49 Beautiful Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas To Add More Rustic Flair

Farmhouse bedrooms are cozy, welcoming and unique! They set an atmosphere for privacy, romance and sharing which every couple needs at the end of the day.

The farmhouse bedrooms can be called universal when it comes to the genders’ taste so choosing to decorate yours with the typical textures and colors will sure to be admired by both people in the couple.

Best Farmhouse Bedroom Design And Decor Ideas. Modern farmhouse style combines the traditional with the new for a peaceful, welcoming feel. Here are the best farmhouse bedroom design and decor ideas to inspire you. #decorhomeideas

Unlike other interior styles, the farmhouse style tends to be budget-friendly. Most of the decor can be an upcycled piece of rustic or vintage furniture or a repurposed container. Antique elements revive in the farmhouse bedrooms to become valuable accents giving the place charm and a personalized touch.

If you already have your farmhouse bedroom and are looking for a way to give it an updated look or you need inspiration for a total bedroom transformation, there is an idea for all of you.

1. Create a Romantic Atmosphere with a Headboard Sign

Bed and Breakfast Bedroom Abode #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The vibe the sign above the bed holds speaks about love louder than anything else! It anchors the privacy and the special meaning of this room for the couple and comforts it to spend a lovely time together.

The neutral color scheme keeps the room simple to let the accents in cursive font stand out. Artwork, pillows, the headboard filling of the panel bed enhance the coziness of the master bedroom and give it a customized and special character.

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2. Bring Rustic Charm with Bicycle Brick Wall Decor

Bicycle and Brick Wall Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

An exposed brick wall sets the rough farmhouse style in the bedroom to become the perfect backdrop for a wrought iron bicycle.

The material of the decoration makes a perfect relation to the bed frame and the glass lantern fixtures at the side of it. The accents featured by the glass lantern scones, the knitted throw and the burlap pillows turn this idea into an example of a vintage farmhouse bedroom.

via Recaptured Charm

3. Make an Artistic Statement with Farmhouse Wall Art

Bring the Outdoors In with Farmhouse Decor #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

You can enhance the farmhouse style of your master bedroom with images. Pictures of animals and nature landscapes placed on a shiplap wall create an evergreen connection with nature.

The colors and textures are decided to praise nature featuring jute, rattan, linen and burlap.

4. Add a Pop of Color with Rustic Chalkboard Photo Collage

Chalkboard Photo Gallery Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

If you want to give your farmhouse bedroom a pop of color that matches the interior concept, try green. Paint different items this color to turn them into whimsy accents.

An old green chalkboard on the wall above the bed could be used both as a sign display or as a photo backdrop. The deep green lamp above the mirror continues the accent theme in a vintage industrial way.

via Two Paws Farmhouse

5. Upcycle Church Windows into Distinctive Home Design

Charming Church Window Inspired Wall Art #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

You can repurpose one or more church windows into bedroom wall art to enhance the farmhouse feel. The shape of the wood and the distressed paint create a bold focal point.

They can be placed right above the headboard or on another wall. Decorate them with a green garland or hang images on them. If you prefer a simpler look, just enjoy the sacred value of the upcycled windows with no additional elements.

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6. Add Glamour to Your Home with a White Faux Hearth

Decorative and Dreamy White Hearth with Shiplap #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

If you want to enhance the cozy feel in your bedroom, you can make a faux hearth. No mess with ashes, no dirt from logs- you enjoy the ultimate warmth the fireplace creates with no fire.

It is made from distressed thick wooden beams and shiplap beams. The mantel accommodates rustic candlesticks and paintings of field flowers closed in simple frames.

The earthy appeal continues with the mirror, the scone lamp and the rattan basket holding comfy throws and pillows.

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7. Accentuate Your Metal Bed with a Shiplap Wall

Fabulous Farmhouse Shiplap Wall and Metal Bed #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

This cozy master bedroom idea inspires with its farmhouse statement wall. The shiplap beam lining is white and weathered to hold a uniting sign and act as the perfect backdrop for a vintage-looking brass bed.

Crates, knitted throws, linen pillowcases and green natural elements add to the coziness and make the bedroom welcoming and relaxing.

via The Rustic Boxwood

8. Light Up Your Bedroom with a Rustic Edison Bulb Lantern

Farmhouse Lantern with Edison Bulb #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

This light fixture is a combination of rustic, farmhouse and industrial. The wooden support sets the lamp above the nightstand. An Edison bulb is fit in a metal cage-like shade made from iron.

The open concept of the lampshade will let the light spread well with a yellow hue.

via Sawdust Sisters

9. Add Royal Charm with Wooden Panes and Rustic Sign

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Charming Modern Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

This elegant and chic farmhouse bedroom idea possesses a royal character. The wooden panes on the wall behind the headboard create depth and texture to give this room a unique character.

A large rustic sign lays the foundation of the closeness of the couple. Numerous pillows, a tray with wooden candlesticks and a hand-knitted throw enhance the coziness of this love nest.

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10. Create a Rustic Safari Atmosphere in Your Bedroom 

Farmhouse Safari Fusion Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse bedroom idea features a rougher decor through the wicker and straw details. It reminds a lot of the safari atmosphere.

A jute rug anchors the rustic farmhouse decor and matches the wood accents represented by the lamps of the otherwise simply decorated room.

11. Refresh a Guest Room with a Modern Farmhouse Touch

Fleurs Francaises Provincial Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

This vintage farmhouse bedroom decor features an idea for the interior of a guest bedroom. Cotton branches placed in metal galvanized buckets frame a sign welcoming the people in.

The wooden tray with a tea set, the neat bed linen and the plants on the nightstands continue this impression. The tones are set in earthy colors to tie up the cozy feeling of the room.

via Farren Celeste

12. Enhance Your Bedroom with Natural Colors and Textures

Flowers, Textures, and Sparkle Equal Gorgeous Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Isn’t this a bedroom idea setting a romantic atmosphere? Natural colors and textures are the main keys to achieving this setting. Handmade jute rug, a basket with twigs and vintage bed linen set to anchor the earthy colors that make a connection with nature.

The headboard is made from upcycled wood to mimic a rustic weathered panel bed.

The amazing chandelier mixes luxury with vintage to tie the elements of the room together and give the bedroom a personal touch.

via House on Winchester

13. Add Character to a Space with Gray and Subtle Accents

Lady Grey Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Set your farmhouse bedroom in the grey shades to enjoy a homely look and a cozy atmosphere. The walls should be paler- creamy and white are the perfect backdrop for the grey decor.

A few from the pillows, the bed linen, the carpet and the curtains are in the grey color scheme while the duvet, the other pillows and the wall decor are in brighter colors.

An interesting idea for farmhouse wall decor is featured in the image right above the bed- an upcycled pallet shelf holds three metal baskets with faux green plants.

14. Upgrade Bedroom with Natural Light and Plant Accents

Light, Airy, and Purified Air Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Thе clean lines of this bedroom idea embrace the natural light coming from the big windows. White linen curtains ensure privacy at night.

There are certain plant kinds that are known to help purify the air in the sleep premises. Adding them will also enhance the connection with nature. The farmhouse style presents lovely textures for repurposed plant holders as rattan baskets, ceramic pots, wooden barrels.

via Crazy Wonderful

15. Transform a Bedroom with a Charming Headboard Sign

Love Your Home Cozy Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

When you take a look at the sign hung above the bed, you quickly are ensured that you are at the safest place ever- the place called home.

It is a handmade sign framed with thin dark stained wood. The inscription mimics handwriting thanks to the chosen script and the black color of the letters.

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16. Update Your Bedroom with a Linen Grey Dresser 

Mid-Century Meets Modern Farmhouse Design #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse style matches easily more contemporary furniture pieces. To let the new feel good in the antique setting, pair it with neutral and natural decorations.

This linen grey dresser accommodates pottery vases with field flowers and a straw hat enhancing the nature vibe. The end result is to sleep in the calming atmosphere of the modern farmhouse bedroom.

17. Elevate Your Bedroom TV with Rustic Wall Lanterns

Midnight Lantern Wall Fixtures #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The lanterns are the most used farmhouse decor element. You can include them in the decor of every room, including the bedroom.

You can make them yourself or get them ready. Place two on the headboard or on a wall as a means to frame something. That can be a sign, an image, or why not the TV? This is the perfect way to blend the contemporary look of the apparatus with the farmhouse decor.

via Nap Time Decorator

18. Give Your Bedroom a Cozy Timeless Vibe

Modern Farmhouse Gray and Black Metal Bed #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Metal bed frames also go into the farmhouse interior design, especially if they are combined with natural textures and textiles as shown in the example.

Handsewn bed throw reminds of the old times at the cottage house and coordinates with the linen pillowcases. Wooden dresser in a vintage design and color takes care of the storage and adds a natural element to the space.

The warm sentimental sign above the bed completes the cozy atmosphere of a typical modern farmhouse bedroom.

via Timber and Gray

19. Bring Farmhouse Charm with Textured Side Table Decor

Multi-Textured Side Table Dream Space #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

This nightstand embraces all farmhouse textures in one place- burlap, porcelain, wrought iron, wood. The colors are natural and spread relaxing fluids all around the space.

The bouquet in the antique vase adds a pop of deep green color and lets you connect with nature.

via Simple Easy Creative

20. Add Leaf Prints and Burlap Pillowcases

Nature Promenade Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Give your farmhouse bedroom a cabin effect by adding trophies and drawings of plants like leaf prints They will feel like belonging to the place if surrounding a headboard from natural wood.

The pillows with sweet couple greetings enhance the rustic farmhouse look with the burlap texture of the pillowcases. The striped bed linen reminds the old-time fabrics to let you feel safe and cozy.

via Laura Stewart

21. Customize Bedroom Walls with Personalized Decor

Picture Perfect Soulmate Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse style in the master bedroom easily embraces personalized elements. Take a look at the amazing statement wall displaying a collage of family photos!

The frames are plain and neutral to match the design concept. The personal touches to the interior continue on the wall above the bed, represented by an inspiring soulmate phrase made from wooden letters.

The framing with eucalyptus branches ties the sign and adds a natural accent to the earthy interior.

via Nina Williams

22. Get Creative with Plank and Ladder Bedside Shelf

Plank and Ladder Bedside Shelf #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

If the bedroom is small and you are looking for a space-saving storage unit, do it with a ladder. The planks act as shelves where you can place everything you may need when you go to bed- magazines, a reading lamp, the remote control.

And since ladders belong to the farmhouse style, let yours look rustic by distressing the paint color or by giving it a good stain coat.

via Funky Junk Interiors

23. Utilize Kitchen Utensils for a Unique Rustic Look

Pretty Pottery from Kitchen to Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

You can use vintage kitchen pottery pieces to decorate the wall above the headboard in the farmhouse bedroom. The new application will give them new life and will create a point of shabby chic interest.

This bedroom idea is a great example of how to use a creamy color for the walls in combination with farmhouse bedroom furniture and natural wood floor. The white bed linen and sleek porcelain texture of the pottery make an elegant contrast.

via Cedar Hill Farmhouse

24. Repurpose a Wooden Crate into a Stylish Headboard

Railway Crate Headboard Piece #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Make your bedroom farmhouse-friendly with a budget-friendly DIY headboard. A wooden crate is repurposed into bed support by sanding the wood smoothly and adding vintage white items that create a lovely contrast.

A pair of lanterns make sure that comfort is ensured at night for sweet talks or quiet reading.

via Owe Crafts

25. Showcase Your Love with a Rustic Barn Wood Sign

Repurposed Barn Wood Love Sign #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

If you want to make yourself the sign for your farmhouse bedroom, you can get loads of inspiration from this idea. Made from a useless pallet, the art reveals a deep sentimental thought of love.

Give the wood a coat if whitewash and then distress the surface to reveal the natural wood texture.

26. Step Up Decor with Upcycled Doors and Fan Plate Decor

Repurposed Doors and Fan Plate Farmhouse Decor #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Repurposing is one of the key methods for giving a room a farmhouse feel. Repurposing old wooden doors into nightstand backsplashes is functional and beautiful.

They act as wall art when hung on the wall at each side of the bed and also tie-up with the half-side tables where the reading lamps stay.

via Hello Lovely Studio

27. Upcycle a Fruit Crate into a Decorative Corner Piece

Robert Frost's Walk Vanity Accents #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

You can use an old fruit crate as a stand for your rustic home decor elements. The height it will give them will make sure to be noticed.

Paint the crate white and don’t be too precise. The more defects it has, the better to let it feel natural. Add a grapevine ball, a mirror or a window frame and a vase or pot with plants to add the natural motif to the room.

28. Make a Statement with a Sliding Barn Door Headboard

Royal Country Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

If you want to give your farmhouse bedroom a chic look, do it with colors and luxe textures. Silk, plush, patterned textile are great for the pillows.

Back these up with a barn door headboard that you can do it entirely yourself. Get suitable hardware to hold two barn doors to the wall and add hardware of the same material and color to finish the repurposed headboard.

29. Add a Hint of Nature with a Rustic Wreath Headboard

Rustic Wreath Headboard Farmhouse Decor #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Isn’t that a charming bedroom? It looks like taken from a vintage dollhouse. The pink bed linen adds a romantic contrast against the white linen sheets. It sets the accentuating pieces on the wreath hung on the upholstered headboard.

The elegant look is enhanced by the milky grey hue on the walls and the patterned curtains.

via DIY Design Fanatic

30. Bring Coastal Vibe with a Seaside Bedroom Accents

Seaside and Vintage Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The textures and colors of the farmhouse love the romance and calmness of the ocean. This bedroom design is inspired by the magical play between coastal accents and farmhouse interior.

The weathered wood headboard displays a handpainted seascape that takes you away. Two vintage cabinets act as nightstands repainted in white with pale blue accents.

via By Scottie

31. Indulge in the Look of Chenille Farmhouse Bedroom

Shabby Chic and Chenille Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Every inch of this bedroom screams farmhouse and that makes it so welcoming and unique! A weathered wooden door is upcycled into a headboard of a soft bed covered with chenille bedding.

Cabinet doors decorate the wall above the headboard creating farmhouse wall art and letting a pair of vintage chandeliers stand out.

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32. Set a Rustic Tone with Distressed Headboard and Ruffles

Shabby Chic with Chandelier and Ruffles #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

You can make the white color the point of interest of your bedroom by layering different textures and textiles.

The white linen fabric has a darker hue. When the pillowcases with ruffles are set against the weathered headboard made from an old door, they make an amazing contrast. As you go up, you see how a distressed wooden frame can be easily distinguished from the white brick wall.

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33. Add Definition to a Bedroom with Shiplap Headboard

Short on Shiplap Master Bed Headboard #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

You can use leftover shiplap boards to create a farmhouse headboard. The neutral colors and the empty walls easily embrace the textured wood.

Turn the shiplap piece into a focal point by surrounding it at both sides with reading lamps and a grapevine wreath above it.

via 804 Sycamore

34. Decorate Your Farmhouse Bedroom with a Sleek Finish

Simply Woven and Wooden Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

White walls are the perfect background to furnish and decorate your farmhouse bedroom. Natural wood, grey textile, rattan containers and wrought-iron supports tie together a cozy home decor.

You can always experiment with the accents by adding copper, gold or silver accessories. The sleek finish will add a point of interest and give the interior a customized look.

via Linen and Ivory

35. Jazz Up Your Bedroom with a Farmhouse Dresser

Snowy Gable Bureau and Windowed Mirror #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Defects become effects in the farmhouse interior and this dresser proves it. The imperfectly laid white paint color and the vintage hardware make this piece of farmhouse bedroom furniture intriguing and charming.

Farmhouse decor elements enhance the cozy vibe being placed on the antique dresser. Add a mirrored glass closed in a windowpane and a wreath to tie up the unique farmhouse bedroom decor.

36. Profess Your Love with Cute Wooden Wall Letters

Sweetheart Initials Wooden Wall Letters #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Looking for an easy and bold farmhouse bedroom idea? Take a look at these giant wooden letters above the headboard!

They show the initials of the couple and are bound by a heart in a creamy color. In case you don’t have tools to shape the letters from wood, you can buy ready-made letters from a craft store like Hobby Lobby or make yours from styrofoam.

37. Embrace Rustic Elegance with a Lovely Wall Saying

Waiting for Each Other Farmhouse Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

If you like the elegance of the upholstered headboard, you can still blend it with the farmhouse interior by choosing it in an earthy color and decorating the wall above it with a sign of this style.

The simplicity of the letter design lets the meaning of the phrase be leading. Wooden nightstands accommodate porcelain vases with eucalyptus twigs.

The silver wall above the bed is accentuated by two gold scones.

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38. Layer Up Your Bedroom with Vintage Accents

Weathered Wood and Layers of Love Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Layers of blankets and pillows make this bed so comfortable and warm. Focused on the earthy colors of the farmhouse style, the bedroom sets a relaxing vibe.

Vintage elements like metal frames for wall art, mirrors or signs match perfectly the neutral atmosphere. Storage is ensured with wooden dressers and large rattan or knitted baskets.

via She Gave it a Go

39. Bring Comfort with a Rustic Garland and Lanterns

Welcoming Window Pane and Lantern Charming Bedroom #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The romance of the couple living in this bedroom can be felt in every inch- from the eye-catching sign to the neatly arranged photographs.

The rustic headboard holds an old window pane creating a connection with the outdoors. Outside is welcomed in the interior with the green garland stretched between the metal scones and the vases with flowers standing on the nightstands and on the headboard shelf.

via Currently Chic Boutique

40. Achieve Monumental Beauty with Natural Wood

White and Wooden Sweet Dreams #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

Natural wood, white and grey in combination succeed in setting the coziest bedroom atmosphere. Layers of bed linen and pillows welcome you to have a comfortable relaxing time under a vintage chandelier.

The black color of the metal coordinates with the inscriptions in the framed wall art above the bed and the nightstands countertops to add a smooth industrial vibe.

via Micheala Diane Designs

41. Repurpose a Window into a Rustic Picture Frame

Window Into Love Antiquated Picture Frame #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The wall above the rustic chest of drawers has become a gallery of sweet moments. An old windowpane holds a large photograph of the married couple. The non-standard frame and its size put this memory into the focus of the decor.

It is surrounded by other decor pieces in the love theme made in earthy colors to match the farmhouse design of the room.

via The Hamby Home

42. Showcase Your Style with a Ladder Photo Holder

Workman's Ladder Picture Frame Display #farmhousebedroom #decorhomeideas

The old wooden ladder can be no longer used in its original application but it can sure be the best decor piece of your farmhouse decor.

Add it to the wall with suitable hardware like brackets or screws and use the steps to place your sweet memories on. In case you already have a place to display photographs, you can use it as your rustic vertical rack for throws.

via The Cottage Market

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