26 Enchanting Dark Green Accent Walls for an Exquisite Atmosphere

A dark green accent wall is a striking design element due to its bold and dramatic visual impact, making it perfect for setting a moody atmosphere.

It creates a sense of depth and contrast, and it can be used with various interior design styles, be it modern or traditional; Scandi or eclectic.

Discover the transformative power of dark green accent walls with our list of 26 enchanting designs. Each one promises to elevate your space with an air of sophistication and a touch of nature's serenity. Dive into the allure of exquisite atmospheres!

Whether you’re planning to paint an accent wall that serves as a backdrop for an upholstered bed, has built-in shelves, or houses a fireplace, dark green is an excellent choice for adding instant character and charm.

Today, we’ll look at 26 dark green accent wall ideas that will give your home a moody makeover. We’ll show you various areas to experiment with this hue, how to layer it with different patterns, and which materials you can pair it with.

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1. Make Meals Lively

dark green accent wall 1


A dark green accent wall is an excellent way to add a vibrant and refreshing touch to a dining room. Green’s calming effect makes it a great choice for creating a relaxed atmosphere during meals.

The wood tones, lush greenery, and off-white color palette balance the impact of this Craig & Rose Angelica paint, allowing the accent wall to act as the focal point while maintaining a harmonious look.

2. Bring Fun with Nature-inspired Wallpaper

dark green accent wall 2


A dark green wallpaper inspired by nature is an exciting way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living space and transform it into a serene oasis.

The lush foliage and delicate vines dancing across these green velvet walls create a calming and refreshing atmosphere, while bolster pillows and an ottoman tie the look.

3. Uplift the Mood with Textured Walls

dark green accent wall 3


This green wallpaper utilizes its texture and color to add visual interest to this breakfast nook, creating a unique and memorable ambiance.

The crisp white furniture combines with the abstract painting and ceramic wall decorations to create visual contrast, giving the space a modern and fresh feel. This helps prevent the green hue from weighing the space down.

4. Add a Contrasting Color

dark green accent wall 4


Introducing a rich, verdant color into your dark green setting is a great way of creating an energizing and refreshing atmosphere.

The coral couch, paired with the wooden elements, potted plants, TV, and brass accents, uplifts the mood of this room, making it a visual feast for the eyes.

5. Mix It Up

dark green accent wall 5


The green accent wall and brick wall in this design add a touch of elegance and charm, with the vibrant plants bringing an element of biophilic design into this interior space.

This design, with its wooden furniture and bright yellow accents, adds visual interest and promotes a connection with nature.

6. Keep it Subtle

dark green accent wall 6


Using mural-style wallpaper to bring dark green tones into your bedroom will have a fantastic impact on your mood and well-being.

The dark fondant green hue and muted foliage in this wallpaper, paired with the abstract painting, create instant drama and are a beautiful way to add a moody ambiance to a resting place like the bedroom.

7. Add Exciting Details with Beadboard

dark green accent wall 7


This beadboard wall consists of a stunning wooden paneled wall with narrow wooden planks separated by small groves, creating a sense of dimension and depth.

The trio of DIY art with golden frames alongside the pendant lights adds warmth and character to the space, making this two-person office feel cozy and inviting.

8. Make it Eclectic

dark green accent wall 8


If you’re a fan of eclectic designs, a dark green accent wall might be the perfect addition. The wall’s depth creates the perfect backdrop for mixing various styles, giving an interior a lived-in, collected feel.

The rustic mirror and fireplace add some old-fashioned charm to this design, while the Farrow & Ball Duck Green paint allows the numerous décor pieces and accents to take center stage.

9. Use Playful Patterns

dark green accent wall 9


Mural-style wallpapers add visual interest and dynamism to a space. Their patterns and designs create a focal point, drawing attention to the wall.

The tropical banana leaf pattern on this green wallpaper combines with the light wood tones and modicum of plants, offering an energetic and playful aesthetic.

10. Highlight the Fireplace

dark green accent wall 10


Using a green hue for the fireplace wall makes it effortless to blend various decor styles due to its understated charm.

The rustic fireplace in this design adds a pop of color and timeless charm to the Frosted Sage paint by Valspar. The closet virtually disappears into the wall while the pink fabrics complement the palette, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

11. Bedroom Accent Wall

dark green accent wall 11


Step into a world of tranquility with this bedroom paneled accent wall.

The neutral walls, trim, and carpet set the stage, allowing the Secret Garden green hue by Sherwin Williams to pop with invigorating energy.

The dark and neutral fabrics complement the accent wall, bringing a breath of fresh air to this space.

12. Impress with Baseboard

dark green accent wall 12


This baseboard accent wall combines sturdy, vertical boards and delicate battens to create an incredible visual effect that adds character and depth to this bedroom.

The hunter-green hue complements the neutral color palette and natural elements, creating the perfect balance between refined and rustic.

13. Use a Brick Wall

dark green accent wall 13


Green accent walls are well-known for evoking an enchanting allure when used on traditional interior design features.

The dark green on this brick wall infuses it with nature’s soothing and vibrant qualities, bringing a sense of harmony and tranquility to this space. The handmade art personalizes the wall and adds to the timeless charm.

14. Spruce up Your Backsplash

dark green accent wall 14


You can easily transform your kitchen backsplash into an accent wall by extending it to the ceiling, as in this design.

The dark green tiled backsplash adds depth and contrast to the walnut countertop, the dark brown door, and brass details on the utensil rail, handles, and the range hood. It also visually expands the ceiling, making the room feel bigger.

15. Add Interest with Decals

dark green accent wall 15


Can you believe that this green accent wall isn’t wallpaper?! The simple shapes on the walls are actually stickers that mimic paint brush strokes, and you can place them however you like.

The self-portraits add some personality to the space, while light wood tones and foliage complement the freshness of green, creating a visually appealing and dynamic space.

16. Make Odd Spaces Comfy

dark green accent wall 16


Using nature-inspired wallpaper to adorn those odd spaces in your home can help create an emotionally comforting and visually appealing space.

The wallpaper in this design uses birds pecking, perching, and swooping amidst branches of foliage and fruits to create a sense of nature and freshness, making it ideal for small nooks like this one.

17. Accent with Modern Furniture

dark green accent wall 17


Wallpaper will never go out of style, and this one features a garden of hand-painted bamboo, butterflies, and soaring birds to bring a sense of balance and harmony to this space.

The wallpaper contrasts nicely with the sculptural lighting and modern furniture, creating a tapestry of elegance and tranquility that turns this room into a peaceful oasis.

18. Enchant Your Entryway

dark green accent wall 18


The emerald green walls and joinery in this design set the tone for this home with a daring pop of color.

The vibrant green hue complements the green terrazzo floor tiles, creating an instant sense of vitality and freshness while incorporating a touch of sophistication.

19. Be Bold

dark green accent wall 19


Extend the dark green hue on your walls to the ceiling and decor accents for the ultimate moody space and a fully immersive experience.

The velvety dark green tones used in this design bring depth and drama, making a bold statement and setting the stage for a relaxation haven.

20. Make Use of Furniture

dark green accent wall 20


Use different shades of green to create a tonal look with an unexpected design statement.

The deep shade of green on the built-in shelves complements the light-colored green chairs and sofa. The wallpaper also complements the shelving unit, creating a seamless transition between the two.

21. Paint the Ceiling

dark green accent wall 21


To take the versatility and freshness of green to the next level, paint your ceiling with a dark green shade.

The dark green ceiling in this design acts as an accent wall and creates a vibrant focal point, while the sectional sofa extends the green theme across the room.

Black floating shelves and accessories on the walls enhance the overall minimalist aesthetic.

22. Utilize Wainscotting

dark green accent wall 22


Beadboard covering the bottom half or two-thirds of a wall is an excellent way to bring rustic charm to your space.

The design and texture of this beadboard’s wall paneling add dimension, while Ben Moore’s Forest Green hue makes a moody statement, creating double the visual impact. The green hue also contrasts nicely with the upper portion of the wall.

23. Invigorate Your Bedroom Walls

dark green accent wall 23


According to experts, green promotes a sense of harmony, relaxation, and calmness, making it perfect for bedroom walls.

Lick’s Green 05 matt olive green paint on the walls transforms this bedroom into a serene oasis conducive to restful sleep and relaxation. A small portion of the wall has been painted white to add some depth and warmth to the design.

24. Style with a Carpet

dark green accent wall 24


Accenting your green accent wall with a patterned carpet is an excellent way to add a contemporary and stylish touch to your home.

The green accent wall in this design creates a serene, relaxed atmosphere, while the black, white, and brown patterned carpet adds a striking visual contrast. The silver table lamp and minimalistic dining set continue the contemporary theme.

25. Incorporate a Gallery Wall

dark green accent wall 25


Blend nature with art by painting your gallery wall a vibrant shade of dark green.

This design’s dark green accent wall provides the perfect backdrop for this curated collection to stand out while the art pieces add color and personality to the space.

26. Board and Batten for Your Accent Wall

dark green accent wall 26


This playful design choice combines the refreshing vibrancy of green with the timeless charm of paneling.

The Farrow & Ball Calke Green paint allows the board-and-batten wall to create a rustic backdrop that adds character and depth to this calming bedroom.

Other shades of green on the bedding, ottoman, window treatments, foliage, and rug combine to create a cohesive look.

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