24 Best Brown Living Room Ideas and Designs

The resurgence of the color brown and neutral palettes is a result of the influence of retro design styles such as mid-century modern, but the truth is, we can use brown in any style we choose.

It’s a warm color and as earthy as earthy gets. We’ve put together twenty-four brown living room ideas that will open your eyes.

Best Brown Living Room Ideas. Are you considering a living room makeover or just a new paint coat? Take a look at these gorgeous brown living room ideas to get inspired. #decorhomeideas

You’ll see how to use it as an accessory, wall color, and so much more.

  • Is brown color good for living room?

The earthy undertones found in the color brown make it a favorite color for many an interior designer.

A leather sofa and a couple of club chairs can nearly complete a room all by themselves. The neutral palette means you can take the style in any direction.

  • How do you decorate a brown living room?

First, consider the size and shape of the room. Then think about what colors will complement a brown living room. They should work with your personal style.

Just about any style works with brown. Take advantage of this to add spots of color with your accessories.

Pay attention to lighting. Golden yellow lamps tell a different story than recessed ceiling spotlights.

  • How can I brighten up my brown living room?

Using furniture finished in cheerful colors is a wonderful contrast to pieces with brown finishes. Pick colors with light tones like peach, pale pink, light green or blue.

An extra light fixture or two is another easy way to brighten up any space.

1. Coffee and Cream

Coffee and Cream

Vintage pieces can be mixed and matched when you stick to a neutral color palette based around a rich brown color.

This traditional living room decor has unexpected additions, such as the club chairs and cabinet.

via Carolina Design Associates

2. Add Patterns and an Accent Color

Add Patterns and an Accent Color

A traditional living room uses a subtle shade of blue to tie together pieces with different patterns. Hold true to the color scheme.

The ceiling holds to two shades of brown that match up with any accessory in the room.

via BCB Homes

3. Mix Textures

Mix Textures

Natural fibers in the rug over wood flooring bring a rustic vibe to the furnishings in this living room.

You can also see this style in the small ottoman and brown shades.

via Blackband Design

4. Introduce a Contrasting Accent Color

Introduce a Contrasting Accent Color

Beige walls provide the backdrop to this traditional living room with a tan L-shaped sofa and blue chairs. Metallic accents play off the golden tones in the light brown couch.

The cobalt blue color remains consistent throughout each accessory.

via Traci Zeller Interiors

5. Create a Gradient

Create a Gradient

An idea for adding depth to your space is to create a gradient with the color brown.

Starting in the back with a deep chocolate brown wall, it moves to a lighter color over the mantel surround and side walls.

White is maintained as the focal point in the center. A divan pulls together the entire space.

via ELEVATE interiors + design

6. Frame a Feature Wall

Frame a Feature Wall

Feature walls are a great way to make a statement in a room. This simple brown feature wall in this transitional living room gets a lift from the framing around the entertainment area and along the perimeter.

Textures such as the linen lamp shades and velvet ottoman bring more color and interest to the room. The chairs and side tables are stained to match the feature wall.

via Kenneth Brown Design

7. Warm Up with Deep Reds

Warm Up with Deep Reds

Red undertones in wooden furniture can be brought to life by using a deep, rich red on the walls and ceilings.

Use a blue undertone in the red to contrast the yellow undertones in the browns.

This traditional living room is warmed up using deep red walls and a caramel-colored couch, curtains, furniture, and wooden floor. It gets its sparkle from the gold accents and contrasting white on the entertainment area and recessed ceiling.

via Reuter Homes

8. Bring Cohesion to Built-ins

Bring Cohesion to Built-ins

To hide soffits surrounding the fireplace, custom bookshelves were built. They tied it all together using a single shade of brown paint.

The rest of the room is lightened up with a neutral palette that includes a fun pattern in the curtain and soft casual seating.

via Meriwether Design Group

9. Use a Focal Point with a Pop of Color

Use a Focal Point with a Pop of Color

Sometimes all it takes is a single piece to make a statement in the room. A large yellow abstract painting is the head-turner in this living room.

A velvet brown couch adds soft textural contrast to the rough hewn rustic coffee table. Surprising organic and elegant accents are pulled together in this living room.

via Urrutia Design

10. Monochromatic, Minimalist, and Modern

Monochromatic, Minimalist, and Modern

To prevent a modern or minimalist room from feeling cold, it’s important to add textures. We see this here with a textured wall which can be accomplished using either wallpaper or a painting technique.

More texture is introduced in the area rug underneath a fabric-covered coffee table. Throw pillows match up with the side tables and the couch itself.

Decorative pieces of coral stand out as another texture in the room.

via Pleasant Living

11. Brown Brick Wall

Brown Brick Wall

Pale blue side chairs match the color in the area rug.

The brown color of the plush couch matches up with the deepest brown tone in the brick fireplace.

via Neela Woodard Design

12. Go Modern, Go Deep

Go Modern, Go Deep

The streamlined look of the coffee table, wingback chairs and the fireplace are warmed up with the deep brown wood stain.

Block panel curtains embrace both ends of the spectrum. Emerald green chairs with frames in a matching stain add a modern, organic touch to the room.

via Milieu Home Goods

13. Victorian Reboot

Victorian Reboot

A Victorian home is reimagined for the 21st century. The medium tone wood floor is brightened by the soft colors in the area rug.

The light brown sofa and matching chair blend seamlessly with the pale color palette found in the rug and throw pillows. 

The stained glass window adds a color pop. It’s original to the house.

via Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting

14. Contemporary Accent Wall

Contemporary Accent Wall

A striking accent wall with floating shelves and a fireplace is a breathtaking focal point in this living room.

The area rug mimics plywood, paying homage to the star of the show. Gold accent pieces add to the golden lights on the shelves.

via Paragon Custom Builders

15. Transitional French Style

Transitional French Style

The side chair frames and coffee table are stained to match the plush couch.

Golden touches include the framed picture on the couch and the pattern on the curtain panels.

via Culbertson Interiors

16. Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse Chic

A traditional farmhouse embraces its roots with an exposed beam vaulted ceiling and wood flooring in this rustic living room. Sage green wall paint is the nice backdrop to let the rug and large coffee table shine.

The brown leather accent chair matches the coffee table and the curtain panels tie the room together.

via Anna Lisa Avelar Interior Design

17. Easy Accents and Lots of Seating

Easy Accents and Lots of Seating

The sectional and two ottomans create a welcome seating area for a large gathering.

A deeper chocolate brown coffee table adds weight to the light colored area rug. We like how the piping of the couch matches the curtain panels.

via Dana Lauren Designs

18. Use a Dark Brown Ceiling

Use a Dark Brown Ceiling

Striking tongue-and-groove vaulted ceiling is an elegant addition and perfect partner to the stone fireplace.

Matching brown curtain panels brings the eyes back to ground level. Tones in the grey paint color pickup on both the floor and the brick fireplace.

Wall decor should be kept simple and to the point when the walls themselves are the focal point.

via Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

19. Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

This transitional living room is a study in contrasts. Its formal side is recognized in the darker furniture.

Its lighter side is seen in the lamp shades and brown flooring.

via Amanda Steiner Design

20. Modern Touches in a Traditional Living Room

Modern Touches in a Traditional Living Room

Panel side panels of the Roman blinds match the framed mirror over the fireplace. The sheer quality of the shades allows even more light into the room.

The bookcase has a stunning strike of books all covered in deep red. A rug in a lighter shade of brown gets framed by a darker brown wood floor. 

Note that the only brown accents in the room are in the throw pillows and blanket.

via Maurizio Pellizzoni

21. Tall Curtain Panels

Tall Curtain Panels

Using brown curtain panels accentuates the room’s height. This helps a small space from feeling closed in. The light wall color reflects the natural light.

Different shades of brown keep the eyes moving around the room.

via Sealy Design

22. Clean and Simple Furniture Design

Clean and Simple Furniture Design

When decorating a room with large paneled walls, keep the living room furniture simple to avoid clashing patterns.

The camel colored chairs and wood framing are all that’s needed to keep the pattern cool and neutral. An area rug ties together the browns and blues of this transitional living room and creates separation from the adjacent dining room. 

via Stockholm Construction Group

23. An Amusing Mid-Century Mood

An Amusing Mid-Century Mood

When coming up with ideas on what color to paint your walls, don’t forget that wood paneling in a simple stain is a warm, classic option.

The brown velvet couch and walnut Noguchi coffee table add to the elegant feel. Touches of whimsy with the faux cowhide footstool and intricate patterns on the throw pillows lighten the mood in what could become a very formal room.

This is the moon kind of room that could easily showcase a large brown leather sofa.

via MuseInteriors

24. Deep Chocolate Brown Sofa

Deep Chocolate Brown Sofa

A transitional living room with a chocolate brown L-shaped sofa gets pops of color with green ottomans and graphic throw pillows.

The rest is furnished with light brown furniture. Brown carpet over dark wood floors adds interest and depth to a sunny, energetic room.

via Shelter Interiors

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