32 Best Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas To Add Even More Coziness To Your Home

Farmhouse mantel decor is the right choice for any type of home interior.

It is appealing, easy to blend with any style of existing decor and special in its look.

Best Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas. Make your home cozier with these farmhouse mantel decor ideas that will add a more rustic feeling and personalization to your fireplace. #decorhomeideas

The best farmhouse mantel decor ideas are gathered in one place for you to inspire you and make sure that the most important part of your living room is well decorated.

There are farmhouse mantel decor ideas that will keep the mantel appealing all year long and such that will make holidays more festive.

1. Mantel To Make The Living Room Homely

Mantel To Make The Living Room Homely

The mantel is the best place to praise your home. The place you feel most secure and comfortable.

A wooden sign featuring a large white canvas and a stained brown frame appeals to staying home.

The natural materials of the sign are complemented by nature-inspired decoration placed symmetrically around the sign to visually put it in the center of the mantel.

via Nest Of Posies

2. Our Nest Is Our Home

Our Nest Is Our Home

This mantel decoration is perfect for all seasons. A weathered rustic frame decorated with a wreath from evergreen leaves stays in the center to create the backdrop for the smaller parts of the arrangement.

A small sign with bold black letters describes the importance of the home in simple words. Two topiaries inserted in antique candlesticks, two rustic corbels holding a book and a glass vase create a harmonious rustic decoration.

via Beauty For Ashes

3. Rectangular Wicker Basket to Hang A Wreath On

Rectangular Wicker Basket to Hang A Wreath On

The rustic weathered window frame that is usually used for hanging a wreath piece can be replaced by a flat rectangular wicker basket.

Complement the wall decor above the mantel with antique items that will improve the rustic farmhouse look of the nook.

4. Larger Decorations For Mantel

Larger Decorations For Mantel

In case the wall above the mantel is tall enough and colored in a neutral hue, you can use decorations of a larger scale but less in number.

The large arched window presents wood, wrought iron and weathered painted surfaces in one to instantly set the farmhouse theme.

Tall lanterns and a large monogrammed sign stay on both sides of the farmhouse wall decor to give the mantel decoration a finished look.

via Worthing Court

5. Metal Windmill For A Unique Mantel Centerpiece

Metal Windmill For A Unique Mantel Centerpiece

The rusty surface of the windmill wheel looks fantastically against the shiplap wall.

The decor on the mantel is worked up with two antique candlesticks, a pile of wooden blocks and transparent glass vases holding cotton bouquets.

The arrangement creates the perfect farmhouse essence with simple decor pieces.

via Irwin Construction

6. Stack To Make A Unique Farmhouse Decor

Stack To Make A Unique Farmhouse Decor

If you take a detailed look over this mantel arrangement, you will notice that layering is included in every part of the decor.

Three wooden frames of different sizes are stacked vertically. Being empty provides a clear view of all three and creates the center point of the decoration. Layering is applied with the books and with the topiaries.

The arrangement is tied up by a bouquet of spring blooms in a porcelain vase and a bouquet of greenery in a glass jar- the perfect finish touches of this spring-inspired mantel decor.

via Life On Kaydeross Creek

7. Simple Fall Mantel With A Cotton Wreath

Simple Fall Mantel With A Cotton Wreath

This is an idea for a one-piece mantel decor spreading loads of farmhouse charm in the living room. It represents an outdoor element but on a smaller scale.

The window frame is decorated with a wreath which speaks of coziness because of the cotton buds and welcomeness which is the symbol of the wreath.

To make the nook fall-friendly, there are typical for the season decor pieces such as a banner a set of small pumpkins, and throw blankets.

via The Frugal Homemaker

8. Modern Farmhouse Mantel Decor

Modern Farmhouse Mantel Decor

The addition of blush pink color and grey give this farmhouse mantel arrangement a modern twist.

The centerpiece of this arrangement is the wreath which sets the theme at the time. The peonies symbolize the revival of nature and anchor the warmer time in the living room.

Once summer is over, simply change the decoration on the frame to match the arrangement with the seasonal theme.

via Craftaholics Anonymous

9. Autumn-Inspired Mantel Arrangement

Autumn-Inspired Mantel Arrangement

Similar to the idea above, the frame in the center is what sets the decor theme in the living room. It is actually a background and support for the decor piece that welcomes the new season or the holiday.

Small decor pieces such as pumpkins and a banner complement the theme and enhance the farmhouse essence of the decor.

10. A Fall Mantel With A Motivation

A Fall Mantel With A Motivation

The sign in the center of the wall above the mantel is suited for fall decor, however, it is so meaningful and inspiring, that it can be kept as part of the decor all year long.

You can use the smaller decorations to set a theme in the living room. As you can see in this example, bouquets of dry wheat and cotton define the fall theme on the mantel.

A fall decor arrangement wouldn’t look right if there aren’t a few cute pumpkins.

via The Turquoise Home

11. A Large Clock As A Mantel Centerpiece

A Large Clock As A Mantel Centerpiece

The massive vintage clock is used in this mantel decorating idea to make a huge rustic impact.

The rest of the elements aim to only subtle its uniqueness. Nature-inspired pieces are introduced with greenery. In this kind of mantel arrangement, small decor pieces can be used for bringing in a particular temporary decor theme.

via The DIY Mommy

12. Welcome Nature With Spring Mantel Decor

Welcome Nature With Spring Mantel Decor

This is an inspiring idea for a spring mantel decor. The permanent part of the mantel decor is the set of a window and two slat shutters. The rest is the seasonal decor in farmhouse style. Flowers are placed in vintage containers. Textures are natural and aged.

This idea is inspiring to make yourself a unique mantel nook that will improve the homely feel in the living room in a budget-friendly way.

via The Daily DIY-er

13. Metal Letters And Wicker Containers

Metal Letters And Wicker Containers

Use tobacco baskets and linings for your mantel farmhouse decoration. They can be simply placed or complemented with embellishment.

Depending on the season that can be pumpkins, bouquets of field flowers, evergreen or cotton twigs.

Enhance the theme of the farmhouse decor with signs and banners made from natural materials.

via Dandelion Patina

14. Christmas Mantel Decor

Christmas Mantel Decor

This simple mantel decoration consists of pine twigs, cones and yarn pompoms. The mantel decoration succeeds in welcoming the forest indoors.

The white pompoms are the accent to this arrangement. The green color of the evergreen branches let them stand out and complement the neutral Christmas stockings for presents.

via This Mamas Dance

15. Spring Mantel Decor With A Chalkboard Sign And Fresh Flowers

Spring Mantel Decor With A Chalkboard Sign And Fresh Flowers

The center point of this spring mantel decoration is a chalkboard sign. It is a great backdrop for the brightly colored terra cotta pots with seasonal flowers.

The farmhouse mantel arrangement is complemented by an arrangement at the fireplace opening. It won’t be used soon and therefore has been considered another opportunity for bringing the farmhouse style in.

via Sarah Joy

16. Books As Mantel Decoration

Books As Mantel Decoration

The mantel decor in this example could be an inspiration for you in case you also have a TV attached to the wall above it.

The TV doesn’t allow a large or complex centerpiece. The creativeness of the designer of this mantel decor has created a flat mantel decoration that has a significant impact on the overall look.

Books are placed on the mantel with their pages facing out to reveal their age. In front of them, there is a cedar garland that creates contrast for the neutral white Christmas stockings to stand out.

via Adrienne Elizabeth

17. The TV Is Not A Problem For The Mantel Decor

The TV Is Not A Problem For The Mantel Decor

This example will calm those of you that think that no decoration of the mantel is possible when there is a TV on the wall above it.

Clearly, there is a way. Decorate on both sides of it. Indeed, space is limited but you can use the size of the decor pieces to create a sensible decor impact.

via Our Vintage Nest

18. Antique Pieces Make A Unique Mantel Decor Arrangement

Antique Pieces Make A Unique Mantel Decor Arrangement

Use antique items to make your farmhouse decor arrangement unique. That can be pieces from a thrift shop, repurposed outdoor elements, or salvaged pieces of furniture.

Here we see how amazing repurposing washboards, spindles and an old scale can be. A simple farmhouse sign is never odd because it clearly sets the decor theme.

via Sarah Joy

19. Combine A Rough Backdrop With A Delicate Decor Piece

Combine A Rough Backdrop With A Delicate Decor Piece

A repurposed tobacco basket is placed in the center of the wall above the mantel to create a universal backdrop for smaller farmhouse decorations.

The wreath is made from soft cotton buds that impress with their natural delicacy and pure white color. At the sides of the basket, there are groups of smaller items that give the mantel decor a finished look.

via Wilshire Collections

20. Windmill Wheel To Set Your Seasonal Farmhouse Decor

Windmill Wheel To Set Your Seasonal Farmhouse Decor

This mantel decorating idea sets a large windmill wheel at the center of the fireplace nook. It is bold and represents a retro industrial element.

In contrast with its rough nature, there is a group of white pumpkins positioned like a garland along the mantel.

The green leaves and the cotton twigs are placed symmetrically in the center of the pumpkin arrangement to create a pop of natural color.

21. Oversized Wooden Sign

Oversized Wooden Sign

This is another impressive mantel farmhouse design. Instead of many in number decorations, there are only a few large ones.

The focal point of the arrangement is an arched wrought iron frame decorated with a leafy wreath. A bold wooden sign sends a clear message of the mood and decor theme in the living room.

Candlesticks with pillars, tall lamps and a garland subtle the focal point and complete the look.

via Plum Pretty Decor

22. Neutral Mantel Decor In Farmhouse Style

Neutral Mantel Decor In Farmhouse Style

For a universal farmhouse mantel decor, choose classic colors. Black, white and wooden brown match any existing decor and combine beautifully together.

The chalkboard sign is the central piece of the mantel decor arrangement. Its black color and the brown color of wicker baskets let all other vintage items distinguish despite their white hue.

via Magnolia Market

23. Neutral Mantel Decor

Neutral Mantel Decor

Keep the permanent farmhouse mantel decorations in neutral colors. That will let you add new ornaments to the arrangement and give it a refreshed or themed look.

The neutral decor design in this example features a distressed window frame embellished with a small boxwood wreath in its center. Lanterns and a pile of books add to the permanent farmhouse mantel decor.

The part with the seasonal decor is represented by grapevine pumpkins and a string of lights giving the existing arrangement a festive touch.

24. No Design Rule Makes A Unique Arrangement

No Design Rule Makes A Unique Arrangement

Sometimes you don’t have to follow any design rules to make a nook decor appealing and unique.

Trust your creativeness and taste to create eye-pleasing combinations.

For a farmhouse arrangement, you can use antique items you have once bought on a deal at a thrift shop, reclaimed pieces of furniture and things taken directly from nature.

This mantel decor clearly shows that improvisation can end with charming decor results.

via Refresh Living

25. Arched Window For Focal Point Of The Farmhouse Decor

Arched Window For Focal Point Of The Farmhouse Decor

The fireplace, the mantel and all decor pieces create together a cozy farmhouse nook.

The focal point is a salvaged wood and wire gate. It has been refreshed with white paint but thanks to the washing technique its aged look hasn’t been damaged.

The pretty green wreath coordinates with other nature-inspired decorations spread in the fireplace nook.

via Claire Lynn

26. Rustic Winter Decor

Rustic Winter Decor

Farmhouse decor doesn’t exclude the festive look and this design idea confirms it. The Christmas decor features brown and white embellishments on the Christmas tree complemented by wooden signs at the fireplace and white knitted stockings.

The silver grey color quietly crawls in this setting to balance the rustic textures with the modern times.

27. Summer Mantel With Bright Fresh Flowers

Summer Mantel With Bright Fresh Flowers

The farmhouse style is mostly known for its neutral colors. Well, not necessarily for all decor pieces.

You can always add a bright pop of color with natural materials and natural elements. For a spring or summer mantel arrangement, the bright accent can be invited with bouquets of fresh flowers.

via The Turquoise Home

28. Use Old Books As Mantel Decor

Use Old Books As Mantel Decor

The arrangement of this mantel decor is simple and charming. It consists of old books separated into two groups. On one side they are supported by a wooden candlestick, on the other- by a galvanized bucket with greenery.

In the center of the mantel, there is a subtle sign with a simple inscription that sets the theme and enhances the visual interest.

29. Farmhouse Can Be Festive

Farmhouse Can Be Festive

Use the mantel to make the interior more festive and cheerful. To do it in a farmhouse style, include vintage statues of Santa, elegant mini trees, and pinecones.

Enhance the holiday theme with farmhouse signs. You can choose from chalkboard signs and wooden signs which are typical for the style.

30. Modern Farmhouse Mantel

Modern Farmhouse Mantel

The fireplace of this modern home brings contemporary and rustic together. The mantel decoration continues this design concept.

A simple but large sign stays in the center to act as a focal point. Items of different heights and textures make sure that the arrangement is appealing and visually balanced.

via Unsplash

31. Gathering Baskets As Mantel Focal Point

Gathering Baskets As Mantel Focal Point

The interior of this airy living room is well balanced. The white walls and the light color of the floor set a neutral backdrop for the farmhouse accents.

Here the mantel itself is impacting being made from a solid weathered beam. It is decorated with two tobacco baskets serving as an anchoring piece.

The rest of the mantel decor is simple and subtle represented by candles creating symmetry and two containers with greenery. The overall look sets a seasonal theme without ruining the airy feel.

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