32 Most Creative Repurposed Garden Container Ideas

Garden containers are the perfect solution for having a flower garden even in the smallest yard. They are also a preferred way for the growth of plants in homes where there are small kids and pets.

Nowadays we also aim to take care of the environment, so combining all of these we have decided to show you what items from our daily routine can be repurposed into plant holders.

Best Repurposed Garden Container Ideas. Repurposed garden container ideas to bring color, vibrance and individual styles to your yard. These repurposed planters are a budget-friendly way to update your garden. #decorhomeideas

You will save money, you will surely create an unexpected focal point and most of it all you will be enjoying making a unique garden container yourself.

1. Decorate Wooden Boards With Paint And Flowers

Bright Painted Butterflies on a Board with Pails #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Any galvanized bucket can be repurposed into a planter. The biggest ones are quite heavy, so their place should be on the ground.

The smaller ones, however, can easily be attached to vertical surfaces with nails. If you don’t want to damage a wall or the fence, hang the buckets to pallet slats first.

2. Upcycled Vintage Desk Planter

Bright Yellow Desk with Greens and Flowers #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Use that old desk for vintage porch decor. Paint it in bright cheerful color and pull out the drawers to hold seasonal flowers.

Any flat surface can become a flower display so the desk is surely a great alternative to the expensive leveled flower stand.

3. Vintage Dog Food Tin Cactus Garden

Cacti in a Vintage Tin #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

For an ultimate vintage and farmhouse visual effect, repurpose an old metal box into a garden container.

Depending on its size, you can create an arrangement of different kinds of plants, succulents.

4. Multiuse Repurposed Iron Tub

Cast Iron Tub with Pansies and Ivy #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

The vintage iron tubs are very durable and also a great source of DIY repurposed ideas. This idea shows how to turn it into a combined table with a flower planter.

Attach a wooden board to the top, leaving half of the tub uncovered. This section can be filled with soil or pots can be placed in.

5. Birdbath Planter For Succulent Garden

Colorful Succulents in an Elegant Birdbath #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Use a ceramic fountain as a flower stand. Instead of seeing water flowing, plant various kinds of flowers to imitate the fall.

You will be enjoying a colorful and textured living waterfall in your own backyard.

6. DIY Vintage Chair Planter

Distressed Chair with Petunias and Lettering #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Have an old wooden chair that is no longer in use or is damaged? Use it as a garden container by taking the seat off. The wood will take a unique rustic look if it is whitewashed and then distressed in some areas.

Use a galvanized basin as a flower pot to install in the place of the seat.

7. Stacked Desk Drawer Flower Planter

Graduated Drawers with Different Flowers #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Imitate a tiered flower stand with drawers. Stack them on top of the other leaving openings for direct planting of flower kinds or to place pots in.

The wooden stand can be supported with reclaimed posts, old chair legs or bed legs.

via Sweet Pea Garden Collection

8. Tiered Vegetable Garden Planter

Hanging Vegetable Garden with Lettuce and Strawberries #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Use the metal fruit and vegetable organizers as garden containers. To keep the plants in the wire sections, you need to think of coverage that will keep the soil in place.

Coconut lining is good for that purpose as well as the plain plastic pots.

9. Repurpose A Hat Stand With Colorful Cookware

Jumbled Kitchenware Hanging from Hooks #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Any kitchenware that has once served as a container can be repurposed into a flower container. The strainers and the wicker baskets are perfect for that new application because they allow drainage and suspending.

Use ropes and chains to hang them to your porch for a bolder farmhouse effect.

via Pebble Soup

10. Plant Greens In Colorful Wagons

Little Metal Wagons with Flowers and Greens #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

The toys remain unused and forgotten as years pass by.

This is an idea of how to give them a new life, turning them into a sentimental garden focal point.

11. Vertical Succulent Garden In Distressed Frame

Lush Succulents in a Standing Frame #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Succulents and moss are the best kinds for flat vertical gardening. Creating a living picture requires a large frame that is deeper than the standard ones. Cover the backside with a plywood sheet and then fill the formed box with soil.

On the top of the frame, place a wire mesh that will let every plant has its own cell to grow. Now it’s time to plant the succulents. When the arrangement is finished, let the frame stay in a horizontal position for two weeks.

After that, your new outdoor wall art is ready to be exposed.

12. Paint A Vintage Bucket For A Colorful Planter

Old Painted Barrels and Crates with Petunias #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

The barrels look amazing when repurposed into garden containers.

Their texture and antique look instantly attract attention when combined with the delicacy of the planted flowers.

via Heather Bullard

13. Old Wheelbarrows Get A New Life

Old Wheelbarrows with Two Tone Flowers #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

The wheelbarrows get rust in time and that limits their usage. Instead of throwing them away, find an empty spot in your backyard that needs a visual interest.

The basin of the wheelbarrow is very large so your options for flower kinds and arrangements are literally endless.

14. Elevate Plant Hangers With Vintage Wheels

Old Wheels used as Plant Hangers #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Use the old rusty wheels as a charming flower pot hanger.

To let them stand out, make sure that they are suspended in height and visible. You can screw them to a pergola or create a wooden structure like the one shown.

15. Hanging Flowers Enhance Rustic Bucket’s Charm

Pail Hung by an Old Spring #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

The defect of this rusty damaged bucket has become a charming effect when it has been complemented by an old rusty spring.

Since the repurposed garden container is suspended in height, make sure that you add cascading flowers or vines.

via Gypsy Farmgirl

16. Add A Flower Box To A Bright Bicycle

Painted Bicycle with a Handle Box #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

The old bicycle becomes a bold planter only by changing its color. Its condition doesn’t matter.

Once you lean it against the fence, you will never want to get rid of its vintage charm as a repurposed garden planter.

17. Colorful Upcycled Flowerpot Chandelier

Painted Hanging Plant Chandelier with Flowers #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Creating a floral point of interest on the ceiling will enhance the curb appeal of your home.

An easy DIY container garden idea features a tutorial on how to turn a store-bought chandelier into a ceiling flower stand.

via While They Snooze

18. Repurposed Tire Makes A Colorful Planter

Painted Old Tires with Pansies #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Turning tires into garden containers is probably the most common and practical repurposed garden container.

The reasons for giving them this new application are many- they are durable, changing their color is easy, the hollow section is wide enough to create a mini garden.

19. Drawer Top Plant Stand

Repainted Drawer on a Stand #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Any furniture leftovers could come in hand in your DIY repurposed container garden project. A drawer can be used on its own as a flower planter or be given a visual interest by lifting it on legs.

Use the height to add another level where a flower pot can be placed.

via My Love 2 Create

20. Vintage Teapot Planter

Repurposed Garden Container Ideas with a Tea Kettle #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

This idea is very easy but also inspiring. The vintage teapot quickly becomes a flower container simply by placing a pot in it.

You can also try planting the flower directly into the pot once it has been filled with suitable soil.

21. Toy Planters Add Playful Color

Repurposed Garden Container Ideas with a Toy Truck #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Looking for a tiny flower pot? Use the old toys of your boys to create a set of unique small planters.

via House of Hawthornes

22. Creative Use For A Metal Gutter

Repurposed Garden Container Ideas with Blossoms #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Bench-like support holds a metal gutter. No, this is not a water container, this is an interesting garden container that holds a garden of blooming flowers.

via 100 Layer Cake

23. Rainboot Garden Décor

Rubber Rain Boots with Foliage #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Give your backyard a fun focal point by turning the old pair of rain boots into flower pots.

Place them on the steps where this type of shoes would actually sit if they were used to increase the point of interest.

24. Shoe Holder Adds Vertical Garden Space

Shoe Organizer Holding Herbs and Succulents #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

This type of garden container is perfect for people that love green thumb practicing but don’t have the actual space to reveal it entirely.

Attached to a fence or to the outside wall, the shoe organizer provides at least 12 sections to grow fresh herbs or flowers.

via Good Housekeeping

25. Waterfall of Greenery In Wooden Crates

Stacked Crates with Overflowing Greenery #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Stack wooden crates on top of the other leaving openings for plants to grow. The tiered pattern shown helps the forming of a green waterfall once the greenery has developed.

Such an idea can be an inspiration for mixing blooming cascading flowers with vines.

26. Broken Window Succulent Garden

Succulents in a Window Frame #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

If you think that making a living wall art is difficult, you can try the simpler way to create the same effect. The window frame is thick enough to let creating of a box section after nailing a plywood board at the backside of it.

Instead of fixing a wire mesh, add another polyethylene layer over the plywood and cut notches from where the plants will grow.

27. Vertical Flowerpots On An Old Door

Terra Cotta Pots Hung From a Door #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Use an old door as a support for a compact vertical planter. It can be leaned against the fence or a column in the backyard to make the ordinary structure beautiful.

To hold the pots in position, use brackets or other metal fixtures from the hardware store.

28. Vintage Toy Cart Makes A Creative Planter

Toy Shopping Cart Filled with Flowers #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

This is an amazing repurposing container garden idea we all admire! The toy shopping cart that is not interesting anymore has become a unique 3-dimensional vegetable planter.

Seeds are inserted into the accumulated soil to start protruding from each wire section in some days.

via 1001 Gardens

29. Old Luggage Planter World Tour

Traveler's Luggage with Flags and Greens #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

This is an idea of how to keep the seedlings in one place until they grow enough to be transplanted in the garden.

This old suitcase is too heavy for its original application but perfect to securely embrace the pots with vegetables and herbs.

via HGTV

30. Galvanized Metal Tiered Flowers

Two Level Arrangement with Funnel and Pail #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to invest in interesting garden accessories, you can create your own from reclaimed vintage tools. A bucket placed on the ground becomes a planter for seasonal flowers simply by filling it with soil.

A metal fixture has been curved to end in a hook where a funnel is attached. But instead of water, flowers are flowing through, so appealing!

via Chaotically Creative

31. Upcycled Broiler Makes A Rustic Planter

Vintage Boiler with Blooming Petunias #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

IF you like the authentic vintage design of this container, you may find it at the flea market. This is a broiler once used for cooking. Nowadays, there are modern cooking utensils that have displaced it.

However, they cannot displace its repurposed application as a flower pot.

via Little Brags

32. Frame Colorful Watering Cans

Whimsical Painted Watering Cans with Flowers #repurposedplanter #repurposedcontainer #decorhomeideas

Use an old window frame as a defining vertical plant holder. This repurposed container garden idea is very easy as you don’t have to modify anything. Add screw hooks to the middle sections to hang identical size watering cans.

If you want to achieve the same effect like the one shown, insert nails in the fence to let the watering cans look like hanging in the air. Then attach the window frame over to divide them from the ambiance and let them clearly stand out.

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