40+ Amazing Beach House Interior Design Ideas

Do you love summer, the ocean and sunny days?

If you do, then you have come to the right place! Here you will find coastal interior design ideas that can be incorporated in any place.

Indeed, you don’t have to be actually living on the coast to bring a cheerful mood and sunny atmosphere to your home. You can do it by recreating a similar atmosphere in your space through decorative details and furniture.

Best Beach House Interior Design Ideas. If you are in love with sun, beach and sand then these amazing beach house interior design ideas are what you need to make your home feel like a holiday escape. #decorhomeideas

And if you think that this idea can be postponed for another time, think again. Psychologists advise having a piece of beach house interior to help yourself relax naturally and get rid of the unpleasant experience of life and beat melancholy.

The ideas below will outline a coastal style that will enjoy your senses all year long.

1. Tropical Resort Style Bar Cart

A Beach Cart with Space for Drinks #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

A cart on wheels is an affordable means to recreate a summer memory when there are no obligations but only relaxing under the sun.

Place it in an empty corner or next to the sofa to always have a lazy drink night. To let the beach vibe be easily felt, add motifs related to the seaside like a pineapple sculpture, palm leaves, seashells.

via Apartment Therapy

2. Indoor Hallway Pier

A Boardwalk-Inspired Hallway to a Balcony #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Interior designers share that coastal living embraces the charm and aged look of rustic and antique accents. Both styles combine so well together as if one complements the other and creates a continuous look.

This hallway represents a mix between these two – a sunny beach hallway is covered with wood in neutral colors to let the unique shapes and signs of an old work table stand out.

Vintage accents are present on all levels- there is a large wicker laundry basket on the floor, boutique lamps on the top of the table and an entire gallery of framed images. The coastal ambiance still has its strong influence thanks to the skeleton of a boat repurposed into a chandelier and the breathtaking view the hallway leads to.

via House Beautiful

3. Sun-Drenched Sea Colors

A Breakfast Nook with Soft Blue Cushions #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

A kitchen should satisfy your natural needs and must be comfortable regardless of its interior style.

When the design is dedicated to the coastal style, it considers coastal paint colors like white and blue. This classic combination brightens the space and makes the ambiance very welcoming and relaxing.

This color combination can be seen in the fabric design of the throw pillows and the cushions for the sitting bench and the chairs.

The personal touch is expressed by adding rustic accents- the wicker mats and the centerpiece holding greenery.

via Everyday Living

4. Coastal Wood And White

A Cozy Breakfast Nook Made from Wood #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

This nook has been created in a mountain farmhouse. Inspired by the cozy feeling ocean brings, it is designed to feel and look like part of a summer beach house.

Because of the architectural specifics of the space, the furniture of this odd niche has been customized to serve well the homeowners. The casual design of the sitting benches is combined with the classic look of the solid wood planks on the floor.

The protruding table top is the master point of this nook, being of a modern design to ensure comfort without taking any of the floor space.

The effect of the minimalist furnishing is smoothened by the charming coastal-themed pattern of the throw pillows and the farmhouse sign clearly stating where the nook will take you after sitting there.

via edb Designs

5. Comfy Dining Nook In Soft Colors

A Cozy Dining Area with Candle Lighting #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

This open and airy shared room is zoned into two nooks. The colors, the fabric patterns, the accents follow the same concept to create a continuous look that will enjoy the eye and will welcome cozy time spent indoors.

Shades of soft green, blue and white figure out the influence of the coastal scenery. Other styles also sneak in to enhance the coziness of this large space-antique stools painted gold sit opposite the stove where a large art makes the cooking nook belong to the stylish design of the room.

Industrial style is marked by the hanging glass globe chandeliers which create a point of interest. Here and there the presence of nature indoors can be seen thanks to vases and flower pots with greenery.

via Kim Grant Design

6. Accentuate The Outdoors

A Diamond On The Bay #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

A sisal rug anchors the sitting zone of this living room situated right opposite a gorgeous view of the endless ocean. The atmosphere of the space is very welcoming and warm because of the predominant farmhouse furniture and decoration.

Wood is painted in three neutral colors to add warmth as it always does. The sitting set is large, comfortable and with a unique vintage design. The sofa is chosen to be of light sandy color. The fabric of the throw pillows has navy blue accents that match the overall color of the armchairs.

An antique lantern creates a point of interest at the highest level, spreading smooth light over the reclaimed coffee table.

via Casabella Interiors

7. Nautical Art Piece

A Dining Setting with an Ocean View #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Beach houses love the farmhouse design because it fits into the conception for a relaxing and welcoming interior. Combining these two in any of the rooms will create a unique vibe that will attract the owners and their guests to enjoy their company and feast their eyes on the revealed natural view.

The antique shapes of the wooden ornaments are highlighted by gentle distressing and the color contrast provided by the adjacent pieces of furniture. The chairs feature a classic coastal color combination- a shade of light sea green with sandy color.

The large painting on the wall across emphasizes the importance of the ocean for the family bringing out the nautical motif of sea sailing.

via House Of Turquoise

8. Statement Shiplap Wall Bath

A His and Her Beach-Themed Bath #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The clean lines of this bathroom create a feeling of organization and neatness. The shiplap planking of the bathroom wall gives this elegant space an old farmhouse look that will let the nautical accents feel right.

Although the nautical influence can be seen only in one detail its design and place achieve its interior application and that is to make the ambiance naturally welcoming.

9. Whitewashed Ceiling Nautical Dining Room

A Long Dining Table in a Rustic Hall #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The coastal interior design is embodied by accents inspired by the natural gifts from the ocean and the magical colors of the waters.

Chevron printed rug covers a large part of the floor to create a point of interest with its greyish blue and white triangles. The chairs sitting on it follow the same color combination but in an alternating sequence.

The glass chandelier reminds me of water drops shaped by the waves of the ocean. A large coral stands on the rustic shelf module which has been affected by the industrial vibes of the contemporary world.

via Heritage Homes Jax

10. Coastal Traditional Bright Bedroom

A Quaint Bedroom with Bright Accent Pillows #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The typical coastal style paint colors can be seen in this cozy bedroom. White, sandy and blue define the first general impression for the interior. Easily, the focus is grabbed by the bright floral printed throw pillows which make the bedroom sunnier.

The headboard is replaced by rustic shiplap which lets the navy blue large pillows pop out.

via The Good Home Interiors

11. Seafoam Green With Rustic Wood Accents

A Rustic Bathroom Mirror and Shelf Design #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The house tour leads us to another part of the home that can easily incorporate the beach interior. The bathroom doesn’t need much modification to materialize the coastal design.

A few vintage elements like wire baskets, wicker containers will solve the issue with the organization and neat storage. Add a jar with seashells, candles embellished with glass beads and you will enjoy an ambiance of maximum relaxation.

via Bless’er House

12. Classic Nautical Stripes And Elements

A Rustic Bedroom with Antique Wooden Furniture #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

This bedroom gives an inspiration about how to let coastal decor get along with the vintage interior. The shape of the furniture and its color clearly speaks of its age and precious value.

To let it become part of the contemporary world and give it a fresh new look, motifs and patterns related to the nautical style are added. The bed covering is in black and white stripes typical for the nautical decor.

Throw pillows covered with fabric mimicking rattan take the first row of the bed decor and the next two rows follow the colors of the covering.

A large painting of a boat stands on the wall behind the bed to enhance the coastal decor influence.

via Barclay Butera Interiors

13. Beachy Rattan In A Bright Sunroom

A Rustic Seating Area for Beach Lovers #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

An easy way to include the beach interior in an existing decor is to add rattan furniture or storage items, as well as small accents in the typical for this style colors.

White, shades of green and blue remind of the variety of colors the ocean shows. It is not surprising that they look amazing in combination. It is a fact that the greatest combinations are inspired by nature.

via Geoff Chick

14. Add Beach Flair With Textures

A White Living Space and Ceiling Fan #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Looking at this image, you will instantly dream of being in this living room having a romantic dinner. The casual ambiance incites optimum relaxation.

You can ensure experiencing the same effect if you decorate the living room with furniture and accents in white. White is related to calmness and purification.

Add two sissal ottomans to create a point of interest and to ensure more seats.

via Jacquelyn Clark

15. Greyed Wood Echoes Coastal Hues

A Wood-Inspired Bathroom with Bronze Fixtures #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

This bathroom is next to the master bedroom and it follows its design concept to create a continuous look. Covered entirely in wood, there isn’t a feeling of overcrowding or limiting the air.

The grey shades and the white color used to create a bright and airy interior. To give the bedroom a point of interest and emphasize the fine taste for details, the metal parts and fixtures are chosen to be of bronze.

via House of Hargrove

16. Bold Coastal Furniture

A Wooden Beachside Room with Blue Accents #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The coastal interior can be easily incorporated only by using a black and blue combination on one large piece from the interior or on small accents.

In this case, the designer has chosen to embody the coastal influence with one and bold statement- choosing a seating set in navy blue and white.

via Muskoka Living

17. Statement Making Driftwood Chandelier

Beach-Inspired Designs with Driftwood and Sea Glass #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

To make the connection from outdoors to the indoors, bring elements from the ocean coast inside your beach house living room.

The chandelier is made of driftwood pieces that create a unique shape that instantly grabs attention. Sea glass bottles in light blue are set on the chest along the wall to match the fabric pattern of the cushions and the pillows on the armchairs.

Different treasures drifted out by the ocean have become an important part of the interior, placed on the table and the storage unit.

via Harper’s Bazaar

18. Rattan And Sea Grass

Beach-Inspired Dining Area with Seaweed Lighting #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The rattan furniture is connected with the coastal interior. So if you place it in your dining room, your ambiance will become more casual and spreading positive beach vibes even if your home is not situated close to the ocean.

To enhance the nautical ambiance, add a vintage chandelier with a seaweed design.

via Charmean Neithart Interiors

19. Coastal Goes Elegant With Stunning Coral

Beach Inspired Living Space with Coral Lighting #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The decorating idea of this living room features a comfortable set for sitting in two different fabric patterns. They are both connected with the coastal design because of their colors.

The influence of the beach style is enhanced by the repetitive motif of the coral. It can be seen as a bold statement represented by the original chandelier and on the table.

via Robb and Stucky

20. Neutral Stripes Evoke Nautical Vibe

Beach Style Living Room #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Adding a small accent to your living room that is related to the ocean environment will easily increase the appealing look of the room.

Candles are affordable and very stylish. You can place them on the mantel or on the tabletop and light them when you feel that the mist illumination will help you relax.

via Huntington House

21. Blue Rug Pops Against Crisp White

Beach Style Open Concept Living Room Design #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

White is a generous and universal canvas when it comes to the interior. Plus, it is related to the coastal design. It easily embraces any type of accents and colors and makes them feel like meant to be there.

Here, the white color allows the designer to become bolder in the usage of darker colors- black, navy blue, grey, sandy and earthy brown shades mix to create a unique interior design with a coastal look.

via Coastal Design Builders

22. Floor To Ceiling Ocean Hues

Bit Of Blue Living Room #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Shades of blue are endless, especially if they are inspired by the colors of the ocean waters. In this beach-inspired room, we can see shades of aqua blue combined with white to let the space feel airy.

via Ethan Allen

23. Glittering Glass In A Calming Space

Breakfast Island with Elegant Glass Light Fixtures #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The ocean can be felt when you come to this eating island. It is comfortable and very organized and the striped pattern of the stool covers let you go to another more relaxing universe.

The coastal style is enhanced by the glass chandeliers hanging close to the island top.

24. Beyond Beachy Blue

Coastal Medium Tone With Orange Accents #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Brighten up the beach-style living room with accents of coral color. The point of interest will be instantly increased because usually the coastal style is connected with the typical sandy, blue and white colors.

But let’s not forget the creatures under the sea which can also inspire the home decor.

via Kate Jackson

25. Sun Sand And Sea

Family Room With Sand and Turquoise Accents #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Sandy colors are perfect for creating a relaxed and homely atmosphere. The beach theme is enhanced and made easy to be concealed by the turquoise color which marks the accentuating pieces in this decor.

via Jordan Burch

26. Paint Color Perfection

Kitchen Beach House Interior Design Ideas #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

You can transform your kitchen into a bright and happy place with shades of green and white. Use them separately or in combination to turn the dark surfaces into clean and appealing pieces of decor.

These bright colors allow to include accents in darker colors which will increase the appeal and give the space a personal touch.

via Sand and Sisal

27. Shimmering Backsplash Reflects Ocean Vibes

Modern Kitchen with a Seaside-Inspired Backsplash #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The coastal theme here is set by the kitchen backsplash. The light turquoise and brown colors create a puzzle reminding of the sparkling reflections of the ocean surface.

The contrast that these colors provide lets the bronze fixtures pop out and create a sophisticated interior.

via Charmean Neithart Interiors

28. Open Coastal Cottage Layout

Open Concept Beach House Living Room #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The airy feeling of this room is embodied not only by the wide windows letting natural light come in. The vintage ceiling fan enhances that and brings a design typical for the beach house interior to this living room.

The light turquoise color of the walls and the creamy color of the furniture enhance the coastal-inspired interior.

via Live Oak Builders

29. Coastal Chic Sunroom With Fire Pit

Open Lounge with a Fire Pit Table #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

This exquisite front porch decor idea takes you to a universe where time doesn’t matter. The combination of rattan, sandy-colored tiles and glass walls let you connect with nature without being actually exposed directly to it.

The fireplace built in the table ensures warmth and a homely vibe to make the porch connect with the internal part of this home.

via Hendel Homes

30. Tropical Island Feel From Palm Fronds

Palms in Front of a Cozy Fireplace #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

To enhance the coastal look of your home, repurpose nautical items into decoration. Giving them a non-expected application will easily embody the beach style and will create a point of interest.

A set of sailing paddles replaces the standard wall decors to continue the coastal influence of this living room. The evergreen twigs and flowers are replaced by palm leaves that are connected with the beach.

via A Thoughtful Place

31. Natural Wicker Textures

Seating Space with Wooden and Woven Surfaces #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

One of the most distinguished coastal-related textures is that of the wicker. Wicker is actually the name of a technique for creating items from dried flexible weeds.

Such weeds you can find at the coast and so it is clear why wicker furniture or containers are so easily related to the beach decor.

32. Surprise Pop Of Coastal Color

Shelf Storage for Favorites from the Sea #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Add a coastal motif to an unexpected place to make the ambiance calming and welcoming.

The turquoise color creates an ocean background for a collection of sea embellished accents to pop out. This charming nook can be the one and only coast-inspired part of your home but sitting next to it will let you relax and enjoy as if being on a holiday.

via Countryliving

33. Resort Style Bamboo Accents

Soft and Subtle Bamboo Seating Area #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The bamboo decor is a standard supply for the coastal style and the coastal homes. It is not surprising that it can be found in every cottage because it is natural and affordable.

Its earthy color matches farmhouse wicker accents which can replace the mass-sold storage units.

34. Vibrant Surf Retreat

Surfer’s Delight with Brightly Colored Accents #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The summer mood will be the constant mood of your home if you add fun and cheerful items that remind you of the greatest and unique activities that can be done at the beach. Surfing is one of them so instead of hiding your board in the garage, use it as part of the decor.

35. Nautical Themed Opulence

Traditional Beach House Interior #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Designing a room in a coastal style doesn’t mean making a compromize with your taste for elegance and luxury. Adding a painting of an ocean landscape and small accents in blue like throw pillows will bring ocean closer to your home.

via Simonsen Hickok Interiors

36. Bold Turquoise Statement Piece

Turquoise Ottoman in a Shell-Inspired Living Area #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Turquoise is a pretentious color and if you use it too much or don’t match it will create chaos that will repel and that is certainly something every homeowner would like to avoid.

If you want to use this color as a way to bring the coastal style to your home, use it for accents spread around the room.

This ottoman becomes a focal point of the living room but it doesn’t feel odd because it is complemented by the throw pillows on the couch.

37. Beach Cottage Bed Built Ins

Two Bed Loft with Seashell Accents #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Use the treasures your kids have found during your last summer holiday to embellish their room.

Corals, seashells, driftwood, a glass jar filled with sand are possible decorations that will remind them of the fun time spent on the beach and will also make the interior of their room more special and welcoming.

38. Layer Colors And Textures For Chic Coastal Style

Vaulted Ceiling Beach Style Living Room #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

The easiest way to understand if you have succeeded in decorating your home in the coastal style is to measure how welcoming and relaxing the ambiance is. This is what a beach interior feels like.

For this purpose, choose light earthy colors and accents in shades of blue to create a coastal look.

via Canexel ES

39. Boho Beach Cabin Style

Wood and Turquoise Living Room Inspirations #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Small couches, cushions in a starfish shape or signs reminding the beach living make a harmonious connection with the coastal interior.

They will be able to become a coastal-inspired embellishment if they are in a contrasting color from the nautical color palette.

40. Sunny Yellow Beach House

Yellow Walls Beach Style Summer House Interior #beachhouse #interiordesign #decorhomeideas

Yellow is another color that is usually underestimated when it comes to the coastal interior. It is related to the sun but it is also related to sand when it is generously lit by the sunlight.

Use it to paint all walls of a beach-inspired living room. This will be your blank and universal canvas to set the furniture and the decoration and make your room bright and welcoming.

Yellow matches with earthy colors and green so the options for combinations and layouts that set the concept for the coastal interior are numerous.

via Glenn Layton Homes

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