25 Charming DIY Porch Decor Ideas for Seasonal Curb Appeal

With each season comes fresh and exciting ways to update your porch decor and express your personality.

From welcome signs and outdoor gatherings to floral arrangments and reading nooks, your front porch reflects the beauty of your home.

Best DIY Porch Decor Ideas. Spruce up your front porch with these beautiful decor ideas. Swing bed, planter, rug or flower pot could add more more color and texture. #diy #porch #decor #decorhomeideas
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Build a Victorian Garden Bench

Build a Victorian Garden Bench #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This DIY idea brings a sweet and relaxing elegance to your porch this season.
In a cooling sky blue, a narrow Victorian garden bench is made with wooden panels.

The smooth curves on the front and back panels give the bench a sense of flowing grace.

via Flower Patch Farmhouse

Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder

Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Creating both porch decor and food for your local birds, this idea adds some charm to your porch.
A black chandelier hands from the porch awning, holding three red hummingbird feeders.

From the middle, a basket of pink flowers hangs lower.

via Renovated Faith

Colorful and Decorative Summer Seating

Colorful and Decorative Summer Seating #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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With an inviting and clean feel, this porch decor idea brings everyone to the outdoor table.
Two brown wicker chairs and a white, park-style bench sit around a square wooden table.

Using colors, like the geometric blue rug and flower baskets this look is complete.

via Small Stuff Counts

Cubby Crate Porchside Shelves

Cubby Crate Porchside Shelves #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Adding a touch of kindergarten innocence to your porch decor this season, this idea turns wooden crates into cubby-like shelves.

Two wooden crates are stacked, creating a shelf that holds an overgrowing basket of purple flowers.

Nearby, a crate is purposefully turned on its side and contains bunches of purple and white flowers.

via Our Home Made Easy

DIY Farm-Inspired Porch Swing

DIY Farm-Inspired Porch Swing #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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In a healthy mixture of farmhouse rustic and modern elegance, this porch decor idea makes for the perfect afternoon place to rest.
Hung from the porch awning with a long rope, a wooden bench is made into a porch swing.

It is decorated with solid and geometric blue pillows and offset by tall black pots with red flowers.

via How Does She

DIY Hanging Gutter Planter

DIY Hanging Gutter Planter #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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In true upcycle fashion, this DIY porch decor idea transforms your house’s leftover materials.
Three pieces of gutters are hung on top of one another from the porch awning.

They have been repainted in blue and white strips and converted into succulent planters.

via Pretty Providence

DIY Monstera Leaf Doormat

DIY Monstera Leaf Doormat #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This DIY idea brings a wonderful tropic vibe to your doorstep with ease and convenience.
A sand-colored thatched doormat shows several pink monstera leaves.

This was done by using a monstera leaf cut-out and pink spray paint!

via Enthralling Gumption

DIY Outdoor Wall Art

DIY Outdoor Wall Art #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Using some craftsmanship and artistic flair, this idea brings your unique geometric wall art to the porch.
A geometric pattern is designed by cutting various wooden boards into thin parallelograms and then fitting them onto a square frame with a plywood back.

These are then painted in yellow, teal, white, and grey to create a fun pattern.

via Love and Renovations

DIY Summer Porch Sign

DIY Summer Porch Sign #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This DIY idea sets the mood for your porch.
A quoted sign is made with nine, two-inch-thick wooden boards.

Atop a dark blue and white background similar to the sea, your favorite porch quote is written in gold and teal. This is hung next to your other favorite decorated quotes to create a semi-mood board. 

via Giggles Galore

Front Porch Summer Decor

Front Porch Summer Decor #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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In charming whimsy, this idea brings back the tea parties of yesteryear.
On a mint green round metal table rests two pink charger plates with their pink-tasseled white napkins.

Next to them are goblets with pink lemonade, a yellow bowl of fruit, and a hand-painted floral pitcher. To complete the look four large plastic flowers have adhered to the back wall.

via Design Dazzle

Hanging Outdoor Hammock Chair

Hanging Outdoor Hammock Chair #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This idea crafts your not-so-little nook for relaxing and reading on the porch.
A white wicker chair hammock hangs from the porch awning with a piece of rope.

Decorated in canvas, denim, and white, the feel of this look is pure simplicity. The focus is on the details, like the blue patterned ice bucket or pot of red flowers.

via Modern Glam

Headboard Back Porch Swing

Headboard Back Porch Swing #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Giving new life to your headboard, this idea crafts a fun back porch swing.
Painted in iced mint blue, a headboard serves as the back of a wooden porch swing that is hung using a metal chain, decorated with green and white ribbon.

The bench features red cushions and a small, buttoned green pillow.

Lemon Welcome Mat

Lemon Welcome Mat #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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A cozy and refreshing ambiance is what this porch decor design brings.
Centered in this look, is a lemon, hello welcome mat that rests atop a blue and white geometric rug.

A yellow pot of white flowers and a textured blanket remain nearby.

via Coffee Pancakes and Dreams

Macrame And Mason Jar Planter

Macrame And Mason Jar Planter #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This decor idea gives your porch a simple and fun boost designed for the true crafter.
In a twine netting, a mason jar rests hung from a nearby tree branch.

Inside the mason jar and coming out of the netting are pale yellow macrame flowers. 

via My French Twist

No Sew Oilcloth Bunting

No Sew Oilcloth Bunting #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Adding a touch of celebration to your porch, this DIY idea is a no-fuss way to mark special occasions.
Oilcloths have been cut into same size triangles and hung from the porch awning to create a bunting.

Different patterns in the red and blue color scheme are used. 

via Pinecone Cottage Retreat

Paint Your Concrete Steps

Paint Your Concrete Steps #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Giving your porch a subtle, but effective up-do, this decor idea adds a modern look to the front door’s walkway.
The concrete stairs leading to the front door have been painted black with a thick gray stripe in the middle.
Each stair is numbered in black paint.

via Proverbs 31 Girl

Rustic Decorative Floral Display

Rustic Decorative Floral Display #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Creating a snapshot of a rustic flower market, this decor idea adds a sense of growth to your porch.
In a wooden box, atop a vintage white table rests three potted white flowers.

An antique white painted sign hangs above marking the area as a market.

via Simplicity In The South

Stripes in Black and White

Stripes in Black and White #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This DIY porch idea gives a sense of direction to your outdoor decor.
Underneath your porch design rests a large black and white striped rug.

The strips are in line with the wooden boards on the table and the black metal railing of the porch.

via Inspiration For Moms

Stunning Outdoor Rug With Rope

Stunning Outdoor Rug With Rope #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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In a simplistic design, this DIY porch idea crafts a cozy doormat.
Pieces of rope have been cut and fastened together in twenty pieces to create a narrow doormat.

via Easy Peasy Creative

Summer Front Porch Sign

Summer Front Porch Sign #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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In a refreshing summer fruit theme, this decor idea welcomes your guests.
Two long wooden boards have been painted white and fastened together. Painted on top are sections of citrus fruits and a welcome greeting.

via The Happy Scraps

Sweet Summertime Pink Door

Sweet Summertime Pink Door #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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With a sense of romanticism, the decor idea focuses on the front door.
Against a rosy pink front door, the words ‘sweet summertime’ are painted in white cursive font.

via Minnies Milestones

Upcycled Beverage Station

Upcycled Beverage Station #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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Using an upcycled cabinet door this decor idea crafts an outdoor beverage station.
Painted in mint green and given two shelves this door now supports serving trays, wine glasses, and a decorative plate. 

via Our Southern Home

Watermelon Welcome Mat

Watermelon Welcome Mat #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This DIY idea brings some juicy watermelon to your front doormat.
One an amber doormat easy watermelon wedges are painted in pink and green. Four black seeds are added to complete the look.

via Dream Green DIY

Wicker Porch with Hanging Lantern

Wicker Porch with Hanging Lantern #diy #decor #porch #decorhomeideas
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This porch design brings texture, detail, and color.
A pair of light brown wicker chairs holds light blue pillows and blankets next to potted green and blue plants.

Overhead rests a glass box protected flameless chandelier.

via Saw Nail Paint

DIY Porch Decor Ideas
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