26 Timeless Combinations: Pairing Teal With Classic Colors Without Looking Tacky

Teal, a beautiful hue between green and blue, offers a captivating color scheme that combines sophistication and visual appeal to evoke a sense of tranquility.

While primary colors are known for their versatility, teal is a unique hue that demands careful consideration when paired with other shades. However, there’s no shortage of options for creating harmonious color combinations.

Elevate your decor with these 26 harmonious colors to pair with teal. From earthy neutrals to vibrant accents, discover elegant combinations that complement teal beautifully, adding sophistication and style to your space.

Whichever style or combination you prefer, mixing multiple colors in a thoughtful way can enhance your space’s visual appeal by adding depth and character.

We’ve compiled a list of 26 classic color combinations with teal to help inspire your creativity when planning for your next remodel.

Take a look!

1. Impress with Hague Blue

colors that go with teal 1


Teal pairs perfectly well with blue shades since it possesses similar undertones.

The Hague Blue walls in this living room evoke a modern feel, while the velvet seating in teal adds a more playful touch. The burnt orange chair creates a solid yet calming effect, with the vibrant rug adding pops of energy.

2. Bring Some Fun with Wallpaper

colors that go with teal 2


The exposed brick on this living room’s fireplace brings character and depth to the teal accent wall.

The wall décor and white couch bring some color to the design, which the potted plant and green wallpaper further enhance.

3. Keep Things Exciting with Pumpkin Orange

colors that go with teal 3


On opposite sides of the color wheel, teal and orange create a fascinating contrast that adds warmth and energy to your room.

The pumpkin orange blanket in this design complements the Paint and Paper Library Teal’s cool undertones on the walls with its vibrant and earthy feel. This pairing and the rustic wall décor evoke a sense of creativity and resonance in this room.

4. Contrast with Black and White

colors that go with teal 4


Black and white is a classic combination that will never go out of style, and adding teal to this mix creates a unique, contemporary aesthetic.

The dominant white palette in this guest room prevents the contrast from getting too stark. The teal silk curtains complement the headboard, while ample natural light helps create balance.

5. Accent with Marble

colors that go with teal 5


If you want a calming feel in your kitchen, adding a shade of teal to your cabinetry is the best way to go about it.

The teal and marble combo in this kitchen creates a beautiful palette that feels sophisticated. Accenting these two colors with gold and metallics helps to complete this regal aesthetic.

6. Make a Statement with Teal

colors that go with teal 6


You don’t have to limit your teal color scheme to kitchen cabinets only; you can also extend it to your walls.

The vibrant teal hues on this kitchen’s cabinetry, island, and paneled wall contrast perfectly with the marble countertops and tile backsplash, creating an incredibly rich and alluring palette.

7. Add Hints of Black

colors that go with teal 7


Accenting your teal palette with black decor is an excellent way of creating a classic yet contemporary color theme.

This room’s black fireplace, TV, and freestanding lamp beautifully contrast the pale teal shade on the walls, creating a modern yet timeless look.

8. Match Your Walls with Furniture

colors that go with teal 8


The teal walls and velvet sofas in this open living room create a monochromatic palette that feels cozy and charming.

A baby pink ottoman adds a lively feel to the design, while the two vertical log stacks balance the rustic, black log burner, giving the room a homely ambiance.

9. Pair with Gold and White

colors that go with teal 9

@Eclectic Living Room

Try combining your teal color scheme with gold and white to create a room that feels exciting and different.

The white crown molding, gold-toned sofa, light blue couch, and pink accents bring vibrant hues that contrast with the teal walls in this room, creating an exquisite feel.

10. Incorporate Some Wood Tones

colors that go with teal 10

@Transitional Living Room

Partnering gray with teal is an excellent way of appealing to this hue’s softer side. 

The gray fireplace wall and sofas accent the teal nooks, making this living room feel remarkably calming.

Dark wood stains on the floor and floating shelves create a moody, vintage-inspired feel, while the light wooden mantle brings a modern, high-contrast look to the design.

11. Bring Vibrancy with Navy

colors that go with teal 11

@Barker and Stonehouse

Pairing navy with teal creates a sophisticated and timeless color scheme.

The deep navy walls in this room pair seamlessly with the serene teal couches and ottoman, adding depth and drama to this space. The playful pineapple motifs, oversized greenery, and art-deco-inspired rug evoke a sense of tranquility and classic style.

12. Beige for a Cool Effect

colors that go with teal 12

@Duet Design Group

Teal looks dependably good with a neutral shade, and beige’s cooler undertones work remarkably well with teal’s calm nature.

The beige furniture in this simple living room neutralizes the Sherwin-Williams Seaworthy walls, creating a soothing-feeling space. Mustard yellow throw pillows, a gold chandelier, and a sunburst mirror add color and keep things interesting.

13. Liven Up Your Room with Patterns

colors that go with teal 13

@Apartment 48

Filling your home with bold patterns and a teal palette is an excellent way of bringing in personality and adding some real dynamism.

Teal is incredibly captivating when used in patterns with neutral shades, as seen in this design. The teal shade adds a bright and uplifting feel during the daytime while creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the evenings.

14. Keep It Simple

colors that go with teal 14

@Twilly and Fig

This living room combines teal walls with pink chairs, a cream couch, dark wood accents, a gray patterned rug, and curtains to create a high-contrast yet serene environment.

Lime green vases on the piano bring out the teal’s green undertones and complete this almost neutral palette.

15. Create a Layered Space

colors that go with teal 15

@Wendy Walter Design

This design has strategically incorporated teal to ground the white color palette and add visual interest.

Teal and burnt orange throw pillows pop against the gray sofa and help bring the color scheme together, while the rustic rug complements the teal hue.

16. Bring Texture with Brown

colors that go with teal 16

@Traditional Living Room

Using teal as an accent color is a great way to bring an unexpected twist and make your space really stand out.

The dominant neutral palette in this luxurious living room balances out the teal accent walls, while a reddish-brown leather couch brings texture and color to the space.

17. Try with Neutrals

colors that go with teal 17

@Lace Grace Interiors

Using light grays against teal hues creates a sophisticated and balanced palette.

A shade of Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray on the walls provides a calming backdrop, while the Dark Night by Sherwin-Williams on the accent wall adds a touch of richness with its depth.

The white chairs and wood accents foster this airy living room’s timeless and calming atmosphere.

18. Go for a Monochromatic Look

colors that go with teal 18

@Laura U Design Collective

Teal and aqua create a memorable subtle contrast when used in the same space, making them ideal for a tranquil and cohesive palette.

A shade of Sherwin-Williams Oceanside on the accent wall complements the duvet, making this design soothing to the eye.

The white and black accents add to the calming and refreshing ambiance, while the splatter effect on the ceiling adds drama and personality to this coastal-inspired bedroom.

19. Create a Lasting Impression with Paneling

colors that go with teal 19

@Skelly Buil

Applying a shade of teal to paneled furniture and walls exudes refinement and glamor.

Teal’s richness makes the paneled décor in this design stand out more, while the white accents make this color palette pretty much a failsafe. The floral tile backsplash adds a pop of color to the space.

20. Brighten Your Kitchen with Orange

colors that go with teal 20

@Jeff Walker Photography

Teal and orange work together harmoniously, and that’s precisely what’s expected when you pair these two complementary colors.

The orange tile floor in this kitchen brightens up the space, while the shade of teal on the cabinetry helps create that all-important balance. An olive green and yellow floral wallpaper adds character and makes the space feel polished.

21. Make Your Shelving Pop

21 river rock landscaping 21

@Erika Bonnell Interior

Opting for a teal shade for your shelving solutions and pairing it with white adds elegance, infusing your space with a sense of drama and sophistication.

The muted brown accents in this living room create a harmonious, balanced design scheme, making a beautiful, dramatic statement.

22. Achieve Rustic Elegance with Taupe

colors that go with teal 22

@Anna Jacoby Interiors

Dark brown is a natural complement to teal since its undertones work amiably with the hue. 

The dark taupe sectional in this living room goes quite well with the teal walls while still adding some personality. Teal throw pillows create a continuous color scheme, with the area rug complementing the walls.

23. Keep it Calm with Off-White

colors that go with teal 23

@Красюк Сергей

Off-white is an excellent option if you want to balance out the cool blue of teal with a bit of warmth.

The off-white palette in this living room creates an excellent backdrop for the teal accent wall and pairs well with the lavender bush sofa and curtains to create an eclectic living room.

24. Go All-Out with Teal and Pink

colors that go with teal 24

@My Bespoke Room

Pairing the rich blue-green tones of teal with soft, feminine pinks creates an alluring color scheme.

This space’s pink and teal combo brings a lively and youthful feel, capturing one’s attention without being too overwhelming. A rustic ladder doubling as a shelf brings character to the design, while yellow throw pillows add color to this subtle yet playful room.

25. Bring Some Life with Greenery

colors that go with teal 25


Oversized lush greenery evokes a jungle-like feel when combined with teal walls, as seen in this design.

The cream, mauve, and pink bedding add color and variety to this design without overwhelming the color scheme.

26. Be Bold with Magenta

colors that go with teal 26


The Magenta and pink combo is a unique color pairing that will bring an energetic twist to your space.

The magenta duvet and pillows in this vibrant bedroom create a bright focal point, while the teal adds some life to the room. Painting part of the upper half of the wall, a cool white shade strikes an eye-catching balance between the bright shades.

The neon pink sign and floral motifs personalize the space and add a playful touch.

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