where there is a neutral background to let it stand out.

61. Wood Container Trough Herb Planter

Vertical Herb Garden Using Stained Cedar Troughs #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

This herb garden follows the ladder design to provide optimum levels for growing edible plants and a minimum footprint. Depending on the existing decor, you can stain the raw wood in a color that will complement the chosen style.

The sleek Scandinavian style likes the unstained wood. The farmhouse style prefers a weathered look that can be gained by distressing painted surfaces. For rustic effect, stain the wood dark.

via Ginger Snap Crafts

62. Upcycled Vintage Chair Project

Vintage Dining Room Chair #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Almost any old piece of furniture is a potential garden container. This dining room chair has become a bright porch planter in two easy steps.

First, it has been refreshed with paint. Then the seat has been taken down to make space for a wire basket with coconut lining.

63. Colorful Wheelbarrow Fairy Home

Whimsical Broken Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

The vintage wheelbarrow has been given a new fresh look with paint and stencils. Its vintage essence can still be felt and seen thanks to the unique design and materials, however, the new coats give it a unique finish. The area filled with soil is so large that the fairy garden can be developed into small details.

via The Seasonal Home

64. DIY Stacked Wood Bench Planter

Wooden Plant Boxes with Built-in Bench #gardencontainer #garden #planter #decorhomeideas

Looking for a way to make your porch more welcoming and comfortable? This DIY 2 in 1 project gives details about how to make a bench with an appealing look thanks to the built-in planters on either of its ends.

The wood hasn’t been stained to fit the existing neutral and light decor but if you want to make the result visible, stain dark or use bright colors that will distinguish it.

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