30 Awesome Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Home and Yard

The outdoor components of your home get so much love and attention during the daylight hours when each feature is visible.

During the night, however, these same features can be overlooked and may even be unsafe.

Best Landscaping Lighting Ideas. Add more light and texture to your backyard with these creative landscape lighting ideas. Best ideas and designs with photos. #decorhomeideas

That’s why outdoor lighting, whether in the landscape, driveway, entranceway, or backyard is paramount to your home’s beauty, ambiance, and safety.

Check out these fantastic landscape lighting ideas and find some inspiration for your next project!

1. Illuminate Your Pathway with Rope Lighting

Brick Edging With Lighting #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Adding both safety and beauty, this landscape lighting scheme borders an existing path.

Alongside the brick edging of a stone path, a bright string of rope light has been fastened. The rope light is only placed on the side of the path open to the lawn.

2. Create a Magical Atmosphere with an Enchanting Tree-Lit Patio

Bright Lights Strung in a Tree #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea sets a magical mood for any twilight outdoor gathering.

Sparkling bulb string lights are hung in a nearby tree that grows through the patio. The lights are placed in a circle and come in and through the leaves.

3. Light Up Your Home with Ground Floodlights

Dramatic Uplighting on Your Home #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Using carefully placed ground floodlights, this idea illuminates your landscape and home with unmatched brilliance.

Six ground floodlights are placed within mulching and directed towards the exterior of the home. These are paced every six feet to maximize the lighting on the home.

via Outdoor Lighting St Louis

4. Landscape Lighting Ideas for Hidden Outdoor Lights

Garden Lights Hidden in Rocks #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

With a crafty design, this landscape lighting idea carefully hides bulky outdoor lights to look like rock edging.

Small LED ground lights have been covered with a gray rock shell and are placed along the edging of a landscape piece with similar rocks.

5. Illuminate Your Summer Pool Party with Globe String Lights

Globe Lights Hung On Hooks by the Pool #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Giving a summer pool party just enough evening ambiance, this idea gives a glowing border.

Globe string lights are hung across staked hooks, bordering the deck of an outdoor pool. These are placed just along one edge of the pool.

6. Light Up Your Landscape with Tree-Wrapped String Lights

Globe Lights Over a Table #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea uses a nearby tree to add a natural element to the bright ambiance.

Globe string lights are wound into an overhanging tree and its branches. Underneath is a table with candle-lit lanterns.

via Garden Trading

7. Elegant Driveway Illumination with Stacked Bollard Lights

Landscape Lighting Idea for Driveways #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Setting your driveway in an elegant border, this landscape lighting idea uses neatly stacked bollard lights.

Along the top edge of the driveway’s concrete border wall, thin bollard lights are placed every two feet.

via Install It Direct

8. Water Garden Lighting for Enchanting Outdoor Spaces

Landscape Lighting Idea for Water #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

With a fairy tale look, this landscape lighting idea combines water and light.

Small LED lights are put along with small fountains in the water edging along an outdoor garden scape. These are used in conjunction with nearby lighting for decorative trees.

9. Brighten Luxurious Landscapes with Conical Crystal Lanterns

Landscape Lighting Idea with Lanterns #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea casts an opulent glow on nearby shrubs and flowers.

Conical lanterns with crystal shells have LED lights put in them to cast a shimmering light. These are placed atop thick wooden square posts.

via The Navage Patch

10. Add Safety and Ambience with Stair Lighting

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Stairs #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

With a soft amber glow, this landscape lighting idea is focused on adding safety to your entrance stairs.

A small rectangular light is embedded into the front of each stair that leads up to the front of the house. The emitting light is a mild yellow.

11. Illuminate Your Garden with Flower-Filled Globe Lights

Lighted Planters with Flowers #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Transforming flowerpots into magical globes of light, this landscape lighting scheme will have you living your backyard fairy tale.

Large, round planters are made into bright LED globe lights, while still having bountiful flowers in them. This is done to three outdoor focal points.

12. Enhance Exterior Art with Wall-Mounted LED Lights

Lighting on the Wall #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea adds a soft touch of artful illumination to the wall in the backyard.

Three art LED lights are placed in the tops of tall rectangular inlets in an outdoor wall. These inlets have a stone veneer and are over three green ferns.

via The Garden Light Company

13. Light Up Garden Paths with Stylish Landscape Lighting

Lights Along the Path #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

With safety and an inviting ambiance in mind, this landscape lighting idea focuses on creating a well-lit pathway through the garden.

Along either side of a stone garden path, tall metal and wood path lights are placed on alternating sides in the mulching every two feet.

via Outdoor Lights

14. Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Landscape String Lighting

Lights Along the Top of the Fence #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Giving the warm and comforting appearance of the glow of a fire, this landscape lighting idea uses carefully placed string lights to create an illusion.

Small bulb string lights are placed along the top of a wooden fence, surrounding an outdoor seating area. The string lights are tripped up on top of the fence.

15. Brighten Your Backyard with LED Lighting on an Arbor

Lights Hanging from an Arbor #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Creating your magical area in the backyard, this landscape lighting idea adds just a touch of illumination to an arbor.

Across the wooden arch of an arbor, a simple LED light has been placed, setting the blue glow of night into amber hues. This rests atop a metal chair.

via From House To Home

16. Landscape Illuminated with Artfully Placed LEDs 

Lights Hiding in the Greenery #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea uses well-placed LEDs to cast artful shadows on the walls.

Within landscaping green ferns and plants LED lights are buried. The yellow light sends fun leafy shadows over the wall, adding height and dimension to the walkway.

via Scoop

17. Light Up Outdoor Stairwells with Round Wall Lights

Lights Set in a Brick Wall #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Adding safety to your outdoor stairwell without being too overbearing, this landscape lighting idea uses round wall lights.

A few inches above each stair, round, top-covered wall light is embedded into the brick. These lights burn bright yellow to make the stairwell visible.

18. Use LED Lighting for an Aesthetically Appealing Staircase 

Lights Set in the Top of Stairs #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

With safety in mind, this landscape lighting idea illuminates your stone stairwell.

Rectangular LED lights have been affixed to the overhanging stone in each stair. In addition to making the environment safer, it also highlights the texture of the stone.

via Illuminated Gardens

19. Minimalist Walkway Landscape Lighting

Lights to Mark the Edge of the Path #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea uses a minimalist touch to accent a walkway.

Small button LED lights are placed into the dark wooden boards of a walkway leading from the deck. These are placed every six boards and are used in conjunction with the floodlights on the deck itself.

20. Accentuate Natural Look with Split Log Coverings for Lighting

DIY Log Landscape Lights #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Giving your landscape lighting a more natural look, this scheme uses split log coverings to dim the amber glow of outdoor lighting.

Along a natural walkway in the garden, bright yellow floodlights are spaced a few feet apart. Atop these lights split log coverings are placed.

via Duncan Meerding

21. Garden Walkway Illuminated with Magical Stairway Luminaries

Luminaries Going Up the Steps #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Creating a magical walkway, this landscape lighting idea invites your guests into a whimsical fairy tale.

Cylindrical luminaries are placed along every other step in a natural-looking stairway through the garden.

Their soft glow combines with the beauty of nearby roses and hydrangeas to create a wonderful look.

22. Light Up Your Entryway with Up-Lighting and Ground Lanterns

A Mixture of Uplighting and Lanterns #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting scheme combines the best of up-lighting and ground lights to create the perfect, well-lit entranceway.

Near the front door, two tall ground lanterns flood the walkway with dim light. Along the front of the house, bright LED lights illuminate the exterior of the home.

via Poynter Landscape

23. Illuminate Your Walkway with an Amber Lighting Border

Recessed Lighting along the Edge #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Adding an artful border of amber lighting, this landscape lighting idea uses recesses in your walkway.

Small LED lights are affixed to the bottom of recesses in the stone walkway. This lights up the small stone edging border nearby.

24. Enhance Curb Appeal of an Entryway Captivating Illumination 

Small Subtle Lanterns along the Path #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

With graceful elegance, this landscape lighting idea highlights the features of your entranceway.

Tall wooden and metal lanterns are placed on alternating sides of the cobbled walkway.

25. Brighten Your Garden with Modern Planter Landscape Lighting

Small Uplights Between the Planters #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea highlights your well-manicured shrubs and their modern planters.

Along the border of a deck and between tall concrete planters, small LED lights are placed. These send light up through the planters.

26. Upgrade Your Garden Pathway with Solar Lighting

Solar Glowing Lanterns by the Path #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Using the power of the sun at night, this landscape lighting idea makes your backyard garden pathway clearly visible.

Solar path lights are spaced two feet apart and placed on alternating sides of a cobbled stone path in the backyard.

27. Backyard Landscape with Whimsical Tea Kettle Lights

DIY Spilling Solar Lights #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Creating a magical piece of artwork, this landscape lighting idea gives your backyard a whimsical focal piece.

From a hanging metal tea kettle spills several strings of fairy lights. These glow an orangey amber hue and brighten the area with warmth and wonder.

via The Navage Patch

28. Enhance Your Terrace Stairs with LED Lighting

Terraced Stairs with Recessed Lighting #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea seeks to make the terraced stairs leading to your house visible and safe.

Soft glowing LED lights are placed in recessed among these stairs to make each step easy to see.

Further lighting is added to ferns and along the wall to showcase the area’s features.

via Litecraft

29. Transform Your Outdoors with Tree Trunk Fairy Lights

Tree Trunks Wrapped with Lights #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Adding whimsy and fantasy to your outdoor gathering, this landscape lighting idea uses the existing natural features of your backyard.

Strings of amber fairy lights are wrapped around the tree trunks surrounding the seating area of your gathering.

The lights wind up the tree for seven feet to add natural height.

via Steven Michael

30. Elevate Your Landscape with a Tube Lighting Border

Tube Lighting Along the Rocks #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

This landscape lighting idea uses tube lighting as edging to give an appearance of a line of fire.

Along a wall of bordering stone rocks, a single line of bright tube lights is placed into the ground.

This gives the appearance of a border of light and fire, which is both warming and inviting.

via Hometalk

31. Enhance the Beauty of Tree Heights with Floodlights

Uplighting Behind the Trees #lighting #landscape #garden #decorhomeideas

Place some floodlights in the greenery and let them illuminate the tree heights.

via Sarah Akwisombe

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