Beach Themed Living Room on a Budget

Are you considering adding some beach vibes to your home without spending a fortune?

Interior design costs a lot! I could not afford any fancy-looking furniture or expensive decorations, not to mention hiring an interior designer to make a beach house or coastal decor project! This must cost a fortune, right?

Creating a beach themed living room on a budget could sound like a mission impossible, but don’t worry as we will show you some amazing budget-friendly ideas.

Best Beach Themed Living Room On A Budget. Ready to spruce up your living room for less? Decorate the perfect beach themed living room on a budget with these ideas, designs and decorations. #decorhomeideas
  • How do you decorate a living room beach theme?

Beach themed living rooms tend to have soft, natural color palettes with plenty of sandy, white, and ivory neutrals, as well as a mix of navy blues and turquoise.

  • How can I make my living room on a budget better?

You can start with updating the color of the walls, rearranging the furniture, and adding some artwork and greenery.

1. Blue Hues With Coast-Inspired Decoration

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This is one of the most affordable coastal living room ideas featuring a makeover that takes you quickly away to the calmness of the coast and features hues of blue mixed with neutral white.

The sandy color is also present in the jute carpet, the blinds and the art pieces spread around the room that replicates an ocean motif.

via My Creative Touch

2. Natural Materials Help Incorporate The Coastal Vibe

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A beach color palette is one way to impose the coastal living concept in the living room. To enhance the style, make sure that there are no artificial materials such as plastic or synthetics.

Make sure that décor pieces are made from wood and glass and represent a piece from the coast.

Actual elements from the coast can be functionally used as part of the interior to make it more exciting and inspiring. Use seashells, starfish, anchors or a steering wheel to create your beach themed focal point.

via Barclay Butera Interiors

3. All White Living Room With Sandy Colored Accents

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A more neutral living room can easily be transformed into your oasis filled with the calmness and natural beauty of the coast.

For that coastal living room décor idea you need pillows wrapped with fabric in the typical coastal color palette. Use wooden décor accents in sandy color to enhance the coastal vibe.

Rustic candlesticks, wooden side tables, a piece of driftwood on the mantle of the fireplace and exposed beams match the texture of these wood elements.

via T S Adams Studio

4. An Impacting Focal Point To Introduce The Beach Theme

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This is one of the easiest décor ideas that will make give the living room a coastal touch.

The large painting representing a sailing ship stays on the blank white wall behind the sofa to anchor the nautical theme and color related to it.

The dark brown color of the painting coordinates with the pillows on the sofa and a centerpiece on the table.

The rattan armchairs and the area rug bring an outdoor coast element inside the living room to impose the relaxing coastal vibe indoors.

Only natural materials are present in this living room to let it feel cozy and friendly.

via Our Boat House

5. Navy Blue As Accent In The White Living Room

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Use shades of blue and green to give your neutral living room décor a coastal pop of color. You can impose the colors through fabrics and patterns.

Decorate the uniform-colored elements with colorful accents. The blank white walls are perfect to accommodate a collage of minimalist paintings marked by the calming colors of the coast.

via K2 Interior Designs

6. Rustic Living Room With Green, Yellow And Blue Accents

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The rustic furniture easily makes the living room décor more inviting and cozy. And that is the perfect basis to give it a beach charm with these easy décor hints.

One of the walls can be turned into a statement wall by painting it a light shade of green. Change the pillowcases with new ones. Make sure that there are green hues in the fabric pattern. The yellow color is related to the sun and where you can most enjoy the sunlight. At the beach, of course.

Why not then use the sunny yellow color as an accent in the living room décor? Apply a coat of yellow paint on the rustic shelf unit and watch it fill the room with brightness.

Another nautical color is also present in this living room décor- blue color. It is represented through the sleek texture of stained glass bottles.

via Morr Interiors

7. Cheerful Beach House Living Room With Coral Color Accents

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If you want to get out of the standard beach themed color palette, try this cheerful living room décor idea.

The beach theme is not only related to the colors of the ocean and the sand. We forget that there is a world underneath the water.

Orange is related to the corals and this room uses it to revive the space. The coral color is so cheerful and it can twist the boring interior into a one-of-a-kind design.

Use it as an accent, and spread it around the room. Two side tables, four throw pillows and two reading lamps are symmetrically positioned in this space to create a harmonious look and feel.

via Matt Bolt

8. Farmhouse Meets Beach In A Cozy Living Room

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The northern you go, the more stylish the beach style becomes. There we can see shades of grey instead of tropical colors.

The size of this attic living room has also played a role in defining the light color of the interior. Grey makes it airy and visually enlarges the space.

The shiplap accent wall and the exposed drywall beams of the ceiling are painted creamy grey to add interest to the neutral room.

The rustic wooden furniture matches harmoniously the sandy color of the rattan basket and the wooden armchair.

A collage of three shadow boxes holding ocean creatures coordinates pleasantly with the color scheme and brings the beach theme upfront.

via DTM Interiors

9. Zoned Living Room With Delicate Beach Themed Accents

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This living room serves the owners in many ways. There are zones for relaxation and for work that are united visually by the inclusion of décor pieces in the same style.

The beach theme is presented by decorations spread around the space. The wall above the sofa displays beach landscapes and ocean creatures.

The pillows on the sofa are all nature-inspired either in their shape or with the image of the pillowcase fabric.

The blue color of the sofa and the carpet are used as basic elements to set the nautical mood.

via Apartment Jeanie

10. Blue Accents Revitalize The Living Room

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Looking for a quick and easy living room makeover? No need to change the furniture, just change the accents!

The beach theme is welcomed in this classic living room interior with elegant accents featuring blue and white color combinations.

Porcelain antique pieces, pillowcases, curtains and wall art create a united overall look and visual depth of the space.

via Kate Mogul

11. Subtle Turquoise For A Delicate Coastal Decor

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If you don’t like the bold statements in the living room décor and prefer a more delicate and inviting interior, try the pale shades of turquoise to implement the beach theme.

Creamy or pure white walls will easily accommodate the turquoise color and will create a pleasant-for-the-eye combination.

Use small décor accents to enhance the beach theme such as a glass jar filled with seashells, driftwood as wall art, and a painting of an ocean landscape.

via Casabella Interiors

12. Laguna Living Room Design

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This living room is a mixture of modern and farmhouse. The functionality and the openness of the contemporary home design are elegantly balanced by the natural materials some of the elements are made of.

The white walls set a neutral backdrop for a relaxing sea-inspired color palette revealed mostly through the fabrics. Small details such as a porcelain vase and a candle holder help the living room become appealing to every inch.

via Courtney Thomas Design

13. Add Elegant Coastal Style With New Slipcovers

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You don’t need to live on the beach to have your own coast-inspired home. Dressing the sofa with slipcovers in white or creamy color will easily put the existing furniture in the beach theme.

They are a good makeover solution in those cases where the budget is limited and you wish for a change that is elegant and customized.

via Marcye Philbrook

14. Deep Ocean Living Room Accent

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This is an inspiring coastal living room featuring white walls, natural wooden floors and a warming fireplace with stone lining.

The coastal vibe here is imposed by the navy-blue color of the sofa fabric accentuated with pillows with white ornaments. White stripes and knitted twine cover mimicking fishing net are undoubtedly symbols of the beach environment.

A stained glass vase is placed in the center of the round coffee table to coordinate with the surrounding blue furniture and to anchor the beach theme in the classic living room interior.  

via The McMullin Design Group

15. Family-Friendly Coastal Living Room

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This is a great example of a beach themed living room on a budget where the whole family can comfortably gather together. The open concept helps include enough furniture for everyone to sit and enjoy their free time at home.

The fireplace is the centering point making sure that coziness is easily felt and seen. The airy concept of the nautical décor showcases a light wooden floor, sandy paint color walls and fish-patterned fabric for the main sofa. The pattern repeats in the pillowcases of the other seating furniture pieces to create a uniform and pleasant look.

Added a large driftwood candlestick in front of the fireplace, the wall painting of a lighthouse and the ocean landscape displayed on the TV anchor the coastal theme in this room.

via PSD

16. Light Blue Living Room With Natural Textures

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It is not a difficult task to achieve the beach house look in the living room if you stick to the right color combination and use the correct materials.

This is a wonderful representation of these two- light blue paint on the walls, sandy and stone-colored fabrics and driftwood accents flawlessly combine to make the living room interior feel and look as if at the coast.

Small décor pieces such as a helm and a tray with sea creatures clearly anchor the nautical theme in the interior.

via DJB Photo

17. Elegant Living Room With Water Blue Accents

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A cool and clean living room matches perfectly with the warmth and humidity of the beach. To add these to your home décor, use white paint color for the walls which will set the best background for the beach themed living room elements.

The water blue color can be used as an accent that will give the interior a modern and appealing look. Wooden textures and sandy fabric of the lamp shades enhance the ocean style and bring nature closer to the home.

via Blackband Home Design

18. Sandy Neutral With Blue Accents

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The beach interior style is an easy one to be imposed and also universal when it comes to matching the existing home décor.

A large stained glass bottle stays on the table to draw your attention to the center of the room where the nautical elements are focused. A curtain in deep blue color with white splashes will easily remind you of the ocean waves. The fabric pattern is complemented by sofa pillows in the same color palette.

The neutral background is best for beach décor. When we speak about neutral, it doesn’t certainly mean white. The sandy color is also great for setting the colorful beach theme in the living room. Unite the wall colors with part of the furniture or an area rug from natural material such as a jute rug.

via Mineral City

19. Use Your Hobby Accessories To Bring Beach Indoors

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The small room requires practical spacing so that all items are well stored and the atmosphere airy. When we speak about a coastal living room, you can store some of your hobby items on the walls.

The surfboard is attached to the wall to act as a unique accent to the beach décor of this home. It is complemented by the colors of the sofa and the throw pillows to tie the living room up as a welcoming and cheerful space.  

via Karen Grace Interiors

20. Beach Themed Living Room On A Budget

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Another way to make a beach themed living room on a budget is to add new décor objects.

A cute beach sign, throw pillows in the nautical palette and the mood is more cheerful! The same effect can be achieved with decoration from the beach- a tray filled with candles and jars with seashells, a large glass bottle holding driftwood pieces, etc.

via Projects General Construction

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