20 Wooden Floor Kitchen Designs For Natural Look

Most the houses today are hyped up with wooden flooring and finishes. This is because of their natural yet classy warm look and finish. Many homeowners would also consider wooden floors as nature filled space, giving the entire house a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

20 Wooden Floor Kitchen Designs For Natural Look

Moreover, a wooden floor not only fulfills the aesthetic side of the design, but it is also gives more of the upsides compared to ceramic and marbled flooring. One of these advantages is the fewer worries on breakages, cracks and scratches, since wood is known to be more resistant when it comes to falling objects. They also have a beauty that lasts for ages and even versatility in any design innovations.

You will see several types of wooden floor designs in either a modern or a traditional house decor and one of the valued spot in the house is the kitchen. Given the multi-functionality of this space, it does literally help in the provision of the energy and food everyone needs for a day. Hence, delicate details are as much as possible being provided in the floor design for a comfortable and inspiring ambience.

So, 20 of the most stunning wooden kitchen floor designs are uploaded here for your own inspiration. Enjoy!


1. Rustic Wooden Floor Design

amazing wooden floor kitchen idea

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It appears that no matter how many years would pass by, wooden floors would always remain trendy and fab. The natural wood markings and linings are always as beautiful as new.


2. Wooden Floor on a Traditional Kitchen

beautiful wooden floor kitchen idea

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The delicate details on the wood vanities as seen on the cabinets’ panel moldings, are quite matching with the wooden floor’s natural finish. It balances the extra details giving a plain and simple surface.


3. Dark Wooden Floor

black wooden floor kitchen idea

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This is a traditional contemporary kitchen design with trivial panel moldings and darker wooden floor finish. The dark tone indeed blends in with the black and white theme of the kitchen.


4. Modern Traditional Wooden Floor Kitchen

blue and white kitchen wooden floor idea

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The minimalistic features of modern design are combined in this traditional kitchen design. The effects of the wooden floor’s glossy finish is suitably stunning on this modern- traditional kitchen.


5. Matte Finish Wooden Floor

gorgeous wooden floor kitchen idea

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Some of the surfaces on the countertops and kitchen furniture are lustrous, so it is safe to add up a matte finish wooden floor to balance the look of this kitchen.


6. Natural Wood Finish in Monochromatic Kitchen

grey cabinets wooden floor kitchen idea

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As you can see, shades of white and grey are present in this kitchen. It is good to see a floor with a natural wood finish giving the space a nice contrast.


7. Wood Plank Flooring

light and bright kitchen wooden floor idea

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This is a traditional kitchen designed with wood vanities, and the floor seem to give itself a nice standout with its natural wood finish. It does gives a nice contrast to an all-white theme.


8. Cabin Kitchen Wooden Floor

lovely rustic wooden floor kitchen

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No wonder the floor in this cabin kitchen made of wood as this is cabin is literally made all out of wood, starting from the ceiling down to the floor.


9. Rustic kitchen with Wooden Floor

modern rustic wooden floor kitchen idea

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The exposed beams on the ceiling have the rough and rustic look, while the floor contrast with a glossy and seamless wooden finish. The contrast of the  texture of both comes out beautifully though.


10. Herringbone Wooden Floor


new classic kitchen wood floor idea

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The usual patterns of wooden floors are plain and simple. Some come in seamless surface, while some come in straight lines, but this one appears different with it herringbone pattern design.


11. Matching Wooden Floor and Countertops

small kitchen wood floor idea

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Most of the countertops are made of marble and granite, but in this kitchen the countertops are matched with the wooden floor and it appears uniformly beautiful and balanced.


12. Modern Kitchen Wooden Floor

timber floor kitchen decor idea

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This kitchen is no doubt super minimalistic and modern. The only contrasting tone it has, is the natural color of the wood on the floor.


13. Glossy Wooden Floor

warm wood floor kitchen design idea

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The wood plank flooring in this modern kitchen has a rather glossy finish, and it is quite suiting and comforting for the eyes. It is more of a clutter free kitchen.


14. Industrial Kitchen Wooden Floor

white kitchen with dark wood floor

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Isn’t it stunning to see a shiny wooden floor in a yet rustic and industrial looking kitchen? It gives the space a very clean and cool look.


15. An All-White Kitchen Wooden Floor

white kitchen wooden floor idea

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Given this fancy all-white kitchen, it is always best to add a contrasting color to give some volume to the space. The thinner wood planks give it a nice spread to the floor.


16. Wooden Floor and Furniture

white turquoise wooden floor kitchen

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Almost everything in this kitchen is coated in white. The wood vanities are white as well as the ceiling. Good thing the floor and the dining set are made of woods.


17. Wooden Floor on Bold Patterns

wood floor white country kitchen idea

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There are bold patterns present in the curtains and in the throw pillows. These  match with the nice wooden floor while the other kitchen vanities are coated in white.


18. Contemporary Kitchen Wooden Floor

wood floor white kitchen idea

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This is no doubt an all-white kitchen with a few metallic touches on the kitchen appliances and lamps, but the true eye catcher here is the wooden floor.


19. Seamless Wooden Floor

wooded floor huge kitchen design idea

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The working kitchen table is made of hardwood with a granite counter top. Not to mention the exposed beams on the cathedral ceiling and the seamless wooden floor.


20. Wooden Floor in an Old-fashioned Kitchen

wooden floor kitchen island decor idea

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Some of the vanities found in this kitchen may somehow look old and shabby, but look at how glossy is the wooden floor. This shows that wooden floors can always upgrade the interior design of every kitchen.