42 Best Key Holder Ideas To Keep Them In Perfect Order

The key rack is a great addition to the entryway. It is functional because it keeps the keys of all family members neatly stored.

The key holder is also another opportunity to create a point of interest in the entryway.

Best Key Holder Ideas. Keep your keys neat and tidy with these amazing key holder ideas and designs. DIY projects and cheap alternatives to fancy key holders. #decorhomeideas

The key holder ideas and designs here will let you see the wide variety of appearance options as well as what additional functions can be added.  

The key storage unit can be a simple floating shelf with screws or a multifunctional feature offering space for decoration, a key rack and a note display. All of the ideas here are easy to personalize to your own space and needs.

1. DIY Rustic Mail And Key Organizer

DIY Rustic Mail And Key Organizer

This DIY key holder idea is perfect for small walls in the entryway, the mudroom or even the office.

The keys are hung on antique iron hooks added to the bottom which complement the rustic look. At the top, there is an open section for mail storage but it can also store your small purse or umbrella.

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2. Scrabble-Inspired Key Holder

Scrabble-Inspired Key Holder

This key holder design will add a cheerful pop of color to the entryway. The combination of yellow and white complements the fun design inspired by the Scrabble game.

via Cherished Bliss

3. Decorative Key Holder From A Frame

Decorative Key Holder From A Frame

This key holder idea combines farmhouse and industrial in one piece. The simple design offers a rod with hooks for keys and a small black shelf for an accent piece.

via Bitter Root DIY

4. Key Holder With The Family Name

Key Holder With The Family Name

The design of this key holder and the customization opportunity makes it great for wedding gifts.

The idea combines rustic weathered wood with a beautiful color image on the side. The empty space of the wood canvas is filled with the family name inscribed in a hand-written script.

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5. Compact Key Holder With Vase Decoration

Compact Key Holder With Vase Decoration

This is a cute rustic key holder idea. It is pretty small so no doubt that you will find empty wall space for it.

The compact size doesn’t limit its functionality which offers a dedicated space for a wallet, 4 hooks for key storage and a round hole to insert a small glass vase.

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6. Large Key Racks

Large Key Racks

Store your keys on keys 😊 Yes, the design of this organizer copies the look of the stored item. The racks are metal with a distressed finish showing the base metal color.

Each key offers three hooks for storage. In case you need more space, arrange more of these racks in a pattern on the wall near the door.

7. Deer Key Holder

Deer Key Holder

The cabin loft décor is very special and each piece in the interior is coordinated with the forest spirit and look of this style.

This key holder idea represents a deer antler cast from iron. Installed to a shiplap or wood wall, the wrought iron stands out and improves the existing rustic style.

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8. Rustic Key Holder

Rustic Key Holder

Can you count how many times you have been in a situation searching for your keys when you were already late for work?

Well, having a dedicated space for the storage of keys will surely stop this. No need for big empty wall space for this key holder design.

It can be hung right next to the door to hold 4 sets of keys. Its look is adorable with the sanded wooden board in grey stain, pretty white text and stylish nickel hooks.

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9. Key Holder With Your State Image

Key Holder With Your State Image

You can praise the state you are living in on your key holder. The vinyl is sealed onto a wood board. The black color of the image differentiates it from the background.

A “Welcome Home” inscription crosses the state to emphasize how you feel about your place.

10. Straight-Forward Key Holder

Straight-Forward Key Holder

Use your straightforwardness to create a fun sign with functionality. For this design, you need a wood board, white and black paint and four plain screw hooks.

Whitewash the surface to let the black letters stand out and make sure that the message is easily seen and clearly understood!

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11. Personalized Key Holder With The Names Of The Couple

Personalized Key Holder With The Names Of The Couple

A new family will enjoy this personalized gift. The key holder will symbolize their relationship and the beginning of their life as a married couple in their mutual home.

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12. Horseshoe Key Holder

Horseshoe Key Holder

Every home needs a horseshoe decoration to attract luck and to protect from evil.

This DIY idea will repurpose an old horseshoe into an authentic-looking key holder.

13. Rustic Key Rack

Rustic Key Rack

Simple, compact and very charming- this is how we can describe this key organizer. It consists of a wooden frame and a flat filling from reclaimed lumber.

You can see the veins of the lumber and that makes the key holder so authentic.

Black metal hooks are screwed to the wood base to hold keys, purses, umbrellas and more.

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14. Rack For Keys And Dog’s Leash

Rack For Keys And Dog’s Leash

This rack has been created to hold three important things- the key sets of a couple and the dog’s leash.

It is a simple make- three wooden boards assembled in a zig-zag pattern. The hooks for storage are placed at the bottom of each slat leaving enough space for a cute white tag marking the owner of the hook.

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15. Upcycled Guitar Amp

Upcycled Guitar Amp

This key holder is one of the most unique ones! It works great as a gift for a musician or for a decoration of a music store.

The audio plugs are actually the holders of the keys. Every key set needs to be equipped with a plug to be able to insert it into the inlet.

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16. Dedicated Hook For Every Family Member

Dedicated Hook For Every Family Member

This is another interesting design of a key holder that offers spaces for the keys of the couple and also for the dog’s leash.

It is small and cute featuring a wooden slat decorated with white tags and three hooks for storage.

17. Industrial Key Holder

Industrial Key Holder

This holder has been cast from steel to offer a one-piece rack for storage of keys and not only.

It is painted dark grey with a distressed finish which enhances the rough industrial look.

18. Modern Key Holder

Modern Key Holder

This is an interesting alternative to the traditional key holder design. Instead of a flat rack with hooks, there is a half-sphere shelf used as a display for small decorations and hooks screwed at the bottom of the shelf.

The silver-washed finish gives the wood a modern look that will easily fit any décor.

19. Combined Mail And Key Organizer

Combined Mail And Key Organizer

Isn’t this a charming key holder? It is made from two wood boards which create flat space for hooks and an inclined shelf for mail storage.

If you like the surface finish, follow these steps. First, paint the wood black and let it dry. Next, apply a thick coat of white paint.

To achieve the distressed look use a piece of sandpaper to take off some of the white paint to let the darker surface beneath reveal and coordinate with the metal hooks.

20. Monogrammed Key Rack

Monogrammed Key Rack

This is another good design of a personalized key holder. Instead of the family name, the basis is decorated with the small names of the couple.

The family name is inscribed with a large monogram that frames the couple’s names.

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21. Wood Cubes Puzzle Rack

Wood Cubes Puzzle Rack

This is a more artistic key holder. It consists of many cubes cut from solid wood. They are all varnished letting the textured rings be visible and inspiring with their age.

Hooks are screwed to some of the blocks in a random pattern to provide a place for the keys and small accessories.

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22. Elegant Personalized Key Rack

Elegant Personalized Key Rack

The trendiest key holder design showcases the family name and the date of establishment. We find this trend reasonable because keys belong to the shared home of the couple and personalizing the holder like this is a way to emphasize the importance of being a family and having their own home.

The design here follows this trend featuring a white wooden frame filled with a blue canvas on which the details of the family are inscribed. Keys are organized on the hooks screwed to the bottom part of the frame.

23. Scandinavian-inspired Key Holder And A Sign

Scandinavian-inspired Key Holder And A Sign

This is an entryway box shelf acting also as a sign and a key holder. The front side of the shelf is cut out to show the word HOME.

To let it stand out against the neutral surface, each letter is decorated with black rhombs.
Hooks are screwed to the sides of the shelf for storage of keys or small hanging decorations.

24. Modern Shelf With Key Organizer

Modern Shelf With Key Organizer

This key holder idea will suit the clean and simple minimalist décor. White slats form a rectangle for wall mounting. One of the sides is missing and in its place, there are three slats with a cut out left in their natural wood color.

The opening of the shelf is suitable for exposing small décor pieces that complement the modern design.

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25. Vintage Gun Key Holder

Vintage Gun Key Holder

This key holder idea is great for farmhouse or rustic décor styles. It features half of a barrel revolver with rusty spots left to enhance its antique value.

26. Modern Wood Pegs With Hidden Function

Modern Wood Pegs With Hidden Function

This is another idea for a key holder in minimalist design. It consists of three wood circles that come in a set but are of different diameters.

They act as hooks for storage of clothes, purses, and dog leashes but also possess a hidden surprise- a strong magnet that will keep your key chain organized.

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27. Reclaimed Wood For Simple Storage Of Keys

Reclaimed Wood For Simple Storage Of Keys

Another interesting idea for a personalized key holder. The finish of the wood is grey over a white base which is barely seen as traces left from distressing it with sandpaper.

This rustic look matches the script of the family name and the year of establishment. The hooks are screwed to the bottom rim of the holder.

28. Rustic Entryway Organizer

Rustic Entryway Organizer

This wooden feature is great for small entryways because it combines function and decoration in one. The bottom part is a key and a cell phone holder.

Above the key rack, there is a shelf looking like half of a tiny pallet for storage of books and a flower bouquet. The top part is decorated with a chalkboard that is suited for the display of notes, inspiring messages, and greetings.

29. Personalized Plaque With Hooks For Keys

Personalized Plaque With Hooks For Keys

A distressed wooden base and a piece of burlap with a monogram is the best farmhouse key organizer ever.

This design is an easy and fun DIY key holder idea that can be customized to your family monogram and with the number of hooks needed.

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30. Nature-Inspired Personalized Key Organizer

Nature-Inspired Personalized Key Organizer

A slice of wood turned into a key holder with peg hooks creates a magnificent natural statement in the entryway décor. It can be personalized with the names or even initials of the couple with engraving.

The final look is a permanent mark of the love of these two people.

31. Lego Key Holder

Lego Key Holder

You can repurpose the lego parts of your kids’ set into a colorful key holder. The best thing about it is that it can be modified with new patterns and colors as you wish.

Its size can also vary by changing the base.

32. Rustic Mail And Key Organizer

Rustic Mail And Key Organizer

Use reclaimed wood pieces to make your unique storage unit for the entryway.

This key holder design requires part of a pallet and one additional slat installed at the bottom where the hooks are screwed. The color of the lumber can be changed to match the wall color.

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33. Compact Rustic Shelf Idea With Mail And Key Storage

Compact Rustic Shelf Idea With Mail And Key Storage

This is another inspiring idea for a key organizer with a piece of a pallet. One wide solid board acts as a support for wall mounting and also for keeping the mail neatly stored.

Here the accent is the wrought iron black hooks which add an industrial flair to the rustic design.

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34. Simple Personalized Key Holder

Simple Personalized Key Holder

The names of the couple can be easily written on a piece of wood with acrylic paint or an acrylic pen. Choose a script that can match the rustic texture of the wood.

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35. Small Cabinet For Key Storage

Small Cabinet For Key Storage

You can keep the keys in a small cabinet instead of exposing them on a rack. The purpose of this cabinet is to store more key chains in one place.

The vintage design of the cabinet is completed with a metal knob and a leaf decoration in the same finish.

36. Sunglasses And Key Organizer For the Entryway

Sunglasses And Key Organizer For the Entryway

Simple, stylish and functional! This key holder offers hidden functionality with strong magnets inserted into a groove at the back of the board that fixes the key chains in place.

At the top, a string of cord is stretched to store neatly sunglasses. The look is minimalist and able to match any interior.

37. Tiny Farmhouse Organizer For Keys

Tiny Farmhouse Organizer For Keys

This décor piece replaces the typical “Welcome Home” sign with a mini chalkboard where you can put your thought or notes.

At its bottom, there is a set of three metal hooks for hanging keys or small accessories.The key holder is pretty small so you can easily find a place for it.

38. Shabby Chic Rack

Shabby Chic Rack

The look of this storage rack completes the floral pattern of the shabby chic wallpaper.

Birds sit on a laser-cut branch. Its color makes a contrast with the blush pink background and lets the unique bird decorations stand out.

39. Driftwood Organizer

Driftwood Organizer

Another nature-inspired idea for a key organizer that will add a piece of the ocean inside your home. A piece of driftwood is repurposed into a rack with a simple upgrade.

Two holes are drilled to its ends for rope suspension. At the bottom, plain screw hooks are inserted to store keys and small accessories.

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40. Wall-Mounted Key Holder With An Antique Lock

Wall-Mounted Key Holder With An Antique Lock

This wooden rack uses the connection between keys and locks as an ornament of a rustic piece of wood.

The centerpiece is an antique lock that is surrounded by hooks for key storage.

41. Organizer For Pet Lovers

Organizer For Pet Lovers

This rack is decorated with the silhouette of your dog’s breed. Its name is written at the bottom between two metal hooks for key storage.

You can use the rack for leash ad other dog accessories storage as well.

42. Farmhouse Mail And Key Holder

Farmhouse Mail And Key Holder

This farmhouse piece uses reclaimed pieces of wood assembled in a mailbox shape. Instead of a solid screed, there is a chicken wire piece keeping the mail inside the section.

The combination of weathered wood and chicken wire makes this piece of farmhouse appealing to add warmth to the entryway décor.

43. Simple Floating Shelf Key Holder

Simple Floating Shelf Key Holder

The design of this key holder mimics a floating shelf. Its farmhouse look is achieved by supporting the storage area with a smaller wooden beam to which the hooks for key storage are screwed.

This example features untreated wood revealing the sanded texture of the beams. If you want you can customize it with stain to let it stand out against the existing wall color.

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