23 Smart Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Ultimate Storage Efficiency

The kitchen is the heart of our homes, and kitchen pantries are the repository for most, if not all, of our kitchen essentials, from snacks and cereals to various spices and small kitchen appliances.

A well-designed and organized pantry will go a long way in solving your storage issues and keeping your kitchen clutter-free.

And you don’t need a complete overhaul of your kitchen to achieve this; a pull-out cabinet system or drawer dividers are more than enough.

Maximize your kitchen storage efficiency with these 23 smart pantry ideas. Explore innovative solutions to keep your pantry organized and functional, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Whether you plan on designing a walk-in or built-in pantry, these 23 kitchen pantry ideas will keep your kitchen necessities organized and within reach.

Take a look!

1. Use Your Corners

kitchen pantry ideas 1


Lazy Susans are some of the best space-saving ideas to incorporate into your pantry or other storage spaces.

This pantry design uses an innovative 6-tier Lazy Susan to fill up one of its corner spaces, significantly increasing storage capacity and making browsing items easier without even physically moving them.

2. Store Your Groceries in Wire Baskets

kitchen pantry ideas 2


Glass and canning jars are excellent food storage containers since they eliminate the risk of pests invading your food while keeping it fresh for longer.

The multiple glass jars in this pantry keep its overall look consistent, while the wire baskets beneath the cabinets make it a breeze to grab your onions when preparing your meals. 

3. Group Your Items

kitchen pantry ideas 3


We use our pantries to store almost everything, from canned goods and produce to beverages and cleaning supplies; grouping similar items makes this versatile space easier to manage!

This pantry uses labeled baskets and deep acrylic containers for different types of food, snacks, and cleaning equipment, making locating things easier. 

Standalone items like airtight containers, canned beverages, and bottled water occupy the bottom shelves of this well-organized pantry.

4. Make Use of a Pull-Out Cabinet

kitchen pantry ideas 4

@Classic Beach House

The lack of a dedicated walk-in pantry in your kitchen shouldn’t be of much concern; you can still use other ideas to create space for your food storage.

The pull-out drawer in this kitchen enables you to search for what you require on both sides of the cabinet, making it easy to access those once-buried items, such as spices, cereals, etc.

5. Install a Built-In Pantry

kitchen pantry ideas 5


Sliding drawers are an excellent alternative to conventional shelves since they provide easier access to your cooking essentials.

Pull-out drawers below and deep shelves on top offer significant storage to this rustic, compact pantry, making it simple to perform a quick visual inventory.

The pantry also hosts other cooking appliances like the microwave and toaster and has hidden white double doors that hide the collection of goods and match the kitchen’s color palette.

6. Utilize Bins

kitchen pantry ideas 6


Whether you’re dealing with a pantry the size of a closet or an expansive walk-in one, storage bins will always be a lifesaver!

You can keep cans, spices, paper material, and everyday snacks in them, maximizing your pantry space and making packing school lunches for your kids a piece of cake.

Cereals, sugar, rice, candy, canned goods, and other items occupy the shelves, while decorative decals and labels have been used to track what’s what.

7. Increase Storage with Door Shelves

kitchen pantry ideas 7


It’s essential to capitalize on every available space when organizing your pantry, including the pantry’s doors.

The slim door shelves in this pantry hold jars of spices, oils, and other dry goods, freeing up the pantry’s interior space to store other items while giving it a tidy look.

8. Go for Wire Racks

kitchen pantry ideas 8

@Holme Design

Wire racks are another space-saving solution you can add to your pantry’s doors, and since they’re renter-friendly as well, they’re an ideal hack for apartment dwellers.

This pantry uses multiple shelves to create numerous sections for different types of products, appliances, and tableware. Woven baskets store dry goods and add a dash of textural elegance, amplified further by wooden storage bins.

9. Space Out Your Items

kitchen pantry ideas 9

@Briggs Design Associates, Inc.

Hidden pantry ideas do wonders in keeping your kitchen looking organized and sleek.

The oversized doors of this pantry boast lustrous over-the-door standalone shelves for storing canned goods, beverages, and other cooking essentials. Only some items have been placed inside the pantry with enough spacing between them, giving the design a plush look.

10. Slide Out Everything


@The Hammer & Nail, Inc.

If your kitchen has limited space, the best option is to use creative and innovative storage solutions to create more space, like the pull-out drawers for this pantry.

The drawers keep all the nonperishable and canned goods neatly tucked away, allowing easy access without needing to devote an entire room to your pantry.

11. More Baskets

kitchen pantry ideas 11

@Nicole Arnold Interiors

Woven baskets are arguably one of the best organization ideas for your pantry, which is one of the reasons you’ll notice them more than once in this article.

A series of baskets grace this pantry’s shelves, and you can pull out a particular bin whenever you’re searching for a specific ingredient. A couple of Lazy Susans help to free up more space, reducing visual clutter in the pantry.

12. Make the Most of Your Space

kitchen pantry ideas 12

@Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Using available space efficiently and smart storage ideas is critical for a small pantry.

The pull-out cabinet system for this pantry uses sliding shelves to free up space and keep everything within reach.

13. Paint Your Pantry

Torgerson pantry

@Murphy & Co. Design

Painting your pantry cabinets will add a pop of color and make it more lively.

A shade of independence blue adds a calming effect and keeps everything looking coherent instead of busy. The ladder is convenient for accessing items located on the hard-to-reach top shelves.

14. Create Zones

kitchen pantry ideas 14

@Tailored Living of the Main Line

Creating zones for your walk-in pantry with open shelves will make it even more efficient!

You only need to designate specific sections or shelves for paper products, dinner ingredients, beverages, snacks, breakfast foods, kitchenware, and other pantry items. Don’t forget to add labels that will define your sections and make it easy for anyone trying to locate something.

15. Make it Work with Small Pantry Ideas

kitchen pantry ideas 15

@ShelfGenie of Columbus

Designing a small kitchen pantry and placing it adjacent to your kitchen will create more space for your meal prep and cooking activities.

Pull-out drawers utilize every inch of space in this compact pantry for food, snacks, cereals, etc. You can even go ahead and add some shelves on the back of the door and maximize your pantry cabinet storage.

16. Organization is Key

kitchen pantry ideas 16

@Sustainable Kitchens

Most of the time, our pantry doors tend to be open, making organization and tidy presentation critical.

Bronze wire baskets immediately give this pantry a sophisticated and rustic feel. The intentional placement of food and appliances on the floating shelves and crisp white countertop makes this small walk-in pantry look clean and presentable.

The light blue palette makes this nifty display even more epic.

17. Decorate with Wallpaper

kitchen pantry ideas 17

@Closet Factory

Instead of using the normal wood pull-out drawers, opt for pull-out wire shelves to store your malleable items.

A cool, food-themed wallpaper lines the walls of this pantry, instantly jazzing up the space with a playful touch. The pretty background will be a good motivation for organizing your pantry contents and keeping it neat daily.

18. Use Your Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen pantry ideas 18

@Paul Leach Photography

This kitchen uses extra-deep cabinets to store food just steps from its island. Three-tier pull-out racks keep everything organized and make it easy to access hard-to-reach items.

Using the same color scheme for your kitchen and pantry will create a more coherent environment in your home.

19. Upgrade with a Butler’s Pantry

kitchen pantry ideas 19

@Butler Armsden Architects

If you have a huge amount of space, go for an expansive butler’s pantry (or two) to keep your food, serverware, and small kitchen appliances out of the way.

Rows of long shelves and two countertops adorn this pair of butler’s pantries, providing additional storage space and an extra work surface. A rolling library ladder adds color and allows access to the upper shelves.

20. Utilize Vertical Wall Storage

kitchen pantry ideas 20

@Butler Armsden Architects

Don’t let the size of your pantry limit you. Take advantage of your vertical space and install long open shelves to provide spacious storage for your kitchen essentials and open up the space, as seen in this design.

Add furniture-style elegance by using glass bases for your top shelves, making your design look even more classy.

21. Tall Cabinets for the Win

kitchen pantry ideas 21

@Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets give you the leverage to store all of your items with ease. They also reduce overcrowding of items, giving your pantry a clean look.

Pull-out shelves are another excellent space-saving tool for such tall cabinets. Don’t forget to install a chalkboard for your notes and beautiful family artwork.

22. Don’t Leave Your Floor Space Empty

kitchen pantry ideas 22

@Stonebuilt Homes

Whenever we start organizing our pantries, our main focus is making everything fit on our shelves. However, your pantry floor can also serve as an additional storage space.

Stack up boxes and put heavy items in baskets before placing them on the floor. Avoid storing loose items on the floor since they’ll contribute to unnecessary clutter.

23. Keep Everything Close

kitchen pantry ideas 23


A compact pantry needs clever designs to keep food items within reach and fresh while making your kitchen more organized.

This easy-access pantry uses over-the-door racks and conventional shelves to keep everything organized and provide easy viewing of the pantry’s contents. The pantry matches the kitchen’s neutral palette, maintaining a cohesive look throughout the kitchen.

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