32 Best Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas and Designs

Do you have a visual idea of the ideal bedroom?

Most of the time we tend to think about the comfort level of the bedroom but how about its décor?

Giving the bedroom interior an individual touch will surely make it feel more inviting and will set a mood of relaxation.

Best Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas. Incorporating an accent wall into your bedroom design is an easy way to give your space a more stylish and expensive look. These are the best bedroom accent wall ideas to satisfy your craving. #decorhomeideas

Being usually of smaller footage, adding too many decorations can make the space feel too overwhelming and the air heavy. The décor key to improving its appealing atmosphere, tranquil vibe and visual look is to create an accent wall.

Let’s check which are the 32 Best Bedroom Accent Walls Ideas that are easy to implement to make your bedroom oasis homier, customized and without spending a fortune on supplies.

1. Earthy-Toned Italian Stucco

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This bedroom accent wall is delicate with its color pattern mixing blush pink and white in a sky pattern.

The nuances set a calming atmosphere that is essential for the resting room and also set a casual backdrop for natural décor elements.

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2. A Gallery Wall To Set The Color Palette

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A wall can become an accent element not only with its color and texture but also with its decoration. This bedroom accent wall idea features the use of large photographs united by theme and colors on a blank neutral color wall.

The earthy tones repeat on accents spread around the room to create a united look and harmonious atmosphere.

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3. Black Accent Wall Design With Shiplap

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This bedroom wall has become an accent wall by combining non-traditional material with a bold color.

The black shiplap creates an appealing connection with the rustic furniture of the bedroom and sets a contrast for the light-colored elements to stand out and impose an airy look despite the dark tone of the accent wall.

via Peter Schweitzer

4. Panels In Diamond Pattern

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Looking for a bedroom accent wall that adds dimension and elegance? Create it with wood paneling aligned in an eye-catching pattern.

Choose a color to highlight the texture. Blue, grey and earthy nuances are preferred for a bedroom interior because of their calming effect.

via Flipping The Flip

5. Faux Brick Accent Wall Idea

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Brick and wood accent walls are quite popular these days. They are used in the interior of kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

If you are looking for a casual rustic touch that adds texture and style to the bedroom, go for the brick wall. You can make it with gypsum panels and with wallpaper.

Depending on the effect you want to impose, you can go for traditional red-brick walls, whitewashed bricks and patched bricks.

via Recaptured Charm

6. Wood Accent Bedroom Wall

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And here is an appealing bedroom décor idea with a wood accent wall. Wood is warm, natural and always with a unique texture.

There are many options for wood supplies- reclaimed wood, laminate, pallet slats, and barn wood. For more inspiring accent wall ideas with wood, you shouldn’t miss the link below.

via Roots and Wings Furniture

7. Modern Accent Wall With Hexagons

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The hexagonal shape is related to modern interior styles. It can define the design of vertical storage furniture or be part of the accent wall pattern.

Here, we see a bedroom accent wall idea in a teenager’s room but it can be incorporated also in a master bedroom.

The hexagon shapes are first outlined with painter’s tape and then filled with paint. Use the alignment pattern, the color palette and the size of the hexagons to create a bold modern bedroom accent wall.

via Home Perspective

8. Outer space Chalkboard Accent Wall

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This whimsy outer space wall décor is part of a kid’s room but if you admire the endless space and the secrets it hides, you can always make it part of the master bedroom.

This bedroom accent wall is actually a blank wall painted black with chalkboard paint which makes the drawing possibilities endless…

via Honeybear Lane

9. Gold Garlands On White Bedroom Wall

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This bedroom accent wall design can be recreated with stencils or decals. It features numerous garlands dangling from the ceiling down.

The color of the garlands is metallic gold which is quite trendy because of the stylish touch it creates.

via Albion Gould

10. Bedroom Accent Wall With Triangular Shapes

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Similar to the hexagon wall pattern, the triangle mural is also on trend! The technique is easy for a DIY project- outlining shapes with painter’s tape and then filling them with the paint color of your choice.

Here, you can source another inspiration related to the color palette. The grey color is related to contemporary interior designs and is combined with accents in yellow that brighten up the space and add depth.

via Homeology

11. DIY Pallet Wall

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This classic bedroom décor is complemented with a warm and textured statement wall. The balanced look and harmonious feel the wood adds to the elegant interior design is unique.

The wooden slats used for this textured accent wall are taken down from pallets. Each slat is well sanded to let the original color and texture of the wood be visible.

via Beginning In The Middle

12. Wood Accent Wall With Stained Slats

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The color palette of the wooden slats in this bedroom accent wall design idea aims to anchor the vintage style.

The slats are identical in width. Three stain colors are used to make the pattern interesting and pleasing.

via The Rustic Pig

13. Accent Wall With A Stencil

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This is one of the easiest DIY bedroom accent wall ideas. To start with, you need a bare neutral color wall. Get a stencil of shapes you like and a paint color that is either a tone darker or a tone lighter than the basic wall color.

The idea here shows how the wall will look after the stencil has been applied to its entire surface. Of course, you can use it only on a part of it.

via Artzy Fartzy Creations

14. Accent Wall Matching The Ceiling

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The décor idea here aims to show you that the accent wall can be any wall in the room, including the ceiling.

Decorating the ceiling with beautiful bird paintings creates visual interest in the space. The ceiling décor continues visually to the wall behind the bed thanks to applying the same paint color. There, instead of birds, there is a gallery of posters on the sleep topic.

If you are not good at painting, you may want to secure yourself with wallpaper- there are also amazing ideas with floral wallpapers.

via The Sweet Escape

15. White Shiplap Wall For An Elegant Bedroom Decor

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The accent bedroom walls can make a pleasing décor touch even with a simpler design.

The shiplap boards in this décor idea are placed horizontally and painted white to make the room feel airier and to add a fresh farmhouse accent to the existing interior design.

Recreating the idea yourself won’t take more than a weekend and will definitely do a drastic transformation to your master bedroom atmosphere and look.

via Keeping It Simple Crafts

16. Night Sky Ombre Bedroom Accent Wall

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Want to use the accent wall to set a particular mood in the bedroom? The night sky pattern of this bedroom wall urges you to get in bed quickly and relax.

The painting pattern mimics the well-known ombre succession of colors. It starts with dark blue color at the bottom of the wall which starts to fade away as you go up.

via The Wood Spa

17. Dark Green Accent Wall

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Dark navy is a color often used for accent walls. In this bedroom décor idea, it is replaced with another dark color that adds depth and interest and makes the bedroom so unique.

The green shade of the paint reflects the light from the adjacent window and also sets a sleek basis for the textured furniture.

The green color also coordinates with the colors of the rest of the elements to tie up together in a cozy and warm atmosphere.

via My Breezy Room

18. Herringbone Wood Wall

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Covering an entire wall with wood slats will instantly transform not only the look but also the atmosphere of the room.

Wood creates character and adds loads of warmth regardless of its stain color and alignment pattern.

via Joyfully Growing

19. Eclectic Bedroom Décor With Dark Green Accent Wall

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How do you picture the owners of this bedroom? Artistic, appreciating comfort, knowing how to relax and definitely with a unique taste!

The master bedroom is large and lets the mixing of colors, styles and textures be harmonious and delightful. The statement wall creates texture not only with its dark green color but also with its shape and depth.

It also sets the accent color of the overall décor that is expressed not only with paints but also with living décor items.

via Hunter Premo

20. Wall Mural With Hot Air Balloons

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Looking for a statement wall décor idea for your kid’s room that looks trendy and suited for many years on?

The hot air balloon motif is admired by toddlers and older kids. You can paint them yourself or go for a ready supply- wallpaper.

21. Wall Decals For A Statement Wall With The Zodiac Constellation

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Looking for a quick bedroom makeover? Do it with wall decals. You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes and themes.

The bold dark blue bedroom wall here embraces the white zodiac decals which add a whimsy feel to the atmosphere.

22. Watercolor Splashes Bedroom Accent Wall

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This abstract representation of the sky can be part of your home! And installation is as easy as a piece of cake! Simply peel off the vinyl back and stick the wallpaper on the wall.

White and blue paint splashes are beautifully diluted with water to make a harmonious wall mural inviting you to spend relaxing and private time in the bedroom.  

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23. Small Triangles On A Pure White Wall

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Another great idea for adding a fresh and appealing touch to your bedroom décor is to stick small triangle decals on the wall.

For that, you need a plain bare wall in a neutral color that will let the ornaments stand out and will create together visual symmetricity.

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24. Tropic Leaves As An Accent In Your Private Oasis

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The tropic leaves are a popular décor accent that is usually met in the interior of the living spaces.

The bedroom accent wall design idea here proves that tropical leaves can feel and look belong to the bedroom décor if they are well coordinated with the rest of the interior.

The three different colors of the leaves in this design create a whimsy tropical forest covering parts of the walls which rest over dark green walls.

via Lulu and Georgia

25. Geometric Interpretation Of Tropical Leaves For Your Minimalist Bedroom

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The gorgeous modern accent wall idea here is created thanks to wall stencils. The shape mimics a palm tree leaf that is repeated in perfect rows from the bottom to the top of the white wall.

Dark blue paint covers partially the bottom part of the bed walls to enhance the point of interest and to make a unique personal touch.

via Stencils Lab

26. Family Photos Gallery

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Use the accent wall of the bedroom to show memories that are special to you.

A gallery of family photos will enhance the homely feel and will spread love all around.

When you go for this bedroom statement wall idea, make sure that the wall is painted one color that lets the pictures stand out.

via SML Architects

27. Add Texture With Wooden Panelling

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Make your statement wall with wooden paneling- easy, affordable and elegant!
Cover part or the entire wall with the panels.

Use the panel alignment and the wall color to enhance the point of interest. Any darker color will let the dimension of the panels stand out.

via Carmit Oron

28. Accentuate With A Painting

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A décor hint for spaces that are missing a touch of individuality is to add a large painting to a bare wall.

This trick works also in a bedroom where décor is simple, minimalist or Scandinavian.

Use light fixtures to frame the wall art piece and to add another décor accent to the plain interior design.

via Codi Ann Backman

29. Extravagant Brick Accent Wall

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If you like the industrial look of an unfinished wall, use it to inspire your bedroom statement wall design!

The brick wall adds comfort, warmth and texture and matches furniture of rustic, minimalist and vintage design. Get inspired also with the choice for a statement wall in this décor idea!

via Rory Creative

30. Pop Art Gallery Statement Wall

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When you want to add individuality to the décor and atmosphere of your bedroom, you can do it not only with family photos but also with posters of bands or movies you like.

The collage here uses music icons and symbols as accents on a bare grey wall. All frames are black to highlight the colors of each poster.

via Carla Elliman

31. Statement Wall With A Fireplace

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When you choose your bedroom statement wall, make sure that it is well lit. The amount of natural light coming through the windows and the point they illuminate the longest can define which of the bedroom walls should be turned into an accent element.

The design idea here is defined by this condition and the result is fascinating. A deep green color covers the fireplace and wall above it turning the structural part into the visual interest of the neutral white bedroom.

via Alex Reyto

32. Decorate With Wall Hanging

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This décor idea features how to transform a bare wall into a statement element with no effort! Simply decorate with an artistic wall hanging of a suitable size.

Coordinate the colors of the décor piece with the existing colors of the interior and make sure that it is positioned symmetrically to the anchoring elements.

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