35 Relaxing Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Create The Perfect Retreat

We have seen a lot of examples with outdoor pieces taken into the interior decor. The effect is amazing! It enhances the welcoming vibe, adds visual interest and gives the decor a personalized touch!

Today, we are going to see the decor effect reviewed the other way around- how replication of an indoor decor scene can turn a piece of the backyard into a cozy outdoor living space.

Best Outdoor Living Space Ideas. Outdoor living space ideas to help you relax outside of your home during warm weather. Some DIY projects and design ideas to inspire you. #decorhomeideas

Enjoy the warm weather in the year in your own backyard with our 35 Relaxing Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Create The Perfect Retreat!

1. Use Black and White Colors in Seating Area

Black and White Outdoor Seating Arrangement #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

Black and white- classic and elegant! The outdoor living room you design can look and feel as stylish as you imagine it if you choose this color combination. The rattan sets are offered in natural rattan color, black and white.

Add cushions in the contrasting color and mix and match them together in the pattern of the pillowcases.

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2. Softly Lit Bistro Set Creates Intimate Dining Scene

Casual Dining Area on a Candlelit Patio #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

A small deck platform can also become an oasis for summer nights if the practical and appealing design of the furniture and the accents are chosen.

The wooden beams the deck is made for ask for a more casual farmhouse and vintage charm. A compact set of four foldable chairs and a table nested in the corner feel just enough. A woven outdoor rug, a few flower pots and candle lanterns give the outdoor living space a cozy and inviting feel.

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3. A Tanning Area With Chaise Lounge Chairs

Chaise Lounges for an Outdoor Nap #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

If you are lucky to have a big patio, you can form a few nooks- a dining area, an outdoor kitchen and a relaxing zone. The relaxing zone of our example consists of three lounges with an interesting woven texture looking right to the garden.

If there aren’t any trees planted next to them, you can add exotic plants in flower pots to enhance the privacy feel.

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4. Add Funky Finds and Pops of Color

Charming Outdoor Seating Area with Colorful Touches #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

This porch outdoor living space is small but so comfortable and appealing. There is all you may need for a coffee out. Two sofas with soft cushions backed up with colorful pillows.

The table is centered on an outdoor rug that anchors the coziness of this nook and the feel of being indoors. Flower pots and other accents used in the interior complement this design approach.

5. Add Hammock and Park Bench to a Balcony

City Backyard with Hammock and Benches #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The hammock is never odd if you have your own outdoor living space. In case there are no large trees to support it, you can get one with its own metal support to enjoy the relaxation only a hammock can provide.

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6. Wicker, Color and Palm Trees Bring Tropical Vibe

Colorful Poolside Seating Area with Wicker #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for the best place to make your outdoor living space, that can be the pool. Built right next to it, the living space is given multifunction.

During the day, it can be used for a quick rest or meal after swimming. In the night, the pool acts as an inviting and romantic element inviting you to have dinner out in the fresh air and under the stars.

7. Rattan Armchairs With Plump Cushions Under Arbor

Comfortable Wicker Chairs with Plump Cushions #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The design of this wicker furniture considers maximum comfort in the outdoors. Most of the outdoor-friendly furniture designs are simpler, compact and not as comfortable as compared to indoor furniture.

Well, these rattan armchairs are deep and equipped with soft cushions to embrace the body and feel instant relaxation. Add a small side table just in case to place a glass of wine or coffee.

8. Surround a Fire Pit With Modern Lounge Chairs

Comfy Lounge Chairs Around a Fire Pit #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The design of these chairs is very interesting and clever. They combine an armchair and a lounge in one to ensure comfort and a good stretch of the body with a relatively compact footprint.

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They are strategically positioned around an over-the-deck firepit which warmth will ensure longer time spent outdoors.

9. Recreate a Sunroom on Your Patio

Comfy Porch Seating with Hanging Lights #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

This outdoor living room is built on the patio. Living evergreen trees form a living privacy partition. There are two nooks as if in an indoor living room- a dining area and a relaxing zone.

The color choice here goes in the neutral palette and both zones are united by it and by small accents such as the throws.

10. Add Bench Seating With Oversized Pillows

Cushioned Bench with Lots of Pillows #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The furniture of this outdoor living space idea has been entirely DIY. Pallets and wooden boards create an N-shaped sofa. Soft cushions and large pillows ensure comfort around a wooden square table.

The design style of this nook is very welcoming- neutral colors, natural textures and lighting elements seen above the comfortable seating set and on the table.

11. Build a Coastal Lounge on Your Patio

Dreamy Patio Dining Area with Blue Accents #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

This patio reminds a nook on a beach house. This impression is possible thanks to blue accents spread around, the white macrame curtain, the sail shade fabric woven through the pergola beams.

Antique tableware, lanterns and wall decorations give the outdoor space a personalized touch taking you to another time.

12. Hanging Egg Chair Is Perfect Reading Nook

Hanging Egg Chair with Inviting Cushions #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

Adding an egg-shaped hanging chair to the patio instantly says that this is a private space for one person only.

There are people preferring this design better than the hammock for reasons like limited space or simply comfort level. If you are one of them, you may want to “steal” an inspiration from this outdoor living space example.

Place the hanging chair under a pergola or under a large tree crown to have a natural shade during the day. Surround the chair with tall plants if you want to enhance the privacy feel.

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13. Low Furniture Keeps the Party Down to Earth

Inviting Outdoor Seating Arrangement with Low Tables #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The height of the tables should be coherent with the height of the chairs so that when a person sits, he can comfortably reach out for the tableware without loading his back or feet.

This outdoor living space design showcases what is the best table for a lounge-type of sitting chairs. It is low, on two levels and made from wood to complement the natural rattan of the seats. Additional seats are ensured by cushions placed directly on the ground.

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14. Pergola Over White Wrought Iron Patio Set

Lovely Arbor over Wrought Iron Furniture #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

If there isn’t a roof over the patio, install a pergola. You would soon realize that this is one of the best choices you have made for your outdoor living nook once the sun becomes stronger.

The pergola doesn’t completely stop the light, it is the golden mean between open and closed outer space.

The wooden material of the pergola and its design imprint an aristocratic taste so added wrought iron patio furniture beneath it perfectly matches this concept.

15. Keeping It Simple Keeps It Modern

Modern and Understated Seating Area #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The outdoor living spaces usually repeat the decor of the indoor spaces. Here we see a combination of natural materials twisted through the prism of the modern minimalist.

Wooden slats from an L-shaped sitting bench equipped with comfy cushions and pillows. The table is of simple design and large enough to accommodate tableware for a dinner out of the whole family.

The decorative concrete fence painted grey anchors the minimalist style in the nook. The built-in niche exposes a planter that sets a cozy atmosphere.

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16. Globe Lights Glow Over Modern Patio Set

Modern Style Seating Area with Globe Lights #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

To enjoy your outdoor living room ultimately, you need to think about how to ensure lighting in the night. One of the cheapest and most appealing means is outdoor strings of lights that can be found in various designs.

This outdoor living space design idea showcases a basic design of the lights consisting of a black cable and bulbs. The simplicity of the basic design adds a casual feel to the atmosphere of this nook.

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17. Bring Home the Beach With Coastal Colors

Outdoor Living Area with Blue and Striped Accents #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The rattan patio furniture combined with a comfortable design and complemented with bright cushions and pillows distinguish the design of this nook as coast-inspired.

The color palette is typical for the nautical style- sandy, blue, green and orange. There are plenty of glass accessories that match this style such as vases, lanterns and tableware.

via House Beautiful

18. Patio Accessorized With Indoor Furnishings

Outdoor Sectional Couch with an Indoor Feel #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The outdoor living space can be an affordable dream come true if it is made from recycled materials. Pallets inspire many outdoor projects, and one of the most inspiring ones is outdoor furniture.

Simply stack the pallets and secure them with L-brackets and screws to form the seats. The backs can be positioned tightly against the fence or secured with screws to the seat support.

Make a comfortable seating area with cushions and pillows. Add lanterns, vintage reading lamps, glass or clay vases to give the nook a welcoming and cozy vibe.

19. Chandelier Created From Hanging Planter

Oversized Round Table with Hanging Ferns #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

We see another outdoor design idea combining the wooden pergola with the wrought iron sitting set. The match is amazing- elegant and welcoming! A large pot with fern stays in a hanging basket above the center of the table.

Vintage lanterns stretched on outdoor strings surround the pergola roof frame to spread smooth light in the night.

via Gardener’s Oasis

20. Divide a Large Patio Into Smaller Zones

Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces for your Porch #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The size of this porch is perfect to accommodate a rattan couch and two armchairs forming the relaxing zone and a dining furniture set.

The walls are painted white to create a visual illusion for a wider space. The tones of the furniture and the accompanying cushions continue the neutral palette. Accents in blue, green and yellow add the nautical style there to enhance the coziness.

via Lane Homes and Remodeling

21. Create a Lounge Area with Swing Chair and Textiles

Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces with a Hammock Swing #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

Another more compact idea for a swinging outdoor piece of furniture is the hammock chair. It can be suspended on the pergola beam and create a reading nook for one.

Added small footprint side table provides comfort on a hot day. Basic throws are stretched on the deck to make extra space for relaxing and even for a nap thanks to the soft pillows.

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22. Create a Wall With Greenery

Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces with Greenery #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The more greenery there is close to the outdoor living area, the more advantages you will get. Firstly, trees provide shade. Shrubs and plants in an edging garden ensure privacy.

The greenery also helps to create a visually appealing bond between the items created by the human race and the elements of nature.

23. Plaid Cushions Keep It Inviting

Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces with Plaid Cushions #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The plaid fabric of the cushions instantly makes the atmosphere of the outdoor nook inviting. In the interior, we are used to using this fabric pattern in the decor during the colder months.

This is what our consciousness associates it with- warmth, softness and casual relaxation. So there is no wonder why the fabric looks so good on the outdoor sofa.

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24. Blend Textiles With Organic Elements

Rustic Southwestern Style Outdoor Living Space #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The Mediterranean impact can be easily felt and seen in this outdoor living area. Rolls of bamboo cover the log-made pergola structure to filter light.

Decking from tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern covers the entire porch to remind the floor of an indoor living room.

The furniture of this coastal-style outdoor nook is very inspiring. The basis of the sofa is made from cement. Soft cushions are set on it to make it comfortable for sitting and laying.

Instead of a table, there is a set of three polished wood trunks. Added large vintage lantern ad clay pots complement the design to tie it up as a rustic outdoor oasis.

via Casa Y Diseno

25. Make a Statement With Wood and Stone Elements

Rustic Table and Chairs with an Ocean View #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The best place for the outdoor nook is the one with a charging nice view. That could be the porch, the patio or the balcony.

You do not need any special furniture or accessories to make the outdoor living space usable. If the living space is built under a shelter, even the indoor furniture can be repurposed and kept in a good condition.

For an affordable makeover, use a pastel color of paint to give pieces of the outdoor decor a coastal-inspired effect.

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26. Flowing Long Curtains Soften the View

Serene Seating Area with Curtains #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

Ensure the privacy of the outdoor living area with curtains. This is a quick solution that also thinks about the budget.

The curtains can be added to the pergola with a plain curtain rod. If there is no pergola, you can hang them with screws or hooks to existing support.

27. Bold Throw Pillows Bring Moroccan Style

Shady Porch with Moroccan Prints #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The style of the rattan outdoor furniture can quickly be transformed with suitable accents. For a Moroccan impact, change the plain pillowcases with colorful fabric in typical Moroccan patterns.

Make sure that the rest of the decor is simpler to let the accents stand out and keep the vision and the atmosphere balanced.

via House Beautiful

28. Build a Traditional Stone Fireplace

Sophisticated Wicker Arrangement by an Outdoor Fireplace #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The outdoor features that call on adding a seating set are the pool, the fire pit and the outdoor fireplace.

The focus of this outdoor living space idea is a tall fireplace lined with stones. Two armchairs and a dual-function ottoman are placed in front of it so that people sitting there take advantage of the radiated heat and delicacy of the firelight.

Flower pots and lanterns complement the reproduction of a piece from the interior in the outdoors to make the nook more special and welcoming.

via Ethan Allen

29. Reclaimed Lumber Transforms Into Understated Sectional

Understated Black and White Outdoor Arrangement #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The bench of this outdoor living space follows the shape of the decorative concrete patio deck. IT is made from reclaimed wooden beams which spread rustic charm and give the nook a cozy feel.

The stylish design of the nook comes from the color choices and the mix of natural textures. The space is built next to a wild field landscape decor where you can feel a strong connection with nature.

30. Add Unique Canopy to Intimate Seating Area

Unique Canopy with Sectional Couch #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

This outdoor living space decor takes us to a more exotic place. The wooden pergola is replaced by a metal half-sphere canopy. The basis of the N-shaped sofa is an integral part of the iron pergola.

Added bright pillows and flower garlands make the nook cheerful and inviting.

via David Martin

31. Add Tables and Vintage Pieces to Patio Set

Vintage Look Wicker Furniture with Muted Accents #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

The rustic decor of this outdoor living space is so unique and inviting. The weathered whitewash color of the rattan furniture complements the reclaimed wood tables.

Being built next to a water feature, the zone needs nautical accents. Pale blue colored pillows and lanterns imprint the coastal decor style and give the decor a personalized touch.

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32. Bring the Energy With Vibrant Colors

Vividly Colorful and Whimsical Seating Area #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

Want to be bold and unique in the design of your outdoor living space? There is no better way to do it with bold colors.

The mix of colors and textures create a bohemian style ambiance that sets the mode for entertainment and fun with family and friends.

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33. Add Small Lounge Areas Poolside

Wonderful Dining Area for Your Poolside #outdoorlivingspaces #decorhomeideas

A simple brown and blue combination provides the outdoor oasis with a large amount of cozy coastal vibe. The outdoor living space is built next to the pool to take advantage of the calming look of the water.

Strings of outdoor lights trace the air above the backyard to add a pinch of magic to the night.

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