30 Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Yard and Garden

Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to make your yard more appealing and functional.

The right lights are both practical and beautiful, illuminating your space and creating a vibe.

Whether you want to turn the yard into a romantic escape or a bright area for family dinners, these gorgeous yards can help you find the perfect lighting solution.

Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas. Outstanding outdoor lighting ideas for your house. Liven up your outdoor space with these fantastic outdoor lighting ideas. #decorhomeideas

1. Luminous Caged String Lights

Add a Bird-cage to your Tree Lighting for Interest #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for ways to jazz up typical string lights?

Amp up the illumination and the style factor by tucking a short string of lights into a hanging birdcage.

The cage looks lovely during the day and comes to life as soon as you turn on the lights.

via La Escuela De Decoracion

2. Add Interest With Various Light Strings

Be Creative with Single Outlet Points #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Power outlets are the biggest limiting factor for outdoor lighting.

If you’re working with one power point, don’t bother with extension cords; instead, use the outlet as the starting point for multiple strands of lights.

If necessary, you can use a simple outlet expander to create extra points.

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3. Carry Candlelight Throughout The Space

Carry a Candle Theme with a Variety of Lighting Options #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Create a romantic, softly-lit outdoor space with a variety of candles.

For maximum brightness, use candles in multiple spots: an outdoor fireplace, wall sconces, chandeliers, and shelves.

Whether you choose real or battery-operated versions, the result is sure to be magical.

via Southern Living

4. Illuminate A White Theme With String Bulbs

Clean White Walls, Fabric, and Bulbs Lighten this Outdoor Space #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Is your only outdoor space dark or completely covered by a porch or upper deck?

An all-white theme can help it feel light and cheerful.

White walls, furniture, and lights transform this dim patio to a fresh, open space.

via Zevy Joy

5. Add Permanent Hard-Wired Lanterns

Consider Electric Hard-wired Lighting Options #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

When you spend lots of time outdoors, hard-wired lighting is a worthwhile investment.

Here, hanging lanterns elevate a beautiful porch; after dark, just switch them on for soft illumination.

With hard-wired fixtures, there’s no need to worry about outlets and cords.

via Ballard Designs

6. Combine Flickering Candles With Recessed Lighting

Couple Recessed Lighting and Candles for a Mellow Vibe #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Have you ever seen an outdoor area that seems to glow from within?

The secret is recessed lights. Tuck them behind plants or into the earth and adjust the lights so they point up.

Add a few candles for a gentle, flickering glow.

via Cote Maison

7. Add Ethereal Ambience With String Light Curtains

Curtains of Lights Bring Fairy-tale Charm #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Whether you’re setting up for an event or turning your back porch into a fairy-tale escape, a light curtain is the perfect solution.

Hang individual strands of lights vertically to create a beautiful illuminated wall.

The result is bright yet soothing, making it a perfect option for dinner parties or wedding receptions.

8. Integrate Walls Into Your Lighting Concept

Don’t Forget Walls When Considering Outdoor Lighting #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

As you’re illuminating an outdoor space, overhead lights are a natural fit.

Don’t forget about a fence or an exterior wall — it’s the perfect canvas for string lights.

Hang them in soft loops for extra brightness in a small space.

via Domino

9. Capture Fairy Lights With Illuminated Mason Jars

Fairy Lights Join with Mason Jars in this Simple and Pretty Solution #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Enhance a simple strand of fairy lights with a collection of small Mason jars.

To make this project work, select heavy-duty outdoor lights with wires that are strong enough to support jars.

Simply drop a light inside the jar and secure it by placing the lid over the wire.

via Closette

10. Lanterns Double As Colorful Décor

Garden Lanterns Go From Night To Day Decor

This creative outdoor lighting project looks good at any time of the day or night.

It’s easy to make — just pop a battery-operated candle inside a decorative lantern.

During the day, the lanterns take center stage; after dark, the lights emit a cozy glow.

via Home Depot

11. Repurpose Glass Bottles As Whimsical Torches

Green Glass Bottles Reborn as Gorgeous Torches #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Brighten your outdoor space and help the Earth by turning old wine bottles into torches.

The green glass changes the color and quality of the light, giving your garden an otherworldly charm.

Sink the lights into a planter or directly into the ground.

via Archinect

12. Emphasize A Stunning Tree With Lights

Highlight your Garden’s Assets with Strung Lighting and Sconces #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

In a large yard, multiple lighting types offer the most effective glow.

Here, the homeowner illuminates the space from above with a set of string lights in a tree.

At the same time, sconce lights on the bottom of the fence eliminate dark corners.

via Estilo and Deco

13. Go For Natural Ambience With Classic Bulbs

Keep Bare Bulbs Soft for a Rustic Feel #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Elegant and classic, strands of bare light bulbs never go out of style.

The options are endless — string them along a fence, between trees or posts, or across your deck railings.

If you don’t have an existing structure, sink vertical posts into a planter filled with cement for sturdy, portable supports.

via Home Depot

14. Illuminate A Deck Space

Keep it Simple With Oversized Fairy Lights #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Here’s another simple yet effective way to use string lights; simply mount them underneath your deck railing.

To achieve a neat, even design, make sure to fasten the lights at each post.

15. Cluster Tiki Torches For A Fun Light Display

Level up your Tiki-torch Game with Creative Placement #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Tiki torches are a classic type of outdoor lighting.

Put a fun, unexpected spin on these timeless pieces by arranging them in an unexpected way.

Here, a cluster of tiki torches appears to grow from a large planter, acting as an extension of a large green plant.

16. String Lights Go Elegant With Fabric Bulbs

Light Begets Light with Illuminated Fabric Bulbs #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Covered with white fabric shades, these gorgeous string bulbs diffuse the light and create a soft, relaxing glow.

Hang them from the ceiling or arrange them in bunches to give your outdoor porch or patio a welcoming feeling.

via Ensuus

17. DIY Stunning Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Candle Chandelier for a Lighting Statement #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

This stunning chandelier proves that statement lighting is just as beautiful outside as it is inside.

It looks elegant, thanks to its metal hangers and decorative rocks in the jars, but it’s exceptionally easy to make.

Just use a barbecue lighter to light each candle.

via Decoracion 2.0

18. Eclectic Light Features Create A Captivating Mix

Mix up Lighting Sources for an Interesting Variety #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Outdoor lighting is similar to indoor lighting in one key way: more types of lighting create better coverage and a more interesting style.

On your patio, don’t be afraid to mix it up with candles, lanterns, string lights, and more.

via Show Home NL

19. Mirror Your Coastal Driftwood Color Scheme

Neutral Colors and Glass for a Perfect Lighting Palette #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Whether your yard is beachy or rustic, you can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette.

Here, candles in shades of white, cream, and beige combine to create a contemporary and stylish look that matches any home.

We love the creative cut-off glass bottles used as hurricane shades.

20. Create A Colorful Bohemian Mix Of Fabrics

Pair Ethnic Fabrics with Soft Lantern Lighting #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Wouldn’t you love to curl up in this outdoor relaxation space?

Fun and colorful, it’s perfect for cocktails with friends or an evening with your favorite book.

Lights covered in colorful printed fabric complement the cheerful pillows for a bohemian vibe.

21. Jar Lanterns Add Moveable Candle Lighting

Pillar Candle Lanterns are Stylishly Simple #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

When you want to create a romantic and elegant look, you can’t go wrong with candle lanterns.

Choose oversized lanterns that fit large pillar candles for a look that’s interesting and subtle.

via Mom Where Is My Car

22. Simple Yet Stunning Jar Candleholders

Sand-filled Jars Make Perfect Candle Holders #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a way to update your outdoor space without spending much time or money?

These beautiful jars filled with tall pillars are a great solution.

Just fill the bottom of each jar with sand; it supports the candle and adds soft color and texture.

23. Light Your Umbrella For Seating Area Ambience

Simple Bulbs Make Umbrellas Useful for Night Lighting #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

When you don’t have vertical posts or a convenient exterior wall, an outdoor umbrella is a convenient spot for your outdoor lights.

Hang a strand of lights from the umbrella, using the ribs for support.

This is a lovely way to illuminate an outdoor dining table for summer evening meals.

24. Hooks Create Hanging Space For Jar Lanterns

Simple Mason Jar Candle Lanterns are a Classic Choice #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Help guests find their way around your home with hanging candle lanterns.

These simple pieces feature candles in Mason jars and a wire hanging loop.

Suspend them from wall-mounted hooks for a piece that’s beautiful and useful.

via Home Depot

25. Reclaimed Wood Highlights A Rustic Chandelier

Space-saving Lighting Elements are Pretty and Practical #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

When your yard is small, make the most of the space by hanging lights from the ceiling.

This creative chandelier features Mason jars suspended from a reclaimed wooden plank.

Add a candle in a bed of sand to each jar for an elegant and beautiful light fixture.

26. A Backyard Fire Pit Creates Its Own Light

Stay Warm and Bright with an Outdoor Fire Pit #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

If you like to relax in the great outdoors, a fire pit is a perfect addition to your yard.

The flames create plenty of illumination on their own, but you can add string lights and a lighted wall sign for extra brightness.

via Simple Stylings

27. Complement Fairy Lights With A Basket Of Bulbs

Strung Lights Shine with a Repurposed Basket Chandelier #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Do you have an old wire basket at home?

Fill it with hay and a string of lights, and you have a DIY outdoor chandelier that sets your space apart.

We also love the imperfect strands of lights that adorn the tree and the brick wall.

via Blog Lovin

28. Play With Shadows Using Patterned Lanterns

Stunning Lanterns with Intricate Patterns to Light the Way #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Help your guests navigate an outdoor staircase with intricate metal lanterns.

The geometric laser-cut patterns create fascinating patterns of shadow and light, setting the tone for an elegant yet playful event.

For maximum visual impact, look for lanterns in varying sizes and colors.

29. Stick With A White Palette For Farmhouse Chic

Think Wicker and White for Shabby Chic Lighting #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Is your outdoor space rustic?

Play up the shabby-chic vibe with a combination of wicker candle holders and distressed metal lanterns.

By choosing lighting in an all-white color palette, you can create unity while embracing a pop of eclectic charm.

30. Create A Whimsical Light Display In The Garden

Use Garden Tools for Unexpected Lighting Whimsy #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

Head to the outdoor section of your favorite craft or home-goods store to find battery-operated LEDs.

These tiny strands feature thin wires connecting each light and a battery pack that’s a breeze to hide.

Here, the lights are arranged to create a glimmering stream of water from a watering can that’s suspended from a post.

This is a fun way to brighten a walkway or the side of the house.

via Smart School House

31. Brighten A Cozy Space For Big Impact

Well-placed Lighting can Enlarge Smaller Spaces #lighting #yard #outdoor #decorhomeideas

This spectacular patio proves that small spaces can have a big impact.

This design is all about the lighting. White lights hang from the roofline, drawing the eye up and creating the illusion of height.

For extra brightness, white lights reflect off of a white lattice and light-colored furniture.

via Tiny Canal Cottage

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