32 Best DIY Porch and Patio Decor Ideas That Are Full Of Color

Both the front porch and the patio are special places from our homes, especially in summer.

What makes them particularly important is that they are basically the first thing your guest see, so they should be treated with the same attention as the internal part of our homes.

DIY Colorful Porch And Patio Projects. Add some color to your porch or patio with these colorful DIY projects that are cheap and easy to do. You'll be amazed how beautiful they are! #diy #porch #patio #colorful #decorhomeideas

Each of the projects below will help you brighten your mood every time you have your coffee at the porch as it would have left a colorful scratch in the otherwise ordinary picture.

1. Revitalize Your Neutral Porch with White Flower Pots

All You Need Are Stumps #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Make the neutral porch noticeable by decorating it with white flower pots, standing on logs.

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2. Illuminate Your Porch with Decorative Lanterns

Barn Wood Terrarium Garden Lanterns #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Another simple but effective idea is to place large lanterns on both sides of the porch or next to each other.

If you use LED instead of flame candles, you would be able to leave them to spread light all night long.

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3. Create a Pallet Planter for Your Patio Wall

Beginner-Friendly Pallet Wood Trough Planter #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Choosing flowers as decoration is always the best choice!

Make a beginner’s level pallet planter that is perfect for pushing up against a patio wall.

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4. Upgrade Your Serving Tray with a Worn Barn Wood Handle

Branch Handled Barn Wood Serving Tray #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Using natural materials to create something from the modern world always fascinates with the final result as it is with this serving tray with branches.

It is perfect for dining outdoors on the porch!

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5. Illuminate Your Patio with Solar-Powered Outdoor Light

Brilliant Solar Bistro Lamp Idea #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

If you enjoy spending time on your patio during nights, you would rather like to have soft light that will not reveal too much but be just enough for you to have dinner or a quick drink.

This solar-powered outdoor lamp is the perfect light source for the quiet summer nights out.

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6. Place a Rustic Lantern on Your Patio Corner Bench

Build Your Own Perfect Corner Bench #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Make a sitting area for your porch or patio with a table to display seasonal decorations within a few easy steps.

This bench is very practical as it utilizes the corner patio area and is both fantastic and functional.

via Pinspired To DIY

7. Impress Your Guests with a Mini Fire Pit 

Create a Fire Bowl from Anything #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Wanna impress with decoration? This mini fire pit will impress your guests with its look and flame effect.

Luckily, the fuel to run the fire pit can be substituted with hand sanitizer.

via Dunn Lumber

8. Beautiful Patio Decoration with a Vertical Flower Stand

DIY Porch and Patio Decor Ideas with Flowerpots #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

A vertical stand with many flowers is perfect seasonal decoration for the patio.

A large wooden frame with longitudinal and transverse slats as if woven will actually provide support for buckets with flowers.

9. Add Romance to Your Porch with String Lights

DIY Porch and Patio Decor Ideas with Lights #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

String lights are among the most romantic outdoor light options for patio or backyard.

They will match any decoration on the patio because of their casual design.

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10. Customized Vertical Garden for Your Porch

Easy 3-Plank Hanging Herb Garden #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Add height to your porch decor with this sunny vertical herb or flower garden.

You can customize its size and the colors of the pots so that they fit well on your porch and match your taste.

via The Craft Patch

11. Make a Simple Porch Table with a Repurposed Pot

From Big Pot to Sweet Little Table #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

The simplest project ever that will suit any porch. Paint a large pot in the desired color, turn it upside down so that the pot dish becomes a small table.

Decorate with your favorite vase with flowers.

via Thrifty and Chic

12. Upcycled Chair Turned into a Succulent Planter

Give a Succulent Garden Its Own Seat #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

An old chair has been upcycled and transformed into a succulent planter.

Painting it in a sparkling color will make a beautiful contrast with your porch.

via Instructables

13. Add a Living Accent to Your Patio Wall

Highlight a Pot with a Distressed Frame #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Paintings are a beautiful finish to the house interior. However, they cannot be exposed outdoors as they will not resist the ambient conditions.

Instead, you can frame an alive plant with rich tufts and hang it on your patio wall.

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14. Upgrade a Patio with Whitewashed Terra Cotta Planters

How to Distress New Terra Cotta Pots #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

A project that will take only a few minutes but will add beauty to your patio.

Whitewash regular terra cotta pots and arrange them in a group on a small table or your porch fence.

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15. Refresh Your Patio with Outdoor Curtains

Instant Ambiance with Floating Patio Curtains #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Bring new life to your porch by hanging outdoor curtains on the rod.

They will provide some privacy and will make the ambiance of the place more nautical.

via Southern State of Mind

16. Upcycle Pallets into Distressed Wood Planter for Patio

Ladder Style Distressed Wood Planter #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

When it comes to patio decoration, before visiting the nearest shop, you can always try to find leftovers in your garage that can be upcycled and turned into functional and beautiful furniture or flower stand.

An old pallet can make two of these beautiful vertical planters.

via A Proverbs 31 Wife

17. Personalize Home Decor with DIY House Number Plates

Make Your Own Living House Number #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

The key to sophisticated decoration is paying attention to the details.

Do you have a plate with your house number? It is now time to add personality to this fun DIY project.

via A Beautiful Mess

18. Make a DIY Wire Side Table for Flower Pots

Mod Wire Side Table Project #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

If you purchase such a side table with wire legs from the shop, it will cost appr. $150.

Instead make one yourself to give height to your flower pots.

via The Shabby Creek Cottage

19. Add a Monogrammed Planter to Your Front Porch

Monogram Wall Planter Picture Tutorial #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

This monogrammed planter is a great porch project as it can be used throughout all seasons.

Blooming flowers, succulents, small pumpkins, pines can easily turn the big letter into seasonal decoration.

via Ellerry Design

20. Build Customized Porch Sofa with Pallets and Cushions

One-Picture Plans for a Pallet Couch #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Four pallets and suitable cushions make a comfortable sofa that will urge you to spend nights at your porch.

It is easy to be made and can be customized depending on your porch size.

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21. Add Elegance to Patio Roof with Flower Pots Chandelier

Outdoor Elegance with Chandelier Plant Display #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

The hardest to decorate part of the patio is its roof. We have an idea for you – hang an old chandelier with flower pots.

The elegant effect is guaranteed.

via DIY Showoff

22. Add Color to Your Porch with a DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

Porch Pallet and Pots Wall Art #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

If your porch needs more colors, bring a rainbow of colors with a DIY vertical pallet garden.

As simple as this project is, it will make any porch more colorful.

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23. Terracotta Pot Stand for Mason Jar Lemonade Dispenser

Pot Pedestal and Mason Jar Lemonade Dispenser #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Along with the intended application of the terra cotta pots, you can use them in other non-standard ways.

For a side table or for beverage stands. What makes them that universal is that their surface can easily be decorated to suit the porch decoration.

via Refresh Restyle

24. Stylish Outdoor Storage Table for Patio Decor

Rolling Upcycled Wood Crate Accent Table #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Do you need a storage box for your patio that will match the rest of the exterior?

This mobile storage table is both functional and beautiful.

via Infarrantly Creative

25. Add Charm and Character with a Rustic Patio Table 

Rustic Hardwood Outdoor Potting Table #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

A small rustic table will look fantastic on the patio. It can be used for sitting, flower stand or side table.

via Cherished Bliss

26. Plant Flowers in a Vintage Chair

Shabby Chic Chair Flower Planter #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

This is another suggestion of flower types that will look beautiful when planted in an old chair.

The chair has been distressed for a more vintage look.

27. Create a Customized Porch Sign with Stencils

Stencil Your Own Wooden Signs #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

If you want to add more personality to your porch, hang a homemade sign that means a lot to you.

Follow the instructions below to create a hand-painted wood sign.

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28. Upgrade Your Patio with a Beverage Station

Summer Fun Outdoor Wine Bar #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

One of the greatest possible upgrades to any patio! Add a beverage station for the hottest days!

It is entirely made of upcycled materials and is so gorgeous.

via Our Southern Home

29. Stylishly Hang Flowers in a Vinyl Gutter Planter

The Prettiest Way to Repurpose Gutters #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Vinyl gutters have been cut at the desired size and then hung with rope on the porch wall.

This hanging planter can display any flowers you love.

via Make It Love It

30. Welcome Guests to Personalized Front Porch Makeover

Vertical Posy Accented Porch Welcome Sign #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

A personalized way to do a makeover to your front porch is to add a welcome sign for all your guests.

Add a nice touch to the sign by securing a mason jar at its top or bottom. Fill it with pebbles, gems and put seasonal or faux flowers.

via Girl Just DIY

31. Enhance Your Patio with String Lights and Hanging Pots

Wall of Pots and Curtain of Lights #diy #porch #patio #projects #colorful #decorhomeideas

Stretch a few lines of string outdoor lights above your patio furniture.

This curtain-like lighting will look interesting in the daytime and will make the ambiance of the patio very romantic during night.

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