50 Smart Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas To Help You Keep Everything In Place

The organized space doesn’t only look well, it relieves the stress and makes the space look bigger.

There are a lot of ways and products meant to help us keep our homes neat and tidy but some of them could cost us quite a lot of money and time.

The organization doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective or good-looking. On the contrary, the local Dollar Store could be your savior because of the endless list of products that can be repurposed to bring the order in the mess.

Best Dollar Store Organization Storage Ideas. Are you looking for some cheap and easy ideas to make your home neat and tidy? Organize for less with these creative dollar store organization and storage ideas #decorhomeideas

From the bathroom, through the kitchen and the living room, you would be surprised to find out how many opportunities the Dollar Store products can give you to make your oasis more organized…And most of them will cost you less than $10.

1. Organize Your Painting Supplies Easily with Candy Jars

Adorable Candy Jar Craft Shelf #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Have you changed the places of the painting supplies 100 0000 times looking for a way to make them more organized and trying to define them per type?

Well, the candy jars are what you need- they are large, transparent, charming and the perfect painting supply organizer!

via Raising Lemons

2. Organize Binders with Dish Organizers for Easy Accessibility

Adult Goals Important Paperwork Station #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Use a dish organizer for your binders. You will be surprised how easily they slide in and out.

via A Bowl Full Of Lemons

3. Store Your Muffin Tins with a Dollar Store Wicker Basket

All Your Muffin Tins in One Basket #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

If you like baking, then you must have a full collection of muffin tins. Since the molds are of different diameters, they cannot fit tightly into each other.

Want to find a way to keep them more organized? A wicker basket from the Dollar Store is all you need to store 6 tins.

via I Am Baker

4. Reorganize Your Kitchen with a Magazine Organizer

Aluminum Foil and Cling Wrap Holder #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The magazine organizer can easily be repurposed and used as a kitchen helper.

Glue or screw it to a cabinet door and store neatly the aluminum foil and cling wrap boxes.

via Good Housekeeping

5. Get Creative with Dollar Store Baskets

Baskets and Labels Dollar Store Organization Ideas #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Dollar Stores sell baskets in various sizes, shapes and colors so you can easily find what works for the space you want to make more organized.

If you want to take the organization to another level, add labels to mark what should be stored in each.

via A Bird and a Bean

6. Sort Your Mail with Trendy Wire Baskets from the Dollar Store

By the Door Mail Baskets #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Do you want to sort your mail? You can do it in a cheap and very trendy way with the wire baskets from the local Dollar Store.

They usually come in white but if you prefer another color, spray paint them. Add labels or chalkboard frames to mark their intend.

via A House Full Of Sunshine

7. Maximize Kitchen Space with a Cabinet Door Sorter

Clean and Collected Cutting Board Organizer #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The magazine’s sorter comes in help in the kitchen.

Attached to the internal surface of a cabinet door can be a place for storage of cutting boards, trays and similar larger utensils that will otherwise be piled up on the countertop.

8. Organize Frying Pans with a Dish or Bathroom Rack

Concentric Vertical Pan Stacking Rack #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Use a dish or bathroom rack to store your frying pans. Fix it to the internal surface of a cabinet to make sure that it remains rigid after stacking the heavy pans.

This clever organization hack will help you protect the surface of the metal from scratching and damaging.

via Amazon

9. Make a Stylish Hair Care Holder with PVC Pipes

Cool PVC Pipe Styling Tool Tree #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Use PVC pipes to store safely your hair dryer and strengthener.

Transform the dull plastic finish into glamorous with spray paint and sparkling dust.

via Remi Ashten

10. Declutter Bathroom Toy Storage with Innovative Solutions

DIY Tubside Bath Toy Organizer #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

This idea will help you organize the bathroom toys without taking up the floor space.

On the contrary, they will all be stored at a one-hand distance which will ensure safer and funnier time spent in the tub.

via The Inspired Home

11. Organize Trash Bags Quickly with a DIY Dowel Project

DIY Wall-Mounted Trash Bag Rollers #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Those of you who want to organize even the trash bags so that they are easy to find and easy to reach, try this simple and quick DIY project.

The supplies you need are a wooden dowel, curtain rod brackets and hardware to fix it to the cabinet wall.

via Simply Organized

12. Organize Your Vanity Drawer with Plastic Baskets

Dollar Store Organization Ideas for Makeup #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Instead of spending time finding your mascara, make the drawer of your vanity more organized with plastic baskets.

By sorting the products in each one, you will quickly spot what you are looking for and will store them properly.

13. Maximize Pantry Space with DIY Can Organizers

Easy Canned Good Pyramid Dispenser #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The magazine holders find another application- as a space-saving can organizer in the pantry. It will cover a small space from the pantry shelf but will ensure the stacking of the cans vertically.

via PBJ Stories

14. Organize Scarves with a Shower Ring Set and Wooden Hanger

Easy One Hanger Scarf Rack #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

A shower ring set and a wooden hanger will let you organize your scarves in a neat and space-saving way.

To keep the rings from sliding, put clothespins between them.

via From The Desk

15. Increase Your Home Storage with an Over-the-Door Organizer

Extra Bathroom Space for Extreme Couponers #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

A wire over-the-door organizer is all you need to increase the storage places in every room of your home.

It is narrow, with adjustable shelves and easy to install.

via Organizing Junkie

16. Efficiently Store Your Accessories with a DIY Hanging Method

Falling Tiers Accessory Tree #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

This simple idea to organize your jewelry, hats, belts and other accessories are space-friendly as it utilizes the space of the bedroom vertically.

Use S-hooks to attach each item separately and easily take it off.

17. Declutter Your Home with a Repurposed Garbage Can

Fun Wall-Mounted Coloring Book Corral #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Can’t stand toys and books spread everywhere in your home? Organize them with a repurposed garbage can.

Use a piece of chalkboard or chalkboard foil to mark its use.

18. Store Fruits and Vegetables in Wire Baskets

Garden-Inspired Wrought Iron Fruit Baskets #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The wire baskets for flower pots are very beautiful and aesthetic and that lets them quickly fit well into the kitchen interior.

Their openings will help prolong the freshness of the fruits and vegetables stored because of the eased air access.

19. Maximize Pantry Storage with an Over-the-Door Wire Rack

Gift Wrapping Accent Wall #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The over-the-door wire rack can increase the storage and organization level in the pantry.

Thanks to the adjustable shelves, you are able to store safely even the high rolls of wrapping paper.

via I Heart Organizing

20. Neatly Organize Cooking Utensils with Command Hooks

Hanging Kitchen Utensil Hooks #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Use command hooks to keep your cooking utensils neat and organized.

Screw them into a wooden pad, fixed to the bottom of the kitchen cabinetry.

21. Maximize Kitchen Space with Open-Type Containers

High and Dry Fresh Fruit Crate #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Similar to the wire garden baskets, any open-type container can be used for fresh storage of fruits and vegetables.

In order to save space, fix it right beneath a kitchen cabinet.

via Iowa Girl Eats

22. Keep Your Power Strips Protected with a Metal Basket

High and Dry Power Strip Basket #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

For less than $1 you can keep power strips organized and protected.

A metal basket screwed to the bottom of your desk will keep the power strip both near to you and off the floor.

23. Small Cosmetic Storage Racks for Bathroom Items

His and Hers Shower Organizers #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

These racks are small but just enough to store separately and neatly the individual cosmetic products in the bathroom.

24. Go Eco-Friendly with Toilet Paper Rolls

A Home for All Your Cords #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

With this idea, you will be both eco-friendly and an organizing guru.

All you need to do is to group a few toilet paper rolls together with tape and then place them in a paper box. Use each compartment to store a cable.

via A Little Craft In Your Day

25. Achieve Convenient and Neat Storage with Binding Pins

Instant Access to Storage and Sandwich Bags #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Binding pins could be very useful in the kitchen.

Use them to pin the opening of the carton boxes for sandwich and storage bags to the internal surface of a cabinet door.

26. Organize Cleaning Supplies with an Over-the-Door Hook Rack

Instant in-the-door Broom Closet Idea #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

An over-the-door hook rack for $3 will organize your cleaning brooms.

Place it at the inside of a door that will keep them hidden, the basement or the closet door, for example.

via Pinspired Home

27. Utilize a Curtain Rod to Organize Kids’ Craft Supplies

Kids Craft and Coloring Bucket Bar #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

A curtain rod, hooks and charming metal baskets can become a beautiful and organized display of the kids craft supplies.

28. Keep Ribbons Neatly Organized with Plastic Baskets & Dowels

Laundry Basket Ribbon Dispenser #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The plastic baskets with holes are a great way to keep those ribbons of yours organized.

Insert a wooden or plastic dowel from one end to the other. Put the spools on the rod and take out the ribbon end through the basket holes.

via Spunky Junky

29. Stylish Wire Tote Storage Solution for Living Room or Bedroom

Lightweight Wire Guest Bedding Tote #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

A wire tote is an affordable and stylish container that easily finds its place in the living room or in the bedroom.

Use it to store bedding sets, throws and pillows.

via Poor Little Girl

30. Organize Your Bathroom with Magnetic Strips

Magnetic Strips for Small Bathroom Tools #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

We have seen the magnetic strips as a knives organization tool. You can take advantage of their slim and neat look in the bathroom.

They can “attract” all of your hairpins and the manicure set.

via Super Woman

31. Transform Plastic Bins Into a Rustic Kitchen Accent

Plastic to Rustic Rope Basket Makeover #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a cheap storage solution but don’t like the ordinary and faded look of the containers, you can always do retouches.

The plastic bin becomes a rustic kitchen accent with some fabric, rope and a hot glue gun.

via Busy Bliss

32. Store Your Boots Properly Using Dollar Store Pool Tubes

Pool Tube Shoe and Boot Forms #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have a dedicated organizer for boots, then you must see the consequences of not storing them right.

Luckily, the pool tubes from the Dollar Store are able to save your boots for the next season.

via Angies Lookbook

33. Increase Closet Storage with DIY PVC Shoe Rack

Pop Art PVC Shoe Tree #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Cut PVC pipes at lengths to fit your shoes. Stack them next to a wall in the closet to increase the storage space.

If you want to give the handmade rack a decorative touch, wrap the pipe in patterned paper or paint in different colors.

via Womans Day

34. Neat and Hygienic Setup for Face Cleansing Accessories

Pretty End-of-Day Face Cleaning Display #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

A cake tray and a pedestal make a setting for face cleaning accessories.

For neater and more hygienic storage, put the cotton buds and the make-up pads in jars.

35. Create a Stylish Brush Holder for Your Vanity

A Pretty Way to Display Makeup Brushes #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

A glass bowl and decorative sand are the only supplies to make a fancy brush holder for your vanity.

via I Married The Pastor

36. Keep Tank Tops Tidy with Curtain Hooks

A Rainbow of Tanks on One Hanger #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

If you want to keep the tank tops neat and free from fold marks, you can hang them all on one hanger.

Do you want to know how? Simply by add curtain hooks to the vertical support of the hanger.

via The Budget Makeover

37. Vintage Wire Tote Containers for Dollar Store Organization

See-Through Linen Closet Caddies #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Wire totes are offered in various sizes and shapes. Because of their vintage look, they have become a preferred budget-friendly storage container.

Their opened design is also an advantage as you can see what has been stored in them.

via Simply Organized

38. Shower Accessory Organization Solution for Small Bathrooms

Shelf-Free Hanging Shower Tote #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

This idea for the organization of shower accessories in the bathroom is perfect for small bathrooms where shelves are not an option.

For only $1 you can get a mesh organizer that can be attached to the bathroom curtain hooks.

via Camping World

39. Store Cupcake Liners Easily and Safely with a Jar

Store Festive Leftover Cupcake Liners #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Cupcake liners come in carton packages which are easily torn apart from the beginning.

If you want to save the leftovers from each package, consider placing them in a jar. Apart from a good organization, it will ensure good storage conditions.

via Table For Two

40. Maximize Kitchen Storage Space with Wire-Hanging Baskets

Sweet and Tidy Fruit Juicing Station #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

If you have a niche in the kitchen, you can utilize it with wire-hanging baskets. They look very cute as if taken from a fresh juice market.

Because of the air easily accessing, the veggies and fruits will remain fresher longer time.

41. Create a Transparent Makeup Organizer Using Plastic Cups

Transparent Lip Product Pyramid #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Make a transparent make-up organizer with plastic cups stacked in a pyramid shape.

If you use the containers with lids, make them more attractive by gluing cute figures on the lids.

42. Maximize Bathroom Storage with Stackable Nesting Bins

Under Counter Bathroom Nesting Bins #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Nesting bins are a smart storage solution because of their stacking capability.

Take advantage of that and use them to arrange and store the cleaning detergents and other accessories under the counter of the bathroom sink.

43. Maximize Storage Space with Versatile Under-Shelf Organizer

Under-Shelf Kitchen Paper and Wrap Organizer #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The versatility of this small organizer comes with its under-the-shelf mounting.

It can be used in every room of the house as you need extra storage space.

via Amazon

44. Create a Cost-Efficient Display with Hanging Baskets

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Basket Shelves #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The hanging of baskets is a good and versatile solution when the walls are utilized.

In addition to the farmhouse charm they instantly add to space, they are also very cheap and easy to be installed.

via Good Housekeeping

45. Transform a Cupcake Stand into a Stylish Vanity Organizer

When Accessories Are on the Menu #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

Repurpose an old cupcake stand into a vintage organizer for the vanity.

Place the jewelry, watches and perfumes you wear most often and find them quickly on the interesting tiered display.

via Liz Marie Blog

46. Organizing Hair Styling Tools with Plastic Hooks

Your Own Hidden Hair Styling Station #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

What’s a better way to organize all of the hair styling tools than this idea.

Use plastic hooks from the Dollar Store to hang all of them on the internal side of the bathroom cabinet.

via Beneath My Heart

47. Decorate a Fish Bowl for Make-Up Brushes Storage

A Zen Garden for Makeup Brushes #dollarstore #storage #organization #decorhomeideas

The ordinary fish bowl is decorated with small decorative pebbles.

They ensure a thick and stable base for storage of the make-up brushes.

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