47 Amazing Wood Accent Wall Ideas That Will Transform Any Room

Wood accent walls are on the trend and we are about to inspire you to make your own wood accent wall with the most amazing Wood Accent Wall Ideas.

Do you wonder why wood walls are so popular? Because of the effect the wood implies- it reveals natural texture, it adds warmth and it is certainly eye-catching to create an accent to any space.

Best Wood Accent Wall Ideas. Would you like to transform your room and make it more appealing and inviting? These awesome wood accent wall ideas will inspire your next makeover. #decorhomeideas

For your wood accent wall idea, you can use pallet slats, reclaimed wood planks, barn wood boards and even ready-sold stick-on slats.

Wood walls are good for any room- from the workspace to the special nursery room. And while you are still wondering if wood accent walls are something you can do, read on our collection to get convinced that wood makes miracles indoors and also in outdoor spaces.

1. Geometric Modern Wood Accent Wall With Panelling

Abstract Black Accent Wall Panelling #decorhomeideas

The look of this wood accent wall is modern and sophisticated. Making it yourself is quite easy because you don’t need to cover the entire wall with wood.

The creative pattern is made with wood slats attached to the painted wall in abstract alignment. For a continuous finish, paint the slats the same bold color as the wall.

via Rebel Villa

2. Fence Picket Wall

Bathroom Fence Picket Wall #decorhomeideas

Create a point of interest in the toilet nook with this fence picket wall idea. The slats are reclaimed and cut to different lengths in order to create a unique uneven pattern.

The stain of the wood creates a lovely contrast and gives depth to the small space.

via Our Clover House

3. Herringbone Wood Accent Wall

Beige to Brown Herringbone Wall #decorhomeideas

This statement wall is interesting with two characteristics- the way the slats are arranged and the alternating beige and brown colors. The stained wooden planks enhance the herringbone pattern and catch the eye pleasantly.

The color choice adds so much warmth to the neutral interior and coordinates with accents on the adjacent walls.

via Martineau Homes

4. Black Wall With Wood Slats Decoration

Black and Wood Slats Elegant Wall #decorhomeideas

Try this idea if you are looking for a way to decorate a small transition wall to give it a homely look. It combines a modern color and farmhouse decoration to give it texture and personalization.

The wall is painted black to coordinate with the metal hardware of the adjacent door. Wood slats of different lengths but identical finishes are then attached vertically to one of the wall halves.

The pattern mimics a staircase. Small black shelves peek out the gaps between the wood slats to accommodate small décor accents.

via Sal B

5. Black And White Panel Wall

Black & White Molding Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a farmhouse entryway décor with a modern look, try this wood panel wall idea.

The panels are narrow and long, creating a simple elegant look. Black metal hooks are attached directly to the wall to create a lovely contrast without overwhelming the small space.

via 25 Thand Brick

6. Bright Brown Shiplap Wood Accent Wall

Bright Brown Shiplap Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

Wooden accent walls can be implemented also in the outdoor living area. With them, the space in the open air adopts an indoor look which makes the space more welcoming and homely.

This idea features long wooden planks stained with a honey varnish. They are not tightly assembled but leave a small gap between them which reveals the dark paint of the wall.

via Re:modern

7. Bedroom Statement Wall With Wooden Planks

Brightness Behind the Bed Wood Wall #decorhomeideas

This idea is perfect for small bedrooms. The colors are kept in a light color palette to anchor an airy feel. Thanks to the use of different textures, the room is not missing an interior interest.

The wall behind the bed is lined up with blonde wood slats in a herringbone pattern which gives the rustic texture a modern look.

via Jamie Montgomery

8. Wide Planks For A Narrow Bedroom Wall

Classy Bohemian Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

The bedroom is made in a small room with an interesting architectural shape. The ceiling is short so are the walls.

To give the small space character farmhouse wood is combined with modern grey. The wall where the bed stays is narrow and entirely covered with long and wide wooden planks.

They are in a light beige color to stick to the airy concept of this tiny room.

via Busa Designs

9. Living Room Accent Wall With Pallet Planks

Create a Wood Pallet Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This is an inspiring idea of how to blend modern equipment with the farmhouse décor of the living room.

Create an accent wall with wooden planks to mount the TV on. That can be an entire wall or only part of it where the TV unit stays.

The material used in this idea is wooden pallets with a weathered look which make the statement wall unique.

via Hunker

10. Dark Stained Accent Wall Above The Mantel

Dark Antique Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This is how you can create a small statement wall in the living room. The layout is simple- horizontally mounted wooden planks. They cover only the wall above the mantel giving it a charming rustic look.

The addition of wood texture to other parts of the room let the fireplace wall feel like belonging and united with the overall room design.

via Cassie Ferguson

11. Wood Accent Wall With A Diamond Pattern

Diamond Plated Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

Another way to make plain wood planks look sophisticated and elegant is to align them in an interesting pattern. We have already featured a few ideas with a herringbone alignment.

This idea showcases how broad planks in two stain colors can make a unique diamond pattern. The center of the diamond is the center of the wall according to which the bed is positioned. The overall look is harmonious and sophisticated.

via Shemss

12. DIY Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall With A Herringbone Pattern

DIY Barn Wood Herringbone Wall #decorhomeideas

Isn’t that an appealing statement wall? The charm comes from the authentic colors and textures of the barn wood slats and the symmetrical herringbone alignment.

The surrounding interior in grey and white beautifully contrasts with the dark and warm tones of the wood.

via Shanty 2 Chic

13. DIY Repurposed Fence Planks Wall

DIY Pallet Wall #decorhomeideas

Making yourself a statement wall with wood planks is easy, especially when an entire wall is covered.

There is no need for supporting structure when there won’t be any heavy elements attached to it and the effect you are looking for is only decorative.

Detach planks from wooden pallets or upcycle old picket fence slats to create your own wall treatment pattern.

14. DIY Accent Wall

DIY Pallet Wall Idea #decorhomeideas

This is what a pallet slat statement wall can look like with the help of stain. Applying a coat of dark stain to all of the planks gives the wood a refreshed and uniform look.

Depending on the existing décor and the size of the space, you may want to use a blonde or honey-toned stain for a delicate farmhouse touch or a dark stain for a bold accent.

via Cape 27

15. Make Yourself A Rustic Pallet Wall

DIY Rustic Pallet Wall #decorhomeideas

When you create a statement wall with wooden pallets, you should be prepared that the slats are not identical in thickness. In fact, this is the effect people look for when creating a statement wall with an authentic look.

When you sand off the top surface of the slats be careful to not oversand and lose that rustic weathered look.

via Just a Girl Blog

16. Weathered Wood Accent Wall In The Kitchen

DIY Weathered Wood Kitchen Accent #decorhomeideas

Add a statement wall from wood planks to your white farmhouse kitchen to give it an updated fresh look.

The alignment of the boards here is horizontal to match the pattern of the shiplap ceiling and the tile pattern on the adjacent wall.

When you decide on the stain color of the wood, make sure that it matches the color of other elements for an appealing united look.

via The Old Summit Homestead

17. Mantel Weathered Wall

Fireplace Dusky Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

The statement wall can be a tiny wall that stands in a strategic place. The mantel wall is one of the key elements of a living room, hence it has been given a character with weathered wood planks.

The thick boards are aligned horizontally to visually enlarge the wall. The dusky color of the wood additionally improves this illusion.

via Thorson Restoration

18. Bedroom Accent Wall With Four Slat Panels

Gracefully Boho Bedroom Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

The modern touch given to this rustic statement wall is featured by dividing the wooden planks into four identical sections.

The slats are smoothly sanded and then stained with a honey tone with a glossy finish.
The bedroom is tiny and practically every part of it is utilized and decorated cleverly.

via Joyfully Growing

19. Half Molding & Half Wood Planks Bedroom Wall

Half & Half Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This is a great idea for renovating a wall with molding. Instead of tearing it down, use it as a contrasting basis for a weathered wood statement wall.

The dark stain of the wood adds warmth and coziness to the room and helps define the wall as an element of character.

20. Horizontal Planks Wood Accent Wall

Horizontal Planks Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This wooden wall mimics the shiplap look. Instead of all white walls, the dark wood planks break the monotony and add character to the space.

The wood accent wall here is made where the bathtub sits to make an elegant farmhouse contrast.

via Vintage Tub and Bath

21. Elegant Woven Wood Accent Wall

Luxurious Weaved Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

Here is another pattern of wood planks alignment that can be applied to small walls. Being quite complicated and eye-catching, you would rather not use it on a bigger wall because it may overwhelm space and damage the airy feel.

The design features a pattern of woven wood strips. That is possible by using different colors of slats and hexagonal alignment. The matte grey finish sets an amazing backdrop for white décor pieces with vintage designs to stand out.

via Lisa Nielsen

22. Modern Wood Accent Wall

Minimal Dining Room Feature Wall #decorhomeideas

You can’t compare the warmth and the homely look the wood creates with anything else. Even in minimalist and contemporary spaces, the wood wall accents fit perfectly and even improve the curb appeal.

This statement wall features a simple pattern of narrow slats mounted vertically leaving gaps between them. The slats are mounted on the existing wall which gives them dimension and interest.

Adding such an accent wall to a minimalist room adds an elegant touch without ruining the modern overall look.

via Zowie

23. Mixed Wood Wall

Mixed Wood Wall #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most inexpensive accent wall ideas ever. The key is getting wood panel sets on sale and some paint colors. Go for grey and dark brown stains if you are looking to achieve an industrial look for the statement wall.

Those of you who prefer the farmhouse warmth the wood creates, choose lighter colors of stain or white.

via Uncookie Cutter

24. DIY Project For A Modern Rustic Pallet Wall

Modern Rustic Teen Room DIY Pallet Wall #decorhomeideas

If you want to achieve a modern statement wall with wood planks without hiding the worn beauty of the aged surface, use pallet slats.

The greatest thing about pallets is that each pallet, even slat, looks slightly different than the other and that is a great décor effect with no effort.

The focal point of the room becomes this rustic pallet wall which embraces other rustic decorations such as geometric shelves and bold fabric colors

via Jenna Burger

25. Pine Pallet Wall For A Nursery Room

Multi-Stained Pine Pallet Wall #decorhomeideas

The wooden accent walls work perfectly also in a nursery room. They are a better décor solution than a customized blue or powder pink wall because they will be enjoyed for years to come being more neutral and universal.

The wooden planks featured here are sanded to precision and then stained in brown and grey tones. The wall is framed with thin slats that give it a finished and neater look.

via Oak and Iron Home

26. Wood Panel Wall With Floating Shelves

Neat & Polished Shelved Panel Wall #decorhomeideas

This décor idea is great for an entryway, a niche or for a small bathroom wall. The wall is covered with wooden planks of identical width and stain. They are tightly installed creating a unique texture.

White floating shelves stand out against the natural wood wall to ensure the storage of essentials or décor accents.

via Interior Consilios

27. Neutral Color Wood Accent Wall

Neutrally Textured Wood Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This statement wall aims to give the bedroom a character without ruining its airy look and welcoming farmhouse feel.

The wood slats are aligned in a herringbone pattern which anchors elegance. The color of the slats is blonde, revealing the original texture of the wood and complementing the ornaments of the vintage chandelier and the filling of the faux fireplace.

via Jamie Montgomery

28. Idea For a Customized Siding Statement Wall

Outdoor Mixed-Width Cumaru Wall #decorhomeideas

You can use cumaru wood planks not only for the outside of the house walls but also to revamp an indoor or porch wall.

You can go for the classic cumaru look with identical planks or match varying widths of planks on the wall.

This outdoor statement wall adds a modern touch to the outdoor living space giving it also a homely look.

via Advantage Lumber

29. A Different Idea For A Statement Wall With Planks

Paint and Planks Striped Wooden Wall #decorhomeideas

You don’t have to cover the entire wall with wooden planks. Instead, you can install them leaving a big gap to create a striped pattern.

You can stick wood planks vertically or horizontally. That depends on the size of the room and what visual illusion you want to achieve.

via Murray Manor 103

30. Bathroom Accent Wall With Wood Panels

Panel Bathroom Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

Lining a small wall of the bathroom with wood planks will quickly transform it into a welcoming and cozy place.

For this idea, you can use planks from the store or pallet slats. The neutral wall will create a beautiful contrast for the other elements to stand out.

via This Nest Is Blessed

31. A Statement Wall With Varying Painted Planks

Plank Wall #decorhomeideas

The design of this statement wall is the result of photoshop trials with different textures and colors aiming to find the one that gives character to the wall.

The author has tried out the wood tone and whitewashing and has finally stopped on the idea of a mixed board wall.

This DIY wood accent wall idea is cheap and easy to do because the color effect is achieved by treating it with different methods or stains prep slats cut from a sheet of plywood.

If you have fallen in love with the idea, the tutorial below will also reveal a key for the used colors and techniques.

via Life Crafts and Whatever

32. Reading Nook with A Wood Plank Wall

Reading Nook with Wood Plank Wall #decorhomeideas

The reading nook is always imagined as a cozy quite place.

The easiest way to turn your reading nook into a comfortable and inviting area is to cover the wall with wood planks.

via Gray House Studio

33. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This bathroom statement wall is great for all styles. It features a uniform wood accent wall made with broad wooden planks.

They are stained brown to create a continuous connection with the dark floor. The metal sconces on the statement wall add an industrial vibe that gives this farmhouse bathroom a modern twist.

via Pine and Fiber

34. Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace #decorhomeideas

This living room makeover idea requires only one simple change- to line up the fireplace with reclaimed wood boards.

For safety reasons and for improved character of the fireplace, a structure has to be built in front of the existing fireplace to let the boards be installed.

The added structure also gives the fireplace an updated design.

via Kristin Murphy

35. Reclaimed Wood Pallet Wall

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Wall #decorhomeideas

This is one of those ideas that turn trash into treasure. For this amazing statement wall, you need a big number of slats and paints. Each slat goes through treatment to be given the desired surface finish.

Nail or screw each slat to the wall in the shown pattern for a unique artistic statement wall from wood.

via A Life Unfolding

36. Authentic Statement Wall For Your Vanity

Roughly Nailed Wooden Vanity Wall #decorhomeideas

This wood wall idea doesn’t require any special preparation- only wood planks with identical planks and nails.

The texture featured here is rough and authentic. The nails for installation to the wall are also rough being black instead of the typical steel color.

The final result is a fantastic rustic wall that adds character to the feminine nook.

via Renovating Roden

37. Modern Farmhouse Statement Wall With A Wood Sheet

Rustic Coco Textures Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This is one of the easiest wood wall ideas because it doesn’t require much time for installation or any special treatment of the wood.

A broad plywood sheet is used to decorate uniformly the wall with the TV unit. The cocoa brown stain matches the hues of the accents in this living room and adds a classy statement to the décor.

via Sav More Store

38. Pine Wood Accent Wall

Rustic Heart Pine Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

In the living room, usually, the wall with the TV or with the fireplace is covered with wood. Here, we can see how beautifully it stays on the wall behind the sofa.

The wood is from pine trees showing the original texture thanks to good sanding and a coat of dark stain.

If you go for this bold idea, make sure that the rest of the interior is in a light color palette and free from overwhelming designs.

via Encore Lumber

39. Rustic Color Palette For A Small Wood Wall

Rustic Multi-Toned Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

This is another great idea of turning the passageway wall into a homely part of your property.

Use multi-toned planks from pallets to create the horizontal pattern revealed in this idea. The rustic charm has been the searched effect, hence typical tones for this style have been applied on the planks.

White, brown, black and grey are classy and easy to match with any existing décor.

via 480 Rustic

40. Indoor Cumaru Cladding Wall

Sleek and Sophisticated Slat Wall #decorhomeideas

That can be your new inspiration for a room makeover that doesn’t require big overhauls. Choose the wall that will be turned into a focal point and paint it a dark bold color.

Then, stick wood slats stained beige vertically. You can leave bigger gaps between the slats or arrange them tightly. However, the best effect is created when the gap reveals a small part of the wall behind.

Match the statement wall color combination with a piece of furniture standing close to it as shown in the example.

via This Little Nook

41. Stick-On Planks For A Small Statement Wall

Stick-On Planks Multicolored Wall #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to damage the wall surface and look for temporary wall décor, create your statement wall with stick-on planks.

They are easy to install, come in a variety of colors and sizes and feature the rustic authentic texture of the natural wood.

via Little Nest of 4

42. Brown Shiplap Accent Wall

Stylish Kitchen Shiplap Wall #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a kitchen backsplash that is farmhouse as the shiplap but a bit more modern in the look, try this wood wall idea.

Get wooden planks of identical size and stain them in a color that will match the kitchen cabinetry. Light brown and grey tones are trendy and can match a more contemporary furnishing.

via Wall Planks

43. Broad Planks In A Herringbone Pattern

Textured Wood Herringbone Wall #decorhomeideas

This statement wall is created in a workspace to give it an aesthetic look and make the ambiance cozier.

The planks are broad and installed in a herringbone pattern. They are stained with a beige color that gives the wood a modern touch.

Combined with white cabinets, the statement wall makes the overall space look classy and neat.

via Adorned Homes

44. White Molding Accent Wall

White Squared Wooden Accent Wall #decorhomeideas

The molding panels are a great solution for those of you who are seeking texture without the wooden look.

The panels cover the entire wall behind the bed. Being painted pure white visually enlarges the space. The wood slats framing the panels still stand out to give the wall character and depth.

via Target Bargain Hunter

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