50 Budget-Friendly DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

Are you looking for outdoor furniture? Clearly, the ready products on the market are numerous but we have all heard that involving our own efforts and time eventually brings valuable satisfaction and pride from the results.

Plus the DIY outdoor furniture projects allow adjusting the project to the individual taste and size preferences. You need to check these 50 super cool, fresh, functional and creative furniture ideas that will lift the outdoor experience to another level.

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Are you ready to make your unique outdoor furniture? The most affordable, easy to do and creative projects follow!

1. Transform Your Outdoor Space with a Stylish Vintage Bench

How To Build an Outdoor Bench #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Benches are the preferred piece of furniture when it comes to increasing the number of seating places without capturing too much from the outdoor space.

Make yourself a vintage and artistic porch or patio bench only for $13.

via The Idea Room

2. Build Rustic DIY Outdoor Furniture

Build Your Own DIY Outdoor Furniture #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Couches are very suitable for the gathering of more people outside.

The bench structure is additionally improved by adding thick cushions that will ensure comfort and stylish look.

via Honeybear Lane

3. Transform Aged Indoor Furniture into Rustic Outdoor Furniture 

Color Outdoor Patio Options #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Turn the old and aged indoor furniture into fantastic vintage outdoor furniture in two steps.

Paint the wood and dress the cushions with fabric in a contemporary pattern.

via Grandmas House DIY

4. Make a Statement with an Outdoor Concrete Side Table

DIY Concrete Side Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Side tables are a small but very important piece of furniture. What makes them very practical is that they help put the mess in order.

Sometimes they can even be used as the main table for coffee or cold drinks. A side table with a concrete countertop will add contemporary appeal to the outdoor furniture.

via Storefront Life

5. Maximize Curb Appeal with Corner Benches with Built-in Tables

DIY Corner Bench With Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Utilizing corner spaces is a difficult task, especially when it comes to combining features like comfort, decorative efficiency and footprint.

These corner benches with a built-in table incorporate all of these and will contribute to the maximum curb appeal of your outdoor space.

via Remodelaholic

6. Handcrafted Wooden Table With Pallet Plank Countertop

Crate Lawn Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This table is so skillfully made that it is difficult to recognize the basic materials used.

Made of pallets, it has openings left to accommodate accessories or decorations and is planked with a wood countertop for a smooth serving surface.

via Southern Revivals

7. Build a Durable Pallet Sofa with a Thrift Shop Futon Mattress

DIY Pallet Sofa #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Made of scrap pallet wood, this sofa is the most comfortable ever thanks to the cushion.

Taken from a thrift shop, it is a multi-layered mattress from a futon-type sofa that will last for years. If you have such a mattress, it is time to build your own pallet sofa for it.

via Funky Junk Interiors

8. Create Extra Seating with a Repurposed Wood Crate

Cubicle Wooden Block Chair #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Use a wood crate as an auxiliary chair when seats are not enough.

Re-align the wood slats at one of the wider sides if needed to make sure that the sitting area is strong and secured. Add a cushion and voila!

9. Repurpose an Old Crib into a Rustic Garden Bench 

Decorative Bench From an Old Crib #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This creative project repurposes an old baby crib into a garden decorative bench.

The loving memories remain alive and charge the ambiance with charm and cuteness.

via Painted Therapy

10. Build a Chaise Lounge with DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

Easy Reclining Chaise #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

An exhaustive tutorial explains how to build yourself a chaise out of wooden boards and hardware.

The shape follows the body’s curves and lying in it guarantees comfort and ultimate relaxation.

via Build Something

11. Enjoy Entertainment with a Table with Built-in Ice Bucket

DIY End Table with Built-In Planter or Ice Bucket #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Having a table with a built-in ice bucket is the cherry of the ultimate outdoor entertainment.

The side table can easily change its function from party to decorative by replacing the ice bucket with a flower pot.

via The Handymans Daughter

12. Cherish Swinging Moments on Your Porch with a DIY Swing

DIY Farm-Inspired Porch Swing #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Treat yourself with light and comfortable swinging moments at the porch with a DIY swing.

Inspired by the farmhouse living, it will become the favorite furniture of kids and adults.

via How Does She

13. Make a Hammock Stand for a Peaceful Reading Experience

Free-Standing Hammock Stand #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

The perfect place to read a book quietly and at complete privacy is the hammock.

If you don’t have a large tree to hang it on, then you need a stand. Since stands are quite expensive, there is a successful idea of how to make it yourself.

via Hunker

14. Add Elegance to Your Porch with Rocking Chairs

Front Porch Rocking Chairs #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Add style and a touch of romance to your porch with rocking chairs.

Their natural capability to calm makes them irreplaceable outdoor furniture.

via That Sweet Tea Life

15. Build an Unconventional Nature-Inspired Outdoor Bed

DIY Grass Bed #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This untraditional bed is an extraordinary outdoor decoration and a piece of furniture in one.

Inspired by the sunbathing in the parks, it brings nature closer and imperceptibly invites you to lie cuddled by the soft grass.

via My Modern Met

16. A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Store-Bought Stands

Hammock Stand #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

When you have nowhere to hang your hammock, there is an alternative – make yourself a hammock stand.

This project is easy and very affordable compared to a stand from the garden furniture store.

via Oh Oh Deco

17. Transformative Multi-Purpose Table 

How to Build a 2×4 Outdoor Bar Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

At first sight, this is just another wooden table. Well, that’s not the case.

This table is special because it is versatile. It can be used as a dining table, bar table and workstation. Its universal application is due to the increased height and wide enough top.

via The DIY Dreamer

18. Enjoy the Shade of a Large Tree with a Cozy Seating Area

How to Build a Tree Bench #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

If you have a large tree on your property, you must take advantage of the natural shade it creates.

Build a bench around its trunk which will become the most favorite outdoor spot for all family members.

via This Old House

19. Build a Practical, Mobile Outdoor Side Table

Industrial Wood and Steel Console #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Make yourself a multifunctional and mobile side table that will accommodate all of the outdoor utensils.

It is inspired by the design of the practical restaurant consoles.

via Jen Woodhouse

20. Enjoy Meals Outdoors in the Summer with an Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen Table with Benches #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

When you have an outside kitchen, then you must prefer dining outside in summer.

If you haven’t found your piece of outdoor furniture that will be comfortable and big enough to accommodate the whole family, check this project for a bench and table. You can always change the dimensions to fit your space.

via Thrifty Pineapple

21. Maximize Your Outdoor Space with DIY Furniture and Ladders

Ladder Shelving Unit #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

When making your own outdoor furniture, don’t forget to consider its decorative impact on the outdoor ambiance.

Ladders are both decorative and functional and can quickly and easily be transformed into a household utility.

via Love and Renovations

22. Give Your Metal Lawn Chair a Makeover with Macrame

Macrame Lawn Chair Tutorial #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

I bet you have a couple or three of the old-fashioned metal lawn chairs at the garage.

Well, it is time to revive them by changing the boring and worn-out seat with a bright macrame make-over.

via My French Twist

23. Create a Chic Outdoor Bench from Two Pallets

Old Pallet Bench #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

You need two pallets to make this chic bench with an extended back. Add old chair cushions at the seat and enjoy the fresh air.

via Filine Blogg

24. Relaxing Oasis in Your Backyard with a Cabana Lounge

DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Make your backyard feel like a vacation spot with a bohemian outdoor cabana lounge.

This outdoor covered nook ensures privacy, comfort and fresh air to a maximum extent.

via Jaime Costiglio

25. Add Style to Your Outdoors with a Contemporary Coffee Table

DIY Outdoor Coffee Table With a Concrete Top #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This cute table will become a valuable addition to the existing outdoor furniture because of its stylish and contemporary design and its outdoor exposure suitability.

via Britanny Goldwyn

26. Make Your Outdoor Sofa Seats Comfy with Cheap Cushions

Cheap DIY Outdoor Couch with Cushions #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

If you have already made your outdoor sofa, you must be looking for a way to make the seats softer and more comfortable.

The tutorial on the link below reveals how to make cheap and thick cushions of the desired size.

via A Butterfly House

27. Make Your Yard More Fun for Kids

Kids Outdoor Picnic Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

When you want to improve the quality and the duration of the time spent outdoors by your kids, you need to make your yard as more attractive as possible.

A small table with benches, made especially for them, will become their favorite place for eating and playing.

via Bitter Root DIY

28. Re-shapeable Plywood Outdoor Seating Furniture

DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This outdoor seating furniture is made of two sections so you can easily change its shape from L to two separate sofas at any time.

Since it is built from plywood, you need to protect it when it rains.

via Remodelaholic

29. Rugged Outdoor Dining Table for Indoor and Outdoor Use

DIY Outdoor Table With Free Plans #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This table can be successfully used as a dining table both indoors and outdoors.

What makes it universal is its sturdiness, size and masterly workmanship.

via Cherished Bliss

30. Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture with a New Coat of Paint

Paint Mesh Metal Patio Furniture #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

If you are happy with your outdoor furniture but you want to give it a new look, try painting it.

There is suitable outdoor paint for all kinds of materials, even for mesh metal.

via Petticoat Junktion

31. Bring Timeless Comfort to Your Home with Adirondack Chairs

Painted Adirondack Chairs #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Adirondack chairs will never go out of style because they are the most comfortable ever.

If you are lucky to have your own, don’t replace them with anything more contemporary. Just re-paint them for a cleaner and brighter look.

via Just The Woods

32. Extend the Fun of Firepit Evenings with a DIY Wooden Bench

Painted Bench With Fire Pit #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Make the cool nights around the firepit longer with a handmade wooden bench. Paint in white and add colorful cushions for comfort and decoration.

33. Bring Life to Old Adirondack Chairs with Restoration Tips

A Pair of Adirondack Chairs #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Adirondack chairs are very expensive for understandable reasons. Along with their ergonomic design, they are fabricated from rare woods.

So next time you see them sold at any thrift shop or at an estate sale, get them! There is an easy way to make them shiny and functional again.

via A Nurse and a Nerd

34. Create a Stylish Outdoor Seating with a DIY Pallet Sectional

DIY Pallet Sectional #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Some farmhouse vibes are never too much when it comes to outdoor furniture design.

This DIY sectional is made of pallet slats stained in dark for greater impact. Each sectional has storage space for cushions and other stuff.

via Like The Yogurt

35. Enjoy Summer with an Outdoor Table with Built-in Ice Boxes

Patio Cooler Table With Built-In Ice Boxes #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Since outdoor furniture is used mostly during summer, it is good to predict and make all possible extras.

This wooden table would have been just a wide and sturdy table if there weren’t the hidden built-in ice boxes.

via Remodelaholic

36. Craft a Comfortable Patio Bench Swing 

Patio Hanging Bench Swing #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Building a patio bench swing isn’t a difficult task anymore.

The step-by-step tutorial facilitates the design and building process and guarantees a beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture for napping and swinging.

via Plank plus Pillow

37. Revive Trash Treasures with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Patio Refreshment Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This project tells how to give new life to trash treasures with the help of a couple of paint coats.

A small but tall table like this one can become an important piece of furniture when it comes to drinking parties.

via Dragonfly and Lily Pads

38. Enjoy Cool Summers and Autumn Nights with a Firepit Table

DIY Patio Table with Fire Pit #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

A table with a built-in firepit will invite all family members to gather together outside at the patio during the cooler summer and autumn nights.

Although small, the fire pit can be used for making your own smores.

via Anikas DIY Life

39. Save Money and Enhance Aesthetics with a DIY Picnic Table

DIY Picnic Table Tutorial #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This picnic table will cost you only a third of the price of one bought from the stores and will look far better when it comes to aesthetics.

via The Owner Builder Network

40. Simple Yet Sturdy Wooden Porch Swing for Your Home

Porch Swing Makeover #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

Use this project as an inspiration for your own porch swing. Made entirely from solid wood, it is quite large, very sturdy and very stylish.

The swing incorporates nautical and contemporary design features which let it easily blend with the rest of the interior.

via Look Linger Love

41. Enjoy Relaxing Moments with a Kids-Inspired Sailor Swing

Rope Ladder Suspended Sailor Swing #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This cute and super comfortable sailor swing has been inspired by and made for kids.

The good news is that adults can also use it if you strictly keep the given dimensions.

via A Beautiful Mess

42. Build a Wooden Sofa with DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

Rustic Outdoor Sofa #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This gorgeous sofa is built entirely of wood although the grey stain makes the support look like made of stone.

Its sophisticated design will mislead you and make you think that it is a complicated project. Don’t worry, the authors promise that it is ridiculously simple and easy to make.

via DIY and Crafts

43. Elegant Look with Chevron Patterned Wooden Screens

Simple Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

The chevron pattern is gorgeous and makes any feature look impressive and remarkable.

A wooden screen in that pattern will contribute not only to privacy but will also improve the decorative value of the space it is installed in.

via DIY Passion

44. Increase Outdoor Seating Area with DIY Painted Chairs

Simple DIY Outdoor Chair #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

If you have been in the situation to take chairs out from your living room to welcome guests to your patio, then you need to think about how to increase the outdoor seating area.

It will be easiest and most budget-friendly to make chairs like this one. Paint in a color that will match the existing furniture and enjoy it.

via Enigneer Your Space

45. Make a Custom Canvas and Metal Ring Suspension Decor

Summer Splendor Basket Swing #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This is a simple DIY project which requires basic building and sewing skills. Cover a metal ring with canvas and suspend with rope, belts or chains.

46. Enjoy Summer by the Sea with a Pallet Furniture Set

Terrace Outdoor Dining Set #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This set is inspired by the summer holidays at the seaside. If you want to bring the ocean closer to you, this is the best furniture project for you.

Made entirely of pallets, the paint combo quickly carries us away to our favorite place.

via Bridgman

47. Repurpose Your Old Wooden Bed into an Outdoor Bench

Upcycled Bed to Bench Tutorial #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

The ornaments are what make wooden beds beautiful. So next time you change your bed, don’t throw the headboard away.

Instead, use it to build the structure of a rustic outdoor bench.

via Dream a Little Bigger

48. Get an Affordable and Stylish Wire Table

Wire Basket Side Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

You know how expensive these wire tables are, don’t you?

Well, this one will cost you not more than $3 dollars and will look just as well.

via The Shabby Creek Cottage

49. Make a Two-Person Rocking Chair

Wooden Chaise Recliner #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This rocking chair is a masterpiece in DIY carpentry as it is stable and wide enough to take up two adults.

If you have the appropriate tools and advanced skills, you won’t find it difficult to make one for your backyard.

via Perchica

50. Multifunctional X-Piece Furniture for Compact Spaces

DIY X-Stool or Table #diy #outdoor #furniture #decorhomeideas

This X-piece of furniture is multifunctional as it can be used as a flower stand, a side table or a stool.

Its small footprint scores another point for that project as the stool can easily be hidden beneath the sofa when not used in any way.

via Lady Goats

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