34 Best Entryway Mirror Ideas To Add More Style and Glam To Your Home

Have you ever wondered why there is a mirror in every entryway?

Besides its original function to show our reflections, the mirror is very important for creating a visual illusion for a wider space. Mirrors make even the tinies and narrowest spaces bigger than they are.

In addition to their functionality, mirrors also create an amazing effect on the entryway interior.

Best Entryway Mirror Ideas. Adding a mirror to your entryway will make it look more stylish and will add much-needed functionality. These mirror ideas and ideas will help you choose the best one.  #decorhomeideas

The entryway atmosphere can be changed from neutral to homely by choosing the best mirror in size, shape, ornaments, material and also the best position in the entryway.

1. Rustic Round Mirror For A Feng Shui Entryway

Rustic Round Mirror For A Feng Shui Entryway

The frame of this round mirror coordinates with the whimsy authentic pattern of the laid rug. The mirror part is quite big in diameter to reflect the natural light coming from the Dutch door and the adjacent windows.

The frame is very artistic so is every piece in this entryway. It is made from wood but the color and texture remind ceramics or leather coat. This design instantly catches the interest and creates a completed overall arrangement.

via Heather Bullard

2. Floor To Ceiling Mirror For Small Foyer

Floor To Ceiling Mirror For Small Foyer

The big mirror placed nearby the front door will let you have a final check on your outfit from head to toe.

This size of the mirror is also impressive with its behavior in the overall interior. You may think that the big size will overwhelm the small space but on the contrary- it lets it look bigger and feel airier.

via Wayfair

3. Luxurious Blue Porcelain Mirror With Golden Strips

Luxurious Blue Porcelain Mirror With Golden Strips

The design of this mirror aims to scream “LUX”. The finish of the frame mimics porcelain but it is probably epoxy resin which is quite lighter and resistant.

The frame consists of geometrical shapes divided by golden stripes. The pastel blue color and the golden accent give this mirror a unique nautical look that will refresh the entryway atmosphere.

Combine it with other accents with a golden finish.

via Dorsey Designs

4. Minimalist Sunburst Mirror Design

Minimalist Sunburst Mirror Design

The location of this big round mirror makes sure that a generous amount of light comes into the foyer.

The design is simple and minimalist featuring a perfect circle and a narrow black frame.

The console table adds the welcoming farmhouse style while the mirror and the symmetrically placed reading lamps make a hint of the contemporary flair in this home.

5. Rustic Entryway Ambiance With A Rectangular Mirror

Rustic Entryway Ambiance With A Rectangular Mirror

The simplicity of this entryway is so inspiring. The color palette is limited to two colors and the style is firmly rustic.

The brown wooden furniture is vintage which instantly anchors the feel of hospitality from the entrance.

The mirror follows the same color and texture as the wooden desk sitting below it to create a continuous and eye-pleasing look.

6. A Window Mirror

A Window Mirror

Another interesting mirror design that anchors the farmhouse style is the mirror looks like a window frame. Inspired by the weathered look of the wood window frames, this mirror makes a statement and is functional at the same time.

If you want to try to DIY, prepare a window frame, some white and grey paint and a mirror.

via The Rozy Home

7. Metallic Finish Sunburst Mirror

Metallic Finish Sunburst Mirror

This entryway décor is eclectic with a mixture of colors and styles. Each part of the arrangement coheres with another one to create together a tied-up look.

The sunburst mirror presents a metallic finish of the rays that continues the metal vintage hinges of the console table.

To ensure that the boho look of the mirror fits in the arrangement, there are a few round plates with unique ornaments that repeat the round shape of the mirror.

via The House of Smiths

8. Small Mirror With Unique Shape

Small Mirror With Unique Shape

If the foyer is too tiny, you can go for a smaller mirror. In that case, make sure that its look is unique.

As you can see in this décor example, the mirror frame is Moroccan-inspired. Its color matches accents in the entryway and in the adjacent spaces.

The hanging bouquet detail is very important for improving the welcoming look of the foyer. If your guests miss seeing it hanging on the door, they will surely notice it reflected in the mirror

via Jenna Sue

9. Tall Rustic Mirror In A Cozy Entryway

Tall Rustic Mirror In A Cozy Entryway

This is a simple entryway décor that will provide all the comfort you need for this part of your home.

Starting with the rustic bench equipped with two burlap pillows and continuing with the large mirror held by a coordinating wooden frame, the entryway atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.

10. Oversized Modern Mirror

Oversized Modern Mirror

This type of plus-size mirror is perfect for minimalist décor. It is perfectly round and simple in design featuring a narrow black metal frame. It coordinates with the legs of the bench which replaces the traditional console table.

The bench is short in height and that lets an oversized mirror be easily placed on the wall above it. The entryway arrangement features simple but important décor elements that anchor the homely vibe.

via Wayfair

11. Rustic Backdrop For Exposed Round Mirror

Rustic Backdrop For Exposed Round Mirror

This is an interesting farmhouse foyer décor featuring the layer décor technique. The wall is covered with reclaimed wooden slats that boldly impose the farmhouse style.

They are continued with brick-colored floor tiles that mimic an outdoor look. The decoration features a round mirror with an exposed wooden frame and layers of flowers and twigs.

via North Country Nest

12. Rustic Sunburst Mirror With Driftwood

Rustic Sunburst Mirror With Driftwood

If you like the sunburst mirror design but you are looking into a version that is rustic, you can make the rays yourself. For that DIY mirror idea, you need flat driftwood pieces and a round mirror.

Try the arrangement of the driftwood before hot-gluing it on the mirror frame to make sure that your handmade sunburst design satisfies you.

Combine the mirror with smaller items with a nautical impact such as a glass jar with seashells, a blonde wood console table, candles, sea creatures.

via Sand and Sisal

13. Straight Geometrical Shapes For Modern Touch

Straight Geometrical Shapes For Modern Touch

This home décor is impacted by the modern design and that can be easily seen in the straight geometrical shapes of the elements.

The mirror is of a traditional rectangular shape that can be easily found at the stores. It is placed opposite the windows of the living room to reflect the sunlight.

Imagine how the entryway will look without this mirror, quite small, wouldn’t it?

via Yellow Brick Home

14. Functional Vintage Mirror

Functional Vintage Mirror

This mirror design is an inspiring idea of how to make the small entryway functional and cozy.
The mirror itself is beautiful with its metal frame and rounded angles of the rectangular frame.

Added sconces to the frame are a clever extra that will illuminate the entryway at night but also make the window more interesting.

via Kristina Crestin Design

15. Black Bold Mirror Frame With Spheres

Black Bold Mirror Frame With Spheres

Use the mirror to create a focal point in the entryway. This inspiring example shows what a wide choice of ornaments there is for mirrors.

This one inspires with the spherical ornaments and with the bold color of the frame. When attached to the wall, it makes an artistic décor impact.

via Creatively Living Blog

16. Wall Art With A Semi-Round Mirror and Macrame

Wall Art With A Semi-Round Mirror and Macrame

This is another amazing design of an entryway mirror that will surely attract your guests’ attention. It features a semi-circle that is continued with layers of brown yarn.

When you take a look at the whole piece, it looks like a wall hanging with functionality. The yarn lengths can be easily replaced with other hanging materials such as leafy garlands, rope, etc.

via The Future Perfect

17. Boho Entryway Mirror

Boho Entryway Mirror

When you enter this foyer, you will surely feel the artistic and free spirit of the homeowners. They have shown their living mantra with the natural textures and simple authentic design of all décor elements.

The large round mirror on the wall opposite the front door sets the style and defines the look of all other décor pieces in the arrangement.

18. Sunburst Mirror With Quills

Sunburst Mirror With Quills

The black marble shelf over a small wooden stool coordinates with the finish of the unique sunburst mirror.

Its frame consists of a black circle topped by a wider-in-diameter golden circle. Together they create a dimensional basis that mimics the sun.

The black and white quills are thickly arranged around the basis to complete the symbol.

via Angela Free Design

19. Boho Style Sunburst Mirror

Boho Style Sunburst Mirror

This is another boho mirror design that features more detailed ornaments of the mirror frame. They form three loops, each in a different shape and color.

The material they are made from unites them together and give the mirror a finished stylish look.

The pattern of the mirror frame coheres with the rug centered on the entryway floor.

20. Minimalist Entryway Mirror

Minimalist Entryway Mirror

This entryway consists of two basic elements- a mirror and a console table. Both are made from metal and glass and look like a set.

The mirror reflects an interesting part of the living room opposite it. The reflected black and white interior coheres with the entryway set.

21. Wildlife Mirror

Wildlife Mirror

If you want to add a touch of exotic to the entryway décor, you can do it with this amazing mirror design. The traditional sunburst design is upgraded to a complicated frame showing also a particular pattern.

The rays of the sun are painted in a giraffe pattern that sets an interesting topic about wildlife. The elephant sculpture on the console table completes the thematic décor and makes a hint about the adventurous spirit of the homeowners.

via Domino

22. Minimalist Rustic Mirror

Minimalist Rustic Mirror

This is an inspiring home décor example proving that you do not need many elements to create an interesting and personalized décor. In fact, there may be only one or two items to create an effective décor touch.

Check this idea for a small entryway. It features a rustic hanging mirror which is the focal point and antlers above it to enhance its interest.

The console table is narrow but just enough to accommodate a few simple decorations.

23. A Mirror To Reflect A Spectacular Home Decor Element

A Mirror To Reflect A Spectacular Home Decor Element

The mirror here is not only a source of reflected light. It is also a means to improve the focus on a particular part of this home.

That is a spectacular indoor staircase with a spiral shape and minimalist design. The hanging pot with fern highlights the end of a step and also adds nature inside.

via Domino

24. Indonesian-inspired Entryway

Indonesian-inspired Entryway

The mosaics on the floor and the large rectangular mirror make a relation with the interior of an exotic villa.

The colors and the textures are calming for the eye and inviting to touch.

The natural origin of these elements is complemented by a rattan bag and an eye-pleasing view of the greenery in the garden.

25. Stylish Entryway Décor With Metallic Accents

Stylish Entryway Décor With Metallic Accents

Your entryway can look very stylish and appealing with only a few décor elements.
In this case, we see how simplicity, clean lines and sleek finish of the material work together to provide comfort and style in a small entryway.

The mirror finish of the frame also helps create a feel of light and airiness.

via Carriage Lane Designs

26. Key Holder With Mirror

Key Holder With Mirror

Your entryway can look very stylish and appealing with only a few décor elements.
In this case, we see how simplicity, clean lines and sleek finish of the material work together to provide comfort and style in a small entryway.

Want to add a pop of color to your neutral entryway décor? Do it with this DIY mirror! It combines rustic and functionality in one.

It is made from reclaimed furniture pieces assembled together in a structure that offers a mirror and a shelf unit with compartments. Added door knobs are charming and also useful as hooks for the storage of keys.

via House Beautiful

27. Small Entryway With Rustic Decoration

Small Entryway With Rustic Decoration

This tiny entryway requires small elements. This applies not only to the mirror but also to the console table and the decoration.

Instead of a large console table, you can always go for a bench, a bar cart or even a stool. Match the elements in color and texture and add contrasting pieces to let them stand out.

via Kristina Crestin Design

28. Artistic Mirror

Artistic Mirror

If you are looking for a bold and unique point of interest in the entryway, try this idea.

People are used to seeing mirrors in the entryways. Imagine their initial reaction when they see the mirror frame holding a painting or a photograph.

via BHG

29. Sparkling Metal Finish Of A Round Mirror

Sparkling Metal Finish Of A Round Mirror

Some people use the space underneath the stairs to create an alternative entryway. Usually, it consists of a small console table and a mirror.

This nook consists of a round mirror with a metal frame. In addition to the glass surface reflecting the light, the metal frame also works for enhancing the airiness in the space with the glimmer of the metal particles.

30. Feng Shui Entryway Decor

Feng Shui Entryway Decor

The long and narrow entryway is a challenge but not if you follow these rules based on the Feng Shui teaching.

Hang a beautiful mirror opposite the front door, preferably with a wooden or wrought iron frame.

Under the mirror you can put a narrow or small console table, a shelf would be even better. Use this space to arrange items that energize your home- real flowers, candles, for example.

31. A Mirror In The Center

A Mirror In The Center

This is a harmonious entryway décor using a plain round mirror as a centering piece. Its design is simply letting all other décor pieces stand out.

Take a look at what the mirror reflects. Obviously, it is not right across from the front door.

If you trust the Feng Shui teaching, you know that the mirror placed opposite the front door may reflect the good energy back outside.

via One Kings Lane

32. A Mirror Collage

A Mirror Collage

This idea works perfectly for tiny entryways and can also inspire your foyer makeover with affordable means.

Instead of placing one large mirror, you can go for a set of many identical in shape mirrors. They will create a point of interest and will surely improve the visual perception of the size of the space.

33. Contemporary Entryway Set

Contemporary Entryway Set

This is a modern entryway décor featuring a sleek console table and a matching mirror.
Both are made from metal and wood and follow strict geometrical shapes.

The gaps between the elements give them a modern look.

34. Illusionary Arched Window

Illusionary Arched Window

The shape of this mirror takes credit from the amazing curved form of the arched windows. They are so rare and so antique!

Adding such a mirror to your entryway is sure to instantly make it more elegant. Its size and look will surely turn it into the focal point so you should coordinate all other décor elements with it.

Corbels, metal candlesticks, a wooden console table, rattan baskets will all make the untraditional mirror design feel and look belonging.

via The Home I Create

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