25 Bohemian Style Living Rooms That Redefine Chic Comfort

Are you in the process of designing your living room? If you want a trendy, casual, welcoming, and personalized style, go for the Bohemian style.

For some people Boho means colorful and intense, for others, Boho is neutral and calming.

The truth is that Boho lets you play with colors, textures, and decorations as long as they are related to nature and have character.

Infuse color and life into your living room with these 25 bohemian ideas. From vibrant textiles to eclectic decor, explore creative inspirations that capture the free-spirited essence of bohemian style.

Let us show you 25 Bohemian Style Living Rooms That Redefine Chic Comfort to prove that Boho is the perfect choice for your living room.

1. Neutral Boho Living Room

25 bohemian style living room 1


Modern boho living rooms feature white or beige walls, rattan decorations, furniture, and patterned textures. This neutral backdrop welcomes bolder color accents, giving the room the desired character.

Plants are never too much in the boho living room. They can be hung from the ceiling in macrame holders, placed on floating shelves, and staying on the floor.

2. Mix Of Patterns

25 bohemian style living room 2


Traditional boho decor is associated with many bright colors, as seen in this unique boho living room.

Usually, colors are implemented through textiles. You can add colorful pillows on the sofa, blankets resting on the chairs, or rattan baskets.

Rugs can also bring a color statement to the boho living room.

3. Wooden Furniture

25 bohemian style living room 3


Many traditional Boho-style living rooms feature furniture from natural materials such as wood, rattan, and leather.

The wood tones pair perfectly with the typical greenery in the interior of the boho living room and make a calming oasis atmosphere together.

4. Velvet Furniture

25 bohemian style living room 4


For a pop of color, use colors from nature in the boho living room. That can be green, blue, pink or yellow.

You can incorporate them with accents or with leading interior elements such as sofas and armchairs.

5. Boho Artwork

25 bohemian style living room 5


Regarding art decorations, the Boho style is associated with artwork that pictures nature or people.

This living room wall art features a gallery of vinyl surrounded by green plants and macrame deer trophies.

The traditional boho-style patterned textiles give the neutral room a pop of color that makes the room very warm and welcoming.

6. Modern Bohemian Living Room

25 bohemian style living room 6


Modern Bohemian living rooms usually feature only accents from the style mixed with a trendy interior.

This living room idea makes the atmosphere clean and airy thanks to the neutral white walls and plenty of natural light.

The grey furniture is decorated with patterned throw pillows that anchor the boho style.

The rattan table and ottomans set a warm tone in the living room which is enhanced by the plants decorating the room.

7. Rattan Accents

25 bohemian style living room 7


You often find rattan chairs and other furniture in the Bohemian living rooms.

In this living room idea, the rattan armchair is complemented by rattan hats and a side table. The warm color of the rattan makes the ambiance more welcoming.

8. Rattan Hanging Chair

25 bohemian style living room 8


Another way to include the rattan in your Boho living room is with a hanging swing chair.

It invites you to a relaxing time surrounded by plenty of greenery in macrame hangers and beside a large window throwing warm light.

9. Mix Of Textiles

25 bohemian style living room 9


If you want to experiment with patterns and textures, the Boho style welcomes you to try it out.

Take a look at this bright living room, which features a wide range of fabric textures, all of them in the neutral color palette.

10. Include Fur

25 bohemian style living room 10


Fur textile is another fabric that the Boho style likes. You can incorporate it in the living room in pillowcases, throw blankets, or rugs.

The neutral fur accents can complement a sofa from green or blue velvet or brown armchairs.

11. The More Plants, The Better

25 bohemian style living room 11


Boho style relates to nature, so the more plants you bring inside, the better the bohemian feel. Plants should be placed near the windows where they will feel best.

You can hand them from the ceilings, place them on side tables or the floor, or create green cascades falling down the wall shelves.

12. Mix And Match Decor

25 bohemian style living room 12


This modern Boho living room is another excellent example of how easily you can mix and match the decor. Do it from the floor to the ceiling, mixing colors, textures, and materials.

Add velvet couches in tones that complement the Boho interior. Place them over a patterned carpet or rug.

13. Farmhouse Boho Living Room

25 bohemian style living room 13


Farmhouse and Boho styles have a lot in common, hence they look very well together. You can easily upgrade a farmhouse living room with Boho accents to make it more relaxing and personalized.

If you are not into bold and bright colors, you can keep the neutral color palette but experiment with textures and patterns.

14. Oriental Accents

25 bohemian style living room 14


The texture is significant in the Boho style; you can use pretty much any style or pattern of texture.

To create an accent in a neutral Boho living room, add a rug or a carpet in oriental colors and patterns and don’t just stop there.

You can include stools or ottomans with bright covers or throw pillows on the sofa.

15. Mix And Match Vintage And Modern Pieces

25 bohemian style living room 15


This Boho living room looks so eclectic thanks to mixing vintage and modern pieces.

These two styles can create a specific character in the space, and the best is that you don’t have to buy everything new.

You can leave those pieces of furniture you like most and surround them with modern accessories.

16. Scandi Boho Living Room

25 bohemian style living room 16


You can easily recognize the Scandi influence from the minimalist decor and neutral tones. This clean white room’s atmosphere is warm and welcoming thanks to the Boho accents in natural materials.

All the plants in the interior enhance the inviting feel and make the space more homely.

17. Jute Rugs

25 bohemian style living room 17


Jute and sisal rugs and woven framed mirrors are super trendy and capable of giving your living room a boho-chic feel.

These elements are made from natural materials and match other nature-inspired decorations like plants.

Take a look at the arrangement of the jute rugs. They balance out the space with their color and shape.

18. Leather Sofa

25 bohemian style living room 18


The brown leather sofa is a perfect piece of furniture for a Bohemian living room.

The leather is related to nature, and its brown color warms the atmosphere. It easily pairs with wooden elements and natural green decorations.

19. Wall Basket Art

25 bohemian style living room 19


The rattan and sisal decorations in this living room balance its colorful accents.

The wall above the sofa features a gallery of rattan baskets of antique oriental origin.

The basket display gives a charming Boho vibe to the living room.

20. Boho In Grey Tones

25 bohemian style living room 20


If you love the Boho style but want to keep it neutral and sophisticated, opt for shades of grey.

Grey is a modern color, but when mixed with this huge Ficus Lyrata, cacti, and the money plant, it quickly transforms into a Boho feature.

Add a carpet in neutral colors but with a pattern, a macrame wall hanging, and other small Boho accents to finish the calming oasis interior.

21. Add A Persian Rug

25 bohemian style living room 21


The inclusion of lots of textures in the Boho style always relates to making the atmosphere cozier than overwhelming.

Choose a rug that coordinates with the rest of the room and complements the feel of the space.

Don’t be afraid to go for an oriental rug that has an antique look and mix it with a modern sofa. They will blend easily and will create a unique overall look.

22. Bring In Colors To Create Character

25 bohemian style living room 22


The Boho style lets you experiment with colors and textures to reflect your personality and creativity.

Mix and match colors and spread them so that the overall look is balanced and visually appealing. You can also upgrade old pieces of furniture with paints, decals, and decoupage paper to give them a Boho look.

23. Moroccan Accents

25 bohemian style living room 23


Spice up your living room with Moroccan patterns and prints associated with the Bohemian style.

The Moroccan decorations are like pieces of art with their repetitive shapes; you can find them on different decor pieces.

You can go for a bold and colorful carpet or more miniature decorations in neutral colors.

24. Organized Boho Living Room

25 bohemian style living room 24


Some think Boho means chaos because the spaces are filled with objects, art, and textiles.

This living room proves that the boho room can be organized and functional as long as you have enough storage places that fit the boho-style concept.

Rattan free-standing shelf units, wooden floating shelves, chests of drawers, baskets, and ottomans with hidden storage are among the functional storage units you can use to display the Boho decorations.

25. Boho Room With Layered Textures

25 bohemian style living room 25


A great hint about giving a living room a Boho look is to layer textures.

The floor and the seating furniture are the places where you can add different patterns of fabrics that are related to the Boho style.

Especially in a neutral living room, the colorful accents will give the interior a welcoming look and character.

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