25 Best Brick Fireplace Ideas and Designs To Add Style and Warmth To Your Living Room

Brick fireplaces are a typical part of common homes. If you are bored with the brick fireplace design and look for a simple and affordable way to transform it, the time has finally come!

We have found the best brick fireplace ideas and designs that will instantly turn the living room into an inviting and stylish part of your home.

Best Brick Fireplace Ideas And Designs. Take a look at the best brick fireplace ideas and designs to inspire you. Choose the one that suits you best whether you are you're refinishing your existing brickwork or decorating your fireplace to fit your design style. #decorhomeideas

Simple hints like changing the traditional red color of the bricks to a lighter one let the fireplace improve the airy feel of the room.

Adding shiplap beams on the fireplace wall balances the antique design of the fireplace with the contemporary look of the furniture elements.

Thick white or grey paint coat and simple decor accents can even turn the old fireplace into a minimalist heating feature.

Are you already curious to understand more? Don’t waste more time and dig into the inspiring brick fireplace transformation ideas!

1. White Paint Updates Classic Farmhouse Fireplace

Adorable Shabby Chic Farmhouse Brick Fireplace #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

Do you want to give your fireplace a new look without changing its authentic design? This living room fireplace idea works perfectly for this goal.

Bricks are painted white and white molding is added on the mantel. The fresh color lets the fireplace stand out against the wall but doesn’t change the original design.

Added wicker basket, antique mirror, vintage lanterns on the mantel and a handmade sign enhance the farmhouse beauty of the fireplace and add a personal touch that warms the air.

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2. Brick Fireplace Painted to Match Home Decor

Aged Gray Brick Fireplace Transformation #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

Another brick fireplace idea that showcases transformation with paints. The secret to recreating the visual effect here is choosing a color that coordinates with the existing living room decor.

Grey is a trendy color and we see it not only as a color defining the main living room components but also as an accent. In this fireplace idea, the grey color is the wall color choice which gives depth and character to the place. The fireplace bricks are updated with a can of grey paint in a slightly deeper hue.

The combination of grey bricks and white grout repeats the color pattern of the walls which makes the interior very aesthetic and appealing.

via Shabby Paints

3. Vintage Arched Window Frames Capture an Era

Antique Style Window Frame for Brick Fireplace Mantel #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The brick fireplace is a classic representation of the typical farmhouse decor. Regardless of the brick color, this interior impact can be improved with suitable mantel decorations.

A window arch frame adds height and antique chic to the fireplace. It works perfectly as a backdrop for personalized decorative items such as photo frames and inspiring signs.

Continue the antique presence on the lower level of the fireplace with other are antiques that have an outstanding design and hold a special value.

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4. Gray Paint Quickly Updates Brick Fireplace

Awesome Idea for a Beige Fireplace #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The traditional red brick fireplace can be quickly blended with the updated living room decor. No need for heavy overhauls, simply apply a new coat of paint.

White is one of the most preferred colors but you are not limited to it. On the contrary, you can choose any color that will cohere with the existing decor and will complement the accents you want to stand out.

Beige and grey are suitable colors for a brick fireplace idea that will let the fireplace stand out and yet won’t overwhelm the air.

via Edith and Evelyn

5. Whitewash Brick Fireplace for Shabby Chic Decor

Beautiful White Washed Brick Fireplace Makeover #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

Give the traditional red brick fireplace a modern touch that matches the softer decor interior with whitewashing.

Whitewashing is performed with diluted white paint applied on different areas of the bricks but not on the entire surface. Keep the grout white as well to let the two-color bricks feel authentic. As a result, the painted brick fireplace gets a brand new contemporary.

via Renovated Faith

6. Try Minimalist Look With All White Fireplace

Bright White Minimalist Brick Fireplace Makeover #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

By painting the red bricks thick bright white, they instantly change their visual look from retro to minimalist. This living room decor idea is so fresh and inspiring!

It is of high importance that the grout follows the color of the white-painted brick fireplace for an aesthetic and continuous look.

You can keep the rest of the fireplace elements in their original colors such as the door of the wood-burning section and the mantel for added interest, texture and visual dimension.

via Project Allen Designs

7. Distressed Thick Wood Mantel Adds Rustic Feel

Chunky Textured Wooden Mantel for Your Fireplace #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

White bricks of the fireplace are very versatile when it comes to decor impact. Actually, the surrounding accents are what define the style of the fireplace.

Adding wicker baskets with throws, crates with logs will give the fireplace a firm farmhouse appeal. Large glass and iron lanterns, wrought iron ornaments will add an antique vintage vibe. Metal ornaments and glass vases can be used to add a pinch of minimalist.

Use the mantel to place decor pieces that enhance the chosen style and reveal your personality.

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8. Add Faux Shiplap Overmantel

Custom DIY Faux Paneled Wood Farmhouse Mantel #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

When you do your brick fireplace makeover, extend your idea further to remodeling the mantel and the fireplace wall above it.

As this example showcases, the wall above the mantel can give the fireplace area a point of interest. Planking the wall with wooden panels up to the creates a visual illusion for a higher ceiling and the room itself- more spacious.

via Home on Mount Forest

9. A Calligraphic Sign Over Your Mantel

Cute Farmhouse Sign for Your Fireplace Mantle #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The fireplace is that part of the living room that naturally invites the family to gather together. That makes it the best place for special decor pieces that relate to the family and spread positivity.

Signs with inspiring messages easily find a place on the mantel or on the wall above the fireplace.

Usually, they have a unique farmhouse look that blends with the genuine rustic charm of the fireplace. You can make your own message sign or get one that incorporates your beliefs and thoughts.

10. Black Brick and Dark Stain Embrace Rustic Style

Delightfully Eclectic Fall Mantel Home Decor Idea #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The fireplace can be part of your eclectic living room focal point. Use the mantel as a visual display of the mixed styles.

Group the smaller ornaments together to let them stand out or place them on a stand or under a jar or a lantern to draw the focus to them.

via Smile and Wave DIY

11. Use Greenery for Classic Christmas Charm

Effortlessly Chic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Sign #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The mantel and the wall above the mantel are the best places for seasonal decor. Signs with messages are preferred for mantel decoration because of their rustic style which complements the authentic fireplace design.

This inspiring Christmas decor idea uses the red color of the bricks as a backdrop for the seasonal decor.

The simplicity of the bricks and the shiplap let the rusty wooden frame stand out so that the clear message is easily noticed.

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12. White Brick and Shiplap Overmantel Has Cottage Style

Fabulous Shiplap Mantel with White Brick #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

If you want to anchor a casual feel in your living room, the fireplace can be also blended into this decor design idea. Use shiplap and white bricks in the same color to create visual continuity.

The natural materials, aligned in the same pattern will make it feel like an integral part of the main room elements.

via Live Well Bake Often

13. Milk Bottle and Vintage Picture Frame for Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Home Decor and Fireplace Renovation #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

Your traditional brick fireplace can be totally transformed with white paint. The bright fresh color turns it into a focal point with a lot of texture thanks to the geometrical shapes of the bricks.

Combined with vintage wrought iron arch decorations and galvanized farmhouse buckets repurposed into planters, the fireplace is given an impacting character.

The mantel accommodates a repurposed window frame with a weathered look that works perfectly as a backdrop for the refreshed design of the fireplace.

via Bless This Nest

14. Modern Style With Floating Shelf Mantel

Floating Mantel for a Modern Rustic Fireplace #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a very quick brick fireplace design upgrade? You can do it by changing the mantel. This is very affordable compared to painting the bricks or changing the fireplace lining and there will be no dirt from the transformation work.

Inspired by the design of the floating shelves, this mantel idea showcases a hidden mounting to the brick wall which adds a curiously modern touch.

The unexpected usage of the trendy design enhances the visual interest. The greatest thing about the mantel is that it is very easy to be installed since it is not a solid piece but a hollow section.

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15. Hand Scripted Sign for Daily Inspiration

Inspiring Handwritten Sign to Inspire Grateful Living #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The point of interest of this amazing living room fireplace is the handmade sign. The white canvas and the thin wooden frame let a handwritten script stand out.

The curvy letters instantly attract attention leaving you with no choice but to spend some time on the inscription.

Once you read the sign, you realize that it is special and inspiring. It incorporates a positive thought that praises a family value. Added to the authentic fireplace design, the sign enhances the warm vibe in the air and lets you feel at home.

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16. White Washed Brick Inspires Casual Decor

Ornamental Legs for a Coffee Table or Hearth #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The fireplace in this living room design is outstanding! The room interior showcases the presence of an aesthetic taste, elegant furniture and addiction to farmhouse charm.

That is clearly proven by the updated look of the traditional elements. The red bricks are whitewashed for a more modern look.

The farmhouse wooden table is upgraded with curved wooden legs that give it a luxurious touch. Even the TV feels farmhouse thanks to mounting it against a shiplap mantel wall.

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17. Shiplap Wall Extends to Overmantel for Clean Look

Preppy Casual Shiplap Fireplace Makeover #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

White shiplap and white bricks create a charming farmhouse accent in this living room decor. The wall where the fireplace is built is covered with shiplap boards in a horizontal pattern.

The natural material adds a traditional texture around the fireplace to enhance the warming feel of the interior.

The red bricks are easily refreshed with white paint which gives the fireplace a bright and neater look that enhances the airy atmosphere.

Despite the predominance of the white color, the textures of the natural materials are clearly seen to set a customized point of interest and to define the living room as a light and open space.

via The Tarnished Jewel Blog

18. Recess Your Fireplace Into the Wall

Pretty Cream Brick Fireplace with Unique Mantel #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The wall where the fireplace is built-in acts as a statement wall for this living room and therefore they are united together by the brick lining.

The light creamy color chosen for the fireplace ensures an airy feel without the risk of hiding the beauty of the brick texture and alignment.

Added wooden candlesticks, repurposed ladder section and solid beam mantel classify this area of the decor as farmhouse-inspired. Use the provided flat surfaces to place seasonal decor in the same style which will add a personal touch and charm to the living room.

via Marly Dice

19. Recessed Brick Fireplace With Rustic Stone Wall

Rustic Stone Brick with Recessed Fireplace #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a fireplace makeover that gives the traditional structure a contemporary look, cover it with stone bricks. They are fabricated in various colors and have a unique uneven texture that reflects the light.

The stone bricks are set tightly together which creates a continuous lining of the fireplace. They can be easily cut at the desired length so that the ends of the fireplace are finished with the perfect straight edge.

The stone fireplace provides one additional advantage- they are so versatile that you can add decor pieces of a modern, farmhouse or vintage style and achieve a unique look of the fireplace area.

via Nested Sanctuary

20. Wooden Mantel Brings Organic Touch to Modern Decor

Simply Chic Farmhouse White Brick Fireplace Idea #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

The minimalist visual look of this living room decor is achieved by posing the white color for the main room elements.

To get away from the boring look of all-white, a combination of different textures comes to save the day. The simplicity is further balanced with the warming natural color of the wooden mantel and the framed art accommodated on it.

Splashes of green leaves add more of nature to the white backdrop of this room and let it feel homely and inviting.

via Katie Lamb

21. Hand-Written Sign Adds Personality

Sweet Handwritten Cursive Sign for Your Mantle #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

Use the natural appeal the fireplace creates to draw attention to an inspiring message. That can be your family values listed on a canvas with a beautiful script, a phrase that incorporates a life truth or a reminder of what you should be thankful for.

This living room fireplace decor idea is simple but very impacting. The sign is of an appreciative size so no one could miss it. The colors of the materials are neutral so the message remains the focus.

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22. Decorate Dormant Fireplace With Wreath, Frame

Timeless Whitewashed Brick and Wood Framed Fireplace #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

This is another living room brick fireplace idea with a whitewash makeover. The refreshing coat of paint is fairly diluted with water so that it doesn’t create a thick and even coat but leaves hints about the original color.

The crown molding frames the fireplace giving it a look of a finished art piece. Framing is used as a means to give the fireplace a point of visual interest.

The wood-burning section is covered with wooden slats and the mantel supported by a solid wooden beam. The natural color of these elements creates a warm contrast with the white fireplace structure and an aesthetic accent to the general living room decor.

23. One-of-a-Kind Mantel From Reclaimed Barn Wood

Unique Barn Beam Mantle with Black Metal Brackets #brickfireplace #decorhomeideas

One of the most appealing material combinations that work best for making an interior warm and inviting is the mix of brick and wood. Probably, this is one of the reasons why contemporary fireplaces still keep this design.

Of course, the combination can be given a modern twist by a change in the typical colors or textures. For example, the red bricks can be transformed with white paint or replaced by natural stone bricks.

The simple wooden mantel slat can be changed with a solid barn beam which is so rustic and authentic. Place special decor pieces that speak about your family and make the living room a homely place.

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