35 Best Ways To Hide Eyesores In Your Home

Do you think that only expensive decor pieces can make a home look as if taken out from a decor magazine? Actually not, there are many ways that are not related to big investments which will give your home a stylish look and a nicer feel.

Organization, decluttering, proper storage and regular cleaning are some of them. But how about the eyesores? You may clean them often or sort them out but they are still….ugly. Well, by covering all or most of the eyesores of your home, it will look much prettier.

Best Ways To Hide Eyesores In Your Home. Looking for some inexpensive ways to hide utility boxes, old or dirty spaces around your home? These are the best ways to hide eyesores in your home. #decorhomeideas

Our collection of 35 Ways To Hide Eyesores In Your Home are clever, cheap (some even for free), easy to find on the market or DIY. Let’s dive into these smart home updates and get inspired to upgrade the eyesores of our homes!

1. Choose A Clear Glass Decanter

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Use a classy and elegant glass decanter to store the whiskey. This way it will look like an expensive and matured liquor although it is of a brand no one knows.


2. Give The Garage Door An Easy Makeover

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Update the garage door with vintage door knobs and hinge details to give it a luxurious vintage look. Actually, these are only magnets so no tools are needed to upgrade the garage door look.


3. Disguise The Dirty Concrete Floor

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Apply a new coat of paint on the garage floor to give the worn concrete an even and glossy finish. Dirty spots, paint splashes, and grease imprints will be long gone once you cover the floor with a nice thick paint coat.

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4. Dress The Pillows With New Pillowcases

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Change the pillowcases, not the pillows! If you are looking for a new living room focal point, you can do it easily and affordably by replacing the muted dark pillowcases with such with cheerful colors and patterns.

Or you may need the opposite- to stop the chaos created by many colors and different textures. Use the color of the pillows as a uniting element with another accent in the room.


5. Hang A Macrame

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Use wall hangings such as a pair of macrame to disguise an ugly part of the wall.

That can be a revision door, a fuse box, a niche, holes which will become invisible after you stretch down a beautiful macrame. The best thing about this disguise is that you can easily access whichever is behind it.


6. Hang A Trendy Wall Hanging

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Hide the niche with a trendy Aztec wall hanging! It will provide a more solid disguise than the macrame and that could be helpful when the stored behind it is not eye-pleasing.

via Apartment Therapy

7. Cover The Bed With A Bed Skirt

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In case your bed is not with a solid base but on legs, you may be looking for a way to use the space underneath usefully and yet keep the organized and decluttered look of the room.

Here is a hint for you, cover the bed with a bed skirt! Of course, don’t forget to match the color of the bed skirt with the existing décor or if you are missing a pop of color, why not use this element to bring a lively accent to the bedroom?


8. Contact Paper To Update The Appliances

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Use stainless steel contact paper to upgrade the look of the old appliances! The nice inox finish of the paper will give them a faux steel finish which is so trendy at the moment!

Investing in contact paper is surely many times less than changing the appliances! This trick could also be handy when the appliances you have in the kitchen don’t match each other.


9. Use Foam Dispenser

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Change the soap dispensers with foam dispensers. This is an innovative alternative container of liquid soap which uses less soap per pump than regular bottles and turns it into foam.

The washing ability is the same but you save money as you don’t have to charge it that frequently. In addition to that the glass foam dispensers look quite elegant.


10. Even The Wooden Surfaces

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The Scratch Cover Liquid is great to refresh worn pieces of furniture quickly.

No need to fill in the scratches, to sand down the varnish, simply apply the liquid with a piece of cloth on the damaged surface. You will be surprised of its effectiveness! 


11. Budget-friendly Furniture Makeover

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If the side table, the console or the dresser have heavy scratches, you can quickly hide them with furniture decals. You would be amazed by the variety of shapes and colors offered. The decals can also be applied to walls and wood doors.


12. Change The Vent Cover With A Decorative One

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If you take a look over your bathroom, you will notice that many small things ruin its overall look. One of them is the plain and ugly vent door.

Replacing it with one of beautiful design will look beautiful and will definitely affect the interior. You can choose from three sizes and customize it in the color you like.


13. Store In Chic Baskets

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Get a multifunctional basket with a chic look. This type of basket is cheap and can become a useful extra in any room.

Baskets are made especially for storage but you choose what to store in them. That can be dirty laundry, throw blankets, pillows, clothes.

via Jungalow

14. Bring Indoor Elements Outdoors

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Give the balcony or the porch a new cheerful look with a trendy rug! In case the floor is damaged, it will quickly hide the defects. It will make the ambiance unexpectedly homely and welcoming.


15. Define A Nook With A Fancy Rug

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Give a nook a focal point with a rug. The rug can also be helpful in the interior. An area in the room that is missing character can be quickly transformed by adding a standout print rug to it.


16. Ensure Privacy With Adhesive Film

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If the bathroom window or the kitchen window looks towards a sidewalk or the street, cover it with window adhesive film to provide some privacy and also enjoy the patterned texture of the glass.


17. Channel The Cords

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As you can see from the photos, the difference this eyesore trick does is significant. The messy look cables create is interior damaging and that can be easily resolved by putting them all in one raceway.


18. Hide The Trash Bin

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Hide the garbage in a slide-out trash bin. Neither you will enjoy the smell of the bin, nor will anyone enjoy the view of a free standing bin in the kitchen. Instead, hide it in one of the low cabinets using the hardware provided with the bin


19. Get A Small Countertop Bin

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Throw in it coffee grounds, peels from banana, oranges and apples, peels from cucumbers and other vegetable left overs. The bin is compact and also very secure when it comes to keeping the bad odour in.


20. Gather Smaller Things In One Container

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Declutter the countertop with a nice-looking container. Use a rattan basket or a wooden box to keep the little things spread on the countertop sorted and organized in one place.

The basket will hide them without obstructing access to them and will also improve the decluttered look of the kitchen.


21. Store The Logs Neatly

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Organize the logs. Instead of piling the logs randomly, make them a special but simple storage box.

You will see how much easier it will be to organize them and how neat your backyard will look. In addition to that such a shelter will keep the firewood dry for winter.

via Little House On The Corner

22. Refresh The Brick Wall

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Give a brick or cinderblock wall a modern and fresh look with plain white primer. It is inexpensive and with good coating abilities so you won’t need more than one hour to update the wall.

via Hawthorne and Main

23. Upgrade The Plain Fence

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This trick can be applied on the balcony fence or on a plain chainlink yard fence. Get a roll of faux ivy mesh and add it to the existing fence. This will give the space a natural accent and will add some privacy.


24. Get An Entryway Organizer

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It is always worth investing in a shelf unit for the entryway, rather than spending hours looking for the keys! When you choose the shelf, make sure that it is multifunctional so that you can improve the organization of the entryway.

The design here is perfect because it offers space for hanging of coats, decoration displays, key and mail holders.


25. Fix The Dirty Grout

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Use pen paint to cover the dirty grout of the bathroom. It creates a thick white line that gives the grout a sparkling makeover. If the bath tub or the sink also have defects, there is a variety of bathroom paints that will save you hours spent in scrubbing.  


26. Create A Statement Wall

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Looking for a quick room makeover? The self-adhesive wallpapers are easy to apply and that without the mess of dissolving and covering the paper with glue.

In addition to that they are moisture and steam resistant, plus, there are many patterns and textures to choose from! You can easily transform a blank white wall into a statement wall.


27. Organize The Cables In One Box

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Hide all cords and cables into a box. Declutter the office or the living room from all the cords dangling down the table and the floor with one clever gadget- a cable protector!

It has openings on the sides and the rear of it to thread the cables through and access the one you currently need.

28. Declutter The Desk

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Hide the Internet accessories behind books. This idea is very clever and artistic, we may say! A pile of books becomes the disguise of a bunch of computer accessories that would otherwise give the desk a very cluttered look.

To do that, you need to keep only two covers- of the first and the last one of the chosen books. All pages should be cut out of them so that space for the accessories is allowed.


29. Optimize Garage Storage

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The shelves for ceiling mounting are great for industrial spaces and garages.  They are very rigid and can bare significant load so you can keep seasonal stuff stored in there or tools that are rarely used.


30. Refresh The Faucet Surfaces

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Another bathroom makeover that is easy and cheap is to refresh the metal water fixtures- all faucets and the shower head. There are sprays with metallic finish which work great. Before you start, prepare well and cover the adjacent surfaces with mask.

31. Increase Bathroom Storage With Door Organizers

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Use over-the-door organizers to store your hair appliances. There are plenty of options and here you can check one intended for a cabinet door storage.


32. Give The AC A Good Disguise

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Create a box from lumber or vinyl to cover the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. This box will smoothen the not-attractive look of the equipment and will also minimize its noise. This idea can be also applied for hiding trash bins and other things you want to hide.


33. Add A Patterned Table Runner

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If there are big scratches or obvious damages on the dining table, use a table runner to hide them. The pattern and the colors of the runner will also update the décor of the room to the season


34. Get Furniture With Hidden Storage

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Get an ottoman with hidden storage. This ottoman design is great for a kid’s room because it is large, soft and provides a large space underneath the seat for storage of toys.


35. Organize The Pile Of Shoes

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Organize the entryway or the mudroom with a plastic cabinet. This plastic cabinet is easy to assemble and offers six compartments for storage of four pairs of shoes in each. People like it because the grids can be arranged in the way that fits perfectly their space.

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