30 Awesome Rustic Shiplap Decor Ideas To Add More Farmhouse Style To Your Home

If you can’t afford to live in the country but want to feel the coziness and warmth of the calmer life outside the city, welcome the farmhouse style in your home. It is cozy, warm and personal. It can be incorporated into every room.

The most affordable way to bring the country closer to you is to add the shiplap to your interior. That easily happens with wood planks, faux shiplap sold at the stores or reclaimed beams.

Best Rustic Shiplap Decor Ideas. Rustic shiplap decor ideas will give your living space the farmhouse appeal you've been looking for. Add some personal touch with these rustic shiplap decor ideas. #decorhomeideas

Shiplap can cover an entire wall, the wall above the mantel, a DIY shiplap sign or a shelf. Are you already curious to see how you can include the shiplap texture in your home? Check our rustic shiplap design ideas!

1. Make Entryway Functional with an Au Naturel Tack-Board

Au Naturel Tack-Board #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

You can use the shiplap design to accentuate a practical piece of your decor. This clever idea showcases a DIY shiplap board hung on the drywall in the entryway where family members can check out the current family news on their way in or out of the house.

The design is based on a piece of a wooden pallet. The top of it is covered with wooden planks beautifully decorated with white, grey and creamy paint colors.

There is a calendar that covers most of the wooden surface. Three cork squares act as pinboards where temporary notes can be displayed.

via Kenarry

2. Bring Coastal Vibes with a Shiplap Kitchen Bar Counter

Beautiful and Bright Seascape Kitchen #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The muted tones of the blue color give this farmhouse modern kitchen a chic vision. One of the walls that are affected by cooking and washing is entirely covered in blue mosaic tiles. This practical design choice ensures easy maintenance.

On the other hand, the pale blue mosaic stones let the white cabinets pop out. The shiplap siding of the bar counter gives this elegant decor a point of interest through the vertical lines.

via Sand and Sisal

3. Give Your Kitchen a Farmhouse Makeover with Shiplap

Beautiful Bold Beams in a Modern Country Kitchen #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The size of this kitchen lets geometrical composition between lines and shapes. Contrasting color combinations are also possible without overwhelming the space.

The dark-stained floor is interrupted by horizontal shiplap beams of the furniture and the painted shiplap walls. The shiplap wood ceiling coordinates with the alignment of the floor but is painted white to let the accentuating beams stand out and be the statement of the room.

The dark chairs of the kitchen island continue the accent of the dark stain on the bottom part of the room.

4. Transform Entryway with Shelves with Shiplap Backdrop

Chunky Wooden Shelves for a Compact Space #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This is a cleverly utilized dead space of the entryway. If you have such and you haven’t found its purpose, here is an idea of how to make it functional.

Make it your shoe organizer. Simply by planking the walls with faux shiplap and adding shelves, the space becomes valuable. Another way to mimic the shiplap wood is to glue a shiplap wallpaper.

via HGTV

5. Create an Airy and Elegant Bedroom with Shiplap 

Classical Chic Country Bedroom #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This romantic bedroom stakes on the shiplap paneling. Although there is an attic ceiling, the shiplap wood succeeds in adding airiness to the space with its white color.

The dark wooden beam defining the end of the sleeping area with a delicate vintage lace curtain adds elegance and privacy to the room.

Farmhouse style accents like the wooden stool, the chicken wire memory wall art and natural paintings tie the place as an aesthetic and relaxing oasis.

via Love Grows Wild

6. Add Splendour to a Bathroom with Cabin-Style Shiplap

Classy Cabin Style Bathroom #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

Do you like this texture combination? Shiplap, mosaic, marble, metal and subway tiles! If you can’t visualize its impressive look, you wouldn’t believe that it is actually possible to match these all in one space.

The aesthetic is achieved thanks to the limits of the number of colors used. We see white, brown and black defining the textures of the elements.

The shiplap wall lining coordinates with the ceiling cover aiming to relate to nature and the atmosphere of a cabin.

7. Beautiful Contrast in White Bathroom with Gray Shiplap

Clean Lines and Bright White Bathroom #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The shiplap paneling of this bathroom acts as an accent wall that adds interest and contrast to the clean ambiance. The horizontal shiplap grey lines play a geometrical symmetry with the vertical lines of the white frames of the mirrors.

The wood material seen in white, grey and dark brown creates the welcoming vibe of an old farmhouse that is twisted in the prism of the contemporary world.

This interior idea could be implemented also in a laundry room where housewives also need to feel comfortable and relaxed.

8. Enhance Your Rustic Style with Shiplap Shelves

Country Stables-Style Decorative Shelves #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This shiplap wall idea adds warmth and coziness to the space and makes the perfect match for farmhouse-style pieces of furniture. These floating shelves are space-saving and unique.

The solid wood is attached to the wall with wrought iron hardware that enhances the rustic look of the wall stand. Glass holders and antique picture frames act as elements to give this space a personal touch.

via Jenna Sue

9. Upgrade a Breakfast Nook with Shiplap Bench and Floor

Cozy and Cushy Breakfast Nook #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This nook must be the most visited place in this home. The view from the windows welcomes you to observe the wild nature.

The bench ensures comfortably spent time at the windows, having a breakfast or a drink before going to bed. The inviting atmosphere of this nook has been enhanced by the shiplap elements of the bench supports and the floor.

via EDB Designs

10. Add Intrigue to an Entryway with a Shiplap Accent Wall

Entryway Organized Oasis #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The shiplap lines can be used to create a visual illusion of a bigger space. The horizontal beams of this entryway make the wall feel longer and taller although it is a partial partition.

The wooden rustic bench with farmhouse-style wire baskets that sort the mess out ensures the organization of this active place.

The accents presented by pillows and a large clock add a pop of color and make the entryway farmhouse inviting.

11. Mantel with Chalkboard Art and Shiplap Backdrop

Folksy Art and Woodsy Warmth #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The white shiplap wall around the fireplace lets you experiment with the accents. Although the white color predominates in this room, you can’t say that it is missing a character.

The shiplap adds texture and the black and grey accents emphasize the personal involvement. The decoration of this nook is seasonal and welcomes you to spend time with the family.

via The Lettered Cottage

12. Enhance Your Shiplap Wall with a Rustic Framed Wreath

Framed Farmhouse Welcome Wreath #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This project aims to create the illusion of a framed shiplap front door. That instantly creates a point of interest and added a welcoming vibe.

The planks are painted in thick white color. The frame acts as a means to distinguish the white planks with its weathered untreated finish.

The wreath and the sign below the framed wall art enhance the welcoming atmosphere that will embrace the guests from the entryway.

This wall art can be made from pallet slats or plywood cut in identical slats.

via Nap Time Decorator

13. Add Character to a Mudroom with Whitewashed Shiplap

Fun and Functional White Washed Mud Room #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The mudroom in this example stakes on the shiplap. It is furnished with a functional bench combined with a rack. Most of the wood pieces are upcycled from old furniture.

The distance between the bench and the top shelf is filled with a DIY shiplap that adds another usage to this practical bench- like a coat rack.

The rustic corbels and the elements of the mudroom keep the atmosphere vintage and give the space a unique personalized look.

via Liz Marie

14. Elevate Fireplace with a Farmhouse Shiplap Accent Wall

Glam Style Farmhouse Fireplace #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The fireplace is a feature from the cottage living and it has a tremendous appealing effect on the contemporary interior walls. And what can give a fireplace a more inviting look?

The shiplap, of course. The wall above the mantel lined with horizontal shiplap creates texture and lets the warming feature distinguish it from the rest of the room. Its limits are elegantly defined by crown molding and shoe molding.

via Kate’s Creative Space

15. Create a Rustic Atmosphere with a Shiplap Tabletop

Large Panel Rustic Dining Table #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The shiplap isn’t used only for covering walls. This example inspires the arrangement of the top of a dining table.

The wooden planks of identical size, tightly arranged to each other create a unique piece of furniture that takes you to another time-lapse.

The color choice for the engraved legs coordinates with the planking of the walls and lets the shiplap top stand out.

16. Create a Homely Atmosphere with Shiplap Slats

Lovely and Simple Cursive Text Art #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

You can mimic the shiplap surface with pallet slats. Especially, for wall art, that is the most inexpensive material you can use.

Two vertical laths help keep the wood slats tightly together. The front surface is painted opaque white that succeeds in hiding the horizontal lines and the texture of the wood.

An inspiring word is inscribed along the length of the sign to call for gathering and making the atmosphere homely.

17. Get a Luxurious Mudroom with Shiplap

Modern Country Style Mud Room #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The true shiplap lining covers the bottom part of the walls of this mudroom. This interesting design approach creates an elegant interior that coordinates with the furnishing of the adjacent room.

The color palette is earthy- grey, white and brown. It welcomes the coziness of the space. Added pillows with burlap cases enhance the presence of the farmhouse style and ensure comfort in the mudroom.

via Starr Homes

18. Rustic Framed Bouquet Art with Shiplap Background

Naturally Framed Bouquet #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This great idea showcases another way to use the shiplap as a background for framed art. The metal vase holding a bouquet of seasonal flowers is framed by reclaimed unfinished wood.

It is very difficult to distinguish the shiplap from the wall surface because they are painted the same color. This creates a continuous look and makes you think that the frame and the bouquet have been attached directly to the wall.

19. Turn Your Home into an Inviting Farmhouse Getaway

On Time and On Style Living Space #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This rustic living room invites with its calming vibe. It is very professionally designed and yet it takes you to another century.

The white shiplap paneling anchors the old-school interior. The large weathered clock, the book wall holders, the wicker basket and the pillows complement the farmhouse atmosphere.

20. Uplift Your Notice Boards with a Shiplap Background

Organize Your Life with Classic Wood Panels #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This is the classic example in our collection of shiplap wall ideas- wide white panels, symmetrically lined on the wall. They are the perfect backdrop to play with textures and accents.

This shiplap of this entryway embraces family boards displaying a handmade chalkboard for temporary inscriptions and notes and a calendar with duties.

There is an inspiring storage idea with a space-saving design. There is a frame with two cute wire baskets that aim to organize the post. The small rustic labels match the chalkboard and enhance the personal touch.

via Priss and Vinegar

21. Get a Polished Powder Room with Shiplap Walls

Polished Powder Room with an Earthy Element #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The tiny rooms create a big design challenge. We are taught to think that tiny spaces require simple design so that airiness is ensured.

That is not the only rule to follow. You can experiment with textures if you stick to two or three colors at the most. This powder room is visual proof of this saying.

The horizontal shiplap lines create a visual illusion of longer walls. Its color enhances this perception while creating a personal touch to the interior. The lamps provide enough light to use the space in its application properly. Brown wood acts as an accent that creates volume and depth.

22. Transform Bedroom with Stained Shiplap Headboard

Rich Umber Stained and Earthy Headboard #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

If you have considered giving your bedroom a new look with a budget-friendly makeover, you can do it simply by adding a headboard.

This DIY idea uses reclaimed wood. Once the slats are well aligned and sanded, they are applied with a coat of dark stain. That gives the old wood a rustic elegant look as if the headboard has been made from a rich oak.

via Andreas Notebook

23. Wooden Stairway with a Weathered Shiplap Wall

Rustic Paneled Wall Meets Classic Wood Staircase #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This staircase wall creates a unique point of interest. The horizontal shiplap lines of the beams aligned in the design of a shiplap, draw the attention instantly. The weathered finish of the wood surface and the size of the wood panels give the wall the function of a statement wall.

Because of this effect on the interior wall, it is very difficult to notice the adjacent elements. This idea can be used in case you are looking for an affordable way to hide defects of the staircase.

via Futurist Architecture

24. Vintage Elegance with Whitewashed Shiplap Cabinet

Shabby Chic Weathered Look Dining Cabinet #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

This is a very interesting shiplap idea with a vertical alignment of the beams. If you are upcycling an old buffet, you can use the shiplap alignment as a way to make the old piece look more attractive and give it functionality in the contemporary world.

The back of this cabinet has once been a thick wooden board. Now, the shiplap lining gives it an interesting visual look with a rustic vibe.

via Ashley Knie

25. Personalize Your Home with a Rustic Shiplap Sign

Show the Love Paneled Word Art #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

If you have scrap wooden planks, you can always create a sign. Alternating brown and white give the sign a striking visual effect.

The slats are flat and even and create a backdrop for the dimensional inspiring word, enhancing the homely feel of the space.

26. Give Your Pantry a Country Look with Wooden Shelves

Sturdy and Elegant Pantry Shelves #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

The shiplap has inspired the shelf design of this pantry. They have become much sturdier and have created an aesthetic appeal of this small space.

It is interesting how the creators have combined the shiplap on the wall with the shiplap on the shelves. Since the wood slats are of different sizes, they have decided to differentiate them also in color so that each stands out as a separate element.

via Little Glass Jar

27. Get Warm Ambiance with White Wooden Kitchen Panels

Warm Whites and Natural Wooden Panels for the Kitchen #rusticdecor #shiplap #decorhomeideas

Shiplap on the ceiling? Why not! It adds so much texture to the space and doesn’t affect the airiness if it is painted white.

The white color softens the lines of the slats and reflects the natural light to make the room spacious. When choosing a wood planking of the ceiling, it is very important to match it with the floor surface as shown in this inspiring shiplap decor idea.

Accents are used to give this kitchen a point of interest and color. Green shades, metal finishes create an aesthetic balance with the neutral backdrop.

via Froken Knopp

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