Decorating a Brick Wall: Easy Tips for Instant Style

Brick walls have become a trendy architectural design in many homes due to their warm, vintage-inspired look.

Most of the time, a brick wall acts as an art piece in its own right and won’t require any additional adornment.

However, you can soften its appearance by hanging your favorite photos, art, paintings, and other wall decor and make it more striking.

Best Brick Wall Decor Ideas

If you are part of the enthusiastic fan base of brick walls but lack the ideas to make it stand out more, you’re in the right place.

This article will highlight tips to help you personalize your exposed brick wall, including hanging artwork, materials and color choices, adding character, and more.

Keep on reading to find out!

Hanging Art on Your Brick Wall

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Incorporating art into your brick wall means you must also be mindful of your color choices. Black and white artwork blends well with an exposed brick wall, and you can use a single signature piece, a modish trio, or an entire gallery wall of black-and-white paintings, art prints, and photographs.

Contrast is critical when you’re hanging your art against a brick wall.

Therefore, when adding your large, eye-catching art piece, focus on colors that will take the attention off the brick and onto the wall as a whole, such as greens, yellows, and blues; avoid brown and red/orange tones.

Wall shelves are another decor feature that will look beautiful pushed up against or mounted to a brick wall. They provide a firm foundation for which you can use to layer your accessories and artwork.

Brick wall bedroom

I recommend adding floating shelves since you can use them to display your art without a fuss, and they are stylish. Combine your shelves with a floor plant and a leaning mirror to create a cozy, dramatic feel.

Texture is another important factor when choosing art for your brick wall. The surrounding decor, specific location, and the type of attention your brick wall and space command will mainly influence your art style selected.

Try playing around with an oversized canvas art piece or use a collage of framed art that differs in shape and size. However, be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll overwhelm your brick wall; less is more, in this case.

Maybe hanging art isn’t your go-to choice when decorating your walls, but that shouldn’t worry you at all. There are other decor pieces you can adorn your brick wall with, and you won’t need a hammer or drill to do so.

Brick wall with shelves

A few excellent ideas include using unconventional functional pieces such as a coat tree, a guitar stand, or a dress form. You can also add a tall plant (or a group of greenery) in front of your wall. Prop up an oversized mirror leaning against your wall for a vintage classic feel.

You should keep some things away from your brick wall, though, such as textile art.

Such decor usually needs a smooth, steady background to be recognized fully, so it isn’t going to be as successful with a brick wall.

As mentioned earlier, a brick wall is an art by itself, so the decor pieces you want to add should be minimal; again, less is more! Most of the time, you only need one statement piece to highlight your wall and your decor piece as well.

Pay Close Attention to Your Color Choices and Materials

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A brick wall is a focal point on its own, with its vibrant red color providing warmth to your space despite its significantly textured, stone-like material. Therefore, you want to avoid any approach that would seem to overpower this architectural feature in any way. 

A simple way of achieving this is to incorporate ceramics that will pop against your brick wall or contrast the original red brick color with other lighter colors. Go for decor items that are white or have a pale color for a seamless combination.

Another excellent idea is mixing metal elements to enhance the industrial vibe further. Opt for polished metals like silver, bronze, gold, or brass, whose reflective quality and brightness make your space feel larger and brighter.

Don’t Interfere with Character

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Whether you’re installing a brick wall to appear original in your home or it’s actually historic and dated, it’s meant to appear a little storied. Therefore, when decorating exposed brick walls, your main aim should be incorporating decor pieces that don’t necessarily take away the brick’s character. 

That said, don’t be afraid to mix and match various decor styles with your brick wall acting as a backdrop. This will create even more visual interest and add a touch of drama to your space; after all, variety is the spice of life!

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