26 DIY Wood Log Ideas for Your Next Garden Projects

Fallen tree logs may seem to be a menace in your outdoors, but in truth, they can be a blessing in disguise.

Not only do they add a rustic touch to your garden, but they also make unique centerpieces when you are landscaping. 

There are countless ways to use tree logs to create fantastic landscape additions, from benches, planters, raised garden beds, and fences.

Discover 26 creative ways to repurpose wood logs in your garden! From rustic planters to charming garden benches, these DIY projects will inspire your next outdoor creation.

Whatever way you choose to design, you can be assured of a unique landscape design that will attract a lot of interest and add to your aesthetics. 

We’ve compiled 26 rustic DIY wood log ideas to inspire your next garden project.

Take a look!

1. Try a Tree Log Fence 

Garden Fence


One of the most unique ways to define your garden or home boundaries is using a tree log fence.

These logs provide a trendy look and they can also weather harsh weather conditions, making them the ideal choice for a fence. 

In this design, logs have been stacked vertically to create a study fence that can withstand the test of time. 

2. Create a Natural Border For Your Garden Bed

Garden Border


Defining your spaces can make landscaping much easier, and the best way to do this is to use natural materials that fit perfectly into the aesthetic. 

In this design, the logs have been cut into discs and arranged vertically to create the perfect garden border and differentiate one space from the next.

The ring shape displayed on the logs creates a visually pleasing design, bringing natural beauty and craftsmanship into the space.

3. Create a Raised Garden Bed

 Low-Maintenance Raised Garden Bed


Logs are the perfect material for your raised garden. Their study structure offers good support and better drainage, while the light materials and spaces in between prevent soil compaction. 

The good thing about raised garden beds from logs is you can make them as high and wide as you wish. In this design, logs have been used to create a large garden bed that can even support pines.

4. Build a Retaining Wall 

Log Retaining Wall


Logs provide a creative and aesthetically pleasing way to create a retaining wall. The natural look of the logs maintains the naturalistic look of the space. 

The logs have been stacked horizontally to create a sturdy retaining wall. Not only does the wall prevent soil erosion, but it also creates two defined spaces.

By stacking the logs horizontally, the design reveals the intricate disc patterns that contribute to the beauty of the design.

5. Natural Aesthetic Barrier

A Gabion Basket


Logs can come in handy when looking to create a barrier for your garden. Much like a gabion barrier, a log barrier leaves little to no spaces between each other, making them the perfect material for a garden wall

In this design, the gabion wall creates the perfect retaining wall that doubles as a planter. 

6. Uses Logs to Create an Active Play Area

 Backyard Playing For Kids


Logs can make an excellent addition to a play area since they are easy to carry and decorate. 

In this play area, several logs are used to create a natural playground. The logs have been painted to make some extra pizazz. 

7. Solar Lamp Holder 

DIY Outdoor Solar Lighting


A log solar lamp holder is functional and helps maintain the natural rustic charm of the outdoors. 

Using logs for your solar lamps is relatively inexpensive, and they will add some character to your space, unlike artificial generic lamp holders.

Ensure the logs have been treated to minimize the risk of damage. 

8. A Log Spiral Garden 

A Simple Outstanding Garden Idea


Log-raised gardens come in different forms and designs, and the spiral log garden is among the most creative raised garden designs.

Here, the logs were used to create a spiral flower and herb garden bed. Strong metallic wires have been used to hold the logs in place. 

9. Add Some Flowery Flair 

 A Small Landscaping Using Log


When landscaping, it’s always advisable to create designated areas for a flower bed or incorporate flowers within the design. 

Here, logs have been repurposed as planters and used to grow various plants and flowers. The combination of log planters and natural stone creates a harmonious natural look that blends with the other elements in the space. 

10. Relax with a Log Bench 

A Garden Bench


Enjoying outdoor space is much easier with a wooden rustic bench log seating. Wooden log slabs have also been used as the legs of the bench, matching the overall aesthetics of the design.

The natural wooden color blends well with the surroundings. 

11. Impress with Log Cracked Lamps

DIY Garden Lighting


As previously mentioned, logs make good lamp holders, and you can also use them to add lights to your outdoors creatively. 

This design uses cracked hollowed logs to create outdoor lamps that provide a striking illuminating pattern. This creatively adds to your outdoors and adds an instant wow factor to your landscaping design. 

12. Be Artistic 

Garden Chain


Since wood is one of the most accessible materials for curves, various ways to get creative when designing outdoors exist. For example, in this artistic planter, wood has been used to create a train-like planter that is being used as a flower bed

The entire structure, from the rails to the planter train’s wheel, is made of wood, making it the perfect sustainable planter. The flowers on the planter liven up the space.

13. Feed Your Chirpy Friends

DIy Bird House


If you enjoy bird watching, you’re probably looking for a way to attract these beauties to your home, and the best way to achieve this is by installing a bird feeder in your garden. 

Logs make good bird feeders since they blend naturally with the environment. You only need to make a hollow hole on a piece of wood and curve out one side. 

14. Make a Statement with a Garden Stump Bar

An Outdoor Seating Idea


The outdoors is perfect for hanging out with your friends and family on a sunny summer afternoon. This tree stump has been used as a table for an outdoor patio. 

The metallic chairs are complemented by the metallic decor design on the table, while the umbrella offers ample shade in the sitting area. The stump has been creatively decorated to make the space even more fun.

15. Stump Outdoor Sitting 

DIY Yard Furniture


Table logs can also be used to create another outdoor sitting option in the form of sitting stools. Logs are easily portable, so you can move them around as much as you need. 

This outdoor sitting space uses stool logs to create the perfect ambiance. The color of the logs matches the stone color of the concrete table, creating the ideal blend.

16. Create a Benched Planter 

 Log Flower Planter


Planters can come in all shapes and sizes, and using a log planter can add some artistry to your plant. 

Here, the log planter has been creatively created as a bench. Using these planters reduces the risk of pests and diseases to your crops. 

17. Use Logs for Your Carvings

 Garden Decoration with Logs


One of the ways to decorate your outdoor space is to use wood sculptures. While they may not be the most detailed sculptures, they’re long-lasting and combine well with other elements in your outdoor space. 

Using log holders for your wood sculptures is the best way to match these two decor elements, and if you want to try more sculptures, you have readily available material.

18. Unique Outdoor  Seating 

 DIY Garden Fire Pit with Log Chairs


Outdoor seating doesn’t always have to be centered around a table or a fire pit. In some cases, going with the least conventional way yields the best results. 

In this outdoor seating design, the logs have been repurposed around a small dirt mound that can double up as a small garden.

The logs vary in shape and size, creating a visually appealing pattern and a serene spot to enjoy the outdoor surroundings. The rocks and greenery add to the beauty of the space.

19. Logs for Your Outdoor Decor

DIY Garden Gate


Creating a statement art piece for your outdoor area is a simple way to add personality and character to your space. You don’t have to opt for complex art pieces; they are simple aesthetically and combine well with your outdoor space. 

This design uses logs and wood to create outdoor decor that is a view spot of what lies outside. The logs have been used as a semi-retaining area for a patio. 

20. Show Your Creativity with a Planter

Wooden Log Spring Flroal Arrangement


Hollowed-out logs can act as good planters and transform your landscape, but making the design of these planters even more creative could make your outdoors even more appealing. 

Here, a hollowed-out log is strategically placed in front of a greenhouse. The log, which appears to have toppled over, is filled with flowers that welcome people to the space.

Moss is used to create a natural bed in the soil mold, improving the organic aesthetics of the whole design.

21. Repurpose Old Tree Stumps

Awesome Wildlife Garden Idea


When landscaping, one of the significant issues is dealing with old tree stumps, which may hinder updating the look of your space. However, repurposing this stump as a planter or a semi-garden could reduce the headache of landscaping. 

Here, the old tree stump grows various plants and flowers. The stone arrangement adds more details to the design by defining the stump area. 

22. Logs for an Outdoor Wine Cabinet 

Outdoor Wooden Wine Table


Sharing a glass of wine while enjoying the cool outdoor breeze is the perfect way to unwind after a long week, alone or with friends and family. You can creatively design logs to create an outdoor wine cabinet in your yard. 

The log has been carved out to serve as a wine cabinet, while the sizeable disc-shaped log top serves as a table and wine glass holder. 

23. Use a Log to Personalize Your Space

Carved Thru Log Signs


One of the best things about personalizing your space is that it adds a personal touch to your style and could arouse a lot of curiosity. 

Here, the log has been used as a focal point and a decorative feature in the landscape. The log has been curbed with an aggravated text that adds personality to the design. Including the flag in the design signifies some patriotic value of the text. 

24. Create a Two-In-One Garden 

 Log Planter


Sometimes, when gardening, you can be limited by the size of the space or the nature of the crops. In such cases, having two gardens in one could be the best solution. 

The log-raised planter garden has been used to create another growing space in the garden. This allows for growing two distinct crop types in the same garden: flowers and dome Napier grass.

25. Use a Log Planter as Part of Your Landscape Design

Succulent Log Planter


In most cases, people use log planters to compensate for empty spaces in an outdoor area. 

However, planters can also actively contribute to landscaping, like in this design, where the log planter is strategically placed to contribute to the landscape, with the plants growing in the planter adding some flair to the brown planting area. 

26. Create a Garden Bed 

 Log Flower Bed


Logs help create raised garden beds and can also be used to define garden beds in your environment. Arrange logs in the designated planting area, and then go ahead and grow your plants to create a defined garden bed. 

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