22 Fresh and Inspiring Ideas for Modern Coastal Interior Design

Creating a relaxing atmosphere in your living room is possible by implementing a few interior styles.

Coastal style is one of them, and usually, it features a soft, natural color scheme with sandy and white shades.

The modern coastal living room embraces accents in blue hues and furniture made from natural materials that are comfortable for seating.

Transform your space with these 22 fresh and inspiring ideas for modern coastal interior design. From serene color palettes to natural textures, explore innovative ways to evoke the beauty and tranquility of coastal living in your home.

Most of the time, the living rooms are open and have plenty of natural light.

If you want to create a modern coastal living room, check out our collection of 22 fresh and inspiring ideas for modern coastal interior design for inspiration!

1. Modern Coastal Design With Boho Touches

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 1


In this living room decor, the neutral tones and textures typical for the nautical interior style are combined with a subtly patterned rug, a table from polished natural wood, and high ceilings.

The rattan armchair and the macrame chandelier bring a charming boho touch to this open-concept living room.

2. Dark Wood Touches

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 2

@Ann P. Brennan Interior Design

The coastal flair of this living room is imposed through colors and textures.

The light blue sofa instantly sets a relaxing mood enhanced by the large floor-to-ceiling windows revealing a view of the garden.

The dark console shelf unit is complemented by a wood sculpture and a wooden magazine holder, and together, they add a perfect touch of modern coastal style to this beautiful living room.

3. Coastal Art

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 3

@Simply Stunning Spaces

A way to give a modern living room a coastal feel is to add nautical art pieces.

That can be driftwood cultures, a collage with seashells, or a large sea painting.

Complement the art piece with blue accents spread around the light and airy room.

4. Blue And White Fabric Patterns

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 4

@Grant Duckworth Photography

Adding blue and white accents instantly gives the room a nautical flair. In this living room, these two colors are combined as fabric patterns for the seating furniture.

They also give the living room a white, airy character.

The nautical style can also be seen in the room’s light wood tables and the paddle decorations.

5. Nautical Accents

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 5

@Sheila Morgan Interiors, Inc.

Use nautical elements like anchors, ropes, ship wheels, seashells, and driftwood pieces to add an authentic coastal touch to your modern interior design.

These elements can be incorporated in small details like shelf decorations, pillowcases, throws, or tiered stands.

6. Sandy Color

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 6

@Phillip Smith General Contractor, LLC

The sandy color is another excellent color from the nautical color palette that matches the modern home concept.

Usually, it is implemented with fabrics and wood colors.

Its neutrality is great to match with other neutral tones or bolder ones.

7. Colors Are Important

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 7

@Interior Exterior Design LLC

Colors are the most important thing when implying a certain interior style. Modern coastal means white, grey, beige, greige, and soft greens.

Earth tones are also essential, primarily when represented by natural materials.

Comfort is also crucial in the modern coastal living room.

Provided the calming colors of the nautical palette, choose furniture with clean lines that are cozy and inviting. Add light elements that will enhance the inviting feel.

8. Mix And Match Patterns

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 8


The modern coastal interior style allows mixing and matching patterns to create visual interest.

Stipes, floral motifs, and even animal prints are among the fabric patterns related to the coastal style.

Of course, they should be in the color palette of the nautical style to create the desired effect.

9. Layered Textures

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 9


This inviting living room features soft, neutral tones arranged in layers and textures. This is one of the designer’s ways to create a modern coastal style.

The floor is light-washed, typical for the nautical interior. The rug is made from natural materials and in a light color to accommodate the next layers.

The furniture is made from light wood to match the airy concept of the room.

Metal light fixtures hanging from a ceiling with exposed beams accentuate this beautiful coastal interior.

10. Subtle Coastal Touches

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 10


Introduce the coastal style with blue tones.

You can implement them with subtle decorations like vases from sea glass or pillows and throws, or you can do it with one single but bolder piece like a sofa.

Don’t forget to keep the interior neutral and use more natural materials.

11. Modern Coastal Style With Stripes

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 11

@Grant Duckworth Photography

This is another great modern coastal living room inspiration that shows how to use the blue and white color combination.

A wooden table represents the navy blue hue in the dining area in this color. The living space subtly represents it with pillows on the seating furniture.

A lighter blue hue enhances the coastal flair through a modern coffee table with an upholstered top, a retro armchair with striped lining, and a boho rug.

12. Light Touches Of Blue

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 12

@Nate Fischer Interiors

The neutral color palette of this bright living room embraces the contemporary furniture in light blue and the natural wood table.

The accents here are the leather pillows and the wood ceiling fan, which enhance the beach feeling.

13. Incorporate Natural Materials

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 13

@Lindye Galloway Interiors

An important part of the coastal style is using natural materials like wood, rattan, and linen. In addition to adding the nautical vibe to the space, they also bring warmth and texture.

As you can see from this inspiring modern coastal living room design, the neutral white palette works perfectly with the natural materials.

The wood has been painted white to keep the atmosphere airy. Linen is imposed through the sofa pillows. The woven beige carpet instantly evokes the coastal feeling.

14. Add Plants

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 14

@Tailored Space Interiors – Interior Design

You can also create a beach vignette with small accents like seashells, driftwood decorations, and plants.

Plants add a touch of greenery to the space, they clean the air and also remind a coastal landscape. Some of the most significant plants to use in a coastal design are succulents, palms, and ferns.

15. Rattan Furniture

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 15

@Michelle Canny Interiors

If you imagine a beach resort, what would be the first landscape in your mind? Probably enjoying the waves sitting in a rattan armchair?

Woven furniture is typical for beach resorts and has also been brought into the coastal interior.

Adding an armchair, a table, or baskets for storage from rattan will instantly bring the sea to your home.

16. Plenty Of Light

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 16

@Blackband Design

Another inspiring idea you can source from the resort accommodation designs is the abundance of natural light.

When designing your modern coastal living space, consider floor-to-ceiling windows that let the natural light come in.

17. Black Accents

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 17

@41 West

Dark colors and metal surfaces are also used in modern coastal interiors. In this inviting living room, the black metal legs of the tables balance the space.

They are a way to make the ambiance more modern and, at the same time, create an accent in the relaxing and neutral coastal interior.

18. Wood Furniture

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 18

@Kukk Architecture Design P.A.

Wooden furniture is a must in the coastal interior. Usually, it is a light wood color, blue or white.

It creates a warm feeling in the atmosphere, especially when combined with other natural textures such as a woven rug and rattan pieces of furniture.

19. Use Shades Of Blue

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 19

@Interior Vision Design Studio

Blue is often associated with the ocean or the sky, hence it is a must in the coastal interior design.

Depending on your preferences, you can use only one shade of blue or mix and match more shades to create depth.

In this attractive modern coastal home, the blue hues are combined with a brighter shade of sandy color to add a pop of color to the neutral interior.

20. Rattan Accents

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 20

@Kat Nelson Designs

Bring the ocean to your home with a retro rattan chair that will instantly take you to the porch of a bungalow at the coast.

To make the rattan furniture feel like belonging to the room, add pillows with blue and white patterns and wicker accents that will enhance the coastal flair.

21. Choose The Right Furniture

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 21

@Coastal Interiors

The right furniture for a modern coastal living room is the one with clean lines. It can be grey, beige, blue or white.

Skirted sofas are also very suitable for coastal interiors.

22. Glass Accents

22 modern coastal interior design ideas 22

@Interiors by Alison

Seaglass decorations are typical for a coastal interior, but the glass can be transparent in its modern twist.

In this lovely modern coastal home, the light features show a combination of black metal fixtures and glass lampshades, contrasting with the neutral white cabinets and rich wood furniture pieces.

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