30 Impressive Tree Stump Ideas To Spruce Up Your Garden

While it always hurts when you have to cut down an old tree, there are ways you can use the word for décor both inside your home and in your yard. Tree stump removal can be expensive.

An old tree stump may look awful, but we’ve found thirty tree stump ideas you can browse through that may help you out.

Best Tree Stump Ideas. Are you looking for some beautiful tree stump ideas? Look no further – from tree stump planters to colorful stepping stones, these will have you inspired in no time #decorhomeideas

There are projects here that may cost you a dollar or two. There are some projects that may involve hiring an artist. They shouldn’t be missed, even if they’re outside your budget.

Some of these ideas are for tree stumps that have been removed from their original place. Other ideas are for stumps that are still in the ground. Either way, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

1. Artistic Stump Lights Also Work as Tables

Amazing Stump Outdoor Light #decorhomeideas

These award-winning lights were created by Duncan Meerding, a furniture designer from Tasmania. Luckily, you can buy similar solar lamps online. They can be used as seats or tables.

2. Fast Project as Stand for Bird Bath

Bird Bath Holder #decorhomeideas

Make a simple birdbath with the saucer of a terracotta planter. Hold everything in place using rocks from your garden. You can also glue the saucer into place using wood glue and grout or caulk.

3. Magical Beings Come Alive in Tree Carving

Carved Tree Surface #decorhomeideas

You can create some great characters with a little imagination and a decent chainsaw. The beauty is in the irregular features, so even an unsightly stump can be turned into a piece of art.

4. Mushroom Garden Is Larger Than Life

Carve Into Mushrooms For A Magical Feel #decorhomeideas

Several old tree stumps were turned into oversized mushrooms with these sculptures. The shape of the tree dictates the shape and size of the mushroom stems.

via Matthew Crabb

5. Build a Play Area for Kids

Climbing Tree Stumps for Kids #decorhomeideas

Create a slide without building a full playground set. The top is secured, so the only exit is a traditional slide. Rock climbing handholds are secured onto the back.

Kids can build their grip strength while having fun. Be sure and secure the grips to the tree by scraping away at the bark, which can easily peel off.

6. Colorful Seating Area Includes Tables and Stools

Colorful Stumps Table and Stools #decorhomeideas

One large stump creates the table and one narrow tree trunk was cut into the four stools.

Create a festive look by painting the tops of the trunks with a water-based latex paint. Leave the bottoms natural and seal the whole thing with a polyurethane sealant.

7. Painted Tree Stumps for Mushroom Garden Décor

Decorative Mushrooms out of Tree Stumps #decorhomeideas

Here’s another variation on carving mushrooms out of tree stumps. Smaller tree stumps were used here.

The middle sections are painted with latex paint. The outer sections can be stained and sealed.

8. Create an Enchanting Fairy Garden

Enchant The Little Ones With A Fairy House #decorhomeideas

An old tree stump is transformed into a magical home for wee folk. Shells and small rocks are used as stepping stones.

Planting succulents keeps it a low maintenance project. Moss and driftwood can be used as accessories.

9. Fairy Garden With Planter on Top

Fairies Home #decorhomeideas

Fairy gardens can be as detailed or simple as you wish. This garden has a planter on top that’s filled with moss.

Garden decorations such as the picket fence can be purchased online, at a hobby shop, or at a nursery.

10. Dining Set Looks Magical in a Clearing

Garden Furniture #decorhomeideas

A fallen tree can see new life as a table and stools. The base of the tree remains in place.

The tabletop and stools can all be cut from the same tree.

11. Use Tree Slices as Garden Flagstone Pavers

Garden Path #decorhomeideas

Thin slices of a tree trunk are used as pavers on a gravel base. Thicker slices of the trunk are used as steps up a slope.

12. Tree Stumps Make Delightful Flower Planters

Hollow Out To Use As A Planter #decorhomeideas

When it’s prepared properly, any old stump can be turned into a flower pot.

via Carmy Peach

13. Old Stump Carpeted With Green Moss

Make an Aged Moss Stump #decorhomeideas

Moss loves tree stumps. Connect moss to your old stump with mud.

The roots of the moss will grow through to reach and connect with the bark. Add rooting hormone if you’d like to give the moss a boost.

14. Side Tables With Tree Stumps and Mosaics

Mosaic Tree Stump Table #decorhomeideas

Like any wood surface, mosaic tiles can be used to turn tree stumps into table tops. Sand the surface and wipe it with a tack cloth. Glue the tiles into place using wood glue.

Add grout and seal it with a clear varnish. Use slices of a tree branch for tiles if you’d like a table with an interesting organic look.

15. Painting Stumps Vivid Color Prevents Regrowth

Painted Stumps #decorhomeideas

Stumps can be painted with any type of water-based latex paint. If you don’t want the tree to regrow, treat it with an herbicide as soon as it’s cut down.

16. Felled Tree Is Repurposed as Dining Project

Repurpose A Tree Stump For A Table #decorhomeideas

Tree stumps actually work better as tables if they’re turned upside down.

The wider base forms a top that can be sanded smooth. Smaller tree stumps can be used as seats or stools.

via Andres Siimon

17. Tree Stumps Are Nutrient-Rich Planters

Simple Tree Stump Planter #decorhomeideas

The nutrients inside a tree work as fuel for flowers in a natural planter. The bark and outer rings of the tree will hold moisture.

18. Tree Stump Becomes Simple Board Game

Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe #decorhomeideas

Create a simple board game for the kids to play when they’re outdoors.

This tic-tac-toe game board was made by sanding the surface and painting some river rocks to use as game pieces.

via Chicken Scratch

19. Old Large Stump Becomes Backyard Hideout

Stump House #decorhomeideas

A larger stump may provide enough support for a small deck or sitting area.

This little gazebo is a secluded getaway in the middle of the yard.

20. Stump Becomes Pillar for Hanging Flower Pots

Stump Pot Stand #decorhomeideas

Secure flower pots to a tree stump that’s tall and straight.

Use plants that work well in hanging baskets to create a floral cascade.

21. Turn Stump Into a Majestic Chair

Stump Throne #decorhomeideas

A larger stump can be turned into a seat with a back.

This wide stump received the royal treatment with a crown carved on its back.

22. Large Stump Supports Cabin Sized Treehouse

Top With A Treehouse #decorhomeideas

A tree house can be as large and elaborate as your budget allows.

They can be turned into spas, activity houses, or a vacation getaway on your own property.

via Squirrel Design

23. Organic Furniture Is in High Demand

Transform Into Beautiful Furniture #decorhomeideas

A tree stump can be transformed into a beautiful side table. Clean off the bark. Remove any mold with a solution of water and bleach. Allow it to dry and sand with 220 grit sandpaper. Stain and finish with polyurethane.

Keep in mind it could take several months for the stump to dry completely.

You can purchase sets of legs that are sold with attachment plates.

via Treesoul Woodwork

24. Tree Stump Carved Into Woodland Animal

Tree Owl #decorhomeideas

If you would like a carving like this but don’t know your way around a chainsaw and can’t find it in the budget to hire a professional artist, reach out to the art department at your local college.

Chances are, there’s an up-and-coming artist there that would work for free to build their portfolio.

25. Retaining Wall From Tree Stump Sections

Tree Stump Retaining Wall #decorhomeideas

A felled tree can be cut to any length to create a low retaining wall. It creates a beautiful organic look and will hold up for several years.

26. Outdoor Furniture Created With Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps Table and Chairs #decorhomeideas

There are several ways to turn an old tree stump into outdoor furniture. These chairs with backs were carved from a single piece.

The table was built using a top that has a center cut out to slide onto the base.

27. Owl Nesting Scene Carved From Tree Stump

Turn A Stump Into A Sculpture #decorhomeideas

Professional artists can turn your tree stump into a beautiful piece that looks at home in your landscape.

via Matthew Crabb

28. Paint a Stepping Stone Hopscotch Challenge

Turn Into Hopscotch Stepping Stones #decorhomeideas

A game of hopscotch is a little more challenging when the markers are off the ground.

The log pieces with the higher scoring numbers are taller to make the game even more interesting.

via Slinky Shaz

29. Trio of Trees Becomes Front Yard Planter

Twisted Tree Stump Planter #decorhomeideas

Tree stumps of any size and shape can be used as planters when they’re prepared the right way. Hollow out the center until you’ve created a hole about 6 inches deep.

You can drill a hole on the sides for drainage. Add gravel on the bottom. Top it with a mix of potting soil and compost.

30. Turn Stumps Into Patio Furniture

Use For Outdoor Furniture #decorhomeideas

Three tree stumps were put together to create a center table for lighting on a patio. You can use these as side tables, too.

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