37 Beautiful Silver Bedroom Ideas To add More Luxury To Your Home

While pure silver bedroom ideas are not found very often there are plenty of combined color palettes that go very well with silver – for example: black, white, grey, purple, pink, blue and even teal.

Beautiful Silver Bedroom Ideas and Designs. Silver and pink, silver and white, silver and grey, silver and teal or purple and gold. #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

We have created a different section for each color theme for easier access.

Pure Silver Bedrooms

1. Get the Antique Look on an Upscale Silver Bedroom

Pure Silver Bedroom Design #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This is a lush room with soft flowing curtains and smooth surfaces.

The walls have shiny textured silver wallpaper.

The blanket decorative and textured in circular patterns. The lighting in the room has clear glass accents.

The room is plush with a tufted (stuffed) headboard, many fluffy pillows decorating the bed and a plush chair at the vanity. There are three mirrors that give the room a bit of an antique feel.

2. Create a Luxurious Bedroom with Soft Silver Accents

Luxury Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This room is clean looking. The grey or off white color carpet is soft and lush looking.

The mattress is thick and very cushioned. The silver headboard is tufted with smooth material. The faux fur throw blanket looks lush and soft to the touch.

The nightstands have mirrored surfaces that showcase anything near them.

The accent wall behind the bed gives the room a bit of an antique with textured wallpaper. While the pictures on top of the headboard that aren’t attached to the wall continue the clean look and feel of the room.

3. Achieve Cozy Luxury with Tufted Silver and Velvet Textures

Gorgeous Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This room has a starburst light fixture over the bed that draws the eyes directly to it.

The headboard and bed base are a tufted silver that looks plush and allows the mattress to be sunken in to it.

The nightstands are clean and white with cutouts instead of hands to open, while the tops of the nightstands have small lamps with black lampshades.

The blanket and the pillows have a velvety touchable texture. The accent wall behind the bed has varied shades of grey that are shown in horizontal lines.

4. Transform Your Bedroom with Soft Textures and Furniture

Light Silver Bedroom Decor #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The room has an overall soft look to it. The nightstands are made of a soft light colored wood, with textured mirrors over the nightstands, flowers in clear vases, white lamps with white lampshades and similar book accents.

The cushioned accent bench is made out of a soft light wood that is similar to that of the nightstands. Three similar pictures with glass and silver surrounding the pictures hang over the bed while the middle picture has a silver wreath with a white bow.

The headboard is tufted and a light pinkish grey color and the blankets and pillows are white or light grey with a very soft look.

5. Add Romance to Your Room with a Black and White Accents

Silver Grey Bedroom Design #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This is a romantic feeling room with some black and white accents.

The accent wall behind the bed has an antique feel and design to it. Over the bed there are three pictures of what seems to be a couple touching hands.

The bed is tufted with a smooth silver material. The pillows on the bed are artfully displayed and the throw blanket is silver or grey and is crocheted.

On the bed sits a silver tray with flowers in a white vase and pink and white accents.

The nightstands are clean and white without handles, the lamps are shaped like a human torso and are black and white, there are white or pinkish flowers laying on the surface and black and white pictures in the background.

6. Create the Perfect Ambiance with a Silver Chrome Metal Bed Frame

Silver Master Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This is a very clean even tone room. The bed frame, side tables and the chandelier are both made of a silver chrome metal, allowing any lights to bounce off of their surfaces.

The bedding has a textured neutral material. The carpet is a Berber design and is a taupe or very neutral color. The couch in the room has a similar neutral taupe color to it that easily blends in to the room.

There are light wood looking tables that sit in front of the couch that perfectly fit in to this setting.

Silver and Black Bedroom

7. Capture a Stylish Look with a Silver Metal Bedroom

Silver Bedroom With Black Accent #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This bedroom has a lot of silver metal surfaces.

Metal surrounds the silver tufted headboard. The cushioned bench at the end of the bed has a silver metal frame and arms.

The three black and white pictures above the bed are placed within silver metal frames. The night stands are made with silver metal frames and black wood drawers.

Two almost body length mirrors are hung behind the nightstands reflecting the glass lamps that have black lampshades. The bedding is a smooth grey material with pillow accents in silver, black and white.

8. Create an Oasis of Comfort with Faux Fur Rugs and Twinkle Lights

Black and Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This bedroom has a very cool kind of feeling to it. All of the materials in this room have a texture to them which would make would make them very touchable.

The floor is covered in faux fur rugs. Twinkle lights are hung on the side wall showing off textured silver curtains. The bed has a cushioned silver and black frame. The decorative pillows on the bed transition from feather, to metallic, to velvety, to a coat of arms style silver and white pillow.

Candles are displayed around the room on mirrored surfaces to continue that dreamy/romantic feel. The accent wall behind the bed has a plum textured wallpaper look.

9. Unveil Your Modern Gothic Style with Mirrored Surfaces

Silver and Black Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This room has a lot of chrome and black mirrored surfaces.

The chrome details that are on the armoire, bed, nightstands and dresser give a modern Gothic feel to the room. The walls in the room are either painted in grey paint or have a grey and blue semi swirled wallpaper.

In the middle of the tiled room sits a black area rug that has an oval ottoman sitting on it. There is an oversized armoire by the bed that has a mirror in the middle of the black panels.

The bed is covered in a grey blanket with shiny pillows and a throw blanket as accents.

10. Elevate Your Bedroom with Contrasting Accents 

Dark Grey Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This could be a great couples room. The wall behind the bed is a very dark grey or black matte.

The bed has a black textured cushioned headboard and is covered in plush white bedding with black and silver accent pillows.

An oversized foldable mirror sits in a corner next to a black side table that has flowers in a silver vase and a silver lamp with a black lampshade. A mirror with black accents sits over the side table.

In front of the bed is glass decanters that sit on a black and mirrored type tray. The nightstands are both have smooth black surfaces and have white flowers in black containers.

11. Upgrade Your Room with a Neutral Beige Carpet

Black Accented Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This is a room without a lot of fuss or extra stuff involved in its design.

The carpet is a neutral beige color that works perfectly with soft light grey walls. The ceiling light fixture is glass and metal and matches the 2 lamps on the nightstands perfectly.

The dresser, bed and nightstands are all made from a dark black shade of wood. The mirrors over the nightstands are made of glass and a silver metal. The bedding has a soft shiny material with a faux fur throw blanket on top.

12. Get Perfect Combination of Comfort and Style with Silver and Black

Black And Silver Bedroom Design #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This room has a sweet antique glass chandelier and a star light on the nightstand. The silver/grey bed has a cushioned feel to it.

The curtains are a blackout version and are black matte. The walls are grey, with the wall behind the bed being a bit darker than the other walls.

The accent pillows are nice and plush in black, grey, white and rose colors. The nightstand is a simple white wood.

Silver and Grey Bedrooms

13. Furnish Your Bedroom with Light Gray Accents

Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This room feels light with light grey walls. The bed has a cushioned light grey frame.

The nightstands have a mirrored front to them and grey and white lamps on top with mirrors hung over the nightstand.

There is a sun shaped mirror hung on the wall over the bed. The bedding has a white comforter, dark grey sheets, a black and white throw blanket and grey accent pillows.

14. Create a Relaxing Environment with Silver and Gray

Silver and Grey Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The walls are a light grey color and so is the carpet. The curtains are light and gauzy with darker grey curtains on top.

There is a modern square ceiling light. The bed is a tufted light grey color. The bedding is plush and a mixture of grey, white and neutral colors.

There is a stuffed white and cherry wood bench at the end of the bed.

15. Revive Your Room with a Touch of Glamour

Luxury Silver and Grey Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This is a very light colored room. The wallpaper is a light grey and white design.

There is a simple white and silver ceiling light that matches the white and glass lights that are on the white wood nightstands.

There are 5 square designs on the wall that have a mirrored surface that perfectly compliments the mirrors next to these designs. The bed is a light grey tufted design and is covered in white, grey and silver plush bedding.

16. Indulge Yourself with Silver Wallpaper and Light Gray Accents

Grey Silver Bedroom  #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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The accent wall behind the bed is covered in grey/silver wallpaper that has a wavy design to it. The light grey bed frame is a tufted design.

The bed has grey and white pillows with a shiny light grey comforter on top. Under the window there is a light grey shelf of sorts that is accented flowers and candles.

17. Make a Lasting Impression in with an Even Tone Room

Grey and Silver Bedroom Design #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The walls are painted a medium grey and the Berber carpet is a purplish grey color. There is a light grey and white petal designed throw rug in the middle of the room.

The nightstands and the dresser are covered in a mirrored surface on the front and the top. The ceiling light fixture is circular with glass bulbs hanging from it and it perfectly matches the glass lamps on the nightstands.

There are chrome decorative art pieces on the walls. There is an overstuffed armchair and footrest. The bed is covered in white, silver and grey bedding and accent pillows.

18. Create a Luxurious Modern Look with an Oversized Headboard

Grey and Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The accent wall behind the bed is covered in a mirrored wall panel and in the middle is an oversized light grey tufted floor to ceiling headboard.

The nightstands are covered in mirrored surfaces and chrome. The bedding is luxurious light grey and silver.

There is a classic chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room and glass lamps with white lampshades on the nightstands.

White and Silver Bedroom Ideas

19. Make Your Bedroom a Functional Space without Sacrificing Style

White and Silver Bedroom Ideas #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This is the perfect work and sleep bedroom. All of the furniture in the room has a black stained wood grain look to them.

The three plants in the room give the eye a change in the color scheme plus the possibility of some freshness in the room. There is a bench with a white cushion on top at the end of the bed that provides a bit of extra storage along with a storage unit off to the side of the bed next to the dresser.

The desk isn’t messy or oversized and allows for just what is needed on top of it. The bedding is black and white and there is a black and white area rug in the middle of the room.

20. Unwind in Total Comfort with a Lush White and Silver Room

White Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This room has a soft and unfussy look to it with soft looking white wood furniture. The bed is covered in grey and white overstuffed pillows.

There are half hexagon designs above the bed with little plants inside white containers.

The nightstand has a small black and white lamp on it and a black and white photograph. There is a grey area rug on the floor and a black and white tapestry on the wall by the window.

21. Craft a Unique Ambiance with White Nightstands and Grey Accents

White and Silver Bedroom Design #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The bedframe is a velvety tufted light grey color, it is covered in a silver faux fur throw blanket, white bedding and white, grey and multi-colored pillows.

The nightstands are white wood and topped with glass and white lamps and an orchid plant. There is an antique shaped mirror on the wall over the bed and 3 white and gold accent pictures.

Pink and Silver Bedroom Ideas

22. Brighten Your Room with Pink Beddings and Pillows

Silver Grey Bedroom With Pink Accent #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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The modern light fixture is like a ring with intertwining circles. The bedframe is cushioned, covered in grey soft fabric and has designs of vertical lines.

The accent wall behind the bed has arrow designs of grey and white. The mirror has an antique feel with dark silver and flower accents.

The bench at the end of the bed is covered in the same fabric as the bed and provides extra storage. The bed has pink and silver bedding and cute smaller white nightstands next to it.

23. Create a Backdrop of Artful Perfection with Your Bedroom Design 

Pink and Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This bedroom has a bluish grey accent wall behind the bed and that wall has 5 black & white and pink pictures.

The bed has a homey feel with the crocheted blanket and crocheted accent pillow. The curtains are gauzy and add to the feeling in the room. The white nightstands have a smooth polished finish.

24. Unlock Timeless Elegance with Faux Fur and Rose Accents

Silver Pink Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This room screams feminine and lux. The faux fur accents on the bench at the end of the bed and the rose accent pillows.

The white ruched comforter. The tree branch designs on the lamps that match the goldish metal on the bench. The nightstands are white and made of wood.

The art above the bed has light pink textured paint that is over a mirrored surface.

25. Get the Santa Fe Look with Pink Pillows and Blush Comforter 

Pink and Silver Bedroom Design #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

There are funky glass bulb hanging light fixtures that are reminiscent of earrings.

The picture on the wall has the look of a junk yard or some other place that you wouldn’t expect in a bedroom setting.

The accent pillows have a Santa Fe feel to them and there is a blush comforter covering the bed.

26. Balance Pink and Silver in a Twin Bedroom

Twin Bed Silver Pink Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This is the perfect idea of twins, similar in looks but with their own minds. This room has twin grey cushioned bed frames.

There is a white and pink faux fur rug between the two beds. One of the beds is mainly covered in pink bedding and pillows with one silver accent pillow while the other bed is covered in silver/grey bedding and pillows with one pink accent pillow.

One white and grey nightstand sits between the beds with two small silver bed side lamps on it.

Purple and Silver Bedroom Ideas

27. Create a Soft and Serene Room with Purple Sheets and Curtains

Silver and Purple Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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The bed is a tufted light grey/off white, the bedding is purple and silver with a silver rose designed comforter.

There is a small area rug in front of the white nightstand. The accent wall behind the bed is covered in antique silver wallpaper.

White and silver wall sconces are hung on the accent wall over the nightstands.

28. Complete Your Room with Silver Antique Decor and Purple Accents

Purple Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

This room has a gorgeous silver and glass antique chandelier.

The walls are a soft purple. There is a grey area rug. The bed has a light silver cushion that is surrounded by a silver mirrored frame at the head and foot of the bed.

The bedding is tan, purple and silver.

29. Experience Comfort and Luxury with Purple and Silver Combo

Bedroom In Silver and Purple #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

This bedframe is a tufted style with a neutral or tan color that perfectly matches the accent rug that is underneath.

The 3 drawer nightstands have a silver mirrored surface to them. The bedding and pillows are silver and textured purple. Four mirrored designs are hung on the wall above the bed.

30. Get a Sleek Contemporary Bedroom Design

Plum Lavender Silver Bedroom Color Scheme #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The walls are a light purple color. The cushioned headboard is a neutral or tan color.

The nightstand has a mirrored surface on the front and top with a glass and white lampshade on top. The bed is covered in pillows in varied colors of purple, black, white and silver.

The comforter has a dark grey and white swirled design.

31. Create Classy Comfort with Elegant Purple Accents

Violet Silver Purple Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

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This room has a neutral faux fur accent rug. The comforter and pillows are this fabulous mix of glittered purple and a smooth purple material.

The side table is circular with a dark glass top and legs and it is top with a glass and metal lamp with a purple lampshade. The tufted bedframe is a purplish grey color.

Silver and Teal Bedroom Ideas

32. Refresh Your Space with Luxurious Teal Bedroom Accents

Silver and Teal Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

The accent rug in this room has animal paw prints in teal and grey colors. The bed is a tufted dark grey velvety light material.

The bedding is very textural and luxurious with a teal faux fur throw blanket, silver sumptuous comforter and silver and tan pillows.

The nightstands are white, have silver lamps with white lampshades and have octagon mirrors over them.

33. Update Your Home’s Look with Teal Accent Walls

Teal Turquoise Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The wooden floor has a grey faux fur area rug. The walls have a teal color to them.

The nightstands are a soft light wood and mirror mixture. The bench at the end of the bed is cushioned and a neutral light color that matches the cushioned bedframe.

The bedding is silver/grey with teal accents. There is an oval mirror above the bed that has a chrome frame and there are black and white accent pictures.

34. Accentuate Silver Decor with White and Teal Accents

Teal Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The floor is a beautiful polished dark wood and the wall has a mixture of teal and grey in color.

The bed is a tufted white or light grey. With a textured teal comforter, a white throw blanket and teal and white pillows. The nightstands are made with a silver metal and mirrored surfaces.

They have metal bulbed lamps with white lampshades and black and white geometric curtains.

Silver Glitter Bedroom Ideas

35. Transform Your Bedroom with a Sparkly Silver Heart

Silver Glitter Bedroom Design #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

The bed is a tufted design with light grey velvety material.

The bedding is a light silver/grey with small flower designs, a grey faux fur throw blanket and sparkly/glittery purple accent pillows.

The nightstands are a finished white color and have glittered silver lamps with white lampshades. On the neutral colored antique designed accent wall there is a silver glittered heart hung there.

Silver and Gold Bedroom Ideas

36. Make an Impression in Style with Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

The bed is a gold metal canopy bed that has a light grey tufted headboard. At the foot of the bed is a chaise lounge/cushioned bench.

The accent pillows on the bed are all faux fur and textured. The nightstands are a mixture of white and grey wood with white marbled looking lamps on top.

37. Add an Elegant Touch with White and Silver Furniture

Gold and Silver Bedroom #bedroom #silver #decorhomeideas

All of the cushioned furniture in this room has a white tufted plush design to them. The bed has white and silver bedding with a neutral colored faux fur throw blanket. The cushioned chairs by the window are stuffed and have an extra white pillow on the seat. There is a silver side table in between the two chairs with a glass top. On the ceiling is a simple white light fixture covered in fabric.

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