54 Best Modern Fireplace Ideas and Designs For Your Home

The fireplace is one of those structural elements that turns out to be the focal point regardless of its location in the room.

The wood-burning fireplace is a feature originating from old times but this hasn’t limited its design improvements. In fact, nowadays, there are alternative fuels that are less damaging to the environment.

Best Modern Fireplace Ideas. Take a look at these modern fireplace ideas to replace your outdated fireplace or just install a new one. From budget-friendly to top-of-the-line designs we have them all. #decorhomeideas

Nowadays, there are plenty of fireplace models that feature a contemporary look which doesn’t affect its genuine ability to make the space cozy and inviting.

To help you find the best fireplace design for your modern interior, we have collected the Best Modern Fireplace Ideas And Designs.

1. Fireplace Under The Window

Fireplace Under The Window

The location of this fireplace and its design instantly make it feel contemporary. It sits under a wide window with a white frame.

Its black color and narrow shape enhance the modern look of the fireplace. Two narrow pillars complement the fireplace to highlight it and to enhance its authentic warming effect.

via Devon Grace Interiors

2. Combined Textures

Combined Textures

This fireplace creates visual interest with the chevron tiles lining it inside and the structural mantle above it.

The mix of textures improves the decor impact of the fireplace giving it also a function of a piece of art.

via Whittney Parkinson Design

3. Textured Chimney Wall

Textured Chimney Wall

If you have a fireplace in the living room, then it is surely the focal point of the space. Make sure that it looks like a sophisticated piece by covering the chimney wall with a textured material that enhances its modern design.

Here the interior designers have chosen a slatted wall design in two colors that match the surrounding decor. The straight lines, the height of the slats and the color pattern instantly turn a simple fireplace into a contemporary part of the decor.

via Yael Weiss Interiors

4. Trendy Colors For A Contemporary Fireplace

Trendy Colors For A Contemporary Fireplace

An easy way to make the existing fireplace look modern is to paint the area around it a color that is trendy. Grey, matte blue, and black are colors that add a minimalist touch.

When you paint the wall around the fireplace the chosen color, don’t forget to apply it also on the fireplace frame to create a coherent look.

5. Modern Graphic Tiles

Modern Graphic Tiles

Another idea for upgrading the existing fireplace to a modern design is to change the outdated tiles with such that have a contemporary look.

When you are looking for the right tile design make sure that they offer a modern pattern, a cohesive color and a contemporary shape.

via Brexton Cole Interiors

6. Black And White Color Combination

Black And White Color Combination

Black and white colors are always trendy but you can enhance their modern look if you combine them together for improved contrast.

When this design rule is applied to the fireplace, it creates not only visual interest but also depth in the room.

via Rebecca Rollins

7. Horizontal Siding

Horizontal Siding

This fireplace wall design is extremely appealing. The positioning of the siding slats, their trendy color and the wood texture create an interesting fireplace design that will match any existing decor.

This idea can inspire your living room makeover by upgrading an existing fireplace.

via Rebecca Rollins

8. Fireplace With Windows On Each Side

Fireplace With Windows On Each Side

Another way to give the existing fireplace a modern look is to upgrade the fireplace surround.

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A fresh color of paint in a modern color, molding, a contemporary decoration above the fireplace, or a sleek mantle piece will instantly transform the traditional architectural element.

via Kate Marker Interiors

9. Tall Fireplace With Stone Tiles

Tall Fireplace With Stone Tiles

The tall ceilings offer the potential for structural visual interest. You can cover the entire chimney with beautiful tiles or slats to elongate the fireplace.

Stone smooth tiles in a grey tone or siding slats with wood texture can be used to give the fireplace dimension up to the ceiling.

In addition to giving the fireplace a modern look, they will also improve the airiness of the room.

via Charbonneau Interiors

10. Shared Fireplace

Shared Fireplace

Although the fireplace dates from old times, it is an obligatory part of contemporary architectural designs. These days modern home plans offer a shared fireplace that can be enjoyed in two rooms.

The structure of such a fireplace requires an opening on both sides. It is usually incorporated into the wall.

via Corner House Creatives

11. Gas Fireplace In The Middle Of The Room

Gas Fireplace In The Middle Of The Room

The location of the fireplace is another way to give this structural piece of the interior a modern look. This is possible with gas-fired fireplaces that are equipped with their own exhaust system in place of the chimney of the traditional fireplace structure.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs of gas fireplaces. The design here offers tall glass sides covering the flame. The basis is extended with thick glass rims which can be used as a side table.

via Bloch Design

12. Free-Standing Gas Fireplace

Free-Standing Gas Fireplace

This is a free-standing gas-fired fireplace with a minimalist design. This is an inspiring home improvement idea when you haven’t allowed for a fireplace in your original layout plan and you do not want to build one.

The chimney is a tower type that creates visual interest for a higher ceiling. The black color of the fireplace combines with other elements in the living room and stands out against the white walls.

13. Layered Fireplace

Layered Fireplace

The design of this fireplace features a layering technique that gives the traditional built-in-the-chimney fireplace a modern look.

It is square with a curved cement frame placed over a seamless grey facade. The metal inside of the fireplace creates another layer in a geometrical shape that enhances the dimensional interest of the fireplace.

14. Metal Structure Covering The Chimney

Metal Structure Covering The Chimney

Using an industrial material to cover the chimney structure is another way to give a fireplace a modern flair.

The fire section features two glass sides that show the warming light from the burning flame. The basis is extended with an open compartment for the storage of logs. It is also made of metal sheets for a coherent look.

via Cote Maison

15. A Prism Fireplace

A Prism Fireplace

The futuristic shape of this fireplace instantly gives the room a modern minimalist flair. It is built in a corner and covers the space from the floor to the ceiling in a prismatic shape.

The back is made from metal and the front consists of many triangle glass sections which create a secure front side.

When you opt for such a corner fireplace design, make sure that the surrounding ambiance is neutral and simple to be able to accommodate its artistic and bold impact.

16. Gas Fireplace In The Wall

Gas Fireplace In The Wall

Gas fireplaces offer many advantages- you can choose from a wide variety of designs, the flame is smokeless and they do not require a chimney to be installed to.

You can mount such a fireplace in any room and give it an incomparable warmth and coziness.

17. Oval Fireplace

Oval Fireplace

The long pipe and the large fireplace structure featured here to ensure good heat radiation that will keep the air of a large room warm.

The shape of the fireplace reminds an eye. Made of metal, it looks very futuristically modern. Its location is also very attractive. The design offers easy installation on an existing flat surface. No need for a chimney or wall opening.

via The Shabby Creek Cottage

18. Fireplace Sculpture

Fireplace Sculpture

This fireplace is more or less a piece of art. The material of the front, its color and mostly its design define it as an ultra-modern feature.

If you go for such a unique fireplace, first prepare the surrounding ambiance. The fireplace possesses such a visual interest that there shouldn’t be any other impressive decorations around it.

Otherwise, they will overwhelm the space and will give it a chaotic overall look.

via House of Turquoise

19. Wood Lining Of The Chimney

Wood Lining Of The Chimney

This fireplace idea features a timeless design that looks contemporary and also easily matches any existing decor.

The paneling of the chimney mimics wood. Its light color and perfectly even surface transform the typical rustic wood texture into an elevated modern cladding.

The dark wood shelf covering the niche formed by the fireplace makes a subtle hint about the rustic origin of the fireplace feature and gives the wood paneling a more natural look.

via Modern Space Studio

20. Modern Flat Fireplace Screen

Modern Flat Fireplace Screen

The exposed chimney fireplaces are nowadays upgraded to offer a modern look, universal installation when it comes to location and good heat radiation.

Usually, they look like flat screens because of the combination of glass front and black metal frame.

This design idea inspires by the position of the fireplace. It is set in front of a French window revealing a beautiful natural landscape.

21. White Structure Of A Gas Fireplace

White Structure Of A Gas Fireplace

The geometric varieties of the gas fireplaces are what defines them as ultra-modern.

The perfect geometric shapes of this structure combined with white metal material and glass make the fireplace the focal point of the room.

Its size aims to visually divide the open floor plan of the space. Thus, the two adjacent nooks share one and the same heating source and enjoy their decorative function.

22. Bold Exposed Fireplace

Bold Exposed Fireplace

The classic shape of the exposed free-standing fireplace is given a bold modern touch with bright red color.

The neutral and airy modern living space can easily embrace the dramatic effect of this red fire structure.

Coordinated with figural art compositions on the wall behind it, this fireplace fits perfectly in the interior.

23. Functional Modern Fireplace

Functional Modern Fireplace

This decor idea proves that the fireplace can look modern even if additional functions are provided. The wall of this fireplace is divided into two sections that pair perfectly together.

This color division makes it possible to add a storage unit over the fireplace without any effect on its contemporary design. The white panels that cover the chimney are extended with a white storage shelf.

The cement-looking basis acts also as an open shelf for natural items that cohere with the interior accents.

24. Built-In Wall Fireplace With A Niche For Logs

Built-In Wall Fireplace With A Niche For Logs

This is an inspiring decor idea for a contemporary fireplace positioned off the center of a room. Whether because of space limits, or architectural specifics, fireplaces cannot always be in the center of the wall.

To make sure that the awkward position of the fireplace does not ruin the overall interior, make sure that it is built in a structure.

If incorporating it into a wall is not possible, then you can create a pillar-like structure with panels that hide the chimney and blend the fireplace with the rest of the structural elements.

via Emily Henderson

25. Create A Structure For Your Free Standing Fireplace

Create A Structure For Your Free Standing Fireplace

This is another inspiring idea of blending a free-standing fireplace into the existing decor. The chimney is hidden by a structure mimicking a wall.

That addition can also be helpful for zoning an open-concept space.

via Will Brown Interiors

26. Marble Paneling

Marble Paneling

Another texture that will give the awkward fireplace a modern feel is the panels mimicking a marble finish.

Depending on the existing decor, you can decide if white or black should be the main color of the marble. This texture is very sleek and pairs well with metal elements.

via LeClair Decor

27. Make A Wall For Your Fireplace

Make A Wall For Your Fireplace

If you are in a process of buying a fireplace, why not use it to create visual interest and partition in an open-concept room?

The design here shows how the two rooms can take advantage of the modern look of the fireplace and its warming effect.

The structure that surrounds it mimics a half wall covered with panels of waved design. They add an elegant modern texture to the space which is highlighted by the built-in ceiling recessed light.

28. Modern Rustic Fireplace

Modern Rustic Fireplace

Stone and brick textures are known to belong to the rustic style. If you like its cozy effect but are afraid to include it in your modern interior, check out this appealing decor idea!

The modern gas fireplace is continued with a stone paneled structure to create together a partition in an open-concept room.

The white color of the stone tiles gives them a fresh and more contemporary look that matches perfectly the glass fireplace.

29. Metal Clad Fireplace

Metal Clad Fireplace

This is a great idea of how to give a built-in fireplace a fresh modern look. The metal claddings are very popular for a modern transformation of this feature.

There are many surface finish options but this one is one of the most unique ones. It features a rusty metal surface that adds a bold glam to the modern living room.

The aged metal sheets cover the hearth of the fireplace all up to the ceiling. The contrast between the light-colored furniture and the dark cladding makes the fireplace the focal point of the room.

via Jurnal De Design Interior

30. Tube Firplace

Tube Firplace

This fireplace is very eccentric and if you go for it, you need to make sure that it will fit well into your home decor.

It looks like a periscope but instead of seeing a lens, you see burning flames. It sits quite low suspended on a tall chimney pipe.

Its structure is very rigid but if you have small kids you should give it a second thought if this is the best fireplace idea for you.

31. Sculpture Instead Of A Fireplace

Sculpture Instead Of A Fireplace

This is one of the most convenient fireplace designs ever. Firstly, it is light in weight and also portable. Secondly, it is quite safe and eco-friendly thanks to the bioethanol fuel used for firing it.

It features glass fireplace screens framing the flame section and tall white sides that finish in an L-shape. The white color of the structure gives it an elegant look that can easily fit any existing decor.

32. Bio Fireplace

Bio Fireplace

Bioethanol fireplaces also known as bio fireplaces have become very popular these days because of their easy installation and eco-friendly concept.

They work with an eco-friendly product that exhausts water vapor and carbon dioxide. The bio fireplaces offer a good heat radiation capacity and also a large number of modern designs.

The ethanol fireplace here is decorated with flat stones. They look like a stone torn in two to create an opening for the fireplace.

33. Functional Modern Fireplace

Functional Modern Fireplace

If you are looking for a fireplace with functionality, there are many modern designs that offer a useful advantage added to the traditional heating function.

The S-shape of this metal fireplace provides a dedicated space for two seats. They are made from wood that pairs well with the rusty look of the metal structure.

34. Nature-Inspired Fireplace

Nature-Inspired Fireplace

Many modern fireplace designs are inspired by the timeless beauty of nature. This modern steel fireplace is an example of a custom-made fireplace that praises nature in a minimalist way.

Stainless steel rods peek out of the gas-fired compartment to create a bamboo-like arrangement.

The silver color of the steel is combined with the silver metallic finish of small accents in the living room decor.

35. Fireplace For A Pop Of Color

Fireplace For A Pop Of Color

The modern look of the fireplace can be combined with bright trendy color and useful functionality.

The interior designers here choose the robin’s egg blue color to highlight the free-standing fire feature and give it a retro nuance.

The glass rim around the fire bowl allows for sitting around the fire with a glass of wine or a hot drink.

36. Indoor Firepit

Indoor Firepit

The flame container of this contemporary fireplace sits on the ground to create the illusion of a firepit.

It is closed with glass sides that let enjoying the flame be shared from all positions in the room.

37. Architectural Beauty

Architectural Beauty

The fireplace design here shows off an architectural masterpiece. The fireplace is the focal point of this open-plan space but also the basis of a spiral staircase.

The incredible structure is tall up to the ceiling and your eyes will be surely drawn up to it thanks to the tower-like chimney structure.

And since this is a masterpiece, each part of it should prove it. The top of the structure ends with exposed beams arranged in a sunburst pattern. The beauty of this nature-inspired ceiling ornament is highlighted by equally spaced light bulbs.

38. Bio Fireplace With Stone Lining

Bio Fireplace With Stone Lining

This is another inspiring example of an ethanol fireplace. This time it makes sure that a charming farmhouse element is combined with a modern-looking source of heat.

The grey stacked stones are incorporated into a solid structure where the container of the gas is installed in. The monochromatic color palette makes sure that these two opposing styles are harmonized.

39. Modern Industrial Fireplace

Modern Industrial Fireplace

This modern fireplace design idea is suitable for those homes where there is no fireplace provided.

It can be easily installed on the wall. No need for a chimney or any other exhaust system because the fuel is bioethanol.

The stainless steel cladding of the fireplace reflects the light from the flame and adds an industrial touch to the modern design.

40. Indoor Firepit Nook

Indoor Firepit Nook

This indoor nook has been inspired by the backyard firepit zones. Having such in a sunroom will surely be enjoyed when the cold days come.

The center of the nook is a fireplace in a round shape that works with gas. The sitting furniture is placed around the firepit to provide maximum comfort.

The color palette is monochromatic and aesthetic.

41. Built Between The Windows Fireplace

Built Between The Windows Fireplace

This fireplace is installed in a structure between French-type windows. The shape of the structure is the same as the window compartments to keep the look seamless and elegant.

The chimney of the fireplace is located outside the room which is an interesting and useful decision because the pipe will be able to spread heat also in the outdoor sitting nook.

42. Modern Cabin Loft Fireplace

Modern Cabin Loft Fireplace

If you think that a modern design of a fireplace is not suitable for a rustic interior, check out this home decor design.

The concrete structure of the chimney and the glass boxed section for the fire clearly anchor the modern style.

Added wooden slats to the basis of the fireplace and the corrugated metal sheets cladding the fireplace hearth bring the farmhouse charm into its design to let it cohere with the warm and cozy ambiance.

43. Modern Fireplace On A Rustic Statement Wall

Modern Fireplace On A Rustic Statement Wall

This modern fireplace design aims to create a balance between rustic and contemporary. Both styles can be seen in this airy living room.

A masonry statement wall, wood storage units and nature-inspired wall art. The colors of the basic elements are earthy while all decor elements are in trendy grey color.

44. Electric Fireplace In The Wall

Electric Fireplace In The Wall

Electric fireplaces are preferred by some people because they do not require any maintenance and yet create the same warmth and coziness as the original fireplace design does.

The electric fireplace is also friendly for a family with kids. There is no smoke, no flames and no fumes.

Another advantage the electric fireplaces offer is their modern look. You can choose from many free-standing designs. However, if you want to make the electric feature look more realistic, you can choose a built-in option.

45. Metal And Wood Fireplace Design

Metal And Wood Fireplace Design

The decor of this open space is defined by the presence of wood and metal. These two materials look perfectly together. Their combination creates an aesthetic balance between rustic and industrial.

The fireplace is placed in the center of the space, hence it features both of these materials in combination.

The chimney and the heart are cladded continuously with metal sheets revealing delicately some rust. The wooden material is shown by the logs stored in the built-in niche.

46. Long Linear Fireplace

Long Linear Fireplace

The electric and bio fireplaces offer flame size adjustment. The limit of the burning area doesn’t limit the size of the fireplace.

The opening can be as big as you want so can be the fireplace structure. In this decor idea, the burning section takes only a third of the fireplace.

It features a structure attached to an existing wall which offers a few compartments for storage.

47. Modern Stove

Modern Stove

The traditional fireplace is upgraded with a new design that fits the modern concept. Instead of curved metal legs and doors for closing the burning area, the modern stove offers a geometric aesthetic and plenty of storage space.

This type of fireplace guarantees good radiating parameters which make it an effective heating feature for a larger room!

48. A Little Twist Of The Traditional Stove

A Little Twist Of The Traditional Stove

This is another twist on the rustic stove design. What has remained from the original model is the free-standing position and a door for charging with logs.

The modern touch is the bold matte black color, sleek shape and wide glass protector that enhances the charm of the burning flame.

49. Molding In Grey For A Modern Fireplace Upgrade

Molding In Grey For A Modern Fireplace Upgrade

This is one of those decor ideas that transform the traditional fireplace into a modern heating feature.

The easiest way to give the outdated fireplace a fresh look is to change its facade. There are many textures that make a modern flair- marble, stone, cement, and siding.

Molding is also a good choice but to get away from its traditional and rather rustic look, change its color to dark grey or black which are related to the current design trends.

50. Boxed Electric Fireplace

Boxed Electric Fireplace

This type of fireplace comes in help when you are looking for an instant living room makeover for the colder months.

The fireplace is electrically powered and features a boxed shape. There is no installation required, simply find the best place for this coziness-creating feature.

51. Black And White Modern Fireplace

Black And White Modern Fireplace

Black and white is a classy color combination that can do a miracle with home decor. Both colors are vivid and the contrast they create together makes sure that the element they cover is well highlighted.

This modern living room decor uses this elegant combination for an exposed fireplace. It breaks up a large black wall with a niche for log storage.

52. Scandinavian-Inspired Modern Fireplace

Scandinavian-Inspired Modern Fireplace

Scandinavian home decor is always very inspiring with its simple lines and tons of homely vibe it adds.

The simplicity of the designs overlaps partially with the concept for a modern design, hence this beautiful fireplace design example.

The fireplace is built flush with a transition wall. There is no fume, no smoke, only a glass box keeping the flame alive and visible. The fireplace instantly becomes the focal point that will invite all people into the room.

53. Veneer Panels For A Rustic Touch In A Modern Home

Veneer Panels For A Rustic Touch In A Modern Home

Another way to give an outdated fireplace a fresh new look with a subtle rustic effect is to clad the chimney with veneer. It mimics stacked slate stones in their original grey color.

They instantly give the fireplace a refreshed design and add coziness to this open-concept room.

via Tara Kantor

54. Modern Tile Makeover

Modern Tile Makeover

Small tile pattern creates a lot of visual interest. The mini square sections of the featured tile pattern do a dramatic change to the traditional surface.

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The color choice is also very important. White coheres with many of the structural room elements but it also lets the bold black hearth stand out.

via Lindsey Brooke Design

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